Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wonder Woman

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Don't you just love it when you get a little unexpected gift? Mr Fudgey got me this fabby wonder woman mug which I love. He also made personalised wrapping paper. He's so talented. He's really kind, generous & thoughtful too & I love him to bits

Well after my longest run to date on Sunday, yesterday simply had to be a rest day, much as I like to think I am, I'm not really Wonder Woman! Though I do try to be :-)

Week 9 Run 1
Today was my first run of the week & it was hill intervals on the treadmill, I ran 5 minutes & then 1 minute each at gradients of 6%, 8%, 10%, 8%, 6%, then ran for 2 minutes & repeated 1 minute each at gradients of 6%, 8%, 10%, 8%, 6%, finishing with an 8 minute run. It was hard work but a necessary evil as Sunday's Great Edinburgh Run is quite hilly & as I mentioned the first part of the half marathon course is round that b of a hill Arthur's Seat. Yes almost a bad word from Mrs Fudgey.
After my run I kicked off my latest mad challenge....

One Hundred push ups
I found this online - I can't remember but I was looking for at the time - this wasn't it but it did make me wonder if I could do 100 press ups. This is a 6 week training programme that you follow to be able to complete 100 press ups. Why? I hear you ask. Why Not! I reply.
Follow this link & check it out for yourself. If press ups aren't for you there are other challenges like squats and sit ups.
I did the initial test today & managed 25 full 'man' press ups. I think I could have squeezed out maybe 1 or 2 more but was happy with 25 as a starting point - so I'll let you know how the 6 week plan goes and if I actually can achieve 100 in a row.....you know me I'll give it a really good go.

Well I'm going to go off & treat myself to a nice bubble bath before a cup of tea in my new Wonder Woman mug.

Take Care everyone


Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello Fudgey Friends

How are you all? Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
After the excitement of Ireland last week ours has been lovely & quiet - just what we both needed, I did get up and head out for my usual Sunday long run though today...in the pouring rain for the first 40 minutes!

Week 8 Run 3
I caused a little stress today as Mr Fudgey didn't realise that I would be gone for 2 hours so he was starting to panic as to where I was & had tried phoning me but I never even felt my phone buzz - as I was just turning into our street he was heading out to look for me. Moral of this story - make sure that your nearest & dearest know roughly where you are going and how long you will be gone - I had mentioned to Mr Fudgey earlier in the week that this was a 2 hour run but I should have reminded him before I left. Sorry Hubby xxxx
Well today's run was my furthest to date 20.01km (12.43 miles) I only need to add 0.95 km in 4 weeks time to complete my first ever half marathon :-)
The first 40 minutes of today's run where in pouring rain - after 10 minutes I had to take my glasses off & put them in my pocket as I couldn't see. The rain stopped as I got into Holyrood Park & I decided that I would run part of the half marathon route ...what I deem to be the hardest part - Arthur's seat basically miles 1 & 2 on the route map above. It was hard going today & I had a minor panic that I won't be able to do it on the day but then I had a wee talk to myself & reasoned that on the day I won't have run 7km before getting to the section in question like I had today, & I thought about my sources of inspiration, after completing the ascent, the rest of the run was really good. My ITB did start to niggle a little at km 16 but nothing to worry about & I feel pretty good as I sit here now writing my blog.
I managed to run 20.01km in 2 hours 8 minutes & 35 seconds, which I am delighted with & the last 4km were my fastest. Do I think I could have gone another km?.........Oh yeah......I think I'm ready for the half marathon in 4 weeks - can't wait.
Mr Fudgey helped me take some screen grabs from the upload of Mr Garmin.
The first shows my splits

and the second a graph showing speed & elevation - you can see where that hill came into play!

