Sunday, 30 May 2010

Half Marathon Video

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Mr Fudgey has been working hard all week editing the footage from last Sunday & my journey to my first half marathon. An ENORMOUS Thank you to him x x x x x


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Life after Fudgey's EHM Countdown

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?

Well as I posted the other day the EHM Countdown has come to an end :-(

Looking forward
But there's plenty to look forward too. On the running front: Race for Life, Glasgow half Marathon & Scottish Kilomathon. On the social front: Smurfy's dinner party (I have a fab dress already), trip home to Benbecula & Margaret Mary's Christening & our first wedding anniversary fast approaches. There hopefully will be other exciting developments in the world of Mr & Mrs Fudgey & the fury fellas sooner rather than keep following.

New Look - New Title
I realised I couldn't keep my blog title as Fudgey's EHM countdown so was trying to think what to change it do & have now decided on Little Running Wife....this is what Mr Fudgey calls me since I lost 6 stone and got mildly obsessed by running.
Last night I was playing around with my blog and giving it slightly different colours & a new photo, but Mr Fudgey worked his magic again & did the fabby new graphic that you now see. Isn't he the best? I'm now wondering if I could get this on a t-shirt!

Taking it Easy
Monday I had a complete rest day, though I did have to walk half way home from my Slimming club. I still go most weeks even though I've been at my target weight since September.
Tuesday I decided to go to the gym with Smurfy at lunchtime. I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes, then 10 minutes on the bike & 10 minutes of stretching. I felt great when I went back to work but by 4pm was feeling stiff again & my right calf was really tight. Thanks to the wonders of a tennis ball, my own thumbs & a tube of Avon Cooling leg and foot gel I managed to release the tight muscle and have felt great ever since.
Wednesday I had another complete rest day - I can't believe how tired I have felt all week. I decided best to take enough recovery time before starting to train for my upcoming events.

Back in the Saddle....Spintastic
After weeks of no classes at the gym due to EHM training and lack of time in my schedule, I've been looking forward to getting back to Body Pump, Circuits and Spinning and today was my first spin class in weeks. It was made even better that the class was taken by my amazing personal trainer Colin. It was only a 30 minute spin express class but we worked hard and Smurfy & I were both dripping sweat by the end. The hardest part for me though was taking my jelly legs downstairs afterwards :-)
We need to talk KMac into joining us one day next week if all our diaries & work allows as we've not been to a class together in ages - and we always have such a great time & gossiping on the way there & back!

Well that's all for this evening folks - I'm hoping to get to the gym in the morning to do my programme but I'm not going to force it as I have been pretty tired this week. Already looking forward to freedom from the alarm on Saturday.

Take Care everyone


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The end of the EHM Countdown

Hello Fudgey friends,

Well EHM is now over :-(

As promised stats for week 12:

Stats for Week 12 incl race
Distance run this week 27.58km / 17.14 miles
Time running 2 hours 52 minutes 56 seconds

Well over half way to my 1000km challenge target for 2010 - 553.33km / 343.83 miles

So what's next....

in 3 weeks time I'm running Race for Life - a separate post on this soon
& i have signed up for The Glasgow half marathon & The Scottish kilomathon - think that will keep me out of trouble till the end of the year!

I have to share these gorgeous flowers with you all. Gerberas are my absolute favourite they are so happy. Fabulous Mr Fudgey sent me these. He is the best :-)

Righty better get some food on the go

Take Care all
x x

Monday, 24 May 2010

The Scottish Half Marathon - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well yesterday was an early start...5.30am the alarm went off & I got up about 5 minutes later. By 6am I'd had a small cup of tea & my Marks & Spencer Apple & Sultana instant porridge which is now a ritual. I also made up 500ml of Maximuscle Viper and drank 500ml water - between all that fluid and the nerves it's no wonder I went to the loo about 6 times before leaving the house at 6.40
I had got all my stuff organised the night before as I knew it was an early start, so all I had to do was get up, fuel up, hydrate, tape feet, apply sun cream, get dressed, grab stuff and go. I was really really nervous more so than I have been before any other race and poor hubby had to deal with some tears. I think it was just the emotion of it all and knowing this is what I've been training for, for months - the day was finally here.

