Sunday, 31 January 2010

Where are all the men?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Fudgey's latest observation from my Sunday morning run was 'where are all the men?'
I can honestly say I never saw a single male runner this morning. I saw 6 other ladies but no men. Where were they? It was a fantastic day for running. Bright bright sunshine but very cold & crisp - my favourite kind of day.
There was a light frost in some places but not enough to cause any problems.
I also saw the 2 cutest little squirrels en route today.

I ate some Hovis extra wheatgerm crackers and had a small cup of tea about half an hour before heading out. Next week I want to try & get up a little earlier to try & eat something more substantial as I think I will need to as I increase the distances.

At the half way mark today I had a strawberry banana flavour powerbar gel, like the lucozade one definitely an acquired taste but I think they do help

11km Run today 1 hour 6 minutes & 2 seconds....gotta be pleased with that :-)

After my run I had a lovely Cinnamon and Raisin bagel think I earnt it.

Training Update
It's been a fairly busy week for me this week & I had 4 days pretty much away from the office so there weren't any lunch time gym sessions. I still managed though to run 31km this week. Total Running time 3 hours 2 minutes and 8 seconds.

Tuesday: see my blog entry re my training session 5km run total time 28 minutes 6 seconds
Wednesday :5km Run 28 minutes 50 seconds
Friday: see my blog entry re my 10km Run 59 minutes 10 seconds
Sunday: 11km Run 1 hour 6 minutes and 2 seconds

In January 2010 I've run a grand total of 104.4km. I'd set myself a target of 100km - so it's all looking positive

Coffee & Friends
Mr Fudgey and I headed into town at lunchtime to meet our fabulosly fudgey friend KMac and her sister for coffee. KMac & her sister are heading up Kilimanjaro in September this year to raise money for the same charity as me. CCLASP. KMac also has a fab blog you should check out

All in all a lovely end to the week - running and coffee with hubby and friends, what better way to spend a Sunday.

I'm away now to chillax.

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Friday, 29 January 2010

SUB 60!

Very very very pleased little fudgeykin today.

I've achieved my first sub 60 minute 10km.

59 Minutes 10 seconds

Not bad for someone who 2 years ago & 6 stone heavier ago couldn't even run for a bus & who this time last year couldn't run nonstop for more than about 10 minutes at a time.

Hopefully this will inspire you all to achieve something for yourselves. It doesn't have to be anything big or mean anything to anyone other than you but when you set yourself a target & reach it you'll feel amazing.

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Will blog again after my weekend run.

Fudgey xxx

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Good to Go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Today I had another fabulous training session with my amazing personal trainer.
We did a similar session to the one I did last week, running a km with exercises in between (different ones this week) x 5, again trying to match or better each km's speed & the overall challenge to take 10 seconds off the total time.
You know me set me a challenge and I'll do my best to rise to did I manage it? bet.....a whooping 28 seconds off :-)
I think it makes a real difference when you know someone else is there monitoring and motivating you.
It also makes up for Sunday's off colour running.

Today's Session
Run 1km (5.50) last week 5.56
20 lunges with medicine ball (10 each leg)
Run 1km (5.41) last week 5.44
12 lunges each leg with front foot on bosu ball & hand weights
Run 1km (5.36) last week 5.42
12 x 2 squat thrust followed by press up
Run 1km (5.32) last week 5.38
some really challenging ab work
Run 1km (5.27) last week 5.34
15 swiss ball squats
1 min ski sit

Clean Bill of Health
Today I had to head off to see the doctor as I wanted to get my dodgy runner's feet looked at and I've also been having an intermittent pain in my right shin. It doesn't hurt when I run, only when I don't and yesterday when it was bitterly cold it was throbbing. I thought I better get it checked out now as I'd rather take a few days off now than a few weeks later when I've run myself into the ground literally.
Anyway it was all good news. Apparently my feet aren't as bad as some she's seen....poor woman! I think mine are vile. She said the hardening of the skin is a good sign and I'm doing the right thing by taping my feet. I also apparently have muscular feet?
Re the shin she told me I can keep running. YIPPEE :-D
Her theory is that it's just my body adapting to my running regime and actually taking time off the running could make it worse when I start again. I like this theory. She did tell me to be sensible though and listen to my body and if it gets worse to come back. She also suggested getting a sports massage and recommended The Space Clinic.
So a clean bill of health. This Fudgey is good to go!

On that note I'm gonna toddle off & spend some quality time with Mr Fudgey.

