Thursday, 28 April 2011

I ran to Milton Keynes

Hey Fudgey Friends

Just a quick post this evening with a couple of random running facts....

apparently since the start of the year I've burnt calories equivalent to 298 donuts!

and run the distance from Edinburgh to Milton Keynes approx 350 miles at this rate I'll need new running shoes in the summer

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Take Care all
lots of love

Monday, 25 April 2011

"'Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ASS!”

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Belated Happy Easter. Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Mr Fudgey & I have been fortunate to have a 4 day weekend & I have to admit I am so glad as I'm just exhausted.

"'Your feet hurt because you’re kicking so much ASS!”
Apparently the above was a banner at a race - this would have made me laugh & kick even harder!
The reality is my foot hurt because I didn't tape it properly but I'm pleased to report it is on the mend. The injury did mean though that from the Kilomathon last Sunday till this Saturday I never ran a single km. In fact I never saw the inside of the gym till Thursday & that was for a PT session which was as torturous as usual.

Catching Up
On Friday Mr Fudgey & I headed through to Glasgow to meet up with my Gran for lunch. It was great to see her and hear all about her recent holiday to Portugal. Now I'm sure my Gran wouldn't want me to publish her age here but it's fair to see she is a little more than twice my age and she has so much energy. Bowling, dancing, travelling and socialising with friends are just a few of the activities she enjoys. She really is an amazing lady and I hope I have half her energy when I'm her age - in fact half her energy now would be good :-)We all have heroes & people who inspire us - but sometimes they are closer to you than you may think.

Foot Tester
On Saturday morning I decided that I'd head out for a short run to see how my foot would hold up & if I would be OK for my long run on Sunday. It was cold, grey and damp but I have a fantastic short & hilly but fast and strong run. I kept it short as the plan for Sunday was to increase my distance again.

Beyond the Comfort Zone

I got up a little later than planned on Sunday and my enthusiasm from Saturday had gone - I wasn't in the mood to run & made even harder knowing that it was 20 miles on the plan. By the time I headed out it was just after 10am and it was already getting hot. I had on a long sleeved white top & a cap to protect me from the sun. Off I went - was amazed just how much the 2 litres of water in the hydration pack and my tiredness slowed me down. The first 14km of my route were pretty hilly - I've run this route a couple of times before & this hill is a close second nemesis to my arch enemy Arthur's seat. It doesn't look much from the bottom

but this is the view from the top

I chose this as part of my route though as it's so pretty and I especially wanted to enjoy the views in the sunshine for the first time. The heat, the hills and my general tiredness really took it out of me though and by 13km I wanted to quit & go home. I had a wee chat with myself as you do and decided that I needed to carry on as on Marathon day I'm not just going to give up & go home if it's a bit tough. Decided to run down by the canal for a bit but my pace dropped even more with the uneven surface and my left knee started to hurt a little. By 16km my right glute & right inner thigh were also hurting in addition to the left knee. I was pretty fed up but stuck with it, though it became more of a run, walk, hobble than a complete run. I would walk 200m then run 800m when I couldn't keep running. Sheer bloody mindedness and determination got me through and I stopped my garmin at 32.35km (20.1 miles) I should have felt elated but I just wanted to cry to be honest. Lucozade recovery drink, Ice bath, cup of tea, warm shower & 2XU compression tights on I didn't feel quite so bad - as I posted on facebook...Mentally & emotionally = happy & proud. Physically = hurting
I later discovered I had also managed to get a bit sunburnt. I had rolled my right sleeve half way up when it got really hot but couldn't roll up the left as my garmin was over it - so I have a very distinct red / white divide on my right arm and the backs of my hands were a bit pink too - so must remember next time to get the sun cream on before heading out - just not used to this weather at home.

Fantastic Mr Fudgey
I know I mention Mr Fudgey often but I honestly can't Thank him enough for his continued support. He really is the best.
On Sunday he was busy at home cutting all the grass & doing the ironing whilst I was out running. He really is a star doing everything he can to make sure I can fit in my training and have as stress free a time at home as I possibly can. Thanks Babe xxxx

It would be wrong not to Thank everyone else for their words of encouragement, advice, support and tolerance of me when I', tired, irritable & grumpy - you all know who you are. I have the best family and friends ever.