We got the bus into town and the stop was right opposite the starting area. First stop - toilets!
Then it started to rain very heavily. Mr Fudgey had an umbrella and I sheltered in a bus stop. Thankfully it was just a shower and didn't last long. I looked at Mr Garmin and it was 7.45 so we started making our way to my start point. I thought I needed the toilet yet again but I knew really it was just nerves and I didn't have time to go. Kissed my fabby hubby goodbye and joined the other runners in the starting area. I had opted to run without my ipod after reading on the website that they were not allowed - however plenty of folk did have theirs, but I'd made the decision to follow the rules - which had I not read would have had my ipod but having read them thought I'd do the right thing.
The half marathon started at 8am though I think it was around 4 and a half minutes till my wave crossed the start line and I started Mr Garmin. My target time was around 2 hours 10ish so I was hoping for 10 minute miles roughly.
Just a couple of minutes in I spotted Mr Fudgey up ahead with the camera so shouted and waved and as I passed by shouted see you in 13 miles!
Kmac was waiting to cheer me on at mile 1 and that really helped. I went through the first mile in 11 minutes but was happy with that as I didn't want to go too fast at the start, though I completed the 2nd mile in about 9 and a half minutes.
At about 5k there was a water station so I took on a little water, I was enjoying myself, not even fazed by lack of ipod and pacing really well & feeling strong.
The next drinks station was a water & lucozade one - I grabbed a lucozade and drank some but as it was tropical flavour and not something i'd tried in my training runs I didn't take on too much in case it disagreed with me.
For us half marathoners we were really lucky as it was very grey, though it was humid but the temperature was between 13 & 19 degrees, The marathoners who set off at 10am had bright sunshine and temperatures getting up to 25 degrees - so well done to all of them.
I felt really good till around mile 9, then I felt like the 10 mile marker was never coming. We had to run past the race course at Musselburgh and up the road quite a distance before turning back to head down to the race course for a grandstand finish. I was just plodding up the road when I saw & heard Mum & Dad Smith - that pushed me on. Then I saw Martin Holt from work coming down the other side of the road and I shouted encouragement & he shouted back - this really spurred me on. After the turn at mile 11 my hips were starting to hurt and the road surface was
not the greatest but there was a pa and music and the chap announced on the mic 'Here comes Fudgey give her a cheer' which was fab and people were shouting Go Fudgey and clapping so I grinned and waved to the crowd.
Coming down between mile 12 & 13 there was fabby Mr Fudgey again - I couldn't look at him as I thought I'd cry. My legs were hurting but I knew I was well ahead of 2 hours 10 and was so nearly there. Turning into the race course I was gearing up for a sprint finish and aaargh thick rubber mats on the grass which after running on the road felt like torture and it was all I could do to keep going but not a chance I was giving up now - the finish straight was lined with people cheering and Mum & Dad Smith again - so I powered on and came across the finish line in 2 hours 5 minutes 53 seconds according to Mr Garmin, but my official chip time was 4 seconds faster :-)

Through into the runners only area where i got a bottle of water,a bottle of lucozade, a medal & a goodie bag.

Goodie Bag
An amazing goodie bag containing gorgeous blue technical tshirt, 2 mini deodorants, 2 wee packs of mike & ike sweets, herbal drop, asics sweat band, nature valley trail bar, fruit school bar, lo salt and some linwoods samples - I can't wait to try the cocoa & berry mix with porridge.

The Event
Really well organised event, loads of portaloos!, really well organised water stations, great course. The only minor criticism is the mile markers could have been bigger & more prominent. Would I recommend this event / Would I do it again? YES

After getting home and having my ice bath, I modelled the tshirt and medal
Then I phoned Mum & Dad Lockie who were very proud of me too.
We then headed off to International Starters for a fabulous lunch & some well deserved cava & wine.

Today I've felt far more tired than I expected and a little stiff in places but pretty good otherwise. Back to work tomorrow.

Will give you the week 12 stats tomorrow too and try and think of a new title for my blog as it's no longer the EHM countdown.

Take Care everyone
Fudgey x x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

My First Half Marathon

Hello all,

I survived.

Provisional finishing time: 2 hours 5 mins 53 seconds

Mr Fudgey was amazing as always.

Thanks to KMac for coming to cheer me on at mile 1.

Thanks to Mum & Dad Smith for cheering me on at miles 9 & the finishing line.

Thanks to everyone for all their support & sponsorship x

I'll write a full review probably tomorrow but here are some quick photos.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Taper Torture - Installment III

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Yippee it's Friday - hope everyone is getting to enjoy some sunshine.

Week 12 Run 3
Today was the last run before the half marathon, though to call it a run is really a joke - it was only 10 minutes.
Again I cheated a little & opted to do it in the gym which meant I could do a little bit more non running activity. So after my 10 minute run, I had 15 minutes on the bike & then a lovely superset for my abs 15 ab extensions with 6kg medicine ball & 12 reverse curls - I did this twice & then the 3rd set I managed the ab extensions but the reverse curls I could really feel so opted for paddles & scissors 10 of each.

More activity
I was at home this afternoon so decided to cut some of the communal grass at the back of the flat. This has been a sore point for several years - only myself & another flat ever cut the grass - though there are 6 flats. There's a fair amount of grass too. I cut about 2/3 of it - not out of laziness or spitefulness but simply because my extension cable only reached so far. It was pretty hard work as the grass was quite long & I was out for about an hour. It looks better though, and I got an additional workout.

I also managed to get 2 loads of washing done and hung outside and the freezer defrosted - so very productive.