Love to all

Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.....

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you are all having a lovely relaxing weekend. Unfortunately my Sunday morning run wasn't all I hoped it would be today but I'll learn from the negatives & the positives.

Even though from the moment I woke up I didn't feel like running I booted myself up the bum and got my kit on. I also filled my new running water bottle....purchased from my gym Bannatynes. When I started running hubby had bought me a small running bottle from 'run for it' and it was great but only held 250ml - it was also not the easiest to get the water out of. Now I'm running further and longer I felt I needed a bigger bottle & the Banntynes one holds almost 500ml.

I can now recommend this bottle to anyone looking for a running water bottle. It is easy to hold and easy to get the water out of on the move. It also looks nice!
Today I was again wearing my long technical running tights purchased from Time to Run, courtesy of the voucher my wonderful Mum & Dad gave me for Christmas. I love these so much I am thinking of getting another pair or a pair of the cropped ones.
It was good that I got up and went out running unfortunately it wasn't the best of runs and I returned home feeling sore, annoyed & unfulfilled.

Nothing awful happened. The running part of me just didn't switch on this morning and my body wasn't responding the way I wanted it to. It was grey, cold and damp day which I don't think helped the old joints or morale. It was also much busier this week and several times I had to stop / well run on the spot waiting to cross the road. I also had to negotiate many pedestrians and 3 pushchairs. I think I'm quite a considerate runner and I try not to be too obtrusive but some people either have no spacial awareness or are just plain ignorant. About 3.5km into my run I had to stop and walk a little, I had tension in the front of my right ankle, pain in my right shin and right inner thigh. I walked for about a minute and then set off again. Coming up to the 5.5km mark I had to decide either a) head home or b) carry on the the other 5.5km. I'm still not sure if I was wise or foolish? will let you know what my body says in the morning! I decided that I'd beat myself up for the rest of the day if I only did 5.5km and that even if I walked the other part of my run it was better than quitting. I also thought to myself what would I do in the half marathon if I was half way and just didn't feel in the mood? I know that I wouldn't give up then so why should I now? well other than a few niggles but I knew that they were only niggles nothing serious.
Fueled by a Lucozade Body Fuel Gel I managed a better second half than the first and actually the last km the running part of me did switch on and I flew.

I'm not going to go into too much detail about the ugly but it's a real soap box issue for me. DOG POOP. OMG I have never seen so much dog dirt on the pavements in my life. I pity the poor souls who already had encountered this and taken it further than it's original location. It was quite shocking and another reason why I didn't enjoy my run so much today. I'm going to leave that whole subject there - though belive me I could rant for hours on the subject.

I got home 11km 1 hour 12 mins and 26 seconds later. Fantastic Mr Fudgey had been busy doing the housework. He heard all about my run and was so supportive he totally understood how I felt. I had a lovely hot shower and then a muscle soak bath and felt much better. I'm not going to beat myself up that today's running wasn't my best, at least I was out there and as I said at the start I'll learn from the positives and the negatives. Sometimes you have to experience the bad & the mediocre to really appreciate the good and the great so I'm not downheartened at all tomorrow is another day & I'll be back!!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I'm off now to chill. I've even poured myself a glass of wine :-D

lots of love


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Running Out of Steam?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I'm Back! It's been a busy busy old week & at times I thought my head would spin off or implode - not sure which would be worse?

Anyway I'm NOT running out of steam, I've just been uber busy with work and one thing or another.

Those who know me well will tell you that I often get very personally involved and take on too much, but that's just me I don't see the point in doing something if you aren't going to put the effort in and do it right.....or at the very least give it a damn good shot. I'm just passionate, focused and sometimes a bit mad!

Thankfully I have a fabby hubby, great family, amazing friends, the best personal trainer in the world and some very wise colleagues who help keep me grounded.

So what's been happening this week.

They are AWESOME. In fact I think they have wings. On Monday lunchtime I went for my regular lunchtime run - the distance I can fit in is now 5km as my average pace is so much faster than it used to be. 2 months ago when I started my running training I could manage about 3km.
Anyway fudgey was wearing animal print tights so could not tape my feet pre gym. My lovely colleagues are now used to me taking off my shoes & socks & taping up my feet, not to mention all the weird & wonderful things I eat & drink or the nonsense I babble on a daily basis - however removing my tights may have been a step too far. Dopey fudge did not think to use the ladies toilets to do this DOH!
So I put my roll of zinc oxide tape in my bag & headed to the gym. Only to realise when I got there and got changed that I didn't have scissors to cut it.
I decided I'd run with untaped feet but as soon as I felt the slightest rubbing I would stop.
5km and 29 mins 3 secs later not a single blister in sight. Oh & my fastest 5km to date. I was walking on air!!!
Loving the Progrid Hurricane 10s.

