Sunday, 31 October 2010

Goodbye for now

Hey Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post before I disconnect my PC.

Had a quick run this morning but it wasn't so good.

great first km, then I don't know what happened - lost control of my breathing started to panic, then I had a headache & felt sick - maybe not such good idea with the big house move tomorrow - but still it was running .....& normally if I have a bad run I make up for it next time.

I've not stopped since I got back either. The place is in turmoil. Defrosting the freezer, wiped out all the kitchen units, dismantled the bed, scrubbed the bedroom skirting. Mr Fudgey is disconnecting the DVD & Blu Ray :-(
And there are still a thousand things to do - cooker to be cleaned, bathroom to be cleaned, fridge to be cleaned, sitting room & front bedroom skirting all need wiped etc. It's going to be a late night I think......& I'll probably be doing it all over again tomorrow in the new place!

As I said yesterday we don't get internet till 15th November - but I'll try & get access to update you on how things are at some point between now & then even if only briefly.

Take Care everyone

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Nearly there

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Good week?

Well it's less than 48 hours now till our move. Someone is ready to go!
Snapped this pic on Friday morning.

A HUGE BIG THANK YOU to the marvellous movers, Kmac, Smurfy, Lorna & Rob who helped us move a whole load of stuff today. THANK YOU also to Mum Smith for providing a feast - the gang really appreciated it & also asked me to pass on their Thanks.

So that was the workout for today - I was up at 5.30 as I couldn't sleep. All quiet here though Wed, Thurs & Fri night. I think it is just excitement. Mr Fudgey & I were then busy packing boxes and then we all loaded into & then back out of the cars.

Personal Training
Smurfy & I both had lovely DOMS on Thursday morning partly from Circuits on Wednesday & from our other efforts so I knew PT would be fun.

Warm up set of 20 squats
3 supersets of 15 olympic bar squats (50lb) & 12 squat with shoulder press 15kg
3 supersets of 15 leg press 65kg & 20 medicine ball lunges
3 supersets of 12 cable hamstring curls each leg & 12 hanging leg raises - still more improvement first 2 sets pretty good - 3rd set I managed 8.
3 supersets of 12 crunch, lift & extend & 12 compound crunches
3 sets of 10 cable wood chops each side.

I also told Colin of my ambition to be able to do a pull up by the end of this year - even if it's just one! You've got to have a goal & with no real running events left this year for me I'm going to achieve 100 press ups & at least 1 pull up by the end of the year :-)

On Thursday I also received my second graze box - again I shared it with Mr Fudgey.
We both thought that the cracked black pepper cashews were awesome - they didn't last long. I also discovered I don't particularly like amphissa olives :-( thankfully I am a fan of kalamata ones.
I was also gifted some wasapeas from Mike at work from his graze box as he thought they were vile - I love wasapeas :-)

On Friday I took a well deserved recovery day. I also had to go off at lunchtime and do a number of moving related things & by the end of the day we had confirmed that everything was in place & it's all systems go for Monday.
We won't be getting our internet set up till 15th November - so I will have to take a wee blog holiday I think, but don't worry I'll be back.

Even though all my clothes are packed I do have running gear for tomorrow so hopefully I shall be able to get a cheeky wee run in :-)

If I do & before we pack my pc I'll try & drop you a wee post.

Take Care all

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A long week so far

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?

Well I never got to run on Sunday or get to to the gym as I had kind of hoped for - the reason was I was absolutely exhausted. Our neighbour was very agitated again & we ended up calling the police at 4am only for him to be quiet when they arrived but he continued to make noise at 5am, 6am & 7am. Then followed disturbed sleep on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday night. Touch wood it all seems quiet tonight - so hopefully we'll get an uninterrupted night's sleep. Mr Fudgey & I have been knackered this week. Not great in the run up to the move. You may then ask yourself how have I managed to fit in 4 workouts already this week. Well it's stress relief more than anything.