My just giving target of £1000 has been exceeded. My page currently sits at £1016
(£1,197.92 with the gift aid added)
A massive massive Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me - I am incredibly touched by people's generosity and I know that CCLASP will be over the moon too.
I promise to go out and be my best on Sunday to make everyone proud.

Take Care everyone
I'll be back soon
x x x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Taper Torture - Installment II

Hello Fudgey Friends,

It is so bizarre this whole taper far this week I've only run 4.5's only Thursday & I find myself wanting more!

Week 12 Run 2
just 15 minutes easy today so I decided to opt for the treadmill so I could do some additional stuff to supplement a paltry 15 minutes of running.
I was up & out & in the gym for 7am & did the following:

15 minutes easy run (2km)
3 supersets of 15 reps swiss ball chest press with 5kg dumbbells & 12 press ups
3 supersets of 15 bosu ball squats with 5kg dumbbells & 12 bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 tri sets of 15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 30 oblique cycles & 30 second plank.

Really set me up for the day & off I bounced to work.

My just giving page has taken a lovely surge today & is now sitting at £981. Thank you everyone so so much for your generous donations - both CCLASP & I are incredibly grateful. I may have been racking up the miles but I couldn't have raised this much for CCLASP without you all - so honestly Thank you Thank you Thank you.

I'm heading off now to make some food for Mr Fudgey & myself.

Take Care everyone

lots of love
Fudgey x x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Just showing off now

Hey Fudgey people

More media coverage for Mrs Fudgey - this time an article in the Jog Scotland magazine (page 20)....fantastic publicity for my charity CCLASP & Scottish Slimmers

Stride magazine

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mrs Fudgey in the Sun

Here's a scan of the article on me that was in yesterday's Scottish Sun.

Taper Torture - Installment I

Hi Fudgey people

Hope everyone had a good day?

Well this is week 12 of the official training plan & it's officially taper time.
Tapering for those who don't know is a gradual reduction in an athlete's workout demands in order to allow his or her body to recover from the stress.
So this week is taper week, so I have 'fresh' legs for Sunday's half.

Week 12 Run 1
16 minutes - hardly worth it. Felt good after last night's sports massage & gorgeous day here - could have just gone on running but was disciplined & stuck to 10 minutes easy, 3 minutes race pace & 3 minutes easy with a couple of minutes walk at the end too. I'll be climbing the walls by Sunday - still if it helps me put in a good performance I'll try anything once!

Mrs Fudgey is a Numpty
I also discovered today that I have been torturing myself training that B of a hill Arthur's Seat as I thought it was part of the course. Oops giving women a bad name yet again re map reading. It was pointed out to me today that in fact the route does NOT go right up & round the hill but rather along the base....DOH
Oh well all that training won't have been for nothing & it'll make Sunday seem a little easier than I was expecting.
Trust Mrs Smith to be a Muppet yet again LOL.

Well that's all from me for today. I'm away to prepare tomorrows lunch.

Take Care everyone


Monday, 17 May 2010

Marvellous Monday

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick litle postette.

All in all today has been a pretty fudgey day.

Monday Morning PT session
I love love loved this mornings session though it was challenging - it was kind of fun too.

warm up 4 & a half mins on vario

then Colin had set up a lovely circuit in studio

short short long run x 10
12 clean & press 15kg bar
18 bunny hops
15 jack knifes
15 3/4 squats 20kg bar
30 oblique cycles
15 swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells
45 second ski sit
punch bag drag x 10
fast / slow run x 10

a wee rest

& then time challenge run 30 lengths / laps
first set 2 mins 16 secs 98

another wee rest then repeat entire circuit again
time challenge done in 2 mins 14 secs 05

another wee rest then repeat some of the circuit again

12 clean & press 15kg bar
15 jack knifes
15 3/4 squats 20kg bar
30 oblique cycles
15 swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells
45 second ski sit
no rest straight into the time challenge and again done in 2 mins 14 secs 05.

What an amazing way to kick start the week.

The Scottish Sun
Just as I was about to leave the gym I checked my mobile for the time to see a text to say that I was on page 52 of today's Scottish Sun. Thanks to Maria for writing the article - if it inspires just one person to lose even a little weight would make me very proud.
Sorry folks but I can't seem to find it on their site. I'll ask Mr Fudgey to scan it later & post up for you.

I got through more than I thought I would today and though I have a very busy week ahead of me I feel like I've got off on the right track this week.

Super Duper Dad in Law
Came home to find that Daddy Smith had been working like a Trojan & has cut down the jungle that our front garden was becoming. He must have been here for hours.
Thanks Bertie - Mr Fudgey & I owe you big time.

Magical Massage
I had an amazing sports massage this evening. If you workout regularly and have never had one I recommend you try it, especially if you do have any areas of tightness - it can make a huge difference. I admit some bits were a little tender but it is worth it for how it leaves you feeling afterwards. It's got me all excited again for Sunday's half.

