Sunday, 9 May 2010

Last long run & first ice bath

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Well I was up & out at 8am this morning for my last long (eg more than an hour) run before the half marathon.

I ran 20.13km (12.5 miles) in 2 hours 10 minutes.

It was an OK run,very stop & start due to traffic lights etc & also I wanted to keep the pace a little slower.

I wore the knee strap again - it doesn't offer the same support as a full knee support but it did seem to help - though I was getting some little niggles from 15km onwards .

I ran a lovely route up round Arthur's Seat again today and as it wasn't raining I took my camera so I could share some of the scenery with you. I also took a screen grab of my route from google earth.

When I got home I had my rego recovery drink & ran my ice bath. I had made up ice in ice bags but after a bag & a half my fingers were numb trying to get the cubes out so I decided I'd just chuck the bags in. I removed my running trousers & socks & wrapped a couple of towels round my shoulders over my running top & stepped in.....Aaargh my feet were like ice.....I couldn't even contemplate sitting down. I got out again & put the lid down & sat on the toilet while I regrouped. I decided to put my socks back on & try again. This time I decided I'd sit down as quickly as possible & whilst it wasn't pleasant once I was sat down it wasn't so bad. Mr Fudgey thought it was all most amusing, though he did make me a lovely hot cup of tea to drink whilst in the ice bath which really helped. I managed the full 15 minutes & I can honestly say I think it was really beneficial, I even managed a smile for the camera....I guess the proof will be how I feel tomorrow.

The rest of the day was spent in the kitchen making more banana & blueberry muffins to take into my work, I also made a new soup inspired by Alex Keerie & his post about sweet potato mash with chilli & rosemary and then I was making lots of yummy food for Mum & Dad in Law Smith coming over for dinner. We started with haggis filo parcels & my now legendary plum sauce, followed by garlic chicken, 5 spice pork & cous cous with lemon & tomato. Dad Smith also sampled the muffins and the cereal bars I've been making & gave them a big thumbs up. We all had a lovely evening.

I'll do a foodie post tomorrow about my new soup etc.

Now I'm going to toodle off & get tomorrow's lunches ready.

Hope you've all had a fab weekend

Fudgey x


  1. Loving the ice bath pics! Bravo for managing the full 15 minutes, it will definitely help. I didn't have an ice bath yesterday after my run and my knees are feeling so achey this morning :(

    The first minute or two is the worst, the pains in your joints is immense but they do pass quickly don't they?

    Well done on the 12.5 miles, you'll ace your half no problem :D

  2. the first couple of minutes were torture - getting in & sat down were the biggest challenge!
    I did feel pretty good as a result yesterday though.