I was reading the fabulous Gym Ninja's blog, and she has been talking about inspiration files. I have my own inspiration file in my head that I use when I am out running, when I can't be bothered & when I know I could try a little harder, so I thought I'd share some of these inspirations with you.
1) My Charity - CCLASP - thinking of the children & their families and how important my fundraising is to all of these people truly humbles me & gives me the kick up the bum I need.
2) My family & friends - Mr Fudgey, My Mum and Dad, Mr Fudgey's Mum & Dad, My Sis & My brother & sister in law, KMac, Smurfy, Eileen, Colin & the rest of the Bannatyne's crew.... not to mention numerous others - family & friends who have offered words of support, encouragement, guidance, have sponsored me & sometimes just a shoulder to cry on - I'm doing this as much to make these people proud of me as I am for my charity & my personal challenge
3)Ben McBean This young man lost both an arm & a leg after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan - yet he still ran the London Marathon, raising over £13,000 as well. I saw a tv clip of him and has so much energy & positivity that he made me think if he can run a full marathon with 1 leg, of course I can run a half marathon.
4) Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days with little to no previous running experience & raised a huge amount for Sport Relief. I think of Eddie when I am out running & feel like giving up - he didn't.
5) Michael Watson - does anyone out there remember Micheal - he was the boxer whose career ended prematurely as a result of near-fatal injury sustained in a WBO super-middleweight title fight defeat by Chris Eubank in September 1991 - & someone else to famously run / walk the London marathon....it took him 6 days
6) Lance Armstrong I think everyone knows the story of Lance Armstrong & his battle against cancer & his inspirational winning of the Tour de France 7 times.
7) Christopher Reeve I think all I need to say here is one word....'Superman'

Now I know these people I mention are celebrities and have access to many more resources than the ordinary man in the street, but they are still inspirational to me, but they too could have just given up or faded into obscurity but they chose not to whether that is for personal gain or not I leave up to you to decide - but they inspire me.

These people deserve a category all of their own, everyday you open a paper, turn on the radio or TV & hear amazing stories of people doing amazing things. In fact you just have to go to any running event & there are 1000's of charity runners, many who have heartwarming & heart breaking stories.

Anyway I'm rambling on a bit now & getting all Mrs Fudgey emotional but my point is that there is inspiration all around you if you need it.

Well I had best go & get on & make Mr Fudgey a nice dinner - honey & mustard pork loin I think.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


Friday, 23 April 2010

15 minutes of fame

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Yippee it's Friday. It's only been a 3 day week for me at work but I am pooped - it's been very full on. There's also been a few other things going on....

Wednesday Week 8 Run 1
Eek can you believe it's week 8 of the 12 week plan! Today was the missed 30 minute easy run. It really was at a much slower pace than usual, no aches or pains, just general fatigue but I got the 30 minutes done & ran 4.75km, another tick on the training plan. So far I have only missed 1 training session. I have had to shuffle a few around to accommodate more important things like Mr Fudgey, work and general home life etc. but I'm really pleased with how it's all been going & how I've fitted it in around my life rather than life fitting the plan.

Thursday - Personal Training Session
Silly Fudgey never wrote down the content of the session as I usually do so here's hoping I remember it all.
Quick 3 & a half minute run to warm up
3 supersets of single arm clean & press, superset with 12 medicine ball lunges
3 supersets of 15 olympic bars sqauts with 7.5lb plates added, superset with 10 burpees.
3 supersets of cable hamstring things superset with cable wood chops
3 supersets of medicine ball crunches & reverse curls
I think that's it but as you can see it's not my usual level of detail with weights & reps - I should have written it down but I was in meetings pretty much all day Thursday and now I can't remember!

I got home on Thursday to find my copy of the Scottish Slimmers magazine, Boost had been delivered & that I was featured. It made me feel really proud.
Here's my before & after shots:

Friday Week 8 Run 2
It was an effort to get up this morning & when I got to the gym for my usual Friday morning treadmill session, taking the stairs up to the changing room was enough to tell me that it was going to be a tough one. The DOMS in my quads were pretty intense. I didn't think I'd be able to run for an hour but determined as ever thought I'll give it my best shot. It was great to see the friendly faces of KMac & her Personal Trainer, Andy & I had a wee bit of fun chat with them before getting down to work. When I was running it was actually OK - the dull aching & 'worked' muscles only kicked in when I stopped. I found myself later trying to take routes round the office that did not involve the stairs!
Pace today again was slow 9.2km in the hour, but again another box ticked.

15 minutes of fame
Following on from the article in Boost magazine, I was also in the Edinburgh Evening news today. I had my photos taken on Wednesday & gave an interview yesterday. You can read the article here
If this article inspires just one person to take positive action about their health, weight and fitness I'll be delighted. I'm also really really pleased they mentioned my just giving site - as the more publicity CCLASP can get the better.

