Monday, 30 May 2011

Life after the Edinburgh Marathon...

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I can't believe that a week has passed already since my first marathon. It's also been my first non running week in a long long time - at least a year I think & possibly as much as 18 months) So I hear you ask how have I coped not running & what have I done with my boundless energy & enthusiasm & grumpiness that sets in when I don't run....

Rest & Recovery
Last Monday I had the day off after the Marathon but felt a lot better than I expected. I pottered about the house and then headed into town to meet my fabulous hubby for coffee & cake. I also treated myself to some Clarin skincare products.

I was back to work on Tuesday & my quads were a little stiff but other than that I was absolutely fine. I had a pretty full day of meetings but a nice reward after work when I had a back, neck & shoulder massage and a facial. Then it was off to Livingston's restaurant in Linlithgow for a celebratory meal. This is the second time I've been here and the food again was simply exceptional. For my starter I had - Marbled Terrine of Confit Game, Livingston's Branston, Tomato-Bread, Hazelnuts, my main course - Fillet of Aged Scottish Beef, Braised Feather Blade, Potato Puree, Carmelised Shallots, Wilted Spinach, Red Wine Jus and dessert -
Passionfruit Tart, Chocolate Marquise, Passion Fruit Reduction, Coconut Sorbet all accompanied by an absolutely delicious Malbec & finished off with coffee & tablet.
Thank you so much to hubby for taking me.

Washed Out Wednesday
On Wednesday my quads felt more sore than they had on Monday or Tuesday and plans of maybe going to circuits were put aside. Tuesday night wasn't a late night, nor really one of over indulgence but I simply felt washed out all day - so an early night was just what the doctor ordered.

Back to the Torture
Thursday morning was my first visit back to the gym since the marathon and back to personal training.
Tightness in quads pretty much gone & good job too!

3 sets of 2 unassisted pull ups - 1st one was so nearly nearly there
4 supersets of 10 cable pull downs 65kg with 15 swiss ball chest press with 8kg dumbbells
4 supersets of 6 widegrip assisted pull ups with 12 matrix bicep curl - 4 bottom half, 4 top half, 4 full 14kg - hurt like hell!
warm up set of 15 squats 14kg
3 tri sets of 15 squats 55kg, 12 high bar lunges 10kg & 30seconds of oblique cycles managed 46, 55 & 58.

Felt surprisingly good after the Marathon

Friday saw me back in the spin studio - possibly for the first time this year I think as I've had to put in so much running so it was good to be back. 5th day of no running & had twitchy legs but taking a full weeks running rest so this was a great alternative. Forgot how much I actually enjoy spin - I am definitely far from normal.

Lazy Weekend
Not too much to report from the weekend - a very laid back & lazy one to be honest but again probably what I needed.
I had my hair done on Saturday & have gone back to brunette - not that I didn't like the blond but just too much maintenance & not really me - after all neither She Hulk or Wonderwoman are blond!
I also managed to fit in the initial tests for the 100 press up challenge (managed 30) & the 200 sit up challenge (managed 50)- both of which are not bad starting points & see me starting the programme at week 3. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

What next....
Aiming to obliterate that 10k in 3 weeks!

and beyond that......
I've entered The Dublin marathon on 31st October 2011.
After swearing during the last few weeks of training that Edinburgh was not just my first but my only Marathon - I've been bitten by the bug and signed up for another. Maybe I wouldn't have felt the same if I'd not enjoyed the run so much but I loved every minute of it and me being me am gutted I didn't finish under 5 hours so need to do better!

I think that's enough for one evening I shall leave you there and go get my running gear sorted for tomorrow.

Take Care all
lots of love

Monday, 23 May 2011

Edinburgh Marathon - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I've been procrastinating for the last 45 minutes about writing this report. My head is still buzzing & I have so much I want to share but just don't know where to start.