My beautiful friend Caroline asked me to be a client for her facial course at college on Monday night.
OMG. I felt so relaxed afterwards and it was just what I needed. It was the best facial ever.
Hope you passed Caroline?

After yet another demanding & challenging day at the office I headed down to the gym where I experienced one of my toughest sessions yet. Thanks Colin!
The idea was that I should run each km faster or equal to the previous but with some added extra in between to fatigue the legs etc. This is what I did....
Run 1km (5.56)
15 clean & press
15 jack knifes
Run 1km (5.44)
20 jumps onto / between 2 steps
12 lunges each leg with front foot on step & with weighted bar....I don't even want to know what weight it was
Run 1km (5.42)
8 x 2 squat thrust followed by press up
Run 1km (5.38)
15 swiss ball squats
1 min ski sit
Run 1km (5.34)

Phew I'm exhausted again just remembering it....but it was a fantastic session. Having the challenge to try and better my time each km really motivated me. What motivates you? Use that motivation to achieve your goals it is so worth it.

My body told me today I had to rest and I am becoming very good at listening to it. Another busy busy day at work though did play a small part in me not getting to the gym....though for once I am thankful.

Thursday morning it was a major effort to haul myself out of bed and into the office for 7am. I managed to forget my staff id and our ever so efficient security wouldn't let me in! I was practically in tears till one of our equity dealers arrived having also forgotten his id so we were able to vouch for each other.
The effervescent KMac managed to cheer me up with our regular coffee trip & her run down of her morning gym visit.
Thanks for buying my coffee honey and putting up with my moany face x
For those who don't know we load cash onto our id badge to buy breakfast, lunch, coffees etc in the staff canteen or pass effectively = no money
Thursday did turn into a better day and I manged to make quite a bit of progress with work issues and then realised goodness it's Thursday already wow that means it Friday tomorrow. See at least I know the order the days come in!
I managed to get away from work on time so headed for a run. 7km today in 41 mins 41 secs, again wearing the Progrid Hurricane 10s
I then went and met the lovely Mr Smith and took him out for dinner. We both really enjoyed it. So Thursday ended on a high with good running and dinner date with my hubby ;-D

Thank Fudgey it's Friday
and before I knew it, it was Friday. Yippee! Had a great nights sleep and feeling much better and also excited by the anticipation of no alarm clock for Sat morning.
I'm not the only person who felt its been a really torrid week so many people I've spoken to also seem to have been insanely busy or stressed out.
I never managed to get to spin class as I had hoped but my legs are telling me they are needing a proper rest so I am saving them for another long Sunday run. It's taken a while but I now accept that the rest days are just as important as the training ones. 4 months now to the half marathon and I want to get there a lean mean fudgey running machine not a burnt out old wreck!

Wow this has turned into a long blog today - hope I haven't put you to sleep.

I'm away off now to make a butternut squash chilli but I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my long weekend run.

Hope you all have a great weekend
Fudgey xxx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Keep on Running.....126 days to EHM

Hello Fudgey Friends

I've had an brilliant running / training week this week. Put in 29km not to mention the 2 spin express classes & some weights in the gym too.

This morning was the first time this year that I got to do my Sunday morning outdoor run. Finally all the snow & ice has cleared.

When I woke up I wasn't really feeling like going for a run but knew once I was out and running I'd be glad I was.
Mr Fudgey asked me how long I'd be gone for so I said probably around an hour as I hoped to run 10km but if it wasn't happening I'd be back sooner.

Kitted up and out the door.....what a beautiful day, sun shining, no wind,and pretty mild.

Today's session wasn't about speed.... I wanted to run at a fairly steady pace and be able to run for about 70 -75 mins which is what I thought I'd do for 11km. So much for not really feeling in the mood - the running was good 11km in 1 hour 6 mins and 41 secs and it felt amazing - there was definitely more running in my wee legs today.

At the half way mark I tried the Lucozade Body Fuel gel - it was like pure sugar and for someone like me who is very conscious of what they eat actually not that pleasant, but I sucked it out of the foil and washed down with some water. I don't know if it was psychological or not but I felt it did help me keep going and was probably the reason I felt I could have gone for further and longer.

