Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Edinburgh Rock & Roll Half Marathon Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? I'm good taking a few days to rest & recover from all my recent running & various aches & pains.

Half Marathon Expo
On Saturday afternoon Mr Fudgey & I had to head into Edinburgh to collect my race number for Sunday. For us this was a bit of a pain in the backside as we live a 45 minute bus journey from the centre of town but as the organisers wanted an extra £5 to post race packs out I opted to make the 25 mile round trip to collect!

I have to say I was a little disappointed with what was on offer at the expo - compared to the amazing Expo we'd been at in Dublin.

I received a tiny envelope with my race number & chip, then to another tent to collect my tshirt & gear bag which simply contained several leaflets that will all end up in my recycling bucket.

There were a few stalls & I loved the Bond Band stall though & fabby hubby got me a pink ponytail hat, a band for my good friend smurfy & this band for me.

I also got a couple of energy bars at the Run for it stand but other than that there wasn't much for me & very little in the way of give aways, competitions etc.

I know that all sounds quite negative but it's not meant to be I'm just being honest. On a positive note it did psych me up for the run on Sunday - seeing everyone collecting their numbers & walking about with their gear bags started to get me in the mood.

Race Day

It wasn't as early a start as my 2 other recent events - a start time of 9am meant I was able to get up at 6.45am.
My usual pre race breakfast of Marks & Spencer Apple & Sultana Instant porridge - I think if they ever discontinue this I will cry - it's now seen me through 2 marathons & 4 halfs :-)
Plenty of water to drink to hydrate. Feet taped up - though touch wood I've not had any foot / blister issues in a long long time. Kitted up & ready to go at 7.45am.
Massive Thank you again for Dad Smith for running us into Edinburgh - very very much appreciated - it really took the stress out of getting there on time.

As usual first stop was the queue for the portaloos. Sorry another criticism but for the number of runners there were not enough toilets especially compared to other events I've taken part in with both a lot more & a lot less runners. By the time I finally made it to the front of the queue & went to the loo & came out they were announcing that there were 15 minutes till the start of the race & could all runners make their way to the starting areas.
At this point I said goodbye Mr Fudgey as he headed off to find a good photo spot & I went to my start area. The 8th section back from the start.
It was fantastic to bump into Jonathan Sherman also making his way to his start area & to say hello & then to find the lovely Sarah Burgon - so we had a good old natter while we waited the 11 minutes it took us to get over the start line from the gun. Though there was quite a wait it was good as they were waiting a minute or so between each corral so there was no problem with congestion on the course which can be frustrating.
The Red Hot Chilli Pipers played Flower of Scotland at the start but as we were so far back we couldn't see anything.

Once across the line I settled in a nice steady pace - I knew this wasn't going to a PB in fact I expected a personal worse with all the aches, pains, niggles, moans & groans I've had recently. 4 races in 4 weeks certainly took their toll & I know that since the start of the year I have overtrained & not rested as much as I should have. I should practice what I preach on to others about all the time!

Saw fantastic Mr Fudgey so gave him my customary wave & focused on what lay ahead. I was running really great for the first 5k better than I've run in a wee while but it started to get warm as we passed along portobello & I could feel my pace slowing. I still felt OK though & kept going. The music at each mile was really good especially if you missed the mile marker you knew from the entertainment you'd passed another mile :-) I kept drinking enough to keep me hydrated & took on an energy gel after each 6k.