Well Fudgey friends I'm away for a cup of tea & to see Mr Fudgey and our little furry friends.

Take Care everyone

Mrs Fudge x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

1 week to go

Good morning Fudgey Friends,

Well by this time next week it should all be over. The Scottish half marathon starts at 8am next Sunday.

All these weeks of training, 5 rolls of zinc oxide tape, dozens of energy drinks & gels, 3 sports massages, a Garmin, a race in the snow & -3 temp, a trip to Dublin, a couple of PBs and loads of highs and a few lows - it's almost time. I'm both nervous and excited.

Last Long Run week 11 Run 4
I was up and out by 8am this morning and was deceived by the weather. It looked cold and wet so I wore my long sleeved running top & my lightweight waterproof. Only 5 minutes into the run I had to take my gloves off and was getting warm. Though it was grey & damp there was no wind at all and it was quite humid. I didn't have a very good run today - I had a dodgy tummy - this is the first time this has ever happened to me - it wasn't good but I still managed 59 minutes & 9.32km. I'm kind of glad it wasn't a great run - it's a little like a dress rehearsal for a show - you want all the issues to happen then rather than on first with my glass half full I'm hoping that today's uninspiring run has set me up for a jolly good show next Sunday.

I came home & was in my 2nd ever ice bath by 9.10am. This week I knew the trick was to jump in & sit down as quickly as possible with no procrastination. It worked. Again the first few minutes were the worst but you soon get used to it and I do feel so so so much better for it - this is definitely part of the running regime I'll be keeping up. Fantastic Mr Fudgey brought me a cup of tea which really helped too.

Stats for Week 11
Distance run this week 25.43km / 15.8 miles
Time running 2 hours 47 minutes 01 seconds


Sunday Morning Gift
So fresh from my run, ice bath & pancakes for breakfast, I stripped the bed and put on the washing machine and let the littlest of our cats, Beau, out - the others weren't that interested. I then decided I'd sit down and blog. Next thing Beau jumps in the window with something hanging from his mouth and heads down the hall. I shout to Mr Fudgey 'what has Beau got in his mouth?' as I start to follow him - Beau is heading for the bedroom. I shout at him and he drops a 'dead' tiny little grey mouse on the floor. I think I shrieked. Hubby came to the door of the other room. Beau had ran in the bedroom so I shut the door on him. Then the 'dead' mouse moved. Hubby & I both jumped. Hubby reacted really quickly by shutting the other door - though he was inside the room, this was a swift and good move as if a mouse got in that room it would be a nightmare to catch. I grabbed one of our old tea towels & covered & then scooped up little mouse to take back outside. I shouted on hubby to go & shut the kitchen window so that the cats couldn't get back out or bring anyone else in.
I took the little mouse outside and I actually do think he is dead but I put him over the fence on the grass so if he was just in shock he can run off....or another cat or a big bird will probably take him away.
Beau is now sulking because I took his mouse off him.
Of the 4 fellas Beau was the last of them I expected to bring anything home - he's scared of his own shadow most of the time - so I'm both proud of him & mad at him at the same time.
As if the running wasn't enough Beau certainly helped elevate the heart rate this morning!
Photo is of him sulking under the coffee table, and I think he is now sulking under the bed.

Well that's all for now folks. I have a PT session and a sports massage to look forward to tomorrow so will let you know how those both go.

Enjoy your Sunday

love Fudgey
x x x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Warning: Uncontrolled Blog

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
I warn you & apologise in advance that I don't have any direction for this blog post. I've not blogged since Tuesday & even then it was very brief so I will try not to ramble on or go off on tangents.
Maybe best if I fill you in on the week to date.

Week 11 Training
Tuesday Week 11 Run 2
50 minutes in total & 7.17km
10 mins easy
3 x (3 mins fast & 2 mins easy)
5 min brisk walk
2 x (3 mins hard & 2 mins easy)
10 mins easy

Wednesday - In the Gym
4 supersets 2 mins on vario at level 10 superset with 10 burpees clean & press combo
3 supersets 2 mins hill run 8%, 8km/h superset with 15 jack knifes
3 supersets bosu side to side lunges x 40 with 4kg medicine ball & 10 swiss ball ab extension crunch combo.

Thursday - Rest Day
I had planned to go to the gym in he morning but I just couldn't get up. I've been so tired recently, but am being sensible & making sure that when I am tired that I do rest rather than just ploughing on regardless.

Friday Week 11 Run 3
Just a short 35 minute 5.7km run.
10 minutes easy
20 minutes @ race pace
5 minutes easy

Feeling good :-)

Another busy busy week at the office,just so much going on at the moment. I am enjoying the new role and it is certainly challenging me. I can't see things calming down much anytime soon - but it keeps me out of trouble and the week just flys by when you have lots to do.