Pre Race
'Zipping up the Fudgey suit'
As it was a 10am start on Sunday we didn't need to get up as early as we had for last years half or for the Kilomathon so the alarm didn't go off till 7.15am. I'd had a migraine on Saturday afternoon and had napped for 2 hours so was pleasantly surprised to have a fantastic night's sleep & wake up feeling refreshed. First up was my usual race day breakfast of Marks & Spencer Apple & Sultana porridge - I don't know what I'll do if they ever discontinue this. I also drank about 800ml of water before we left the house, so again as usual several toilet visits too. I had laid everything out on Saturday night so there wasn't much to do other than tape my feet, get dressed and head out the door. As Mr Fudgey was coming home after the start I had a bag of stuff for him to pick up to bring to the finish - which is where I had put my leaving the house at 8.20am I suddenly realise I need my bus pass which is in the purse....but it wasn't in the bag....couldn't remember what I had done with it & we had to go as our Sunday morning service is only 1 bus an hour & the bus was at 8.30am (Actually found the purse when we got home later on the kitchen counter - dizzy Fudgey)

The bus journey was a bit of a nightmare - the bus stopped at every stop and people got on - most of them not knowing what they were doing or where they were going. I was starting to wish I had my ipod to zone out. Eventually off the bus and I was bursting for the toilet - so dived into The Old Waverley hotel to use their facilities - then walked the short distance up to Regent road for the start.

I got a bit emotional when I top my running top out to put on - it was just a realisation of what I was about to do & why I was doing it & it all got a bit much - Mr Fudgey however at the time was filming so I am sure that the tears will somehow make it into the edited video - well I suppose it is who I am - an emotional little Fudgey.

Mr Fudgey left me at about 9.35am to head off to find a good place to cheer me on & film me from. Rather than hanging about in my start pen for 25 minutes I decided to visit the portaloos again - as usual at every event big queues. I eventually got to the front - imagine my face when I came out & the place had cleared! I rushed back up to the road but the announcer was still saying 10 minutes to the start so I hadn't missed anything Thank goodness. I joined my starting pen and slowly we inched towards the start line - there were masses of runners & I think it took nearly 15 minutes for me to actually reach the start line & then we were off.

The Route

The Race

I knew that I had to try not to get too caught up in the start of the race or head out to fast but of course I did - I looked at my garmin but was very disciplined and made myself ease off a little. Saw Mr Fudgey twice in the first km - he is an absolute star - I don't know how he manages to catch me every time.
First 5k felt brilliant - nice easy, consistent pace, could have gone faster but was really anxious not to knacker myself when I had so far to go.
Coming up to around 10km I was really encouraged to see 3 people I knew from work cheering the runners on - Fiona Mills, Richard Hope & Scott Innes. Around 13k I also saw Scott Smith who was running in the relay heading to the relay point to prepare for his leg of the run. I was feeling really good & really comfortable, even the couple of showers of rain didn't bother me as they didn't last too long & weren't too heavy.
Around 15k I saw the Bliss support team and again this really spurred me on. I was running really well & my splits were even but I wasn't sure how long I'd maintain it. I decided I'd run for as long as I possibly could & made it to 30k running nonstop. I was also delighted to see my friend Steve Kinghorn twice on the dogleg part of the course - this really spurred me on again especially when I felt something in my shoe which felt like my toenail coming off - this didn't stop me though I just hobble a little for a few steps gritted my teeth & pushed on. The toenail didn't actually come off but I think it soon will. Made it to 32km in 3 hours 43 minutes and was really pleased fastest I'd done this in training was 4 hours 3 minutes.
At this point I was certain I could make the finish in about 4 hours 50ish, but then we turned face into the wind & the next 10k were a real battle. Gusts of wind kept catching my cap & after grabbing in several times I eventually let it go at about 24 miles - it was only £1 from Asda after all. My eyes were streaming from the wind too and I was having to walk a little but I was really enjoying myself.
At around 25.5miles I saw my friends Smurfie & Lorna and this really lifted me - I was so happy to see them & they did me very proud with their cheering.
Then I could see the finish line & I saw Mr Fudgey. I was delighted to see it wasn't on the rubber mats like last years half so was able to increase the pace & sprint for the line. Both hands went in the air & punched the air in victory - I'd really done it I'd run my first Marathon.

The Finish Area
I'm not sure how but Steve had got back to the finish & met me at the finishers area so I was chatting away to him while negotiating the shambles that was the finishers area this year. There were tables with lucozade & water so I helped myself but there was no obvious organisation - in fact there wasn't even anyone directing runners were to go. It was a complete bottle neck. I was unceremoniously given a medal - last year we had our medals hung round our necks. Then I found the table with the finishers t-shirts & then the goody bags. To be fair I think the race crew were quite stressed as there were so many people in such a small street & no obvious organisation or channeling of runners. Last year at the half I had described the finish area to Mr Fudgey as a party atmosphere - not this year I was very disappointed. There was also no banana this year - though further up there seemed to be loads of discarded skins so I wonder if they had run out. We then had to negotiate around people trying to get to the baggage trucks.
I asked Mr Fudgey where Mum & Dad Smith were & he didn't know. They had dropped him off as they couldn't get near the car park. So we phoned them & they were at the reunion area. Mr Fudgey had been given directions the wrong way to the finish by a race steward - it took a runner to tell him where to go to see me finishing.