With 126 days to go to my big challenge of the half marathon I'm feeling quietly confident, inspired, motivated and so so alive ;-)
Next planned event though is The Great Ireland Run (10km) in April but I'm hoping to find a couple of other runs between now and then. Remember all this is for charity so please please visit my just giving page and sponsor me if you can
I'll do a lovely blog about my chosen charity CCLASP very soon.

Will update you on how the new running shoes feel tomorrow.

Love to everyone
Fudgey xx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Shoes

I never thought I'd see the day I got so excited about a pair of trainers.....well actually running shoes.

I'd had a pair of Saucony shoes before & thought they were good, so back in November when I decided to invest in a pair of running shoes for my training I knew that I'd most likely buy Saucony.

I got a pair of Saucony Lady Grid Stabil 6 Running Shoes and from my previous blog you'll know I've already run 120km wearing them. Including last weekends Great Winter Run

Reading the fantastic book KMac got me for Christmas it suggested that you should have 2 pairs of shoes to alternate to allow the shoes to 'recover' (to do with the midsole being compressed during running) & also gives the shoes a chance to dry out & stop them getting too smelly. I've also read & been told the average shelf life of a pair of running shoes is 500- 800km.

So I've invested in another pair of Saucony's this time Saucony Lady ProGrid Hurricane 10 Running Shoes

I'm itching to get my new shoes on and run but tomorrows session is a long run - hopefully about 11km so probably not the wisest move to wear new shoes.....I'll have to wait till my Monday shorter session.

Tomorrow I'll also be trying out Lucozade Body Fuel I'll let you know what that is like as well as updating you on my weeks training.

Hope you are all having a fudgey weekend.

Friday, 15 January 2010

oops I did it again

so it wasn't a fluke

this little fudge took 38 secs off her 5km time & ran it in 29 mins 18 secs today

and managed a spin express class too

bring on the sub 60 min 10km

I will do it

It feels so good to be back.

New saucony running shoes arrived today............truly a thing of soon

can't wait to break them in

since I got my Saucony Lady Grid Stabil 6 on 16th November 2009 I've run 120.34km wearing them

BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This fudgey is now truly a running fudgey ....& hoping to run in Dublin in April


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I told you I'd do it!

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Do what I hear you ask?

Break 30min for a 5k Run ;-)

When I decided back in September that my next big personal challenge would be the half marathon, running for anymore than about 15 minutes non stop was hard work. I could do a 45 minute spin class no problem but running was a whole new battle.

My workouts & personal training sessions changed from focusing on weight loss towards training for the run. Colin told me to start running 6km & record my times and work on improving them. The first 6km run took me 43 minutes & 13 seconds on 6th October and I was pretty pleased with that. I've now got that down to about 37 - 38 minutes.

I also started running at lunchtime but knew I didn't have enough time in my lunch hour to fit in 6km so started working on 3km & improving on that. I then decided to set myself the challenge of being able to run 5km in 30 minutes.....for someone who a year ago couldn't run for a bus this would be a big achievement. I told Colin that I'd do it....and I did!

Anyway to cut a long story short I ran 5km in 29 minutes 56 seconds....I was over the moon.

Colin challenged me this morning to run 3km as fast as I could and I did that in 17 minutes.

These may not seem like huge things to other people, but they are to me.

I know I'll never be THE best.....but I 100% guarantee I will be MY best.

So the moral of the story. Don't do things because other people tell you to, do them because you want to. Challenge yourself. Be the best you can'll feel so good when you reach your goal.

So next challenge now is to break 60 minutes for 10km & consistently run sub 30 over I think I can do it?.....too right I can!


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Post Race Update

Well we both made it & with no mishaps or injuries at all.

When Mr Fudgey & I left the house this morning it was snowing really heavily & I was quite uptight as I was sure there would be a fall at some point over the course of the run, however by the time we got to Holyrood park it was starting to warm up & there was a good atmosphere & loads of people milling about, waiting for the Great Winter Run or watching the International & Junior athletic events.

I was layered to the max. long sleeved running top, hooded russell athletic sweater, waterproof jacket & high viz vest & my new running tights.Hat, gloves & leg warmers to top it off.

KMac being the crazy hard core chick she is ran in a pink vest!

The course had been altered due to safety concerns over the wintry conditions so was 4km rather than 5km.

The temperature was -3.

My main aim was to get to the end uninjured.