Things at home are pretty fudgey. Mr Fudgey brought me 2 lily flame candles on Wednesday Blush & Daisy Dip - they smell gorgeous. I love Lily flame candles & often buy the scented tins as gifts, unlike other candles they retain their scent for the whole life of the candle not just for the first time you burn them and they do last for ages.
Then on Thursday Mr Fudgey brought me flowers - gorgeous.
Mr Fudgey is the best x

The fellas are all fine & being as cute as ever - though Dora does keep insisting on bringing us a sock in the small hours of the morning & making sure she squeeks enough to wake us up so we can see it.

We've been having a good clean and tidy up today. Mr Fudgey did an awesome job on the cooker it looks like new. He also managed to make me feel incredibly stupid, unintentionally of course.... I walked into the kitchen to see him cleaning a glass panel from the back of the cooker door. The door consists of an outer & inner panel with a gap between & was pretty grotty in between.....silly fudgey has been doing all manners of contortions & random things to try & clean between the 2 panels....little realising there are clips & you can detach the panel.....Doh. Fudgey strikes again :-)
Once all the housework was done we toodled off to Asda for some shopping and most essentially Science in Sport energy gels but my Asda does not stock them so will have to find somewhere else to get them from.

And that my fudgey friends is it from me, the inspiration isn't flowing today I'm afraid.
Tomorrow is my last proper run before next weeks taper torture and then the half marathon.

I'll be back tomorrow to update you on the running.

lots of love
x x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Half way there

Good Morning Fudgey Friends,

Just wanted to share with you that I'm past the half way point in my 1000km in 2010 challenge.

Total for 2010
502.14km (312.02 miles)

I'm also delighted to report my sponsorship is up to £749.
A HUGE Thank you to everyone


Monday, 10 May 2010

Food Fabulous Food

Hello again Fudgey Friends,

After publishing yesterday's post I realised that I hadn't given you the week 10 stats so here you are:

Stats for Week 10
Distance run this week 32.95km / 20.47 miles
Time running 3 hours 32 minutes 18 seconds

Now onto the food as promised:

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Chilli & Rosemary soup
2 small onions chopped
3 cloves of garlic chopped
1 large sweet potato peeled & chopped into small pieces
4 large carrots, peeled & chopped
1/2 tsp lazy red chillies
generous pinch of rosemary
vegetable oxo cube

I put the onions & garlic in a pan with a little water and cooked a couple of minutes till soft, I then added the red chilli & cooked for another minute, I then added the sweet potato, carrots, a vegetable oxo cube & topped up with water. I then added the rosemary and simmered for about 20 minutes. I then left to cool & blended.
We had this for dinner this evening & it was gorgeous. I just made it up myself inspired by a friend's facebook post about sweet potato mash with chilli & Thanks Alex. Mr Fudgey might have liked a little less chilli but he still enjoyed this. I'll be making this one again.

I also made another batch of banana & blueberry muffins for work.

We had invited Mum & Dad Smith for Sunday dinner so I made Haggis Filo Parcels & Plum sauce. We just love these so simple to make & so tasty.

Then for main course I made garlic chicken again so easy, simply stir fry chicken pieces & then once cooked add plenty of chopped garlic & stir fry a couple of minutes more. I also made 5 spice pork, pork strips marinated in sherry, soy sauce & chinese 5 spice powder. I use a tablesppon each of sherry & soy sauce & 1/2 teaspoon of chinese 5 spice powder per 100g of pork. I marinade the pork for at least 30 minutes & the stir fy with whatever veg take my fancy. Yesterday mange tout, baby corn, re & green peppers and red onion.
I served the main course with cous cous to which I added lemon juice, chopped cherry tomatoes and chopped spring onions.

We had a little cous cous left over so I added some chicken breast and some mint and Mr Fudgey and I both had this for lunch today.

And back to the running

Week 11 Run 1
Just a short 20 minute run today and did 3.24km. Nothing exciting to report....though legs feel very good after the ice bath

Blog Title
It occurred to me today that in 13 days time the Fudgey EHM Countdown will be over...I'll need a new blog title. I'll need some new challenges. I haven't booked anything yet, though I do fancy The Scottish Kilomathon, but I'm not signing up for anything till after the half marathon... we'll all just need to wait and see!

And that my dear friends is it for another day.

Take care everyone

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Last long run & first ice bath

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well I was up & out at 8am this morning for my last long (eg more than an hour) run before the half marathon.

I ran 20.13km (12.5 miles) in 2 hours 10 minutes.

It was an OK run,very stop & start due to traffic lights etc & also I wanted to keep the pace a little slower.

I wore the knee strap again - it doesn't offer the same support as a full knee support but it did seem to help - though I was getting some little niggles from 15km onwards .

I ran a lovely route up round Arthur's Seat again today and as it wasn't raining I took my camera so I could share some of the scenery with you. I also took a screen grab of my route from google earth.