The pace really started to drop a lot after 10k especially climbing some of the hills & a few times I had to slow to a walk. Though I have to admit the downhills were more painful that the uphills. They really made me grimace at some points, especially coming down the mound. My right leg & groin wanted to divorce me & find a new body At around 11 miles I was finding it really tough going it was so hard as the mind was willing but my body just wasn't so I decided on a tactic of allowing myself to walk for 1 minutes & then run for 3 minutes - this got me through miles 11 & 12 & then I knew I was nearly at the finish. Checking Mr Garmin I knew I could make the finish under 2 hours 30 which though a personal worst for me was the pace I had hoped I could manage & I didn't want to be over 2hrs 30. Practically cried up the last incline of Jeffrey Street, but when I got to the Ragamuffin shop at St Mary Street & the Royal mile I knew it was all downhill & I was adamant & sheer bloody minded that I was running all the way to the finish........Which I did:-) I've never been so glad for a race to be over. 2 hours 28 minutes a personal worst but I'm so incredibly proud of myself for sticking with it & finishing.

Other than my Lockie sheer bloody mindedness & stubbornness, these last few runs have been to raise funds for The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice for my Gran Margaret Lockie who they took such great care of. I know I've said this before & my regular followers will remember but my Gran was the most amazing, strong, & dignified lady I know & seeing the way she dealt with her terminal Cancer will inspire me for the rest of my life. If you can spare a couple of quid please please please donate here

At the finish area I got water, a powerade, a banana, a pack of crisps, a frusli bar & a mini bag of haribo - which I think Mr Fudgey has eaten or are still in his bag. There was no race goody bag but there was a pretty awesome medal.

So would I recommend this race, for the route, the on course entertainment, marshalling, the medal & the tshirt absolutely. A bit pricey, & next year they need to revisit the packet pick up & the number of loos. Also disappointingly the results in the Edinburgh evening news are gun time not chip time so a good 10 minutes slower than actual time.

So what's next?
I'm signed up for a 10k in 4 weeks but at the moment my main focus is on getting all my wee niggles recovered & my body properly rested.

I'll be back soon with an update on how I'm getting on

Take Care all
Fudgey xxxx

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Kilomathon Scotland - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well it was another early Sunday morning start in the Fudgey household today - though not quite as early as last week. Massive Thank you to hubby for his constant support & for not moaning about having his Sunday lie in stolen 2 weeks in a row. Thank you also to Dad Smith for the lift to the start at Ocean Terminal.

My running hasn't been great recently. My pace just isn't there & I'm struggling a little with a niggle in my groin & have had some heel pain the last couple of weeks but I'm determined to make it through to the Rock & Roll Half marathon in 2 weeks time & hopefully raise funds for The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow - you took such amazing care of my Gran in the last weeks.

Please sponsor me here if you can - every penny very very very much appreciated.

So it was up at 6.30am on fuel with my usual pre race porridge. I really struggled to eat it this morning but forced myself & the 2 wee kitties Beau & Dora enjoyed the last wee traces in the bowl.

Out of the house at 7.35am and off to Ocean terminal for an 8.30am start.

We arrived at Ocean terminal & I had to make my last pre race visit to the toilets. What a nice change to have real toilets instead of portaloos. With proper running water & hand dryers. I never even had to queue this morning.

At about 8.20am everyone started to make their way to the starting area. I've taken part in the last 2 kilomathons & whilst they haven't been massive there were certainly a lot less people today. I was worried about being left behind as everyone else looked so fit & like real runners!

It was pretty cold first thing even though it was really bright - I'm really glad I had my trusty bruised & battered £1 baseball cap.

8.30am and we were off. I was really pleased to see that it was a nice steady start and I must have placed myself just in the right area as no one was flying past me - in fact I was doing all the passing.

The route was pretty much all on cycle paths & was really lovely. The only thing was that as there were not so many runners I felt I didn't push myself as hard as I could have, but this is a good thing as I needed to treat today as a regular Sunday training run and not overdo it before the half marathon.

By the time I got to the water station at about 5.5km I was pretty glad as it was getting very warm in the sun.

I struggled a little between 7 & 10km to keep up my consistent pace, but found it again for the last 3km & sprinted into Murrayfield Stadium. What an amazing place to finish and as the runners by this point were pretty spaced out - every runner was getting their own cheer as they crossed the line.

Through the finish area to receive my medal & goody bag & 2 bottles of water.