Easter Dessert

Mum & Dad Smith invited us for dinner on Easter Sunday and I knew I had this to look forward too whilst I was out plodding the roads. I had said I'd make a dessert and decided for once to ditch the healthy books & make something decadent - Banoffee Pie.
This also prompted an unplanned arm workout as I don't have an electric whisk & I had to whip the cream by hand - my poor arms ached like my legs afterwards!
But it was worth the effort

Thanks to Mum Smith for a fab meal and to Dad Smith for the taxi service - very very much appreciated.

Lazy Day
Today has been a very lazy day. I didn't sleep well last night - sore legs but they are much better today & I walked down to the shops and back to pick up milk just to stretch them off - no run today - may squeeze in a quick recovery tomorrow time permitting.

Going to go and start organising dinner - I've been trying to reintroduce fish to my diet to eliminate which doesn't agree with me and enjoyed tuna steak last week served with roasted tomato & sweet potato crush. Tonight's effort is salmon with corn on the cob & some sort of rice.

Well that's enough babbling from me for one day

Take Care
lots of love

Monday, 18 April 2011

Kilomathon Scotland - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Finally a race report from Sunday's Kilomathon - sorry for the delay.

The alarm went off at 5.30am on Sunday and I was up and eating my usual pre race fuel of Marks & Spencer's Sultana & apple instant porridge by 6am. It was a real struggle but experience has taught me how important it is for long runs to get the correct food in and when is the best time for me - I find about 2 hours before the start works best for me. I also drank some water & a small cup of tea.

The taxi arrived to take us to Ingliston at 6.30am.

Once we arrived I had to collect my race number & timing chip as I was technically a late entry as entered through my charity Bliss and it wasn't all finalised till late March. No problems getting sorted at the help desk though I did feel for the 2 women staffing it and the growing queue - they seemed to have it all under control though.
The sun was already out though it was a little chilly and forecast was for temperatures around 17c.

Just after I came out of the help desk we met KMac & Rob. Kmac was running the half kilomathon.

Several loo trips - luxurious by other race standards as they were real toilets not the usual portaloos and then it was time to go to our starting pens. The half runners were about 3 pens in front of me so I waited with KMac till almost the last minute & then joined my pen which was the last one and I was pretty much at the very end. Experience from this event last year when I was at the start of my pen had meant that I had gone off to fast and then been passed by lots of runners which can be demoralising so I figured if I started at the back the crowd would force me to initially keep the pace down and the I could be motivated by moving my way forward rather than seeming to go backwards.

8am sharp we were off.

Saw Mr Fudgey & Rob on the way past & then saw Mr Fudgey again as I came past the entrance area after initial half lap within Royal Highland Centre. I looked at my garmin and thought oh no I have gone off too fast though I didn't feel like I was going fast so I tried to slow down a little but I was feeling really good.
First water station about 4k - I felt brilliant.
Took on a gel about 6k - didn't really want it but the run was as much about Marathon preparation than anything else.
8k still feeling really good but starting to think there was no way I could maintain this pace for the full 26.2km

Just before 10km on the bridge I saw Kmac ahead of me so when I caught her I fell into stride with her. She looked fab but said she was struggling a little and her IT band was hurting. I stayed with her all the way to 13.1km and walked a little of each km when she was starting to hurt - but looking at my splits it was only really the 13th km that was much slower. Took another gel at about 11k again not really wanted but knew better to have before I needed it. It was really pleasant on the bridge crossing with a nice breeze - though there was still hardly a cloud in the sky.

KMac finished the half in about 1hour 24 minutes and I'm so proud of her.

I still had another 13.1km to run.

Was feeling really strong and pace was still better than I could have hoped for. Knew the killer hill was coming at around 18km so was mentally preparing myself for that. It's a tough one. You can see from my splits where that hill came! I knew after that though that there were only another couple of small hills before 20km & then it was pretty much downhill & flat to the finish.
After the hill I had another gel. It was amazing this time to maintain my pace through the last 6km whereas previously this was where I had struggled.

Back onto the gravel track past the airport at 24km was torture on the feet but my theory was if I ran I'd be over if quicker than if I stopped to walk - I think though this is where the damage to my poor foot was done. It was also pretty hot at this point with no shade from the sun but I knew I was nearly there and that pushed me on.

Coming into The Royal Highland Centre was brilliant - loads of race crew cheering us on. Fab to see the lovely Sarah B too cheering me on - always helps when you hear your own name.

Then into the finishing straight and saw Mt Fudgey & his Dad - I felt absolutely brilliant and even had enough for a sprint finish to bring me in just under 2 hours 50 mins.

Mr Fudgey told me that I looked really strong compared to last time I ran this race where I looked tired at the finish.