Monday - making it up as I go along
I had a day off on Monday so managed to get into the gym in the afternoon. I was in 2 minds what to do - didn't really fancy a long run on the treadmill nor was I inspired by my programme - time for a new one I think. Anyway jumped on the treadmill for a gentle 10 minute warm up - ran 1.42km, then decided I'd do some press ups. I managed 70 in total - proper full manly ones too - done in 4 sets one of 25 & 3 of 15 - by the end of the year I aim to be able to do 100. Then I did 3 sets of squats with 20kg bar & then some abs - 3 x triset of 15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 12 crunches with medicine ball & 20 oblique cycles. I then finished up with 20 minutes on the bike and did just over 10km. I do so want Mr Fudgey & I get out cycling when we move

Tuesday - Spinning & Running
Needed an outlet for my tension after another largely sleepless night, so headed to spin at lunchtime - it was a great class taken by the lovely Gary. I was also conscious I hadn't run properly for over a week so headed back later for a very intense interval session. Week 2 on the Run Less Run Faster programme
Tough tough workout but felt so good for it :-)
10 min warm up then
5 repeats of 800m working @ 11.5kmph & 400m recovery (4.5 / 5.5kmph)
6 minute cool down

Hope to get at least another run in this week - but not sure how or when though - we shall see.

Wednesday - My favourite circuits
Not so noisy last night but still not a great sleep so pretty wrecked again this morning but coffee & a chocolate muffin perked me up & then I had to go to circuits to work off said choc muffin ;-0
Stations today were, bicep curls, tricep dips, bosu press ups, clean & press with squat, swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells, supermarket sweep (pushing trolley with c 150kg from one end of studio & then pulling backwards to the other), bag drag sprint & stepping stones, burpees, swiss ball pass , swiss ball crunches & punchbag. Usual drill after a warm up 1 min at each station - a quick rest & then second circuit of 45 seconds per station. Class was pretty busy today & I got a kick out of doing better & more manly press ups than some of the men!

Still all quiet upstairs & not a light on - I have a bad feeling that there has maybe been another incident today - I could be wrong it's just a feeling I have - but I just seriously hope that the poor guy is getting the help he desperately seems to need. Yes even after 4 mostly sleepless nights I still care.

So I'm going to get a cup of tea & curl up for some sleep.

Night night all

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Blogger Issues

Hello all,

Just a quick post to tell you I'm having a few problems with blogger....or my pc.
When I try to log in - the page just refreshes & asks for my password again, it doesn't say it's incorrect or anything - it just ignores it!
I finally managed to get in by resetting my password & got through to my account this way - but with our move imminent sorting this out will have to wait till after that - unless anyone has any words of wisdom?

So if I don't post for a wee while - this is why.


Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Runners MOT

Hello Fudgey Friends,

There has been no more running or work outs since I last posted on Thursday as I am undergoing a little maintenance at the moment.
Now seemed the right time to sort of some of my running ailments as I have no more events planned this year.
I've been having problems with my right shin since I dropped a large metal wheelbarrow on it several weeks ago. It feels really bruised though there has never been a mark. My feet are also pretty ugly with hard skin & calluses & months ago I had lost a toe nail so my doctor had referred me to the podiatrist - appointment wasn't till 22nd October though!

Sports Massage
I would highly recommend regular sports massage if you can afford it. I've had problems with my ITB, my groin & my hip - all sorted out by the magic hands of my massage therapist. You can learn a few massage techniques yourself too - as I know massage can be an expensive luxury.
I have been asked many does does sports massage hurt? Honest answer is yes it can sometimes, but I always find that the discomfort is more than worth it for the released / relaxed muscles afterwards & like anything the more you do it the more you get used to it. A good therapist won't overwork an area if it is getting tender & will work within your tolerances.
I had a sports massage on Wednesday night which ruled out shin splints or anything muscular with the shin. It did show that my whole right leg was knotted up - the calf, hamstring & right into the hip. I felt so much better after it though at points during it was not so pleasant.

We all know we should stretch but how many of us do & do it properly. This is something I know I need to work on more.
Check out the stretching handbook

Foam Rolling
I haven't yet invested in a foam roller - but it follows on from the self massage & stretching theme. Foam Rolling
I am going to get a foam roller once we are moved & settled & need to make it part of my training routine. I have heard from loads of positive feedback from other runners on using a foam roller so will give it a try.

Professional Opinion
Always get a professional opinion if you have an injury - it helps if you can find someone who is sympathetic to your sense of urgency to be back up & running as soon as possible.
I went to see the doctor about my dodgy shin on Thursday - probably about 6 weeks after I should have! & she referred me for an xray on Friday. I went for my xray on Friday but have to wait up to a week for the results. No one has yet told me not to run so I've not stopped completely!