New recipe
I've not posted any recipes for a wee while but concocted something new this evening to share with you. I had leg of pork steaks to grill & wanted something slightly different with them so I made a kind of risotto.
cooked 100g organic brown rice
boiled some broccoli
diced red pepper
diced green pepper,
1/2 small onion chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 tablespoons sweetcorn
spray oil
60g philadelphia light with chives

Spray a pan with spray oil, add peppers, onion, garlic & broccoli & cook for a couple of minutes, put into a casserole dish & add the cooked drained rice & the sweetcorn, stir in the philadelphia & that is it....simple as that & really tasty. I would actually eat that as a meal on it's own.

Well that's it from me for today. Sunday's run is a long one......& then I'll be into the final 4 weeks of training - I can't believe the countdown above but I think I'm almost ready!

Have a fab weekend everyone

Fudgey xx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Spar Great Ireland Run

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry it's taken a couple of days - we were shattered after our mammoth journey back & I've not been feeling too great at all today - though much better now.

As promised a review on The Spar Great Ireland Run.

It was a perfect day for running on Sunday in Phoenix Park, Dublin. The previous 2 days had been gloriously sunny & on the Saturday I had even had to apply sun cream so I was anticipating it being hot on Sunday & was prepared for that, however it was dry but a little overcast, there were sunny intervals but never enough to be uncomfortable - perfect running conditions.

There were apparently 11,000 registered runners but I think only about 8,200 ran in the main event - the 10k.
This was the first run that I had been to with this number of runners, not to mention all the supporters. I actually found it quite intimidating & queuing for the portaloos wasn't much fun, but hubby seems to think that other people liked the anonymity that such a large field provided.
The race was meant to start at 1.05pm but for some reason was put back to 1.30pm - this meant I had to go join the toilet queue yet again & wait about 25 mins to reach the front.
Once lined up for the start the warm up was pretty impossible, there were too many people bunched up in the start area & a wee shortie like me couldn't see the person leading the warm up - I just vaguely followed the crowd - it was still fun, it was a bit like a Mexican wave as people copied those in front of them!
Once the gun went off it took around 7 minutes for me to actually get to the start line - where I started my garmin.
A lot of people had obviously not started in the correct waves as a many people were already walking - I had been in the 55 minute to 65 minute section but was very quickly moving past people. I resigned myself to the fact that hubby wouldn't be able to get a picture of me, there were just too many runners & then I saw him - so I shouted & he got some fantastic photos. Then I was off - I felt great but was minorly concerned I was running too fast but just stuck with it as it felt good. The crowd moved really well & there wasn't too much congestion on the course, only a couple of times did I get blocked in. Just before 5km there was a water stop - it wasn't the best organised - the volunteers were trying to get the bottles out of the plastic wrapping to hand out, they were behind a railing & it got very congested & with the number of runners you can imagine that part of the course becoming littered with bottles very fast - I tried to make sure I threw mine onto the grass verge after a couple of mouthfuls. Just beyond the 5km marker I had an energy gel. I have to stress though that as always I'm incredibly grateful to the organisers & volunteers - these events just couldn't happen without them.
It was amazing looking ahead & seeing runners stretched out so far ahead it was like a flowing river of runners. I loved the fact as well that there were runners of all ages, shapes, sizes & abilities just enjoying the day.
There were supporters all round the 10km course.
I found km 8 & 9 the hardest they were slightly uphill though I hadn't realised how much till the downward section. I just dug in though as I knew by that point I was on course for a good time & that I didn't have far to go to the end.
Phoenix Park is lovely - I wish I had had more chance to enjoy the scenery but I was so focused on my running & on trying not to get blocked in, cut anyone up or block anyone else in.
When I got to the home straight I was astounded to see Mr Fudgey again & he got yet more photos of me. I started to sprint at the 200m to go marker but had to ease up a little with about 50m to go as I'd gone too early & too fast but I was still running & as I crossed the line I shouted Woo Hoo!
As with most races I've been too there was a little bottle neck getting out of the finishing / exit area but I was soon tearing into the powerade & heading off to the meeting point to find hubby.