It's certainly boosted my confidence for the Marathon.

Through the finish line into the finish area - a bottle of water, medal, energy drink and goody bag.

I need to find out what that energy drink was - not so I can get some so that I avoid it - it was vile - but that's my only negative of the whole event.

Disappointing it wasn't better attended - I think numbers were well down on October.

Being a complete stats geek I've managed to put 2011 & 201 splits side by side and they make me smile - shows me how much stronger I am getting all the time.

Official time was 2 hours 49 minutes 55 seconds.

After the run I had my ice bath and I have to admit my legs although a little stiff on Sunday by Monday didn't feel like they'd run 26.2km, unfortunately my right foot did & I have a very nasty blister & bruising which needed a trip to the doc :-(
This was actually partly my fault as I am prone to blisters and always tape my feet. However on Sunday I taped my feet but didn't put my socks or trainers on straight away. I then walked about in bare feet & the tape slid slightly and wasn't sticking properly but rather than retaping I just put more tape on top. Sore lesson learnt! So no running for me for a good few days to allow it to heal. I have found a way to use this positively though and am threatening to expose what is under the dressing if people don't sponsor me - yes I am that evil ;-%

Hoping to get in a 20 miler this weekend and next before taper caper commences - less than 5 weeks to the Marathon now and I'm in a pretty good place.

Take Care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kilomathon Scotland - new PB

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Full race report will follow probably tomorrow but just a quick update.

Brilliant run today. Unofficial time 2 hours 49 mins (compared to October's time of 2hours 56 mins)

Legs a bit stiff & sore thanks to all the hills & hard work in the heat - but feeling pretty good.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend

lots of love
Fudgey xxxxx

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pre race - Prep, Phantom Pains, Pasta & Nerves

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Just a quick post before I go to bed. Have to leave the house at 6.30am tomorrow for the Kilomathon.

I'm pretty organised have all my kit laid out, safety pins etc in my bag.

Tonight I made chicken & broccoli lasagne - so great pre race carbs.

I've also had a lovely relaxing soak in the bath .....oh & indulged in a nap this afternoon for 2 hours!

None of the above prep though has stopped me experiencing phantom aches & pains in my legs - I always get these just before an event - i think it's an anxiety thing.

I'm also pretty nervous. I don't know why as I've done this event before & have run further - so I should be fine.

Will let you know tomorrow how I got on

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

Monday, 11 April 2011

Kicking Ass in The Gym

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all today?

I planned to get up today and workout before my course but a bad night's sleep meant that didn't happen. Gorgeous as the hotel is the clock sounding on the hour every hour at St Paul's is not conducive to a good night's sleep.

Even though I left with plenty of time I managed to get a little lost on my way to my course - not a great start to the day.

Thankfully it improved. The course is really good & I'm learning lots. Only 5 other people on it and 2 tutor's so getting loads of 1 to 1 time too.

After the course finished today I decided to hit the gym - no real plan as such as I wasn't sure how well equipped it would be. Didn't feel like a straight treadmill run so decided to add a few bits & bobs
Run 2km
3 supersets of lunges (12 each leg) & 12 alternate bicep curls both using 9kg dumbbells
Run 2km
Failed attempt at bosu squats - their floor too polished = not feeling safe
alternated 10 press ups (5 sets total) & 15 ab extensions with 7kg medicine ball (3 sets)
Run 2km
3 supersets of 30 oblique cycles & 15 reverse curls.

felt sick & shaky by the end & was dripping sweat on the floor - not very glam but fab workout

My unlucky streak continues and as well as a minor collision in taxi on way to airport, fire alarm at airport, magical mystery tour on way to hotel due to DLR replacement bus, and lost on way to course this morning, I have also managed to throw a 9kg dumbbell at myself & it looks like I may have a cracker of a bruise on my left shin - it begs the question what next!!!!!

Well gonna try & get some sleep - can't wait to be back in my own bed tomorrow night though

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Sunday, 10 April 2011

6 weeks to go.....

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? I hope you've all had a great weekend -it's been gloriously sunny here and I suspect there may be a few sunburned folk in the office tomorrow.

Yet another week has passed and it's been another busy one but my training has been good & I have a new weekly distance record again this week recording my first 60km week (about 37 miles). The training is getting tougher now and the next 3 weeks will probably be the toughest before I start to taper & then I'll be more irritable than usual!