I had my podiatry appointment on Friday afternoon - she told me not to run for 2 days (fri & sat) so I am doing as told! This is because she removed a lot of hard skin from my feet and she said that running when the skin had just been worked on and was so soft would cause more blistering. She said the hard skin that I get on my big toes is a result of my overpronation and I'm going back in a couple of weeks for a biomechanical assessment & to be fitted for some orthotics - which should help to keep my feet in tip top condition & if I'm really lucky might actually improve my running efficiency :-)

I never thought that I'd become so addicted / obsessed / in love with running - so it's vital to do everything I can to make sure that I can keep on doing it......& for the sake of poor long suffering Mr Fudgey as I get really irritable when I don't get to work out.

I'm off now to prepare dinner before my Saturday fix of Strictly come Dancing. Hope to get in a run or workout of some sort tomorrow.

Take Care all
Fudgey x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

1000 km in 2010 & The latest Graze

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
I can't believe it's Thursday evening already - where has this week gone?
How has your week been?

1000km in 2010
Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that I set myself a personal challenge this year to run a half marathon.....I've ran 2 & 2 x 10ks, 2 x 5k & a 4k & a kilomathon 26.2km - go check out my race reports, I also said that by the end of 2010 I'd run 1000km.....with 2 & a half months still to go till the end of the year I completed that challenge today.....since the start of this year I have ran 1001.78 km (622.48 miles)For those of you that work better visually or in terms distances between places - it's a little further than John O'Groats to Gloucester.

My other challenge was to raise £1000 for charity - my chosen charity was CCLASP & I managed to raise £1094 excluding the gift aid.
I don't think its sunk in how much I've achieved yet - but not bad for someone who a couple of years ago & 6 stone heavier couldn't run for a bus.

The Latest Graze
Thanks to JAG & Laura I heard about Graze boxes so used Laura's code & ordered myself a free box. It arrived at the office today & I was desperate to dive in but wanted to take a couple of photos - so I just had a wee taste of the Bento mix & the Dark Rocky road - Amazing :-) When I came home I took some photos & then I shared the Olive, rosemary & siciliano pesto focaccia with Mr Fudgey - we liked very much. I haven't tried the juicy orange raisins yet.
If anyone hasn't come across Graze boxes yet & would like to try one you can get one for free by visiting & using my code GMMW2643

Go on treat yourself - you deserve it.

A Fudgey Night Out
Mr Fudgey got 2 tickets for his birthday to see Robert Plant at The Usher Hall - so on Monday night we went for a lovely meal at McKirdy's steakhouse & then onto The Usher Hall. Robert Plant was fantastic & I even knew one song.

We had a fab night.

Workouts this week so far
Monday, I went to Spin at lunchtime as we were out in the evening - it wasn't a busy class but was pretty good - not as hard as I'd hoped it would be though.

Tuesday was PT
quick cross trainer warm up
olympic bar squats warm up set of 15 no weight
3 sets of 15 Olympic bar squats.....very heavy!
3 super sets of weighted dynamic lunges 12 each leg & swiss ball single leg hamstring curls 12 each leg
3 sets of 15 smith machine calf raises
3 super sets of 15 calf extensions & 12 body weigh calf raises each leg with 8kg dumbbell
10 minute abstravaganza! simple crunches, circle crunches, swiss ball crunch with medicine ball, swiss ball plank roll outs, oblique cycles, reverse curls, compound crunches & crunch lift & extend

Wednesday I was particularly tired. There was more drama with our neighbour on Tuesday night but he is now getting the help he needs. I really hope he gets well soon. So on Wednesday I ended up taking a well earned rest day. I also had a sports massage in the evening which has straightened out my knots a lot.

Today was just a quick run, it was all I had time for & better than nothing & it took me over that magical 1000km target.

and that my lovely Fudgey followers is me up to date with you again. Off now to catch up on Sppoks.

Take Care
love Fudgey

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ups and Downs

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Good week? I hope so.
It's been another full on week for us in Fudgey land - there is never a dull moment - that's for sure.