The goody bag contained: an eat natural bar, , lo salt, raisins, sample of biofreeze, sweets, mini deodorant, spatone liquid iron supplement, high 5 sports drinks tablets & a sports watch.

My official time 1 hour 26 minutes 35 seconds.
Delighted with this given my time for the full kilomathon last April was just under 2 hours 50 minutes & I'm not in the shape or fitness I was then.
I now have something to work on & will be going & signing up for the September event.

I actually really enjoyed the smaller race today & the fact that it was on the cycle paths rather than roads. It was also really good value for money at only £15 for the 13.1k distance. There was also 6.55km & 2.62km races. I'd really recommend this to anyone who fancies giving it a go on 30th September.
I'd love it though if the full Kilomathon was reintroduced at some point too though.

I'll be back soon to catch up on the last few weeks including Sports relief.

Til then Take Care everyone

lots of love

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Time Bandits got me again

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
I have so many things to blog about but just not enough time.

Last weekend took part in The First Nation Home event & Sports Relief

My training has been going really well & apart from a few minor aches & pains I'm feeling really strong.

This is my last week in my current job & next week I move department / team - back to an operational role which I know I will enjoy much more. My time in the Change Team has been a bit of a roller coaster but I have learnt a lot and worked with some great people but it's time to move on.

This weekend coming I have the Kilomathon

I promise I'll make some time to sit down & blog & share some photos.

Please bear with me & the Time bandits

Take Care

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post today to wish all Mums everywhere a very Happy Mothers Day.

Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my Mum so I could just pop in for a cup of tea & a chat, or invite her round for dinner. Miss you & love you Mum x
Happy Mother's Day Mum - hope you had a lovely day.

To my wee Sis who inspires me constantly with her energy & patience with the 3 pink princesses - I honestly don't know how you do it. Hope you've had some time to relax today.

To Mum Smith - hope you feel lots better soon. Hope you enjoyed your meal with us. Thank you so much for everything you do for Mr Fudgey & I - we truly appreciate it & love you very much x

and to borrow the words of my friend Julie (hope you don't mind?)
And to all of u special ladies who want to be mummies and aren't yet or can't be for whatever reason, u should enjoy this day too. It's for mummies, and granny's and aunties, and godmothers, and all special ladies who have children in their heart, :-)) xx

Last but not least I'm thinking those who don't have their Mum with them anymore or don't have their children - I can only imagine how emotional today is for you, but remember they are always in your heart x

Take Care Everyone
I'll be back soon with another post

lots of love

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What's Cooking in the Fudgey Kitchen?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
Sorry I never posted last week, had a bad day on Sunday (more on that in a minute) & then just had a bad week this week, been angry with everything & everyone, tired, lethargic & just generally a bit meh - but tomorrow's a new week & I'll start afresh.

What's eating Mrs Fudgey
Last Sunday I was due to take part in The Meadows Marathon event & was looking forward to writing a race report for you. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take part as the bus was a no show & with the service being hourly on a Sunday, the next bus was too late to make the start of the race. As you can guess I was pretty angry & upset.

On Monday I contacted the bus company & also found details & emailed the MD. 45 minutes later I had a phone call & am having my entry fee refunded & a donation of £75 made to The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice. So not such a bad ending.

I'm also currently 'fighting' with Vodafone but having less success there. I've pretty much decided to go elsewhere as I'm so disappointed in their customer service. So if anyone has any recommendations or advice on mobile phone providers who are good / not so good - I'm happy to hear it.

Lack of Caffiene :-(Making me very unhappy - in fact so much so that I am tempted to just give in on this one. It's been 19 days and Green tea, fruit tea & herbal tea just aren't the same as real tea or coffee.
The only thing keeping me going is sheer bloody mindedness. Though I suspect for my sanity & for those around me it may just be better for me to admit defeat.