When I got home I had my rego recovery drink & ran my ice bath. I had made up ice in ice bags but after a bag & a half my fingers were numb trying to get the cubes out so I decided I'd just chuck the bags in. I removed my running trousers & socks & wrapped a couple of towels round my shoulders over my running top & stepped in.....Aaargh my feet were like ice.....I couldn't even contemplate sitting down. I got out again & put the lid down & sat on the toilet while I regrouped. I decided to put my socks back on & try again. This time I decided I'd sit down as quickly as possible & whilst it wasn't pleasant once I was sat down it wasn't so bad. Mr Fudgey thought it was all most amusing, though he did make me a lovely hot cup of tea to drink whilst in the ice bath which really helped. I managed the full 15 minutes & I can honestly say I think it was really beneficial, I even managed a smile for the camera....I guess the proof will be how I feel tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen making more banana & blueberry muffins to take into my work, I also made a new soup inspired by Alex Keerie & his post about sweet potato mash with chilli & rosemary and then I was making lots of yummy food for Mum & Dad in Law Smith coming over for dinner. We started with haggis filo parcels & my now legendary plum sauce, followed by garlic chicken, 5 spice pork & cous cous with lemon & tomato. Dad Smith also sampled the muffins and the cereal bars I've been making & gave them a big thumbs up. We all had a lovely evening.

I'll do a foodie post tomorrow about my new soup etc.

Now I'm going to toodle off & get tomorrow's lunches ready.

Hope you've all had a fab weekend

Fudgey x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Week 10 - Just plodding along

hHello Fudgey Friends,

It's been another busy old week, I can't believe it's Saturday tea time already... I feel like I'm on a perpetual treadmill!

After my PT session on Tuesday & the running Sunday & Monday my legs and core were definitely feeling it, so on Wednesday I decided I'd go to the gym for a quick session at lunchtime and work mainly upper body.

Wednesday Gym Session

12 minute run including 1km fast (5:15)
3 x superset swissball chest press 6kg dumbbells 15 reps, 12 pressups,
3 sets of bicep curls 12 reps 6kg dumbbells,
3 sets tricep extension 12 reps 8kg dumbbell,
3 sets bosu squats 15 reps 5kg dumbbells,
3 x superset 15 sit ups with 8kg medicine ball & 16 russian twists with 8kg medicine ball

I went back to the office all invigorated and had a really productive afternoon, but by 10pm I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I woke up on Thursday morning after a good night's sleep and knew instantly that it had to be a rest day. Every part of my body from the neck down was telling me that it had been worked. I should have been running today as I'd only run once so far this week, but the way my body felt I knew it would be a really bad idea & the quickest way to pick up an injury....which is the last thing I want in the final 2 weeks before my first half I decided to do the sensible thing & take a complete rest day.
On Thursday night I had a work night out at The Sheeps Heid . The evening consisted of a few games of old fashioned skittles, food & good company. There were 13 of us & I think everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to Ross & Sam for organising. It wasn't a late night - I was home for just after 9.30 and obviously sober as I'm still on the training wagon....but very much looking forward to an Amaretto over ice on 23rd May...and maybe a glass or 2 of champagne if I think I deserve it.

I had planned my usual Friday morning treadmill running session, but woke up to discover I still had more muscle soreness than I've had in a long time, so I snuggled back up to my lovely hubby for another hour instead of heading to the gym.
I did take my kit to work with me & managed a 6km run at lunchtime. The running felt really good. I also tested out my new mueller knee strap - the jury is still out on the knee strap as I have actually trained a couple of times recently with no knee support at all and have felt fine. The real test will be how it feels on Sunday's long run so I'll let you know.
Back to work feeling much better but this was not to last the muscles started to feel a little tender again after a couple of hours, though not as bad as they had and I am really glad I had gone and ran.
On Friday evening Mr Fudgey and I had a really great chillaxed night.

It was great to have no alarm this morning, I love it when you can wake up naturally. Since I got up I've hardly stopped....laundry, tidying, hoovering, washing floors, cleaning bathroom and I've been very busy in the Fudgey kitchen.
I've made 2 batches of cereal bars, cranberry & sunflower seed & apricot with sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seeds. You can get the recipe by following this link I also made a batch of blueberry & banana muffins, I only had 2 bananas so just threw in some fresh blueberries as well & they've come out great.

Other Running related stuff
Self Myofascial Release - I have a tennis ball & am going to give this a try.
The Ice Bath - considering giving this a go after tomorrow's long run but still not 100% sold on the idea
If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice on either of these I'd love to hear about it.

Well I had better go and think about dinner for Mr Fudgey & I.

Will be back tomorrow after my long run.

Take Care

Fudgey xxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Less than 3 weeks to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Oh my goodness - it's now less than 3 weeks till the Edinburgh half marathon. How do I feel? At the moment very excited. It all seems to be coming together nicely - 2 'Great' 10ks under my belt (check out my race reports page) & I still have 3 weeks of training to go so I now just need to keep doing what I'm doing & I should be good to go on the 23rd.