Wednesday - Circuits, a night out & another police visit
Wednesday seems so long ago now. I managed to complete my second cross training session of the week - circuits class. Smurfy & I both thought it was incredibly tough this week - I don't know why more so than usual. Still loved it though.
Then in the evening I was out with some people from work - we spent the evening at hawk & hunter, firstly upstairs in the cocktail bar & later in the secret garden. A great time was had by all, but way too many cocktails, shooters & drinks in general. Thanks to Steph for finally throwing me in a taxi & sending me home.
Unfortunately I came home to a war zone & very quickly the happy fudgey was a very upset one. Our neighbour upstairs was very very distraught and had been disruptive from around 9pm, he was threatening to harm himself too. I told Mr Fudgey to phone the police but that I was going up to see if I could calm him down - yes silly I know but I just wanted to help. Needless to say it didn't end well on Wednesday night. Mr Fudgey fearing for my safety had to physically drag me downstairs to stop me from going into the flat above. I was drunk and emotional and just wanted to help someone who seemingly no one else has the same concern for. Mr Fudgey was shocked at how physically strong I am and how much effort it took him to get me downstairs - on the plus side he does now fear for the safety of anyone who tries to attack me if I'm completely sober as he thinks they will most likely come off worse - see all that time working out has an added benefit! I don't want to say too much as it's not fair to those involved but the evening ended with the police coming out and things eventually went quiet - but it didn't make for a great night's sleep.

Thursday - Hangover, rest day & baking
Lack of sleep, overload of emotions and far too much to drink didn't make for a great start to Thursday, though I was at my desk for 8am. I opted to leave my gym kit at home and take a rest day. Thankfully by 10am I had perked up & managed to have a very productive day at the office & even stayed on till 6pm. Working with a hangover though is not something I'd like to do on a regular basis - I suddenly realise how old I feel. When I was in my 20's I thought nothing of staying out till 3am & making it to work the next day - I simply couldn't do that now.
When I came home and after we'd had dinner I started to make white chocolate chunk & double chocolate chip cookies for the Let's do it for Judi bake sale at the office. For those who are newer to my blog, Judi is a friend & colleague who has pancreatic cancer. A group of us ran the Race for Life this summer and raised over £10,000. The latest fundraiser is to raise money for the makeover of a cancer research shop & so a bake sale was arranged for Friday. I was limited to what I could do as the majority of my baking stuff is now packed, and as I've been so busy at work I couldn't commit to helping man the tables - but I wanted to contribute something. The cookies turned out great though I was so tired I forgot to take a photo for my blog. As you can guess it was then off to bed for me. It was all quiet from above all night.

Friday - another brush with the law, Running & a quiet night
On Friday morning after a great nights sleep we had another brush with the law but this was a more pleasant one, we met with our solicitor regarding the sale of the flat and our impending move.
Then into work & dropped off my cookies to the bake sale. I never bought any cakes but did buy 2 strips of raffle tickets though I didn't win. I believe the bake sale raised around £1000.
After work was run number 2 of the week on the run less run faster programme
This was hard!
Plan 1.5km warm up, 3.5km @ 10.6kmph & 1.5km cool down
Actual 1.5km warm up, 1.5km @ 10.6kmph 0.5km recovery, 1.5km @ 10.6kmph & 1.5km cool down - but pretty happy with though as I never normally run anywhere near that pace so to maintain for 1.5km twice is a little victory
Home and again all quiet here. We actually curled up and watched a movie and a pretty good one at that - Shutter Island I'm not a Leonardo DiCaprio fan but he was very good in this film and I really really liked it.

Saturday - packing and shopping
Nothing too exciting, we were up early as the church behind our flat is being demolished and they started work at 8.30am. The building is now completely down and it is so weird seeing right through to the main road. As we were up we headed off to Asda early and did our weekly shop - probably our last proper one whilst in the flat.
The rest of the day was spent packing boxes and clearing out, then the usual Saturday ritual of Strictly come Dancing. After Strictly we watched a classic Star Trek & then I had to go to bed as I was shattered - couldn't sleep though - way too much in my head.