Returning the Hippo to the Zoo
I seem to have lost my appetite this week and found a hippo's! It's so unlike me to be so undisciplined. So I need to return the hippo to the zoo & get back on track this week.

Missing Running Mojo
I've lost my desire to run :-( I'm hoping though that these last few days resting will set me up for next week & I'm going to try & run 3 times.

See I am a moany, narky pants this week. Sorry all.

Madam Butterfly
To try & end my post on a more positive note I did have a lovely evening out on Monday with Mr Fudgey. We went to see Madam Butterfly in 3D, it was certainly different to seeing it performed live but was a fantastic performance & true to form I cried loads!
We also had a really nice meal at Wagamamas. After weeks of being very strict I finally had a dessert - Coconut ice cream & it didn't disappoint :-)

What's Cooking in The Fudgey Kitchen?
I realised that I haven't had a food post for ages & ages.
I've been busy today as I've made 2 batches of Chicken & Mango Curry & a pot of vegetable chilli.
One batch of curry for Mum & Dad Smith to save them cooking tonight, the other for dinner in the Fudgey house tomorrow & the chilli for lunches. Life is so much easier when I'm prepared ahead & organised.

Well guys & girls I'm going to leave you there. I'll be back next weekend I will be more upbeat & I will have run 3 times I promise.

lots of love

Sunday, 26 February 2012

2 for 1

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry I never made it back during the week to fill you in on last week, there's been loads going on. Mr Fudgey & I are worn out! So you're really getting 2 weeks news in 1.

Valentines Day
Mr Fudgey & I took a half day in the afternoon and went fro some lunch at Grand Cru & then to the National Portrait Gallery. We really really enjoyed our date. We had agreed no presents but Mr Fudgey surprised me with a running book - Mental Training for Runners which I'm looking forward to reading.

Let's Do It
On Saturday 18th we had a really full on day getting the house all clean & tidy & I managed a mammoth 2 hour 1o minute Saturday Slaughter Session before heading into Edinburgh for a night out. We started with a meal at McKirdy's & then went to see Anton & Erin from Strictly Come Dancing in their show 'Let's Do It' at the Usher hall. This was for Mum Smith's birthday & we had a fab evening. Thanks to Dad Smith for coming to pick us up afterwards.

Pampered Fudgey
As part of my birthday Mr Fudgey had got me a voucher for a 45 minute hot stone massage & a manicure. I headed into town early for an hour in the gym before going for my treat. OMG Hot stone massage = amazing :-) Thank you Mr Fudgey. Then Mum Smith made us dinner which was lovely as it meant I didn't cook all weekend.

Training w/c 13 Feb
A busy week for me but have been feeling really good & strong recently
Monday - PT for 1 hour
Tuesday - 30 minute run
Wednesday - 45 mins in gym including 20 min run & Body Step 45 minutes
Thursday - 25 minute run & 30 minute spin class
Friday - 1 hour in gym including 20 min run
Saturday - Saturday Slaughter Session 10 x (run 1km, 20 squats, 20 mountain climbers, 20 bicep curls, 20 single arm clean & press & 20 sit ups)
Sunday - Gym (cross trainer, bike & run)

Overdone it!
Training w/c 20 Feb
Monday - PT for 1 hour
Tuesday - 30 minute gym & 30 minute spin class
Wednesday - 1 hour in gym including 20 min run & Body Step 45 minutes
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - 45 minutes in gym (bike & cross trainer)
Saturday - Rest Day
Sunday - Rest Day

Realised on Thursday that I didn't know when my last rest day had been. I was so so tired. It's not like me to be so undisciplined but I'm paying for it now :-(

The Pink Princesses
Yesterday Mr Fudgey & I headed through to Glasgow to snatch a brief but fab catch up with my Sis, her hubby & our 3 gorgeous nieces. It was so good to see them all

La Traviata
Back to Edinburgh and La Traviata at The Playhouse - this was the other part of my birthday from Mr Fudgey. This is without a doubt my favourite opera I think maybe because it was the first one I ever saw. Absolutely loved this performance too & cried most of the way through the last act!

