Sunday, 16 May 2010

1 week to go

Good morning Fudgey Friends,

Well by this time next week it should all be over. The Scottish half marathon starts at 8am next Sunday.

All these weeks of training, 5 rolls of zinc oxide tape, dozens of energy drinks & gels, 3 sports massages, a Garmin, a race in the snow & -3 temp, a trip to Dublin, a couple of PBs and loads of highs and a few lows - it's almost time. I'm both nervous and excited.

Last Long Run week 11 Run 4
I was up and out by 8am this morning and was deceived by the weather. It looked cold and wet so I wore my long sleeved running top & my lightweight waterproof. Only 5 minutes into the run I had to take my gloves off and was getting warm. Though it was grey & damp there was no wind at all and it was quite humid. I didn't have a very good run today - I had a dodgy tummy - this is the first time this has ever happened to me - it wasn't good but I still managed 59 minutes & 9.32km. I'm kind of glad it wasn't a great run - it's a little like a dress rehearsal for a show - you want all the issues to happen then rather than on first with my glass half full I'm hoping that today's uninspiring run has set me up for a jolly good show next Sunday.

I came home & was in my 2nd ever ice bath by 9.10am. This week I knew the trick was to jump in & sit down as quickly as possible with no procrastination. It worked. Again the first few minutes were the worst but you soon get used to it and I do feel so so so much better for it - this is definitely part of the running regime I'll be keeping up. Fantastic Mr Fudgey brought me a cup of tea which really helped too.

Stats for Week 11
Distance run this week 25.43km / 15.8 miles
Time running 2 hours 47 minutes 01 seconds


Sunday Morning Gift
So fresh from my run, ice bath & pancakes for breakfast, I stripped the bed and put on the washing machine and let the littlest of our cats, Beau, out - the others weren't that interested. I then decided I'd sit down and blog. Next thing Beau jumps in the window with something hanging from his mouth and heads down the hall. I shout to Mr Fudgey 'what has Beau got in his mouth?' as I start to follow him - Beau is heading for the bedroom. I shout at him and he drops a 'dead' tiny little grey mouse on the floor. I think I shrieked. Hubby came to the door of the other room. Beau had ran in the bedroom so I shut the door on him. Then the 'dead' mouse moved. Hubby & I both jumped. Hubby reacted really quickly by shutting the other door - though he was inside the room, this was a swift and good move as if a mouse got in that room it would be a nightmare to catch. I grabbed one of our old tea towels & covered & then scooped up little mouse to take back outside. I shouted on hubby to go & shut the kitchen window so that the cats couldn't get back out or bring anyone else in.
I took the little mouse outside and I actually do think he is dead but I put him over the fence on the grass so if he was just in shock he can run off....or another cat or a big bird will probably take him away.
Beau is now sulking because I took his mouse off him.
Of the 4 fellas Beau was the last of them I expected to bring anything home - he's scared of his own shadow most of the time - so I'm both proud of him & mad at him at the same time.
As if the running wasn't enough Beau certainly helped elevate the heart rate this morning!
Photo is of him sulking under the coffee table, and I think he is now sulking under the bed.

Well that's all for now folks. I have a PT session and a sports massage to look forward to tomorrow so will let you know how those both go.

Enjoy your Sunday

love Fudgey
x x x

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