Garmin Results
According to the Garmin the course was 10.19km & my total time was 58 minutes 27 seconds. I was delighted with my pacing as I was really concerned I'd set off too fast but I kept the pace up well till the 8th & 9th km which also happened to be the 2 steepest.
1st km 5 mins 48 secs
2nd km 5 mins 40 secs
3rd km 5 mins 36 secs
4th km 5 mins 42 secs
5th km 5 mins 33 secs
6th km 5 mins 46 secs
7th km 5 mins 41 secs
8th km 6 mins 01 secs
9th km 6 mins 02 secs
10th km 5 mins 32 secs
194m 1 min

Official Chip time
confirmed as 58 minutes 25 seconds. A new personal best :-)
The fastest I had run 10km before this was in training when I ran 58 minutes 50 seconds - so I was more than a little pleased.

The Goodie Bag

Great run as always provided a fantastic goodie bag. Every runner had received a technical running top before the event & then on the day a cute red drawstring bag with a medal, a bottle of powerade, a space blanket, a sample of vaseline healthy feet & legs. an eat natural bar, a power bar energy bar, a packet of chocolate eclairs, a packet of chocolate covered raisins & of course a bottle of water.

I'm really pleased we made the journey to Ireland for the run in spite of the volcanic ash chaos. I had a lovely few days with Mr Fudgey & a great run.
As I said in my post on Sunday - Mr Fudgey is the best - he deserves a medal too.

We also need to say Thank you again & again & again to Mr Fudgey's dad for taking us to & picking us up from the ferry - it wouldn't have been possible without him. Thank you xxxxx

So that was the end of week 7 of the EHM countdown, less than 5 weeks to go till the half marathon now.

So the Stats for Week 7
Distance run this week 36.13km / 22.45 miles
Time running 3 hours 45 minutes 27 seconds

I should have ran 35 minutes easy today but as I've been feeling quite sicky & never ate all day I didn't even attempt it. I'll be back on the training regime tomorrow though.

Take Care everyone

Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Great Ireland Run - very quick update

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Yes in spite of Volcanic ash I made it to Dublin for The Great Ireland Run today.

This is just a quick post as I'm shattered & want to spend my last evening in Dublin with Mr Fudgey rather than blogging.

Mr Fudgey as always was an absolute star. He kept me calm this morning before the race & came along with me & took some cracking photos which we'll upload when we get home. He never complained about hanging around with nothing to do or see whilst waiting for me to complete the run. Babe - you are the best & I love you xxxxx

The Race
Was fantastic. I set a new personal best finishing in 58 minutes 25 seconds, I was delighted. I'll write another post on the race, the event organisation & the goodie bag - with photos once we get home.

Hope everyone is well & has had a lovely weekend


Friday, 16 April 2010

Blogging from the Boat

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Have any of you or your loved ones been affected by the flight suspensions?
My sister is away with work but it looks semi promising she may get home today as Scottish airspace may reopen later - she also has the alternative of a ferry.

Our flight to Dublin this morning was cancelled & the earliest Ryanair could get us on a flight was Saturday evening at 10pm, so we wouldn't arrive at Dublin airport till 11.20pm & then would need to get into the city centre for our hotel. With The Great Ireland Run being Sunday this wasn't a good option & we'd also have lost all day Friday & Saturday in Dublin. So last night we opted for a refund on the flight & booked 2 ferry tickets to Belfast and will get the train or bus to Dublin.

Mr Fudgey & I owe an monumental Thank you to Dad Smith for driving us to Stranraer this morning. For him this would be a 6 hour round trip. He is the best. Thank you Thank you Thank you
& Thank you too to both Mum & Dad Smith for going to ours to take care of the fellas.

So here Mr Fudgey & I are off on a wee adventure & we still get 3 nights in Dublin & I get to run on Sunday. Woo Hoo :-D
I am like a little child with excitement. The drive through the Scottish countryside this morning was beautiful & I got very excited when I saw 3 little black lambs - I did also see hundreds of white ones & some cute little calves. Now we are on the ferry & I am excited that it has 2 mini cinema screens & wifi - hence I am sitting here blogging to you from the boat!

Week 7 Run 3
I got up and ran in the gym yesterday morning - still sticking to the training programme. Run was 10 minutes easy followed by 5 intervals of 5 minutes fast & 2 minutes easy & finishing with 10 minutes easy. Again I took it slightly easy as I'm saving something for Sunday but the running felt good.