My Race

1st km 6 mins 48 secs. In spite of the warm up I was conscious of my legs being cold & not wanting to set off to fast. There was also a bit of a bottle neck out of the starting line. I ran the first km quite steadily & was happy enough with the time.

2nd km 7 mins 46 secs. the 2nd km just about killed me. So hard running uphill on snow covered grass was quite slippy at bits & I had to stop to walk, coupled with the fact that a lot of people ahead of me had to do the same another bottle neck formed up the hill & it was so cold it was hard to get your breath. I was so pleased to get to the top & see the downhill & road sections of the course coming up & was delighted I'd made it half way.

3rd km 5 mins 57 secs. In the zone now. Nice & warm & running technique looking pretty good. Running on the road was also less hairy than the snow.

4th km 5 mins 37 secs This was the home straight & I was determined to put in a good strong final km & hopefully make up for the hill blip. Last km was pretty much flat & the crowd were cheering everyone on. I came across the finish line in 26 mins 08 secs according to my watch. But I wasn't so fussed about the time.... the endorphins were pumping & I was in one piece, a little breathless due to the cold but so so happy....& then I saw Mr Fudgey & broke into a big big grin :-D

Met KMac at the meeting point & she said she thought she had done about 26 Mins too.

Mr Fudgey had made a huge thermos of coffee for which we were incredibly grateful, though I also drank the water from my goodie bag.

It was great goodie bag with a foil blanket, medal, powerade, fruit flakes, eat natural bar, vaseline lotion sample & a really lovely long sleeved top.


Firstly want to say an enormous Thank you to Mr Fudgey. He was fantastic. He took photos, kept us calm, brought us coffee & was so supportive. Love you x

I also want to Thank KMac for just being her.

& I have to Thank everyone who made today go ahead. Especially the marshalls who stood round the route in the cold & cheered us all on.

Official Time
This was an official chip timed run so was delighted when I checked the website to find my official time was 26 Mins 1sec
Now I know in better conditions I could have done a faster time & now can't wait for my next run.

Final photo of me modelling long sleeve top & medal.

Will update my blog towards end of week with update on training etc.

Hope you all have a fabby weekend.

Stay Warm & Safe
Fudgey x


I'm up & getting ready to run in the sub zero temperatures with a whole load of other crazy people.

I'm excited & nervous all at the same time.

Being a sensible little Fudge (well sometimes) I'm getting properly prepared. Will be having my Ready Brek soon & making sure I am hydrated.
I'm also strapping my feet to prevent the dreaded blisters though they're not usually an issue over shorter distance better to be prepared.
I'll be wrapped up super warm & also taking some extra warm & dry clothes to put on after. Hubby will also be there with the thermos & lots of hugs.

Check back later for a post race update

& if you manage to get down to Holyrood park I've got an awesome running if you see me give us a wave.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Porridge, Pasta & Personal Training

Hello Fudgey Friends

Hope this finds you all well & coping with the sub zero temperatures....I can't believe how cold it is.

I thought I'd give you an update on my week so far ahead of my winter wonderland adventure - The BUPA Great Winter Run tomorrow.
The course has had to be changed to a flatter 4km rather than the planned 5km round Arthurs Seat due to the icy conditions.....but KMac & I will still be there

Monday 4th Jan saw me back to work & back to some kind of normality though it was still very quiet as here in Scotland we also have a holiday on Jan 2nd & most people took this in lieu since this fell on Sat.
Caught up with the effervescent KMac over our usual morning trip to our Starbucks counter....non stop chatter there & back....It's good to be back.

Tuesday 5th Jan saw hubby return to work too. Really back to normality now.
I tested the M& S Instant Porridge sultana & apple flavour...Amazing :-) At 90p a tub a bit pricey but when you are as conscious about what you feed your body as I am....well worth it. I also had a wild sweet orange Tazo tea from Starbucks ;-)
This was also my first lunchtime gym session since Christmas eve.....I popped down at lunchtime to grab a quick 20min run on the Treadmill & it felt great to be was good to see a few of the regular faces too & I had a quick chat with my fantastic personal trainer Colin

Wednesday 6th Jan - up & out to hit the gym for 7am & managed a 10km Treadmill time was slow 67mins 13 secs but I had committed a cardinal sin......'Running on Empty'....well actually 3 mouthfuls of tea. This is not something I'd recommend & I must discipline myself to get up earlier & eat something as I increase my training for the half marathon. Hubby, Colin & KMac if you read this please don't give me a row....I gave myself one.
Once I got into the office I tried another portable porridge, this time from Asda. Flahavans Instant Oats 45p ....not as yummy as the M & S one but still pretty damn good & just what I needed after my run. I also had a Tazo Passion tea.