So here's a quick run down of the week

Monday Recovery
I was surprised how good I felt after last Sunday's 19 miler the only minor negative was my black toe nail on my right foot which I know I'll lose so that will be one from each foot. No strappy sandals for me this summer - I'll be hiding my ugly runners feet in shame.
I knew that I needed to get some form of movement in today but had a sports massage booked after work & then a family meal for Dad Smith's birthday so it had to be lunchtime. I opted for the treadmill as I then had the choice of hopping off & onto the bike or the cross trainer if my body objected after the 19 miler - but bizarrely it was fantastic.

Tuesday Torture
Yes PT day - just when I think it's getting easier he increases the weights or finds some new cruel way to hurt me LOL - I love it. PT is the highlight of my week especially as I'm constantly seeing progress.
3 single supine rows - god these are tough
3 sets of 2 almost unassisted pull ups
4 supersets of underarm grip cable pulls down 6 reps 45kg & 15 swiss ball tricep dips
4 supersets of 8 straight arm cable pull down 25kg & 10 alternate bicep curls 9kg
3 supersets of 15 squats 50kg (I suspect this may go up next week) with 20 high bar lunges 15kg bar.

Wednesday - Resting
Total rest day - just what I needed

Thursday - back twice as strong
After my rest day I managed not 1 but 2 sessions today. Sprint intervals at lunch time which really burnt off some of my tension and then after work a slightly longer steady run - aim was for about 10km & I managed over 11.5 and still felt I had more in the tank.

Friday - not my usual commute
Decide to attempt to run to work rather than take the bus. This was fine when I lived closer but now it's over 12 miles - still it seemed to me like a good way to get the miles in especially as I knew I'd be pushed for time at the weekend.
An effort to get up & do this but I said I would so I did. I didn't fuel the way I normally would for a run of this distance partly as I didn't want to get up at 5am to eat. Up at 6am, had a lucozade sports carb cereal bar (yummy) and was ready & out by about 6.35. I wanted to quit & get the bus between km 5 & 10 - just didn't feel good but by km 10 the cereal bar & the lucozade body fuel gel I'd had at 5k must have kicked in because I started to feel good & the pace picked up & I was in cruise mode till about 18k - struggled a wee bit but picked it up to run my last km as the fastest of the day. Super impressed with myself after the 10.5 miles in the legs from Thursday. 23 miles in less than 24 hours a new achievement for me - now just need to manage 26.2 all at once on Marathon day!

Sunday - Short Long Run

As I was pushed for time this weekend my run was going to be slightly shorter than I'd have done if I had more time. I was going to run a hilly 14km but first 2km my legs told me NO. I felt crap :-( and I'd had an upset stomach this morning so decided to alter my route & run along the canal that way I could turn back whenever I wanted. 5km into the run I started to feel good but I had a wee stop to take some photos on my phone - OMG why have I never run down here before it's so lovely - helped today by the glorious sunshine. Ran for an hour & then turned & headed back. Not a great run by any means but so glad I did it & my first ever 60km week :-)

Fudgey goes to London
I'm writing this post from my hotel room in London. I'm here for a course for a couple of days abandoning Mr Fudgey and the fellas.I miss them already. It was a bit of an eventful journey including a fire alarm at Edinburgh airport and a magical mystery tour on the DLR rail replacement bus service - still I got here eventually and in one piece. So will 2 days in London halt my training? Not too much I have my kit with me & the hotel has a fancy gym so I'll be trying that out but I will also be having a mini taper ahead of next Sunday's kilomathon.

Well that's my update for this week - will be back soon but off to get some sleep now - going to be very odd in a big bed on my own
Take Care everyone

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Further than a Fudgey has ever been before

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well today was the long run - longer than I've ever gone before - plan was 18 miles which I knew to be about 29k.

Originally I intended to get up & be out for 8am but it didn't happen as planned. I never slept well last night so what I did was get up at 7.30am eat my cereal, have some juice and a small cup of tea & my omega 3 & got ready to go. Plan was to lie on the bed beside Mr Fudgey for a an hour to let the food digest and then head out about 8.30 / 9ish but I ended up dozing off. Must have been what I needed though. Got up just before 10am & finished getting ready. Filled my new hydration pack & filled my SIS belt with SIS Go Gels.

SIS are my gels of choice. I have tried both powerbar & lucozade gels but I find both too sickly & too thick. I also tried lucozade jelly beans and whilst I like the taste of these I don't like or can't chew on the run so a gel or drink is the best option for me, but I think it really comes down to personal choice and trying out what does and doesn't work for you & training runs are the best time to do this.