Happy Anniversary
We'd like to wish Paul & Kristin aka Mr & Mrs Muppet a very happy wedding anniversary - 5 years. Hope you have a fab day.

Well that's all for now folks, we're going to get something to eat I think.
Will let you know how Sunday goes

love Fudgey xx

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My Avocado is Edible

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised a photo of my gift from Fantastic Mr Fudgey. Thank you again babe - you are the best. LOVE YOU XX

New Pages
You may notice I have a couple of new pages at the top of my blog - once for race reports & one for upcoming events. I also want to do a page on my weight loss journey - but as with everything it's down to time.

Quick Gym session
Yet again this morning I just couldn't get up for the gym, normally I would make myself go but with Dublin & Edinburgh 10ks coming up & the half marathon drawing ever closer my resting is equally as important as the training.

I did manage to get a quick gym session in at lunchtime though.
10 minute treadmill run
3 x superset of 15 assisted wide grip pull ups & 12 bent over row with 15kg barbell
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball chest press with 5kg dumbbells & 12 'man' press ups
3 x superset of 15 bosu ball squats with 4kg dumbbells & 12 bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x triset of 15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 30 oblique cycles & 15 reverse curls.

I'm feeling really good physically at the moment. I also feel better for cutting out chocolate and fizzy juice.....14 days now & yesterday was the first day I never thought about chocolate. And I've now had no alcohol in 6 and a half weeks. I am however really looking forward to a quality glass of dark red wine & some green & blacks chocolate after the half marathon........not straight after obviously :-)

My Avocado
Classic Mrs Smith! My facebook friends have been hearing about my brick avocado for the last few days - I am desperate to eat it.....it does now seems to be edible so I'll be enjoying it at lunchtime tomorrow!

& on that random note I better skip off & get on....loads to do

Fudgey xx

Fantastic Mr Fudgey

I forgot to mention in my blog post last night that my fabby hubby brought me home a gift last night. He got me Clarins facial wash and some little travel paper soap, shampoo & body wash & a really really cute card. He is so kind, generous & thoughtful....I can't believe I forgot to mention it in my post.

If I have time tonight I'll post a wee photo.

Mr Fudgey is the best.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Forgetful Fudgey

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I've had a wee bit of a dopey day! I couldn't get up this morning so didn't go the gym as planned, so it was a quick change around to put gym kit in bag & work clothes on.....Doh I forgot to pack my knee support. Then when I got to the gym after work I discovered I didn't have a towel in my locker either.....oops. I could have hired one, but decided just to head home in my kit & get a shower here & then into my pjs....bliss.

I also had some fabby news - I won a prize. The lovely JAG had a fundraising raffle - she's running her first half marathon this summer. I won the Reebok Running Pack, containing:
Talking pedometer with headphones
Reebok sweat bands and head band
Reebok water bottle
Reebok towel
Reebok nylon carry bag

This is quite spooky as I was actually talking to someone today about getting sweat bands as Mr Garmin has been hurting my wrist & it's a little swollen & bruised on the ulna. Some cosmic ordering must have been going on :-)

Week 7
I've ran twice this week, yesterday for 37 minutes & today for an hour & 3 minutes. Neither run particularly spectacular. I'm holding back a little coz I'm hoping to maybe pull out something special on race day in Dublin!
Though with 8000 registered runners & what is looking like a beautiful sunny / hot day on the current forecast......we'll just need to wait & see.

And that is all for today fabulous fudgey people. Short & sweet.

Take Care everyone

Fudgey xx

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Half way there

Hello Fudgey friends,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. It's been glorious here in Edinburgh the last couple of days.

Well I am now half way through my official 12 week training plan....6 weeks today to the half marathon....it's going to fly by before I know it.

So a wee update on the end of week 6

Week 6 Run 3
Friday morning I got up and headed to the gym, as this was a recovery week, I only had 20 minutes running scheduled and had planned to run on the treadmill and then do some resistance work. I never got up as early as I planned though I was still in the gym for 7.15am. I hopped on a treadmill, couldn't get one with a working TV but I usually listen to my ipod anyway. I decided I'd run a fast 5k....my previous best being 28 minutes 50 seconds............so I was very pleased to run it in 28 minutes 27 seconds. I just stayed on the treadmill till 40 minutes and then stretched off before getting ready & heading to work.
In the afternoon my fabulous new maxitone gym bag arrived....only I could get so excited by a gym bag...it's gorgeous...I especially like the 'enjoy your workout' message inside the top!
The bag also came in very useful to carry home 3 packs of used coffee grounds for Mum Smith's garden.
In the evening Mum & Dad Smith dropped by for a wee visit & had brought me 2 new pairs of running socks....I wore a pair today & they are superb.