Today - Sunday - running, shopping & visiting
I never slept well last night and was up at 4, 5 & 6. I made myself get up at 9 and get ready for my Sunday run, though I was really in the mood - though I have found the ones I don't feel up for are most often the best. This was the 3rd run of the week & completing this would mean successful completion of week 1 on the run less run faster programme - 3 key runs & 2 cross training sessions.
Target pace 5.57 average pace 5.57 :-)
felt blah, injured, great & alright! shin hurting a little again need to ice it up. Pleased that I managed to run as described in the programme though - first couple of k warming up & then middle ones slightly faster than target, then last couple to cool down to achieve an average of 5.57 woo hoo I did it
splits - 6:19, 6:04, 6:00, 5:56, 5:47, 5:46, 5:47:5:53 & 6:20
I'm also now only 1.45km away from completing my 1000km in 2010 challenge. Once I've done that I'm going to go and get my poor shin sorted.
Mr Fudgey & I headed into town later where I purchased a gorgeous new aviator style jacket in Debenhams. There is no shame to my little eskimo jacket that I love so much but it's about 7 years old and about 4 sizes too big for me.
Next we headed out to visit Aunt Liz and Mum and Dad Smith. We both really felt that Aunt Liz could do with a visit from some friendly faces and that she'd like to hear all the news from us - so we hope our visit brightened her day. We then all had dinner together which was really lovely and Dad Smith brought us home - Thank you :-)
I must Thank Mum Smith for the fab soup, fairey cakes & dinner - the apple & pear crumble was awesome x

and that my dear friends is the edited highlights of another week in Fudgey land.
I should add that Mr Fudgey and I have seen our neighbour today and he says he is feeling a lot better - he certainly appeared much calmer & lucid. Hopefully he is now getting the support & help he needs.

Right better get some sleep :-zzz
Take Care all

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Kilomathon Video

Hello Fudgey Friends,

It's finally here - Mr Fudgey's latest masterpiece.
Thanks so much hubbly man - I know how much time & effort this took xxxx

Kilomathon Video


Fudgey xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Run Less Run Faster

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Welcome to my new followers :-)

Well today saw the start of the Run Less Run Faster programme - I'd initially heard about this through Laura's blog, and then heard of a couple of people at work who have been following this programme so I ordered the book from Amazon.
My life is so busy with one thing and another that I have found it difficult to fit in my usual 4 runs a week recently, but I also felt I was just putting in miles for the sake of it & am no longer really improving speed wise, though the distances have been increasing. Now that my events for this year are out of the way it's the perfect opportunity to try something a little different. Run Less Run Faster centres around 3 key runs a week, focusing on quality not quantity, but is supplemented with at least 2 cross training sessions - whether that is cycling, rowing or resistance work. So I've read first 3 sections of the book & couldn't wait to get started.
I have signed up for The Great Winter Run 5k in January & this fits in nicely with the 5k plan in the watch this space.

Run Less Run Faster Week 1 Run 1
I opted to do this run in the gym so I could make sure I maintained perfect pace during the intervals & also to protect my calf a little - though it seems to be good.
This run was about 15 minutes warm up run followed by 8 intervals of 400m working @ 11.5kmph followed by 400m recovery (between 5 & 7 kmph) - later intervals I opted for slower recovery pace so I could maintain the fast working pace & then finishing off with 10 minute cool down run. This was hard work, but it was great to be doing something other than simply putting one foot in front of the other & just plodding along. The sweat was pouring off me at the end and I felt like I had really worked. Girls Aloud & The Saturday's on the ipod did help push me along too :-)

More Personal Torture
Yesterday I did my first cross training session of the week - I had a PT session with Colin. I'd told him my calf was pretty sore & tight from Thursday so there was no calf work or running but I still worked really hard.
quick cross trainer warm up & one set of 15 olympic bar squats with no weight.
3 supersets of 15 olympic bar squats with 60lb & single arm clean & press 9kg 10 each arm
3 supersets of 15 bench squats with 20lb & swiss ball single leg hamstring curls 12 each leg
3 supersets of cable hamstrings 12 each leg & 12 hanging leg raises
3 trisets of cable wood chops 10 each side, 24 oblique cycles & 20 russian twists

I was over the moon that my hanging leg raises have progressed so much - the first set was the best I've ever done - very little swing & I manged the full 12 in one go - not quite perfect but vastly improved. The other 2 sets weren't as good - but I'm progressing all the time which is very motivating.

Food & Weight
I've been eating too much rubbish again & regained the 2.5lbs I'd lost a couple of weeks ago. I know though what I need to do to get back on track & will be back at my target weight very soon.
On Sunday I made some cauliflower & broccoli soup for us to have on Monday after my slimming class Very very easy to make just 250g of fresh broccoli & 250g of fresh cauliflower, 1 medium onion chopped & 900ml of vegetable stock. We had this last night & it was lovely.

I also made some fruit tarts on Sunday - not the healthiest I know but little treats are important now & then.

Tonight I made a delicious pork stir fry & made my own Scottish Slimmers sweet & sour sauce rather than a calorie laden processed one.

Now need to go & make lunch for tomorrow.