We then met Mum & Dad Smith who were gutted they hadn't seen me run as they weren't allowed near the finish area. There was no sign of the advertised big screen - but I later heard there was a screen but it was broken. The car park was not accessible by the directions supplied - so 2 parking tickets paid for - not used because my supporters couldn't get there. Also KMac & Rob couldn't get through to see me run either and were upset & angry. Both race stewards & police were downright rude to Mum & Dad Smith. It kind of took the shine off things a little. GSI Events should be ashamed of the organisation this years finish - it was an absolute disgrace. I have heard numerous similar stories from other runners & their supporters.

The Goody Bag

Post Race
When we got home it was an effort to get out of the car & into the house - also captured on video! Once I'd had my ice bath though & a warm shower I felt a lot better. We went to Mum & Dad Smith for a lovely meal & also some very lovely wine - Chateau Neuf du Pape - my favorite:-)
I've had today off and everything still seems to be working fine - no running for a good few days though. My quads are a little sore today & surprisingly my collar bone is really sore possibly from battling into the wind? Tomorrow I have a facial & aback neck & shoulder massage to look forward & a celebratory meal with my fabby Mr Fudgey.

So that was my first marathon - but I am sure not my last - I totally loved it & think I really can improve my time with the right training.

Whats Next?
Next up I have a 10k in about 4 weeks so a wee rest this week & then back to the training - better get some hills in.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Take Care all
lots of love

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's Official

Hello Fudgey Friends,

It's official - I'm a marathon finisher :-)

Totally loved it - another is definitely on the cards

More soon but now just enjoying.

Lots of love

Saturday, 21 May 2011

It's not all about me

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well as you will see from my countdown clock it is nearly time. Tomorrow I'll be running the Edinburgh Marathon.

I really wanted to a quick post tonight to say Thank you and to recognise all the people who have helped & supported me to get this far as they are all as much a part of this as I am.

Mr Fudgey - Best Hubby in the world
Poor Mr Fudgey has probably had the toughest job of all. He has been so patient, supportive, encouraging & when I needed it honest with me. I could write a whole post about just how wonderful he is.

Family, Friends, Colleagues
I'm so lucky to have the most amazing support network of family, friends & colleagues. Mum & Dad Lockie, Mum & Dad Smith, The McWilliams Clan, Mr & Mrs Muppet, Gran, Liz, Kenneth, and Fay. KMac & Smurfie who help keep me sane. Colin Fraser who keeps me in shape. Clare Fulton - Sports Masseuse Extraordinaire. My wonderful work colleagues who endure my endless running chat & sometimes boundless energy / hyperactivity!

Amazing Charity
I'm running for an amazing charity - Bliss. Hannah at Bliss has been fantastic sending out weekly emails to EMF runners, organising cheering materials, t-shirts, running vests and generally answering queries.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. It's not to late though if anyone else would still like too.

Mark Cooper
Mark is a running friend I've made this year & he is tackling the impressive challenge of running the 10k, 5k, half Marathon & Marathon this weekend.

In the past 6 months I've made many running friends through DailyMile. I'd especially like to mention the running lovelies Emma W & Karen S - who have inspired me so much & who are both also running the Marathon tomorrow.
There are way too many people to mention - but those I can think of who are running tomorrow as well are: Lena C, Richard M, HonestJim, MovingA, IanP, Chloe M, Armando & Neil G - Good Luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing all your DM post race updates :-)
Also Ben W who is running the Windermere Marathon tomorrow - Good Luck ;-)
I wish I could mention everyone as you are all fab.

Well time for me to go & try relax a bit. Will post briefly tomorrow to let you know I made it.

lots of love

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Today we said goodbye to our friend Judi. Those of you who have been following me a while may remember my post last year about Judi's Rays of Sunshine

The funeral service was a humanitarian one and was lovely, though a sad & emotional day it was a real celebration of Judi's life and I feel so privileged to have known her - she certainly was one amazing lady.

