Friday, 29 July 2011

Bliss Edinburgh Marathon Festival Team - Well done!

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Remember me? Yes I know I'm sorry it's been a while - nearly 3 weeks to be precise since my last post. As this blog is meant to be about my training & there has been a distinct lack of that recently due to this grotty virus thing I haven't a) had the energy or inclination to post & b) had virtually no training to really talk about.

However the good news is that I am finally finally feeling much more Fudgey. This week I've managed my PT session, 2 short runs & a cycle & hope to fit in my weights programme today :-)

I do have some non training stuff such as couple of days in Glasgow & some foody posts to share & will do so soon - watch this space.

I wanted to post today though to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone for their support & sponsorship for the Edinburgh Marathon. I raised £982.48 so am delighted.
If anyone didn't get round to sponsoring me & would still like to my page is still open for another 3 weeks.
Sponsor Link

I've had an email today from Bliss to say Thank you which prompted this post, as I couldn't have done this without all of you.

"Thank you all so much for sending your funds in for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival. I can reveal that the Bliss Edinburgh team has overall raised a truly fantastic:


We’re so grateful for all of your incredible hard work fundraising for Bliss and for you all choosing to support our work for special care babies in such an amazing way. Thank you for being part of the team!

Thank you all again so much for your wonderful fundraising. We really couldn't continue our work without the support of fundraisers like you and we are so grateful for all your hard work!

The funds you have all raised will make a real difference to the lives of special care babies and their families- these monies could fund 22 Bliss support groups for a whole year, or go towards funding one of our major research projects, making sure that more tiny babies have the very best start in life. Because of you we will be able to help even more sick and premature babies and support their families, so a huge THANK YOU!"

I'll be back soon - I promise

Take Care all
Lots of Love

Monday, 11 July 2011

Finally Feeling Better

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Last week was another almost non existent training week. After Monday's 2 mini runs, I had PT on Tuesday afternoon & then didn't manage anything else all week.

However I pleased to say that today I finally feel much much much better and am hoping to get to the gym this afternoon.

I'm going to take it easy as after nearly 3 weeks of practically nothing I know I can't expect to return to normal immediately but fingers crossed that this will be the start of a return to normality & some form of consistent training.

Will let you know how I get on

lots of love

Monday, 4 July 2011

Normal Service slowing returning

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Well it's been a wee while since my last post. I'm sorry I haven't written anything & I've had a few comments about the missing posts but sadly I've just not felt up to it.

In my last post I told you how I really struggled in the Race for Life 10k & I've been struggling ever since. I've had the most awful cough for the past 18 days which resulted in 3 days off work sick and in the last 2 weeks of June I only went to my weekly PT sessions and had one disastrous run - couldn't stop coughing.

Stats for June show how much my training dipped

I also had to temporarily suspend the 200 sit up challenge & the 100 press up challenge - which I'm pretty gutted about as I was going so well - but as I said this just a temporary suspension until I get myself well again.

I'm pleased to report though that finally I seem to be on the mend & the cough is nowhere near as fierce. I'm also counting my blessings that all that I've had was a very tiring & irritating cough. Unfortunately others are having to deal with much bigger and significant health issues so I am not going to whine or whinge.

Today I was back running - 2 mini runs of 3.15km & 4.19km - not going to set any Olympic records & still a bit of a cough but feeling a trillion times better. Still going to take it easy though till I know that I'm 100% as don't want to put myself back to square 1. Sometimes you have to listen to what your body needs & rest IS as important as training.
My attitude is; better 2 weeks off now than trying to push through & ending up having to take 2 months off because I've broken myself.
I wish I could say I was always this wise but those who know me well know I'm strong willed, stubborn, independent & don't do sick well!

Good news to share
So enough about me & now for some lovely news. I became an aunt for the 3rd time last Monday when my 3rd niece Elizabeth Erin arrived weighing 8 pounds 0.5oz. A little Sister for Rose & Margaret Mary. Huge Congratulations to my Sis & her hubby. Love you all lots & lots & hope to come & visit soon.

Last but not least
Massive Massive Thanks to the long suffering Mr Fudgey who has again done me proud - the Marathon vid is finally here. I can't believe how fresh I look after having run 26.2miles - makes me even more determined to do another :-)

and that dear lovely Fudgey Friends is all for just now. Time for me to get to bed.

Take Care all
lots of love