Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So Much to Blog about… so little time

Hello all
I’ve had a busy few days since I last blogged on Saturday and so much I wanted to blog about but not enough time to sit down & get typing. So here goes I’ll try not to bore you too much.

We had Mum & Dad Smith over for dinner. I think it’s fair to say it was enjoyed by all.

Starter: Baked Haggis Filo parcels with plum chilli sauce
For the haggis filo parcels I took 4 sheets of filo. I sprayed one sheet with spray oil & then put another sheet on top. I cut this into quarters. I put approx a teaspoon of haggis in the centre & then scrunched up. I did the same with the other 2 sheets of filo. I then put the parcels on a baking tray sprayed with spray oil & baked in the oven at gas 4 for 20 minutes.
This made 8 wee parcels. You could also try this with vegetarian haggis.

The plum sauce was a bit of classic fudgey experimentation of just chucking stuff in but it turned out amazing:
4 plums stone removed & chopped up
60 ml water
30 ml white vinegar
Generous pinch of ground ginger
2 tablespoons of granulated sweetener
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
Wee bit of lazy red chillies

I put everything in a pan, brought to the boil & then simmered for 12 – 15 minutes. I removed from the heat & once cool blended till smooth. I made this in advance & simply reheated later when I wanted to use it.

Main Course: Roast Chicken Breast, Stuffed Tomato & pearl potatoes.
Decided to keep it simple & roasted my 4 chicken breasts in the oven.
Cooked 500g of pearl potatoes & drained & added a little bit of butter..

I made my stuffed tomatoes with light Philadelphia with basil, spring onions, red onion, a couple of cherry plum tomatoes, a little chopped red pepper & some wafer thin ham & of course not forgetting my oil & vinegar store wild garlic mix– pretty much per my previous blog on these. The plum sauce also got used with the main course as there was some left & everyone liked it :-)

Dessert: Chocolate Peach Flan
This is an adaptation of a favourite Scottish Slimmers Recipe of mine. So easy to make.
1 small flan base
1 small tin of peaches in juice
200g quark
Drop of vanilla essence
1 tablespoon granulated sweetener
Sachet of options hot chocolate

Remove sponge flan case from pack. Take a tablespoon of juice from the fruit & drizzle over flan. Mix quark with sweetener & vanilla essence. Spread this over flan base. Drain the remaining peaches & arrange on top of flan.
Mix the options hot chocolate with 1 to 2 tbsp of water to make a smooth fairly thick paste & then drizzle over the peaches. Put in the fridge and serve when ready. I served with a spoon of half fat crème fraiche.

You can vary the fruit, you can use any non flavoured soft cheese (eg Philadelphia) & you can experiment with the flavoured hot chocolates.

Week 2 Run 4
This should have been Friday’s swapped Run 3 consisting of 5 minutes easy run, 10 minute steady run, 10 minute temp run, 5 minute faster run, 10 minutes easy run = Total 40 minutes, however I find it quite hard to judge my pace outside so decided to just run. This will change soon though as I bit the bullet and ordered a Garmin :-D which I hope will really assist my training
It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and for the first time this year I ran outside without long sleeves or a hat. 8.16km and 49 minutes 16 seconds later I returned home a happy energised little Fudge. Mr Fudgey was amused by my co-ordinating pink & white top, pink watch & pink joggers alarm….I probably had a matching pink face too!
We headed out to see Mum & Dad Smith so we could deliver the Mother’s Day gift we forgot to give her on Saturday evening.
Then we headed over to Glasgow to meet some friends for a fabulous meal. It was great to catch up and a lovely evening was had by everyone, we weren’t even too late home and I am still on the half marathon training wagon ….though the wine did smell amazing.

So the Stats for Week 2
Total distance run this week 32.83km
Total running time 3 hours 29 mins 06 secs
10 weeks Sunday till the half Marathon :-$

Week 3 Run 1
Well a new week, a step closer to the half marathon, I was feeling positive that I managed 4 runs last week – yet I was not in the mood to run today! Training plan has a 35 minute easy run. Monday night is my weigh in night so I got home from work and started to get my stuff together and get ready to run, much procrastinating later I finally left 20 minutes later than I should have which meant either a) running or b) catching the bus, since I was in my running gear option a was the winner. I had to add an extra loop onto my route as I can make it to ‘fat club’ in a round 23 mins so I added an extra 2.76km on & managed to run 6.16km in 38 mins 31 seconds. 2 minutes 19 quicker than I ran the same route the previous week – so much for lack of running mojo. So this is my tip – even if you don’t fancy training – give it a try – you might be surprised – but if it’s not working for you don’t beat yourself up over it either. I find that I normally run best when I’m not up for it – I think it’s because there is no expectation and once I start running I unwind and all my frustrations / annoyance / stress get relieved even if just a little.

Week 3 Run 2
Interval Training day. 10 minutes easy run followed by 5 x (4 mins at tempo pace & 2 mins jog) finishing with 10 mins easy run. Another 8.48km clocked up.
I was so invigorated I also went on the cardio wave machine for 10 minutes
Then 3 sets 12 reps bicep curls 6kg dumbbells
3 sets 15 reps bosu squats
And then a lovely triset for my abs 3 sets of (15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 12 Russian twists with 8kg medicine ball & 15 reverse curls)

Well that’s my training right up to date so I’ll say cheerio for just now and will be back soon with more chat

Lots of love
Fudgey xxx


  1. I love using filo pastry for cooking - its quite low calorie as you don't need too much of it. Have you tried the greek pie? Its on the BBC Good Food recipe - very yum! :)

  2. I will go & check it out. Thanks x