The new hydration pack was a gift from Mr Fudgey and it worked really really well. It saved me having to carry water, had a section for phone and keys, and the mouthpiece worked much better than the last pack I had - little effort required to get a good drink.

So off I set. First couple of km I didn't feel very comfortable at all - convinced myself I had a sore left knee - which I didn't. Decided to give it 5k & see how I felt. Took on my first gel just after 5k and was running really easily, not fast, but today was about distance not about pace, 12km done - still feeling strong & second gel in - I didn't really want this but I decided I'd take on 1 gel every 6km or so rather than waiting till I felt I needed to & this system worked for me. Ran for 15km which took me to the zoo & was still feeling good & turned to head back. Not so easy on the way back - strong wind right in my face. Third gel at 18km still feeling good and still nice steady consistent pace and not the least out of breath so I could have pushed harder if I wanted. 24km in took on my fourth and last gel but was starting to struggle - calves were tight, sore left knee & sore right glute - sore maybe not the right word - uncomfortable. Kms 24 - 27 were really tough & the wind was right in my face but I dug in and stuck with it though pace dropped a fair bit. But before I knew it I was at 27km and the home straight and I picked up the pace again I realised it actually felt better to run faster than slower but i could feel the blood pumping in my lower legs - felt so good I never stopped at 30km but ran an extra km to make it 31km (19.3 miles) in total for the day.
Though I was feeling stiff and sore physically, mentally I felt fantastic & a small glimmer of self believe is dawning on me that maybe just maybe there is a Marathon in me after all.

Into the house - SIS Rego Recovery drink, ice bath & then shower followed by juice, cheese & broccoli mash potato & a cup of tea. I'm surprised at how good my legs actually feel - yes I'm a bit tender but no where near as bad as I expected. Very very very much looking forward to my sports massage tomorrow now - think I've earned it.

Last but not least
Happy Mothers Day to all Mums

Take Care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey x

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Marvellous March

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you are all well and having a good weekend - as promised I'm back with a catch up of my last 3 weeks training.
March has been really really good - my running has been consistent, not fast but I've felt really strong and in control most of the time.

I've ran more at this point this year than I did in the first 3 months last year & in March clocked up my highest amount of km run in a month since I began running. Not a lot compared to many other runners - but for me a massive achievement.
Some numbers below for the stats lovers amongst us

So the training since 14th March (apologies as some of this is duplication from daily mile).....

Monday 14th March
Long long day travelling to Florida - torture for some one as active as me to be on a plane for 6 and a half hours! Enforced rest day

Tuesday 15th March
5.01km run. I never headed out till around 8.30 and by that time the sun was up & it was getting hot so called it at 5k.

Wednesday 16th March
10.22km run - up & out earlier to try & beat the sun & the heat.

Thursday 17th March
Rest day before long run - but swam 710m

Friday 18th March
24.39km run. Up & out in the dark to get the weekly long run in. The holiday was not going to halt Marathon training! It was great to run past people's sprinklers & get a refreshing shower. Mr Fudgey also came out for a but to take some photos and give me moral support. This was my longest run so far this year and though the latter stages were hard and it was getting really hot I enjoyed it so much.

Saturday 19th March
Rest day after log run but swam 1km. Swimming a km is so much harder than running a km.

Sunday 20th March
11.29km gentle recovery run. Legs felt awesome and pace was cracking which surprised me after the long run on Sat.

Monday 21st March
1km Swim

Tuesday 22nd March
1km Swim before starting the journey home.

Wednesday 23rd March
Exhausted - another enforced rest day

Thursday 24th March
Had to split this into 2 runs - 5.8km & 5.5km one at lunchtime and one after work. I had hoped for double that after work but the jetlag got me and I had to listen to my body and stop at 5.5k - before than 0k though.

Friday 25th March
5.65km pre work run to energise me and to make up for the previous day.
After work PT session
Fab session till the end when I was so wrecked I could no longer hold weights!

3 sets of 1 pull up - so nearly nearly there - I can do about 3/4 & my trainer puts his hands on my back to help me that last bit - soon I'll manage 1

4 supersets of 8 assisted pull ups (12kg) with 12 upright row (15kg)
4 supersets of 6 wide grip pull down (40kg) with 8 bicep curls (15kg)
3 supersets of 15 squats (50kg) & 15 squat jumps with 10kg dumbbells
1 set of single leg dead lift with 10lb weight 12 each leg - struggled to maintain grip on weight
hanging leg raises managed about 8 in 3 attempts again grip just not working
2 supersets of cable hamstring curls (25kg) 12 each leg, 1 attempt at hanging leg raises just not happening so we switched to a medicine ball crunch, twist & pass combo - I have no idea how many reps
and then I was done :-)
carrying my gym bag home was real effort!