I was thinking about the day on the bus on my way home and recalled one of the anecdotes from the service about one of Judi's favourite sayings being 'Fail to Prepare - Prepare to Fail' I actually recall her saying this:-)

Though I have my own reasons for running and supporting Bliss, I will be thinking of Judi on Sunday & taking inspiration from her. I'll also be thinking of Judi when I take part in this year's Race for Life event. This post from last week and my entry into Race for Life was as a result of the news that Judi had said goodbye to us and for a couple of people close to my heart who have cancer.

I've certainly done the preparation for the Marathon & I refuse to fail now.

Take Care Everyone
Lots of Love

Monday, 16 May 2011


Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm so sorry I have left you blogless - I haven't forgotten you. Please forgive me.

So where I have been for over a week you ask.

Katie Melua @ Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

On Monday 9th March we finally got to see the postponed Katie Melua concert from December and she was absolutely amazing. Brilliant night out but made for a long day as was out the house from 6.30am to squeeze in a quick pre work run - short on both time and enthusiasm though was getting into it just as I had to stop to get ready for work. Small niggles in calf and tightness in ankle. Not home till about 11.30pm - well worth it though.

Personal Torture
warm up set of 12 assisted pull ups 26kg
3 sets of 2 'unassisted' pull ups ('unassisted' = a little help from my trainer) These were poor can do better but arms still sore from Friday's PT.
3 supersets of 8 assisted pull ups 12kg with 12 assisted tricep dips 26kg
4 supersets of 10 lat pull downs 35kg & 16 alternate bicep curls 9kg
3 tri sets of lunges 25 kg bar 12 each leg, 16 medicine ball lunges 6kg & 12 swiss ball hamstring curls each leg
3 supersets 15 swissball jack knifes & 15 ab extensions with 25lb plate

It never seems to get any easier!

Back to Circuits & a cheeky wee run
My absolute favourite class with my fab friend Smurfy @ lunchtime
Didn't feel sore at all after yesterday's PT so went to circuits - think it may all catch up with me tomorrow though - arms are starting to ache & it'll be shower & early bed for me
Stations today were: lunges with 15kg bar, bicep curls 10kg bar, skipping, side raises with 3kg dumbbells, punchbag, suicides, squats 30kg, step ups with 5kg dumbbells, press up, tricep dips, inverted row & power bag sprints. 2 rounds of a minute each station.
Then after work a wee treadmill session
Running with sore abs is a little challenging but I did a workout I quite like which is after warming up for a few minutes taking the speed up by 0.1km/h each minute for 15 minutes & then back down before a cool down. Job done

Crap Day at the office
tension resolver 5.62 km - Thought this would make me feel better after a crap day at work but sadly it didn't :-(
threw in a couple of sprint intervals amongst a general plod but just wasn't really in the mood
Ended up having a fairly early night and thankfully felt better in the morning.

Friday again - where does the week go
Not been to pump for ages as been focusing so much on my running but since I'm tapering today was a NO run day but I needed / wanted to do something so I went to pump at lunchtime and really enjoyed it :-)
Still reintroducing fish into my diet and had tuna steak for the second time with no ill effect - this time I cooked it in say sauce & orange juice & it was fab. More fudgey food pictures soon I promise.

Reality Strikes
Saturday was a fairly lazy day with general tidying & laundry but the big event of the weekend was my Marathon race number arriving :-$ Real roller coaster of emotions.

Last real run before the big day
So not up for this - huge Thanks to hubby who kissed me at the front door told me to 'zip up my mansuit & get out running' First 5k were a real effort but I just kept plodding along focusing on each 1/2km at a time & it started to feel better after 5k by the time I was finishing at 13k I felt much better and wanted to go further - but being a good girl & following the taper caper- too late now to make any difference. 1 week to go #Edinburgh Marathon

More Personal Torture
Back to work today - Monday again & my weekly PT session - booked it early this week so I am recovered for the big day.
fastest hour ever
3 sets of 2 pull ups (almost unassisted)
4 supersets of 8 widegrip cable pull down 37.5kg & 15 cable flyes 12.5kg
3 sets of 1 pull up (almost unassisted)
3 supersets of 10 (each arm) single arm row 30lbs & 10 preacher curls don't know weight - don't like these they hurt!
3 trisets of 15 leg press 75kg, 20 overhead lunges 10kg & 15 weighted squat jumps 10kg dumbbells
3 sets of 10 triple crunch first set with 5lb plate but went up to 10lb as the 5 was too light!
2 sets of 10 medicine ball pass, twist, crunch combo

Good session today went past so quick

and that my dear fudgey friends is a whistle stop roundup of where I have been & what I've been up to. Busy week at the office and getting ready for the weekend.
Just keep telling myself this is what I've trained for.