Saturday Slump
I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday I just never got going all day. I just couldn't really be bothered with anything. I did get 2 loads of washing done & out on the line to dry though. Mr Fudgey and I also headed to the shops.... the highlight of the day being 2 new jugs for the kitchen!

Week 6 Run 4
I enjoyed a wee bit of a lie in this morning and didn't properly get up till almost 10am. I decided that I'd wait till later to go for my run. Yet another load of washing (the dressing gowns) done & hung out on the line. I had a lovely chat with my mum & dad, and I pottered about cleaning up, washing the floors & popped out for a food shop. I headed out for my run about 4.15pm....plan for today was 10k at race pace or fast 5 miles...I opted for 10k at race pace and was really really pleased with pacing and time. I'm not going to tell you what time I ran 10k in today as I hope to equal or better it next week in Dublin @ The Great Ireland Run, but don't want to put any undue pressure or expectations on myself....with 8000 runners registered so far I'll need to work on my aggression a little to push through the crowds!

Mr Fudgey & I are planning to sit & watch a movie now and little Dora is nudging my arm as I type....think she wants fed....so better sign off.

Take Care everyone

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fabulous Fundraising

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I just want so say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my just giving page & sponsored me so far. I've raised £435 so far.
Thank you so much everyone & for your kind words & encouragement too.

A quick update on the last couple of days. Work has been busy but good - lots going on & the brain is certainly getting a good workout.

Uninspiring Run Home
I ran home from work yesterday.... it wasn't great.....but it wasn't awful. I just think that it's not the right time of day for me to run & the first little bit till I get out of town is a bit stop / start with traffic lights & rush hour traffic. I just felt I never got into a proper rhythm, but it's another run ticked off on the training plan, a few more km in the bank & my first experience of being caught in a hail shower! I don't expect every run to be great and as I said it wasn't awful.... just kind of disappointing I suppose. I did however arrive home at the same time as hubby who took the bus.

The plan was to get up & head to the gym this morning, but I had a little bit of tension last night (noisy kids)and I got a little stressed out, even though I slept pretty well I woke up with a horrible headache & just knew that gym was a no go.
I did take my kit with me though so I could squeeze in a lunchtime session if I felt better, which Thankfully I did once I'd had some water, coffee, food & quality chat with KMac & Mandy.

Cheeky Little Gym Session
3 minute warm up
ran 1km 5 mins 26 secs
1 mins 34secs easy pace
ran 1km 5 minutes 18 secs...........my fastest ever :-)

3 supersets of 15 swissball chest press with 6kg dumbbells & 12 'man' pressups
3 sets of 12 bicep curls with 6kg dumbbells
3 sets of 15 bosu squats with with 4kg dumbbells
3 tri sets with 8kg medicine ball of 15 ab extensions, 15 sit ups, 16 russian twists
1 min 10 second plank

Felt so good when I went back to work - really set me up for my afternoon 2 hour meeting.

I also managed to drink loads of water today & am still fizzy juice & chocolate free.

My fabulous Mr Fudgey took me out for dinner too, we just had one course as it wasn't a special event or anything but so nice not to have to come home & cook.

I'm planning a little gym session in the morning as I have an all day meeting at work, so I'm just going to go & get my stuff organised.

Take Care everyone
Thank you again

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Winter Warming Soup....in April

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I've had busy but relaxing few days since I last blogged, so will try & bring you all up to date without boring you to death.

After my long run on Saturday we headed out to Mum & Dad Smith's. We went out for a fabulous Italian meal to celebrate Dad Smith's birthday & then we all watched the new Doctor Who on the replay. Mr Fudgey & I were impressed & are looking forward to the next episodes.

