Monday, 3 May 2010

The Lost Blog

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised a quick update on last week & what I got up to between Tuesday & Sunday - I am going to try & keep it short & sweet.

In the gym in the morning - will try & recall as much as I can...
13 minute speed intervals on treadmill
weighted step ups with barbell 3 sets
3 supersets of 15 Olympic bar squats & 10 reps 2 squat thrusts & a press up
3 supersets of cable hamstring pulls & wood chops
maximal press up test - I managed 29.5

Took a rest day. Really needed it.

Hauled my butt out of bed & into the gym for a quick run before going to work for a meeting even though I had the day off.
I ran just under 7k in 45 minutes - wasn't really in the mood, but glad to get the job done & another tick on the training plan.
After an hour at the office I headed through to Glasgow for a whistle stop catch up with my little sister between her flight from Manchester & flight home. It was also her birthday. Hope you had a lovely day Sis.
We had coffee & a good old chat before she flew home & I headed back to Edinburgh.
It was a pretty full on day & I was shattered in the evening.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post Mr Fudgey, his Mum & I went to see KMac in Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a fantatic performance - we all enjoyed it. Special Thank you to Dad Smith for chauffeuring us all. The 4 of us then went for a lovely meal at Buffalo Grill.

Back up to date
and that brings you up to yesterday's race. Today Mr Fudgey & I were both of for the bank holiday so went to see Iron Man 2 - we both enjoyed it & a real treat going to the cinema in the middle of the day.
I'm going to have a short run this evening & then it's back to work for us both tomorrow....though I have a PT session at 7am to kick start my day.

Take Care everyone.

Fudgey xxxx

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