Will be back soon I promise

Take Care all
lots of love

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

If I could change the world...

Hello Fudgey Friends,

If I could change the world, If there was just one thing I could do no matter how improbable, I'd rid the world of cancer. Sadly it's not possible but as my small contribution I've decided to sign up for a Race for Life 10k run.

I decided to take part in this event this year as cancer has and is affecting so many people I know and care about.

I just wish there was more I could do.

The Race for Life story
Race for Life is the largest women-only fundraising event in the UK.
Since 1994, women of all ages and fitness levels across the UK have come together at these inspiring events to walk, jog or run to help beat cancer.

Some of Race for Life women take part in celebration of surviving a cancer experience. Others take part in memory of a loved one or to give hope to a cancer-free future. But all share a common goal: to raise money for Cancer Research UK's groundbreaking work and to help save more lives.

I have already raised a lot of money this year for Bliss and wouldn't normally ask for anymore sponsorship but this is a cause I feel very very strongly about for many reasons for me, for my family, my friends & colleagues whose lives have been touched by cancer in one way or another.

If anyone would like to sponsor me I have set up a new sponsor page

lots of love

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Making Progress

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry I haven't had a chance to post since Monday - I honestly don't know where the time goes.

2 Weeks to go
It's now less than 2 weeks till the Edinburgh Marathon and I'm starting my taper & race day prep already. I've written my name on my Bliss running top, though this looks like it's run a little when I washed it after wearing to train today :-(. I've stocked up on the gels I'll be used, checked I have enough foot tape and tested out my race day kit. I also had a wee emotional moment yesterday and I'm sure it'll be the first of many between now & race day, but I've done as much training as I possibly could and thankfully am injury free so there's not much more I can do now. I'm nervous & excited at the same time.

Making Progress
The last couple of months have really seen me progress in terms of my running. A few edited highlights...
* March: logged my first 50km + week (in fact there were 2 weeks > 50k)
* March: ran the furthest I ever had before (31k)
* April: logged my first 60km + week
* April: a new PB at Kilomathon distance (26.2km) taking 6 minutes 21 seconds off my time from October 2010
* April: increased my furthest distance run (32.35km)
* May: though only 1 week old has seen me log my first 70km+ week
* May: a new furthest distance (35.17km)

I also looked back at the first 4 months of last year compared to this year and it looks pretty good to me:-)

Training this week
It's been a strange week as I had my long run on Monday so though this was the start of my taper I was beginning the week with my log run delayed from Sunday - so technically that belonged to last week.

Tuesday I squeezed in a short recovery run and was really please at how good it felt. I expected this to hurt so was delighted when it didn't.

Wednesday - just a short run before work as that was all I could fit in

Thursday - run & ride. I ran most of the way to work about 85% of the way but then got the bus the last bit. Partly to get to work quicker and partly as I don't want to overdo it at this late stage.

Friday - Personal training.

felt so tired all day & then I had PT - afterwards apart form the dead arms I felt fab.

3 sets of 10 squat thrust & jumping pull up - these pull ups are starting to look real good even if I say so myself

4 supersets of 10 narrow grip underarm cable pull down 37.5kg with hanging legs raises - these were poor given what I know I can do, sets of 9, 11, 7 & 6

4 supersets of 12 wide grip cable pull down 70kg & 15 cable flyes only 7.5kg

3 evil trisets if 15 lunges 55kg, 16 overhead alternate powerlunges 10kg & 20 alternate komodos

3 supersets of hamstring cable curls 30kg 10 each leg with 12 cable crunches 35kg

My upper body then had that lovely dull heavy ache :-) I love it

Saturday = Total rest Day. I did acquaint myself with Mr Foam Roller - he hurts.

Sunday - A fairly short run today & it didn't feel that great - too be honest I wasn't in the mood but knew I had to run at least 7.71km to reach 70k for this week - I managed 8.4km and if I'd had more time probably would have run about 12 or 13 - but was glad I was on a clock and had to stop. There was no problem with my legs they feel pretty good but my arms are so broken. After my run I really struggled to get my top off!
Mr Fudgey & I then went to Thor in 3D. We both really enjoyed it. I struggled to get my coat off and then back on at the cinema - hope my arms feel better tomorrow. Lazy tonight too and went to the fish & chip shop for tea - sometimes you need a treat.

Well I think I will leave you there. I want to go get my kit organised for tomorrow and lunches etc. I have a few busy days coming up but will be back soon with a new post.