Take Care everyone

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Resting not running

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I had the best night's sleep in ages last night, was in my bed for 9.30am & feel so much better for it.

Unfortunately though no running for me today. My left calf has been really tight since my PT session on Thursday morning. This morning Mr Fudgey pressed his knee onto my calf whilst we were still in bed & I just about leapt through the roof. I knew then that running would not be a wise move. Then I was lying on my front when Bonnie decided to jump on my back and then start walking down me, standing on my calf,,,,ouch :-(

I have had a productive day in the kitchen though, have made cauliflower and broccoli soup and little fruit tarts. Plan is to make home made vegetable spring rolls with sweet & sour dip & then some stir fry pork. Though we've had the heating & plumbing guy here for 3 and a half hours now - will need to make him dinner too I think!

I am just charging my camera to take photos of my food and will post these hopefully by Tuesday.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

Take Care Everyone
love Fudgey

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Banana Bread, Bag & Boxes

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post. Mr Fudgey & I didn't get a lot of sleep. After the police being out earlier in the evening - we had to call them at about 4.15am as our neighbour was banging on the windows and doors and acting very strangely. We were more concerned about his state of mind than anything else. Police arrived around 5am, but even after they went away he continued to argue with people who weren't there up until nearly 7am. We did then manage to get some sleep but only till around 10am - so we are both shattered. Hopefully tonight will be quieter.

As promised yesterday the recipe for my Banana bread - recommended running fuel.

3 large bananas the riper the better
1 egg or 2 egg whites
2 tbsp (30g) corn oil
85g brown sugar
60ml skimmed milk
pinch of salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
180g flour ( I use half white, half wholemeal

Preheat oven to 350F / 175C
Line loaf tin
In a large bowl mash bananas with a fork
add egg, oil, sugar, milk & salt. Beat well, then add baking soda & baking powder.
Gently blend the flour into the mixture. Stir until just moistened.
Pour mixture into tin
Bake for 45 mins.

New Bag
Check out the pictures below of the awesome bag Mr Fudgey bought for me :-)

Cardboard City
Packing for our move continues - not too long now. Some little furry people though seem to think that the boxes are here for their entertainment!
Whilst for others it is all just too much effort!

and now I'm going to go & try & relax a little, have a bath & hopefully an early & good nights sleep. Hope for a longish run tomorrow - so will let you know how it goes.

Take Care everyone

Friday, 8 October 2010

another week flys by

Hi Fudgey friends,

I can't believe how fast the weeks are just flying by & tonight by the time Mr Fudgey & I got home it was dark & it was only about 7.15pm

So what have you all been up to? Had a good week?

My week so far has been pretty busy.

My legs were a little sore after the kilomathon but not too bad. I caught up on some tv & wrote my race report. I had a largely unsuccessful shopping trip. Took the bus to Sainsbury's to discover it closed as part of their refurb & not open till Wed. Back to Waitrose - and I have to say didn't like the store at all - so only got a few essentials.
I also had some stress concerning our impending move & some other pieces of news that were not so cheery and a little worrying.

A much better & productive day. All sorted on the moving front - no need to stress on that front. I baked some banana bread which has gone down really really well with everyone. Pictures & recipe will be posted tomorrow.
I also had a successful shopping trip to Asda.
In the afternoon I got out for a short 6k recovery run. I was surprised how good the legs felt :-)

Back to work. It took me most of the day to catch up on my emails & establish what had been going on for the previous days. I dread taking 2 weeks off!
Wednesday was my favourite class.... circuits
Normally I adore circuits but I struggled - right shin was not happy with me at all :-(
The stations were bottom half squats (i used 20kg), swiss ball squats (i used 5kg dumbbells), slalom run & 10 bunny hops, weighted squat jump & weighted sprint ((5kg dumbbells)., 2 jack & 2 back, mountain climbers, jack knifes, compound crunches, punch bag, underarm deadrow (10kg), circle press ups & finally clean & press (10kg) first round 1 min each station & then second round 30 -40 secs each station though he removed the swiss ball squat, the mountain climbers & the jack knifes.
Hope the shin behaves for PT on Thurs

A now increasingly rare morning gym visit for me. I need to try & reintroduce morning work outs as I have such a great day usually after them. It was cold wet and dark when I left the house for my 7am PT session
I had asked Colin if we could do something about my calves as they suffered in the kilomathon, though thankfully my quads of steel pulled me through.

quick warm up on cross trainer & the onto the hard work
3 super sets of weighted dynamic lunges 12 each leg & 1 minute ski sit
3 sets of smith machine calf raises
3 super sets of 15 calf extensions & 12 body weigh calf raises each leg
1 set of bosu squats & single arm clean & press 10 each side
3 supersets of olympic bar squats & single arm clean & press 10 each side


Then into work where I had an incredibly busy day. It's just never ending at the moment. Though there was loads of good stuff and I managed to get away before 6pm, though still not home before Mr Fudgey!