Saturday 26th March
Implementation weekend for the project I have been working on so also a training rest day - which was good as feeling very lethargic and jetlagged still.

Sunday 27th March
Had to go into the office as part of the implementation weekend but thankfully it was only a couple of hours. After a brilliant training week in Florida I decided to take this week as a recovery week & cut back the distance. This was a wise move as I was still feeling really washed out.
Manged to battle it out for 11.29km but it was an effort a battle of the mind v the body. Mind said YES today but body said NO way - 36 minutes in managed to convince the body it was ok & it started to feel easy & pace picked up which was good - overall slow pace though as the first 36 minutes were a real plod - so glad I stuck with it though I was giving it 45 mins & then the body would have won. Felt so tired the last few days but I think it's a stress thing & the running actually helps

Monday 28th March
Enforced rest day 7am start at work & 6pm finish with no break so couldn't get a workout in. Did feel better when I got home about 7pm and now that we have lighter evenings I'll be able to go out running later after work.

Tuesday 29th March - Bestest PT session ever
Don't you just love it when you are so damn tired & you go for a workout & amaze yourself by doing better than usual :-) I'd not slept well for the past 4 nights & wasn't really up for this yet more press ups & hanging leg raises than ever before and heaviest weights ever too....getting stronger :-)

quick cross trainer warm up
3 sets of 2 full chin ups
4 supersets of 10 squat thrust & jumping pull up with 8 underarm cable pull down
3 supersets of 10 wide grip cable pull down with press ups managed 35, 25, 20 & 21 = 101 :-) best ever
3 supersets of lunges with 26kg bar 12 each leg with hanging leg raises managed 18, 14 & 13 - best ever
3 sets of 15 squats 50kg

Wednesday 30th March - Overdoing it!
Lunchtime circuits class
Tough class today
bicep curls 10kg, french press 10kg, chest press 15kg, reverse flyes 2kg dumbbells, agility ladder + slalom + sprint, supermarket sweep + overhead walking lunges 10kg + sprint, weighted bosu hops, 10 step ups + 5 jumps, weighted burpees, double oblique twist, swiss ball plank & punchbag

Accidental 10.3 mile run
Accidentally ran 10.3 miles after work. I just knew I needed to run but had no plan, no expectations, no pressure on myself & I just ran. I felt really strong, really in control, had a stupid big grin on my face & just loved it today.

Thursday 31st March
After PT. circuits & the accidental 10 miler getting up today was an effort - arms wrecked, abs wrecked, legs like 2 dead weights. Indulged in mac cheese for lunch & then a short recovery run after work - legs felt awesome afterwards - shame abs & arms were still agony! still 2 days rest before Sunday's long run when I hope to go further than I ever have before - here's hoping for 18 miles :-)

So guys that was Marvellous March! It really helps me to see my training laid out like that & how I'm progressing all the time.

So here's now hoping for an Awesome April....

Friday 1st April
Total rest day - absolute heaven - how liberating not to lug my gym bag to work, had to carry a very nice bottle of champagne home though - pity I can't drink it for another 50 days! Arms were still wrecked but abs were better and legs feel great so looking forward to Sunday's long run.

Saturday 2nd April
A pretty lazy day today, catching up on some chores and doing the laundry, starting to get anxious about tomorrow's long run but I know I can do it. 7 weeks tomorrow till the Marathon - getting closer but have the Kilomathon up first in 2 weeks.

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow - here's hoping for good running conditions.

Take Care everyone

Friday, 1 April 2011

I'm back!

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Sorry it's been nearly 3 weeks since I last posted. I have been away having a well earned holiday. Mr Fudgey & I were in Florida :-)
Since I've been back I've hardly stopped. Work has been busy we had our project implementation last weekend & I was working and then was in at 7am each day for the first part of this week & here late too - it hasn't held back my training though.
I'm feeling really really good at the moment.

The holiday didn't halt my training either.

I ran

I swam

but I did also relax :-)

It was great to have a holiday but it was also great to come home. We still have our 'honeymoon' to look forward to later this year as well.

I'll be back soon with a training post for the last 3 weeks & this Sunday I'll be attempting my longest run to date - hopefully 18 miles. Only 51 days to the Marathon :-$

Take Care all
Lots of Love