More Resting
Today I've done pretty much nothing. I should have run, I wanted to run & needed to run but my body simply told me this morning NO NO NO & for once my head decided to agree - it was the right thing to do.

Well that's all my chat from the last couple of weeks. Afew things this week - a work night out, a running event promo & a 5k on Sunday.

Hope you've all had a great week
Take care

lots of love

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Chillaxed Fudgey

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?

Just a quick post tonight - more tomorrow I promise. I am struggling to keep my eyes open as this afternoon I had the hot stone massage that Mr Fudgey bought for my was absolutely amazing & after a week of training like a cyborg just what I needed.

All in all it's been a fudgey fantastic weekend :-)

Promise I'll write more really soon
Hope you have all had as chillaxing a weekend as I have

lots of love

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fudgey Plans

Hello all,

How are you? Hope you've had a good week? I've had another busy week but quite a chillaxed weekend. In fact after this morning's run I spent this afternoon reading a book first on the sofa then jumped into bed & actually finished it - I only started it yesterday!

A few people have asked me this week what races I have coming up & what I'm currently training for.
I really need to get my act together & update the other pages on this blog with upcoming events & Race reports - but for now...
March - Meadows 5k - this was one of the first races I ever took part in, last year I did the half marathon but found it torturous doing 8 laps round the Meadows. It was also quite soul destroying being lapped not once but twice by the super fast runners! So I'm revisiting the 5k.
April - Kilomathon & Rock & Roll Half Marathon. This year there isn't a full kilomathon so I'm doing the half which is 13.1km, this isn't a distance I've done before but with a few halfs & 2 Marathons done it shouldn't be a problem.
So those are the things I'm meant to be training for....
as promised last week I did actually manage to run 3 times this week a total distance of 18.91km - well it's a start. it's 5 weeks to Kilomathon & 7 to the half. Setting myself the same target this week of running 3 times.

My training this week:
Monday - 1 hour personal training session
Tuesday - Run & 30 minute spin class
Wednesday - 45 minute Bodystep class
Thursday - 1 hour gym session & 30 minute spin class
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 1 hour 45 minute Saturday Slaughter Session
Sunday - Run

Saturday Slaughter Session this week was increased from last week 8 x 1km run with 20squats 12kg, 20 single arm kettlebell swings 12kg, 20 alternate dumbbell press 5kg, 20 komodo & 20 sit ups then 1.2km run to finish. Next week I'm aiming for 10 rounds. It's fab having our own wee gym zone as I don't need to worry about time getting there & back & can just pop in whenever I want.

The run today was pretty tough, legs started to defy me, then became unresponsive but thankfully got me home. It was pretty cold out but gloriously sunny. I even got chased by a dog - you've got to love the joys of running outdoors.

Next week I'm planning to keep up the hard work but have a couple of treats to look forward to (date with hubby, show & dinner with hubby & Mum in Law & a hot stone massage & manicure)so will have plenty to tell you about next week.

I'm going to go & snuggle up in front of TV with Mr Fudgey, have a cup of tea & relax a bit more, as I've packed my gym kit & the lunches are mostly made for tomorrow.

Hope you all have a great week

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? How has your week been? Who has snow? I'm pleased to say we've had none & I'm hoping it stays that way - we saw enough last year to do us for a good few years.

Well this week has been a really good week, though I think I may have overdone it just a little as today I had to rest & even grating carrot & chopping an onion hurt my arms.

I decided this week that I really needed to up my game a little & step out of my comfort zone.

Last week I decided to stop being so lazy & actually take the stairs at work - I'm pleased to report I never took the lift once in #10 last week :-)

On Wednesday I finally managed to make it to a BodyStep class - wow hard work & can't really say if I enjoyed it as I had to concentrate so hard but going to go back this week.