Week 10 Run 1
Kicked off week 10 on the official training plan with an easy 30 minute run yesterday. Could have very easily not bothered but am glad I did. I ran a nice easy 5k in 31 minutes, still on a high from Sunday's run I think.

Turkey Meatballs
I created a new fudgey meal yesterday afternoon for our dinner last night.

450g pack turkey mince
1/4 onion chopped
some rosemary
some parsley

just threw it all in a bowl & mixed it all together used my hands. I then made into little meatballs again just using my hands. I grilled the meatballs until they were nice & golden.

for the sauce:
olive oil
3/4 onion chopped
2 garlic cloves chopped
some quartered button mushrooms
1/2 green pepper chopped.
pinch of wild garlic mix
tin of chopped tomatoes
splash balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp granulated sweetener

heated the oil & added onion & garlic, cooked till softened, then added green pepper, mushrooms & wild garlic mix & cooked for a couple of minutes with the addition of a little water to prevent sticking. Then I added the tin of tomatoes, & the tomato puree, the balsamic vinegar & sweetener & simmered for about 15 minutes.

I then put the meatballs & the sauce in a casserole dish & hid in the microwave as the cats seemed very interested in the turkey meatballs by this time.

When I got home later all I had to do was cook the wholewheat spaghetti & heat the meatballs. It was a lovely meal.

Personal Training
Today was a PT day. I love PT before work it really sets me up for the day.
Today's session
10 minutes on the spin bike
20 minutes of boxing - my favourite kind of workout really releases any tension. Colin was holding the pads I was doing the punching! This was interspersed with sets of a squat thrust / clean & press combo using 4kg dumbbells - 12 reps.
Then we headed down to the gym & into muscle beach (the free weights area) which for once was the quietest part of the gym. KMac first referred to the free weights area as muscle beach & it kind of stuck, so that's what it's called now.
3 supersets of weighted incline lunges 12 each leg (first set with 20kg barbell, but other 2 with 20lb dumbbells) superset with 15 bosu squats holding 15lb dumbbells.
I did have a quiet chuckle when one of the muscle beach regulars asked how I manage to keep my balance....this is something I really have to concentrate on & am totally focused - so focused I don't even chat....which for me is a miracle to be quiet for any length of time.
Then it was 3 lovely ab trisets of 15 ab extensions with 25lb plate, 15 jack knifes & 20 oblique cycles (10 normal pace, 10 slow)
and that was session over....I'm always amazed how quickly an hour passes.
I got down to the changing room to discover I didn't have a towel & rather than going down & hiring one I made do with a hand towel I had in my locker - dozy Fudgey still it did the job & I got ready for work OK.

Then I bounced off to work with a spring in my step.....well not quite 15k in 2 days, a new PB, hilly course & an hours PT had taken the bounce out my legs but I had the endorphin rush & felt good anyway.

And that my dear Fudgey friends is us up to date again.

Hope you have all had a good day, especially our Fudgey wee niece Rose who is 3 today. I'm posting a picture below just for her. Happy Birthday xx

lots of love

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Lost Blog

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised a quick update on last week & what I got up to between Tuesday & Sunday - I am going to try & keep it short & sweet.

In the gym in the morning - will try & recall as much as I can...
13 minute speed intervals on treadmill
weighted step ups with barbell 3 sets
3 supersets of 15 Olympic bar squats & 10 reps 2 squat thrusts & a press up
3 supersets of cable hamstring pulls & wood chops
maximal press up test - I managed 29.5

Took a rest day. Really needed it.

Hauled my butt out of bed & into the gym for a quick run before going to work for a meeting even though I had the day off.
I ran just under 7k in 45 minutes - wasn't really in the mood, but glad to get the job done & another tick on the training plan.
After an hour at the office I headed through to Glasgow for a whistle stop catch up with my little sister between her flight from Manchester & flight home. It was also her birthday. Hope you had a lovely day Sis.
We had coffee & a good old chat before she flew home & I headed back to Edinburgh.
It was a pretty full on day & I was shattered in the evening.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post Mr Fudgey, his Mum & I went to see KMac in Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a fantatic performance - we all enjoyed it. Special Thank you to Dad Smith for chauffeuring us all. The 4 of us then went for a lovely meal at Buffalo Grill.

Back up to date
and that brings you up to yesterday's race. Today Mr Fudgey & I were both of for the bank holiday so went to see Iron Man 2 - we both enjoyed it & a real treat going to the cinema in the middle of the day.
I'm going to have a short run this evening & then it's back to work for us both tomorrow....though I have a PT session at 7am to kick start my day.

Take Care everyone.

Fudgey xxxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Bupa Great Edinburgh Run

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Enjoying this bank holiday weekend?
Before I get into a review on today's race I need to apologise for not posting since Tuesday, I'll do a catch up on last week tomorrow, work has been busy and my mojo also went MIA....thankfully it decided to spring back to life today!

