Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Less than 3 weeks to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Oh my goodness - it's now less than 3 weeks till the Edinburgh half marathon. How do I feel? At the moment very excited. It all seems to be coming together nicely - 2 'Great' 10ks under my belt (check out my race reports page) & I still have 3 weeks of training to go so I now just need to keep doing what I'm doing & I should be good to go on the 23rd.

Week 10 Run 1
Kicked off week 10 on the official training plan with an easy 30 minute run yesterday. Could have very easily not bothered but am glad I did. I ran a nice easy 5k in 31 minutes, still on a high from Sunday's run I think.

Turkey Meatballs
I created a new fudgey meal yesterday afternoon for our dinner last night.

450g pack turkey mince
1/4 onion chopped
some rosemary
some parsley

just threw it all in a bowl & mixed it all together used my hands. I then made into little meatballs again just using my hands. I grilled the meatballs until they were nice & golden.

for the sauce:
olive oil
3/4 onion chopped
2 garlic cloves chopped
some quartered button mushrooms
1/2 green pepper chopped.
pinch of wild garlic mix
tin of chopped tomatoes
splash balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp granulated sweetener

heated the oil & added onion & garlic, cooked till softened, then added green pepper, mushrooms & wild garlic mix & cooked for a couple of minutes with the addition of a little water to prevent sticking. Then I added the tin of tomatoes, & the tomato puree, the balsamic vinegar & sweetener & simmered for about 15 minutes.

I then put the meatballs & the sauce in a casserole dish & hid in the microwave as the cats seemed very interested in the turkey meatballs by this time.

When I got home later all I had to do was cook the wholewheat spaghetti & heat the meatballs. It was a lovely meal.

Personal Training
Today was a PT day. I love PT before work it really sets me up for the day.
Today's session
10 minutes on the spin bike
20 minutes of boxing - my favourite kind of workout really releases any tension. Colin was holding the pads I was doing the punching! This was interspersed with sets of a squat thrust / clean & press combo using 4kg dumbbells - 12 reps.
Then we headed down to the gym & into muscle beach (the free weights area) which for once was the quietest part of the gym. KMac first referred to the free weights area as muscle beach & it kind of stuck, so that's what it's called now.
3 supersets of weighted incline lunges 12 each leg (first set with 20kg barbell, but other 2 with 20lb dumbbells) superset with 15 bosu squats holding 15lb dumbbells.
I did have a quiet chuckle when one of the muscle beach regulars asked how I manage to keep my balance....this is something I really have to concentrate on & am totally focused - so focused I don't even chat....which for me is a miracle to be quiet for any length of time.
Then it was 3 lovely ab trisets of 15 ab extensions with 25lb plate, 15 jack knifes & 20 oblique cycles (10 normal pace, 10 slow)
and that was session over....I'm always amazed how quickly an hour passes.
I got down to the changing room to discover I didn't have a towel & rather than going down & hiring one I made do with a hand towel I had in my locker - dozy Fudgey still it did the job & I got ready for work OK.

Then I bounced off to work with a spring in my step.....well not quite 15k in 2 days, a new PB, hilly course & an hours PT had taken the bounce out my legs but I had the endorphin rush & felt good anyway.

And that my dear Fudgey friends is us up to date again.

Hope you have all had a good day, especially our Fudgey wee niece Rose who is 3 today. I'm posting a picture below just for her. Happy Birthday xx

lots of love

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