Friday already
My calves were agony this morning. Thanks Colin!! It was a struggle to get up. I'm not sleeping at all well at the moment just way too much going on & my neighbour moving furniture or whatever he was doing in the early hours doesn't help.
Managed to achieve what I set out to at work today so was really pleased with that and also managed to get away about 4.15pm so time for a mini gym session before fantastic Mr Fudgey took me to pizza express.

I just did my own thing, some bits of my programme & some stuff I felt like doing

run 1km
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball 15 kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball chest press
3 supersets of 15 bosu squats with 5kg dumbbells & 12 bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 supersets of 12 oblique circles with 6kg medicine ball, 12 ab extensions with 6kg medicine ball & 20 oblique cycles
1 minute plank
job done

We've had a little bit of an unsettled evening since we came home and had the police visit - it seems that one of neighbours is not coping so well and explains the increasingly erratic & paranoid behaviour recently. Hopefully now they can get some support and get back on track. I hate to see anyone suffering.
I'm so incredibly fortunate to have an amazing hubby, great family and fabulous friends - sadly not everyone has that same support network to fall back on.

and now my dear friends I am sitting up in bed with a sore shin, a sore calf, sore abs and a lovely glass of rioja whilst I write this post. So looking forward to no alarm tomorrow and hopefully a little lie in.
More packing up for us this weekend.

I will post some pics of my banana bread & the recipe tomorrow & my awesome new bag from Mr Fudgey.

Take care everyone
Fudgey xxx

Monday, 4 October 2010

The Scottish Kilomathon - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised race report from yesterday's first ever Scottish Kilomathon

It was an early start on Sunday morning, alarm was set for 5.30am but I was awake from just after 4am. At 5.45am I was having a cup of tea, some water and my instant porridge with a teaspoon of strawberry jam, I also had a slice of bread and butter. I taped my feet and pinned my race number to my top. I put my gels into my race belt and drank plenty more water.

We left the house at 7am, we'd stayed with Mum & Dad Smith so the start was only about 10 minutes away. Dad Smith took us the Ingliston and we were quickly parked by the stewards and headed to the start area. This event was no where near as crowded as others I've been at and I actually preferred that. At 7.45am it was time to head into our coloured pens. I was actually right at the front of mine. Unlike other races I've been at there wasn't much hanging around, the horn sounded and wave after wave we were off.

The Race
After a short lap round the showground, it was out and along the side of the airport perimeter fence. I set off pretty fast and realised I had better slow down a little to pace myself. It seemed like lots of other runners were passing me, but I told myself just to run my own race and that as I'd been right at the front of my wave it was only natural that faster runners would pass me. Past the airport onto the road & out through Kirkliston. I was running well and felt good. It was grey and overcast but perfect running conditions. It wasn't long before we were heading over the forth road bridge - I'd never ran across the bridge before but can't wait to do it again - even though it was overcast the views were great, soon I saw the leaders starting to come back up the other side of the bridge and that really inspired me. It got greyer and there was a little rain shower but I was loving the run and going faster than I thought I would have. Soon I was passing some of the runners who had passed me in the first couple of km, now at around 8 & 9 km some people were slowing a little but I was feeling really strong. I went through the half way point in an hour 21 minutes. I felt really strong for the first 17 km and then we turned into South Queensferry, the cobbles made my hip hurt and I realised I had a blister I could feel it. I pushed on only to discover a killer hill around 18k - a hill at that stage was just plain cruel and I'm sure it was the undoing of many, so many people just stopped and walked it. I managed to run all the way up, but it really took the wind out of my sails. Soon though I managed to see fellow blogger Liz aka Runner Mum. Liz should have been running to but has had an injury so had to withdraw but as the race went right past her house she came out to support - when I saw Liz I was really running well and seeing Liz really spurred me on & I was able to pick up the pace again. Unfortunately I started to struggle in the last 5k. My calves were starting to cramp - something I've never experienced before and my hips were really starting to hurt. Around 25k Sarah Burgon passed me & I was slowing to a walk seeing Sarah & her words of encouragement made me want to run and I tried to keep up with her but it wasn't happening, we were back on the track alongside the airport and the little stones and uneven surface were torture. I was so glad to get back on the smooth surface and looking at my garmin suggested I only had 400m to go. Running into the Royal Highland centre there were finished runners heading out with their goody bags but everyone cheered on us runners coming in and shouted encouragement. I saw the 26km marker and knew that now I had to keep running no matter how much it hurt. I saw the 100m to go sign and started to kick for home. I could see the finish line and being a smaller than I am used to event a clear path ahead of me I put everything I had into it and sprinted for home. Then I heard Dad Smith and saw him and Mr Fudgey and pushed it even harder. I crossed the line and raised my arms punching the air. This was the hardest thing I've ever done and I finished it. I was quite emotional. I almost forgot to hit stop on my garmin too. I was delighted to make it under 3 hours. Official time came through as 2 hour 56 mins 16 seconds. A whole 12 minutes faster than I'd ran this distance in training:-)