I woke up on Sunday feeling fantastic thought I might be a little sore after my long run but I felt great. We wished Dad Smith a very Happy Birthday & gave him his cards & gifts. Then Mr Fudgey & I headed to Livingston for a wander round the shops. I managed to get Science in Sport gels in Asda & a bottle of rego recovery. I had left them some feedback on their website but am disappointed that they haven't responded.
Mum Smith made an amazing meal for us all, jalapeno poppers for starters, followed by leg of lamb, my fave brussels sprouts, parsnips, potatoes & the yummy plum sauce, then a strawberry meringue dessert & then we had a really light & delicious birthday cake from M & S - can recommend their cakes.

Quiet day at home. Weather pretty awful. I made some winter warming chunky soup , simply carrots, an onion, a red onion, 70g pearl barley, 120g potato, a large leek, some broccoli & a chicken stock cube.
, chop up all the veg & put in a pan with the pearl barley, crumble the stock cube & add enough water to cover, bring to boil & then simmer for 20 minutes, I then added a grated carrot and simmered for another 5 minutes, then I partially crushed the veg with a potato masher. We had this for dinner this evening & it was really good, just what we needed on a cold, wintry day like today.

Week 6 Run 1
Can you believe I'm onto week 6 of the training plan already? This week is a recovery week, so a nice gentle 40 minute run on the schedule. It was really windy, BBC weather said SSW 23mph, but I still headed out and was on really good form, my legs just went without much encouragement. 6.52km (4.05 miles) in 39 minutes 7 seconds, against the wind most of the way. I am loving my running at the moment.

Today Tuesday Personal Training
Great PT session this morning:
3 sets of the following:
run 1km
10 x 2 jack & 2 back
40 step ups 5kg dumbbells
15 sidehops
10 burpees
no rest between exercises, Colin described this as a giant set! I did get a couple of mins rest between sets though, Thank goodness I needed it & my legs are feeling the effects now.

1st set km 5mins 38 secs
2nd set km 5 mins 34 secs
3rd set km 5 mins 29 secs

3 x Superset of 15 x deadlift 20kg bar & 12 x lower back extension,(1st set 4 kg, 2nd set 6kg, 3rd set 5kg medicine ball)

And then off to work....

New Cardigan
My Mum made & sent me a fabby cardigan in the post which I am wearing now & hubby took a picture of me modelling. Huge Thanks Mum & for the Benbecula shortbread & oatcakes - I will certain find good homes for them.

Last but not least did you know I've had no alcohol for 5 weeks? I decided to give it up when I started the 12 week official plan, I don't drink very much at all, so it's not a big sacrifice but I am actually missing a really classy glass of good red wine.
I've also gone cold turkey on chocolate & fizzy juice.....6 days so far. Why I hear you ask....well I'm trying to work on my little paunch & these 2 things aren't helping...so I'm cutting them out to see if it makes a difference. I did wonder today though if sparkling water constitutes a fizzy drink?

Goodness it is nearly 9pm & I have been rambling on & on....
better go get my gear together as I plan to run home from work tomorrow....this takes a little advance planning so I don't have too much to carry.

Bye for now

Sunday, 4 April 2010

I ran to Newcastle Under Lyme

Hello Fudgey Friends,

My fabulous husband wanted to buy me a new pair of running shoes today, but I told him I wasn't near needing a new pair. I have 2 pairs of Saucony shoes that I rotate & track my distance via map my run.
I thought this evening I'd see how far I'd gone in these shoes since starting to track them - my lady grid stabil 6s which I've been tracking since 16/11/09 & my progrid hurricane 10s since 18/01/10.............wow 401.39 km or 249.41 miles which is just slightly more than the distance from Edinburgh to Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, which is apparently 248 miles via the M6.

View Larger Map

Only another 44 miles to Birmingham.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter & didn't eat too much chocolate.