Thursday 7th Jan Up & at the gym again for 7am for my first Personal Training Session of the year. I started having sessions back in May when my weight loss stuck & I'm so glad I did...I would have reached my goal eventually without it but I wouldn't have been as fit or have the body shape I do now. I love my sessions with Colin, he pushes me really hard, constantly challenges me, but also makes sure I don't overdo it either.
In this session we worked upper body & abs which was strange as recently we've been working so much on the legs & training for the half marathon but I had run on Wed & need fresh legs for Sat. The hour as always just flew by.

Friday 8th Jan A rest day in more ways than one. No gym for me today saving myself for the run tomorrow. I also didn't make my packed lunch as usual. I am normally very very strict during the week about what I eat & don't leave home without my fudgey pink lunch bag of supplies but today I treated myself. I had an amazing salad from the canteen of cous cous, chicken, red onion, green olives, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, balsamic dressing & seeds.
The afternoon saw some quality girly chat with KMac & Mandy. They kept making me laugh which wasn't funny as I kept telling them 'Don't make me laugh....Colin broke my abs yesterday' KMac, Mandy - you guys are the best I am still chuckling thinking about the chat & the calories burnt discussions!!!
This evening I made wholewheat spaghetti with onions, garlic, bacon & half fat creme fraiche - one of the brilliant Scottish Slimmers recipes.

I feeling fabby I'm feeling fudgey & the fresh legs are starting to twitch and can't wait to run tomorrow.

If anyone is there tomorrow KMac & I will be the ones wearing the pink plastic ponchoes & leg warmer combo & probably talking non stop right up to the start.
Hubby I thank you so much in advance for coping with us & supporting us....I'll try not to cry at the end this time!

We'll both update you tomorrow with how we get on.

Stay Safe & Stay Warm

Fudgey xxxx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kmac does Kili

You can follow Kirsty's little blog by following the below link.
Yes there really is someone out there as mad as me!!!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Snow, Snow, Ice, Hail, Sleet, Ice, Rain ......& more Snow

The current weather conditions totally torpedoed my Christmas running plans.
I did manage a cheeky 5k on Saturday though albeit on the treadmill in the gym.

I'm not averse to running in the rain or the cold but I don't fancy broken limbs.

It's absolutely treacherous out there.

As you can imagine I'm a little apprehensive about running conditions for Saturday's Great Winter run....but you know me.....determined

However the organisers have reliably informed me:
We shall be working closely with the council in the next few days to ensure the course is cleared in order to stage a safe event on the 9th January.

At this time of year issues such as this are always possible and as such we have a number of contingency plans in place to ensure the event can go ahead.

We will place any further updates on the website.

KMac & I will be there.....hope to see some of you other crazy runners too

Stay Safe
Fudgey x

Saturday, 2 January 2010

JustGiving Page is now live

Great Winter Run 9th January 2010

Fudgey will be braving the elements next Saturday

Happy 2010

Dear Fudgey friends,

A little belated, but HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be great

So what is on the fudgey agenda for 2010....other than hoping to spend more time with my loved may have heard that I'm running the Edinburgh half marathon (EHM) in May.
Yes that's right I'm planning on running a whole 13.1 miles or 21km if you're of a younger generation.
What on earth inspired this crazy idea I hear you ask....well as many people know 2009 was a pretty great year for me....getting married & getting to my target weight finally. I have to admit to feeling fantastic & I just don't want that feeling to end. My health & fitness have become one of the most important parts of my I thought what new challenge can I set myself to make sure I keep up the good work? One of my amazing friends is climbing Mt Kilimanjaro this year to raise funds for Children with Cancer & Leukaemia
I would have loved to join her but sadly I'm unable to, but then I received an email offering me a place in the half marathon & thought why not.
Running is not something I've ever particularly enjoyed and to me has always been a bit of a challenge & something to be avoided at all costs if possible......but oh that has all changed....I'm hooked....I love it, and as my poor hubby will testify I am a nightmare if I can't get out & run or exercise in some way!

so I'm signed up for the EHM & will also be raising funds for CCLASP. JustGiving link to follow!

I hope to update this blog at least weekly to:
a) keep you updated on my training
b) keep you updated on my fundraising
c) encourage you to sponsor me or the Kili team
d) Inspire you to get out there & get fit.....& get fudgey!

love fudgey x