Sunday, 22 February 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 3

Hello Fudgey friends

How are you all?

It's been a long tiring week here but somehow at the end of the week I salvaged this weeks training and managed 20 miles in 3 days. I should say I would not normally run on 3 consecutive days, it has just been circumstance this week.

Monday - Miss Bug had a restless night and had us up from 12.20 and ended up in beside us. This picture pretty much sums it one point she was lying on my head

Running conditioning class. Organised through my work and my friend Lyndsey and I went along. Learnt some new warm up movements and was great hearing other runners hints, tips, and moans too. The class runs for 4 weeks so interested to see what else I can take from it.

Tuesday - had asked for some self development / learning at work which meant being in the office for 7am, this meant no pre work run and I also didn't manage the gym at lunchtime. Opted for the treadmill in the evening but was tired and grumpy and really not in the mood, but managed 2.61 miles.

Wednesday - Miss Bug had us up about 5am, really not her usual self, so no nursery. Massive Thank you to Granny and Papa for taking her for the day. This meant that I was later into work and earlier leaving so no gym or running at lunchtime. Exhausted in the evening I opted for an early night in case it was another disturbed one.

Thursday - I had the day off and little Bug was still not herself so no nursery. However she did sleep till 7.30am and was a little brighter so I was able to take her and get her passport photos taken. In the afternoon when she slept I really should have tried to run but just so tired and didn't run in the evening either.

Friday - As I hadn't been in on Thursday I couldn't do a pre work run as didn't have clothes etc at work to change into. I also wanted to get in as early as possible to catch up a bit. Knew I had to get on the treadmill in the evening and though it started out Blah I managed 8.2 miles and finished strong. Came into the kitchen to this....

I am so lucky to be so supported, Marathon training is tough enough without a 2 year old and a full time job and Mr Bug has been brilliant he has totally helped keep my training and sanity on track this week and he has had to 'pushed' me out the door on Tuesday. I am so grateful for his love and support.

Saturday - Regular swim lesson for Miss Bug in the morning and then I headed out for my run when she had her afternoon nap. 7.46 miles....feeling proud of myself

Sunday - Motivated by Miss Bug as she was looking at my Sports shoes flyer and said 'That's Mummy' 

So inspite of the freezing rain and wind I headed out the door for my short recovery run when she was sleeping this afternoon and smashed it...fastest run this week even though wind was trying to blow me sideways and on the back of the 2 previous runs. I was grinning like a Chesire cat :-D

So somehow I ended the week with 22.73 miles logged and feeling amazing. 14 weeks today till the marathon.

Well off now to treat myself with a piece of Rocky road cheesecake.... I think I have earned it.

Have a great week everyone 

Lots of love
Bugs Mum xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 2

Hello Fudgey friends

How are you all?

Well last week was my second week of marathon training and 3 runs all outside, no treadmill. I also discovered that I have an extra week of training as I had the wrong date for the marathon!

Monday 9th Feb was a rest day after my 10 miles on the Sunday. Legs felt surprisingly good though.

Tuesday 10 th Feb I ran part of the way to work, leaving the house about 6.15am, ran 7.5 miles, jumped on the bus the rest of the way and showered and at my desk before 9am

Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th rest days. Should have really got to the gym but too many other things going on.

Friday 13th Feb I ran part of the way to work again, this time 8.33 miles. Good run but poorly hydrated and felt rubbish all day.

No running on Valentine's Day. Swimming lesson with Bug and a romantic dinner for 3 with heart shaped pasta :-)

Sunday 15th....terrible run, wrong frame of mind, bad tempered, tired, heavy legs and set out to do a route that I used to regularly run when I trained for the Edinburgh marathon in 2011. I knew the first mile was all uphill but I totally forgot how undulating the next 2 were with some killer hills before the last 2 miles downhill. I found this photo online which gives a hint at what the route was like. As you can see no pavement either so absolutely have to be road conscious and safe.