Good night & sweet dreams
Fudgey xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Short Post about a Long run

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I decided to do my long run today & am resting tomorrow.
It was my longest run to date & I finally conquered Arthur's Seat. The access road forms part of the course of many Edinburgh running events. The last time I ran it I had to stop and walk a little, jog a little, run a little and walk a little. So I was ecstatic today to run the whole of it. I wish I'd had a camera though as some of the view of Edinburgh were stunning, it was a glorious sunny morning but at the top of the ascent I could see the snow covered Pentland Hills in the distance.
I had a lucozade energy gel today & it affirmed to me that I prefer the Science in Sports products so will need to pick some supplies up.
Today's run on the plan was 1 hour 40 minutes, but I ran 1 hour 58 minutes and 16 seconds covering 18.12 km (11.26 miles). I ran the whole way with only a few brief stops for traffic lights on the way back.
When I got home I had a Science in Sport rego recovery drink and a lovely bath. Me being me I also cried! But these were very happy tears - 7 weeks till the half marathon & I'm beginning to realise that I can actually do this.
Mr Fudgey keeps telling me how proud he is of me & my wonderful family and friends do too but finally I've realised I am proud of myself.

So the Stats for Week 5
Total distance run this week 36.8km
Total running time 3 hours 58 mins 29 secs

Next week is a recovery week - there will still be 4 runs but they will be shorter than the last few weeks have been, before picking it back up again the following week. On my next long long run I am going to go round Arthur's seat again & I'll take my camera this time to share with you all the beauty of Edinburgh.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter

Take Care

Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday Greetings

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?
I am on the first day of my 4 day weekend which I'm hoping is going to be a lovely relaxing one. I had a lie in & did some laundry which is hanging out on the line, it's bright but cold here in Edinburgh.
Mr Fudgey & I headed into town just to get out for a wee bit but we did get a little grumpy - it was so busy & noisy & not very relaxing at all so we didn't hang around too much. I'm now sat up in bed blogging away & did have the company of Bonnie, Clyde & Beau, though only Clyde is still curled up. I did manage to snap a pic, but little Beau doesn't look amused & you can just see Bonnie & Clyde behind him but they are so dark they're not completely clear.
I'm having a well earned rest day today as I was at the gym yesterday & my legs & abs got a beasting, also I'm going to do my long run tomorrow. I missed one running session this week in favour of a rest day and feel better for it, it was a hill session so I'll try & incorporate a hill section in tomorrow's run.

Thursday Morning session - legs & abs
quick 5 min warm up on treadmill
3 sets of 16 burpees
3 supersets of bosu lunges with 15kg barbell 12 each leg superset with 10 swiss ball plank rolls
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells, 30 second ski sit then some crunch & extend thing 20 of them.
3 supersets of power lunges with 6kg dumbbells 10 each leg superset with 30 oblique cycles - no rest between these sets.
3 supersets of 10 reps compound (clean & press, squat, shoulder press) followed by 15 push & catch
3 sets of 16 burpees
cool down on cross trainer for a couple of mins
Then I headed off to work feeling pretty good.

Nutritionally Balanced
Those who know me are very well aware that I'm a fairly healthy eater, I'm not perfect but tend to follow the 80/20 rule, I also burn off a lot of calories with all my running & working out. I now also have a whole new set of like minded clean eating / healthy living friends in the blog world so I just had to share this photo with you, and am interested in what others think.
Now it's not my place to judge and I'm not going to say much on the subject but this is the contents of one of my neighbour's recycling boxes. This is pretty much the staple diet of their 9 year old son. All I'll say is I don't think it's particularly nutritionally balanced. I wonder what Gym Ninja & Jag will make of this? You should read GN's blog post about her 91 year old uncle, good on him - he sounds awesome. I can totally relate to his comments about obesity & supermarkets, I regularly get a row from Mr Fudgey for staring at the contents of shopping trolleys and the people pushing them. I am just fascinated by the number of people out there who don't seem to buy anything unprocessed. Don't get me wrong I buy processed foods too but very rarely, most of our meals are made from fresh ingredients and we eat loads of fresh fruit & veg, but we do have our share of treats too. As I said earlier it's not my place to judge but as someone who used to eat mainly convenience foods & do no exercise at all & weighed almost 16 stone, I would much rather eat the foods I do now & feel the way I do, fit, full of energy & so much healthier. So if anyone out there wants to make some positive changes why not join JAG's Operation butt kick - it doesn't have to be about losing weight & it's not too late to join in.

Oh dear yet again my blog wandered off where my mind wished to go, but sometimes you just have to unload some of those thoughts in your head, even if not everyone is going to agree with you, we're all entitled to our opinions - wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all thought the same?

Well it is time I was getting Mr Fudgey & I some dinner, will be back tomorrow to let you know how the long run goes I have a rough route plan in mind.

Take care everyone