The Bupa Great Edinburgh Run

I was up before 8am this morning to fuel up on the luscious Marks & Spencer's instant apple & sultana porridge along with 800ml of water, half a cup of tea & 500ml of maximuscle viper. Next was the ritual taping of my feet - I use zinc oxide tape on the arches of both feet to prevent blisters & it seems to work for me so I'm sticking with it! Bag packed and off out just after 9am.
I felt really nauseous on the bus on the way into Edinburgh, I think it was nerves and all the fluid working it's way through my system. I had a text from KMac arranging to meet at 10 & Mr Fudgey as always kept me calm. A quick stop into Starbucks to use their facilities and seeing all the other runners & supporters & hearing their chatter made me start to feel better.
I just wasn't in the mood for running today, had resigned myself to just finishing the course & definitely not beating my Dublin time.
After meeting Kmac & Rob, we headed into Holyrood park, seeing a few people from work on the way. Edinburgh seemed so much more organised than Dublin had, though as with all events not enough toilets.
We stocked up on freebies from Eat Natural & Powerade. There were also freebies from Marshalls pasta though we didn't try any. There was also a sponsor village of tents for the various supporters of the run, eg: eat Natural, Powerade & Run for It and of course being just at the bottom of the Royal Mile plenty of places for supporters to go for a cuppa while the runners went off to complete the 10k.

The Race
After a stop at the portaloos & some banter with the boys, KMac & I headed off to our start point. Again I felt this was better organised than Ireland, they had each wave going off at 6 minute intervals & this really helped ease the congestion on the course. Kmac & I found ourselves at the very back of the green wave, but this didn't phase me, in fact I took a positive from this as I knew I would be moving up the field from the start line, which can be very motivational rather than starting at the front & feeling like everyone is passing you. We started pretty dead on the stated time 10.47 for the green wave & of course being a chip timed run you get your exact time as the chip records as you run over the start and finish mats.
So we were off, me resigned to just plodding out a steady run, no heroics, no PB's in me today. The first 2km were pretty much uphill, in fact you could describe the course as undulating, but it was a brilliant course - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it - I smiled the whole way round....well apart from the last 100m when I gritted the teeth & went for the sprint finish!!!
There were supporters along every part of the course, the marshalls did an amazing job as they always do. The water stop at 5k was well organised and the guys there did a brilliant job. It was just a pleasure to be part of today.
So how did I do......Mrs Fudgey pulled something special out of the bag today....1minute 30 seconds of my Ireland time.....yes Mrs can't be bothered / hormonal / no PB today set a new PB.

Official chip time 56 minutes 55 seconds
Thank goodness by the time Mr Fudgey met up with me afterwards I had calmed down a little & there were no tears but I was grinning like a Cheshire so so incredibly happy :-)

Mr Garmin
Mr Garmin of course made me realise from 5k onwards when I was pacing well that I might just do a good time. My Garmin time was 56 minutes 56 & distance 10.27km and broke down as follows:
1st km 6:02
2nd km 6:05
3rd km 5:33
4th km 5:25
5th km 5:35
6th km 5:31
7th km 5:36
8th km 5:32
9th km 5:21
10th km 4:59
268m 1:13

Kmac - her first ever 10k
I'm sure Kmac will fill everyone in on her race via her blog so I'm not going to spoil it for you, but what I want to do is very publicly tell her how proud we all are of her. Kmac has had a very busy & stressful week - including 4 performances in Jesus Christ Superstar on Thurs, Fri & twice Sat ahead of today's run. Mr Fudgey, Mr Fudgey's Mum & I saw the show yesterday - it was outstanding. Anyway in spite of having a full on week & a little wobble at around the 6th km (will let Kmac fill you in) she completed the race in a really good time and she should be very proud of herself. She could have quit at that 6th km but she didn't - if she shows this much determination in September Kilimanjaro better watch out....Kmac's coming to conquer you! WELL DONE HONEY. Mr & Mrs Fudgey are incredibly proud & we know Rob is too.

The Boys
Thanks to Mr Fudgey & Rob for coming along to support us today. Mr Fudgey as always was official photographer & took some great photos. Thank you both so much x

The Goodie Bag
Today's goodie bag contents: medal, t-shirt, foil blanket, bottle of powerade, eat natural bar, herbal drop, power bar & nature valley bar & of course a bottle of water. Water & foil blanket not pictured as I drank the water & was getting cold waiting for KMac, Mr Fudgey & Rob, so I used that too.

and that my friends brings me to the end of a great day's running.

Half Marathon - 3 weeks today
Only 3 weeks now till the half marathon and I'm feeling positive.

So the Stats for Week 9
Distance run this week 22.58km / 14.03 miles
Time running 2 hours 19 minutes 56 seconds

I'll be back tomorrow for a quick update on the rest of this week.

Take Care everyone

Fudgey xx