Yesterday I created my own Saturday Slaughter session in our wee gym & totally brutalised myself..... Ran 6.7km in total but after each kilometre 1 to 5, I jumped off treadmill & did 20 squats, 10 burpees, 20 lunges, 20 bicep curls, 20 oblique cycles & 10 sit ups.

I also stepped out of my comfort zone in the kitchen - I don't cook fish often as I can't eat it (makes me ill - which is unfortunate as I quite like it), but last night I decided I'd make a fish dish for Mr Fudgey while I had spicy chilli.
The result - Mr Fudgey's dinner of parma wrapped cod loin

There hasn't been much in the way of running this week - next week I really need to kick myself up the butt with regard to that. I did run for 20 minutes on Friday morning as part of my gym session & obviously the session yesterday - but it's not enough in terms of kilomathon & half marathon training - so my aim for next week is to run at least 3 times.

According to my calorie tracker - I've burnt 2700 calories through exercise this week & that doesn't include taking the stairs at work or general travelling from a to b. I know some people like to see what training I've been up to whereas others find it a bit boring so I won't go into the detail but this week.

Monday - 30 minute gym session & 30 minute spin class
Tuesday - 1 hour gym session & 30 minute spin class
Wednesday - 45 minute Bodystep class
Thursday - 1 hour personal trainign session
Friday - 1 hour gym session
Saturday - 90 minute Saturday Slaughter Session

Unsurprisingly today has been a much needed rest day. I've been busy in the kitchen baking for work though Mr Fudgey has had a wee taste of everything & gives it the thumbs up.
I'm now contemplating going for a nice relaxing soak in the bath & using some of the gorgeous lush bath stuff that Mr Fudegy surprised me with on Wednesday. He is the best x x

Have a great week everyone & I shall be back soon to let you know if I can keep up the stair challenge & if I actually run 3 times this week. Mr Fudgey has put new workout music on my ipod so hopefully that'll inspire me.

lots of love

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back on Track

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Yes it is true I really am back writing my blog. Back & with a refreshed look thanks to fantastic Mr Fudgey - though the pinkness is all me!


As many of you know the second half of 2011 was pretty tough for me & my family for a variety of reasons. Mr Fudgey & I took the decision to simply get to the end of 2011 wave the year goodbye & move onto a new year & hopefully happier times. However I shouldn't forget that there were some good times too.
I ran my first marathon......& my second
The medal haul in the photo is just for 2011 = Great Winter Run 5k, Kilomathon 26.2k Race for Life 10k, Edinburgh Marathon & Dublin Marathon & The Santa Run & not forgetting the Meadows half marathon but there was no medal for that one.
Mr Fudgey & I also finally went on honeymoon to Italy & Switzerland & had a fudgeytastic time:-)

So here I am back & certainly happier than I have been in about 6 months. I've gained a few more pounds than I would have liked & haven't really run properly since Dublin at Halloween but January has seen me refind my focus & my determination. We've expanded the Fudgey gym as I bought some kettlebells with Christmas money from my Mum & Dad - Thank you, & I also bought a bench & a swiss ball (not yet inflated though). Mr Fudgey put down some flooring & built the bench which was a marathon workout in itself - Thank you babe. So no excuses now at all. I'm also back on the healthy eating and have lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I'm feeling so much better.
I've signed up for the Kilomathon on 1st April - but a little gutted that there is no full distance this year so I'm doing the 13.1k - a distance I have never raced but am certainly capable of running and I've also signed up for The Edinburgh Rock & Roll Half Marathon also in April - so training has started already. No Marathons for me this year as I never got a place in the London Marathon but I certainly hope to run another - maybe in 2013.
I also plan this year to raise some money for the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice who took such good care of my Gran & of us.

So that's my plans for this year so far, my plans now for the rest of the evening are to snuggle up with Mr Fudgey, watch a movie & enjoy an options wicked white hot chocolate.

Take care everyone I'll be back soon

lots of love