Take Care all
lots of love

Monday, 2 May 2011

Not Long Now

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Hope you've had a lovely holiday weekend. It was been absolutely glorious here and we've been enjoying the new conservatory furniture - as have our furry kids!

It's only been a week but I feel like we've packed so much in and now it's only 20 days to the Marathon - a good run today though has left me approaching my taper with a hint of confidence. So here's a round up on my week.

Wiped Out
I have to admit that after Easter Sunday's long run & banoffee pie indulgence I was pretty wiped out on Easter Monday & we just had a pretty lazy day about the house.

Recovery Run & PT
Tuesday I managed to fit in a pre work recovery run 5.17km Less painful than I expected after Sunday's effort. Then after work it was my weekly PT session
3 sets of 2 pull ups with a tiny help from my trainer - I'm seeing the progress slowly - soon I'll be unassisted

4 supersets of underarm grip lat pull down - first 2 sets 12 reps @ 35kg, second 2 sets 8 reps @ 40kg superset with swiss ball plank each held for a full minute

4 supersets of wide cable pull down first set 12 reps @ 60kg, second set 12 reps @ 65kg, then 2 sets of 8 reps @ 70kg superset with 12 cable wood chops each side @ 20kg

warm up set of 10 squats just the bar (about 14kg)
3 supersets of squats 15 reps @ 55kg with 12 weighted squat jumps with 10kg dumbbells. A little nervous the first set of squats at the heavier weight but managed every rep in every set

3 supersets of cable hamstring curls @ 25kg, 12 each leg with press ups 30, 25 & 20

Then I came home and enjoyed the sun in the conservatory as I was knackered!

Wednesday & Thursday Doubles
Both days I ran twice. Wednesday before (5.27km) & after work (6.52km) and decided that after work is just not my best time of day to run - I really prefer morning or lunchtime. Thursday lunchtime (5.27km) and after work (9.37km) and first run of the year in shorts. Nice steady plod. Looked like i'd been for a swim rather than a run by the end

Visiting Time
On Friday Mr Fudgey & I went through to Glasgow to visit my Gran in hospital. We are incredibly incredibly grateful to Dad Smith for taking us there & back - it saved a lot of hassle with holiday travel services and figuring out how to get to somewhere we hadn't been before on public transport. My Gran was also very grateful and though surprised when we turned up was very pleased to see us. Such shame that visiting was only an hour.

Charity Swishing Event
On Saturday I was in town all day to do mini manicures at my friend's charity swishing event, so it was another full day & I wasn't home till about 7.30pm. I had a good day though it was a shame that the event wasn't better attended especially as my friend Patricia put in so much effort organising it.

Lazy Sunday
Yesterday was a very lazy day. I planned to run but didn't as I woke up tired, dehydrated and headachy. I spent most of the day dozing in the conservatory & then in the evening had Mum & Dad Smith over for dinner as they too have had an incredibly busy week, running round doing good deeds for everyone else and giving up their time without complaint so I thought it would be nice for me to cook for them.

Another Holiday & my Longest Run Ever
I was off work again today - it's going to be a shock to the system next week when I have to work a full 5 days!
I knew I had to get in my final 20 - 22 miler before the Edinburgh Marathon and then begin my taper. So I got up, had my rice krispies, got organised including slapping on the factor 25 as it was very sunny though quite breezy. I really wasn't up for this today but planned an easy out & back route with the intention to see how I felt at 16k & either turn then or head on for another couple of k. I also made sure I had my bus pass and some money just in case, but it turned out great. Today there was more running, less walking, still a little hobbling & a little mild panic when my groin popped at 9km - but I'm fine. Highlights on today's run were being chased by a dog at about 30k - a little yappy terrier thing and then just before 32k seeing Dad Smith - who very kindly offered me a lift - hope that isn't because I looked fit to drop!
When I went out last week I ran 20.1 miles in 4 hours 16 minutes. Checkpoint at same distance today 4 hours 3 minutes. Pretty pleased with that improvement.
I managed 35.17km (21.85 miles) today & mostly felt good. A little pain in my left knee and need to keep an eye on that - I think I will definitely wear a knee support on marathon day, but this had been a massive confidence boost & though not easy I know that on race day I will manage 26.2 miles.

Time to go now & get some food with Mr Fudgey. It's been way too hot so we've waited till later & I've made some nice salad.

Take Care all
lots of love
Fudgey xxx