Another 5.03 miles recorded though. I got home to a very upset little lady though ....poor Bug has a sore throat and not her usual wee self.

So 3 runs totalling 20.82 miles for the week and feeling pretty pleased with myself. 
Half marathon in 3 weeks and feel more confident about it, realistic and know that it won't be fast but confident that I can do it.

Well I am going to sign off here as need to get sleep after a restless night with Miss Bug last night.

Back soon, have a great week everyone.

Lots of love 
Bug's Mum xxxxxx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Official Marathon Training Week 1

Hello Fudgey friends

As you know I have signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon in May this year. This will be my 3rd marathon after Edinburgh and Dublin in 2011. 

My last big event was The first ever Edinburgh Rock and Roll half marathon in April 2012....finding out that I was pregnant the following day with Bug 😀

My running has been a bit hit and miss since she came into our lives, being a mum is the hardest but best job in the world. 

I had a place for both the kilomathon and Edinburgh marathon last year but due to illness I had to transfer my places to other people. I did manage the Edinburgh marathon festival 10k and last November the British heart foundation winter warmer 5k, but really wanted to try another marathon and had entered the ballot for London again for 2015 unfortunately unsuccessful again 😢
Not one to be defeated I immediately signed up for Edinburgh instead....the bonus of this being our amazing wee Bug can come and see me finish it. 

In my last post I told you about my great month of running in January.....

Official marathon training started on 1st February (16 weeks to marathon) with food, fizz and friends! Kirsty, Rob, Lorna, Mandy, Hubby, Chilli and Bug 🍸

 I went to the gym on Monday and Tuesday and first run was on Wednesday 4th - 3.17 miles and it was a slog. I never ran again till Sunday partly due to a busy week at work and a also couple of disturbed nights with the wee one. On Saturday afternoon when she was sleeping I also took the opportunity to get a couple of hours sleep too. The rest must have really helped as did the lack of running activity as I went out on Sunday and ran 10.07 miles. Absolutely bursting with emotion the first time in double figures since The Rock and Roll half marathon on 15th April 2012. 

I'm happy with week 1 of training as I needed a cut back week after increasing the mileage every week in January and a long run of 10 miles in week 1 for me is amazing. It wasn't fast or pretty but it was 10 steady miles and I have felt great since. 

On a less positive note my training plan isn't on paper yet and I need to get that sorted sooner rather than later, though the next 3 to 4 weeks are clear in my head.

I have also signed up for a half marathon on March 8th... Very excited

Hope to be back at the end of the week or start of next with a week 2 update... Watch this space

lots of love
Bug's Mum xxxxx

Monday, 9 February 2015


Hello Fudgey Friends

It's taken me a little longer than I hoped since my last post to get a chance to post again.....the challenges of being a full time working mum & wife & of course fitting in running.

Just a short post tonight to give you an update on my January running.

At the end of last year I signed up to the run yourself new challenge on The Running Bug website, each week from the 5th January they set a mileage target and you could log your bugmiles and track your progress. There were also opportunities to win prizes every week.

The plan for January was simply to get some consistent running 3 or 4 times a week and build up a good base before starting official marathon training in February.....

I smashed it....4 weeks.....4 runs per week.....62.54 miles run :-)

There were good runs, bad runs & some just OK runs but over the month it was just Jantastic.

Highlights were my longest run of the month at 7.59 miles and a week with 3 x steady strong 5 miles.

Thank you to everyone who motivated and supported me.....and to hubby for occasionally bullying me out of the door. Thank you also for the new running kit for my birthday & Christmas - it is being put to good use.

February sees the start of my official Marathon training & I have signed up for a half marathon in 4 weeks - more on both of those in my next post. I have also signed up for the February run yourself new challenge which starts today & have a 15 mile target total for this week. I have also joined The Boys versus Girls plenty to keep me motivated.

Lots of love to all of you