Thursday, 27 May 2010

Life after Fudgey's EHM Countdown

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?

Well as I posted the other day the EHM Countdown has come to an end :-(

Looking forward
But there's plenty to look forward too. On the running front: Race for Life, Glasgow half Marathon & Scottish Kilomathon. On the social front: Smurfy's dinner party (I have a fab dress already), trip home to Benbecula & Margaret Mary's Christening & our first wedding anniversary fast approaches. There hopefully will be other exciting developments in the world of Mr & Mrs Fudgey & the fury fellas sooner rather than keep following.

New Look - New Title
I realised I couldn't keep my blog title as Fudgey's EHM countdown so was trying to think what to change it do & have now decided on Little Running Wife....this is what Mr Fudgey calls me since I lost 6 stone and got mildly obsessed by running.
Last night I was playing around with my blog and giving it slightly different colours & a new photo, but Mr Fudgey worked his magic again & did the fabby new graphic that you now see. Isn't he the best? I'm now wondering if I could get this on a t-shirt!

Taking it Easy
Monday I had a complete rest day, though I did have to walk half way home from my Slimming club. I still go most weeks even though I've been at my target weight since September.
Tuesday I decided to go to the gym with Smurfy at lunchtime. I ran on the treadmill for 10 minutes, then 10 minutes on the bike & 10 minutes of stretching. I felt great when I went back to work but by 4pm was feeling stiff again & my right calf was really tight. Thanks to the wonders of a tennis ball, my own thumbs & a tube of Avon Cooling leg and foot gel I managed to release the tight muscle and have felt great ever since.
Wednesday I had another complete rest day - I can't believe how tired I have felt all week. I decided best to take enough recovery time before starting to train for my upcoming events.

Back in the Saddle....Spintastic
After weeks of no classes at the gym due to EHM training and lack of time in my schedule, I've been looking forward to getting back to Body Pump, Circuits and Spinning and today was my first spin class in weeks. It was made even better that the class was taken by my amazing personal trainer Colin. It was only a 30 minute spin express class but we worked hard and Smurfy & I were both dripping sweat by the end. The hardest part for me though was taking my jelly legs downstairs afterwards :-)
We need to talk KMac into joining us one day next week if all our diaries & work allows as we've not been to a class together in ages - and we always have such a great time & gossiping on the way there & back!

Well that's all for this evening folks - I'm hoping to get to the gym in the morning to do my programme but I'm not going to force it as I have been pretty tired this week. Already looking forward to freedom from the alarm on Saturday.

Take Care everyone



  1. Love the new look blog, the title and the header is fantastic - hurrah for Mr

  2. Arranging a lunchtime spin date - I love it. We should definitely do that! I am up for Monday or Thursday, Smurfy xxx

  3. Thursday works for me - I'm off on Mon!