Post Race
Through the finish line and into the finishers area. Thanks to the marshall who removed my chip from my shoe as I couldn't bend. Bottle of water, Banana, Medal & Goody bag - which has been the best I've ever had.
The goody bag contained: long sleeved top, blister plaster, medley bar, 9 bar original, nature valley granola bar, school bar, low salt. seabrook crisps, linwoods samples, cracked heel repair cream, trial size radox deodorant, vicks breathing sensations, dove visible effects body lotion, scholl deep moisturising cream and olay total effects touch of foundation.
The medal was also amazing, when the guy put it over my head I wasn't prepared for the weight of it.

I was a little worried about this event as I didn't have good experience in the run up to it. I didn't receive merchandise I ordered and had to chase it up twice, then I wanted to find out the start time but it wasn't on the website so I had to contact them again. However on the day the organisation was first class. The race crew, volunteers, marshalls, first aid and police were the best I have ever seen at an event. The support all the way round the course was amazing. The course was tough - very hilly but as it was semi rural and crossing the bridge was one of my most memorable. They've moved this event to April next year and I would definitely recommend it. I'd ask the organisers to keep it small, though I suspect it will grow and become very popular. I am definitely thinking of signing up as part of my marathon training.

I felt very sore at the end, but the ice bath helped. I never slept well last night as my legs were very restless but today I feel alot better than I expected. No major issues just a few tired muscles - but I will be back running maybe even as soon as a short recovery run tomorrow.

Thank you
As always a HUGE thank you to my hubby - you are amazing babe. Thank you for everything. Thanks as well to Dad Smith for the taxi service. Thank you to everyone for the good luck wishes and for all the kind words afterwards - it makes it all so worth while.
Thanks to Hubby & Mum & Dad Smith for celebrating with me last night - we had a superb meal at Buffalo Grill in Stockbridge & then some champagne afterwards. I was in bed by 9.30pm!

That's my running events finished for this year but I still have about 34k to run to complete my 1000km in 2010 and I will still be running regularly. Plan is to drop some body fat and get even fitter before marathon training officially starts.

I think that's me for now folks.
Take Care everyone
Fudgey xx

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Race Ready...

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well the first ever Scottish Kilomathon is tomorrow. Am I race ready? Kind of, but whatever happens it's a PB as it's the first one ever. They have already scheduled the next one for next April though.
I've been enforced to rest since my PT session on Wed as I've been working late most nights - so the legs should be fresh. I'm actually really looking forward to it.

I've been making sure I have all my kit & my supplies ready, foot tape, garmin, race number pins, instant porridge. Tomorrow will be an early start as the race starts at 8am. I'm guessing it will be cold - but am undecided yet on long sleeves or short. I have decided though on no ipod. When I ran the Edinburgh half without it - I ran better & found the sound of feet on the ground very soothing. Given that recently I've been getting tangled in my headphones & also how much is spinning round me in my head - 26.2km (16.3 miles) of rhythmic feet against the ground will be great.

I have a bottle of champagne chilling already - looking forward to my first alcoholic drink in nearly 5 months.

Will post a race report as soon as I can afterwards.

Good luck to everyone else with events this weekend.