Sunday, 29 August 2010


Hello Fudgey Friends,

It's been a busy old day of house hunting, but we had a lovely meal at Mum & Dad Smith's and I am feeling a lot better than I was earlier.

As promised photos of cakes.

Banana Loaf
I made on Sat evening..... fab fuel for runners! Please let me know if anyone wants my recipe.

Anniversary Cake
I ordered Fantastic Mr Fudgey a cake from the same place as our wedding cake. We ate some with Mum & Dad Smith this was delicious :-)

and now fudgey friends I'm off to bed it's been a long day since I've been awake since 3am.

lots of love
Fudgey x

All Over the Place

Good Morning Fudgey Friends,

It's an early morning post from me and saddle up it could be a long one! I've been awake since 3am and got up at 4, my head is all over the place, there is just so much going on....mostly good though, but the last few weeks & days have seen me through a roller coaster of stress, anticipation, excitement, frustration and more excitement. It's no wonder I am choked with the cold.
I'm kind of hoping that getting everything out of my head and onto a post might help a little. I sometimes wish we could plug in a USB to download stuff out of our heads when it gets too busy in there :-)

So where to start?

Moving On - Work
As many of you will know I moved to a new role in March. It's certainly what I needed and ticks all the boxes in terms of challenging. I work with a really great team and my new boss is almost as amazing as my last one! I have to admit though to suffering loss of confidence in my abilities and fear of messing up. I suppose that's only natural in any new role, I confess though to being a control freak and I know I am really hard on myself - I don't expect to be the best but I want to be my best. I have had some positive comments from a number of people in the last week so I guess I should just keep on doing what I'm doing and learning as I go. I don't think the way I've been feeling has been helped by everything else going on either,

Moving On - Home
I've lived in my wee flat for just over 12 years. I was quite happy here up until last year, it's not the best area but it's definitely not the worst and 12 years ago when I bought it, it got me on the property ladder and was my first own home. I didn't have a lot of money and I never really did much in the way of home improvement when I was on my own. The plan was always to put the flat on the market and move to a slightly bigger and nicer house with Mr Fudgey, but it was very clear that the place badly needed some care & attention
Mr Fudgey & I, with a tremendous amount of help from Mum & Dad Smith spent the first half of last year decorating and revamping the entire place. Mr Fudgey & I then decided that we would reap the benefits and everyone's hard work by staying put in the short term and with the wedding in August felt that trying to sell the flat as well would be too stressful.
Mr Fudgey moved in and we were looking forward to the wedding, when we had a falling out with one of our neighbours who also happened to have been friends of mine pretty much the whole time I'd lived here. In fact she was meant to be my bridesmaid and her husband and son should also have been at the wedding. The falling out happened about 4 weeks before the wedding and was awful. A year on I'm no longer angry or have any bad feeling, with hindsight maybe I could have handled things differently and I'm not proud of my part in the falling out - but in the big scheme of things it really wasn't worth the hassle it caused. Mr Fudgey and I wanted to remain grown up and civil about things which we have been, and other than my closest friends and family I have never discussed what happened but I think it's fair to say that hasn't been the case from the other side and I have heard with my own ears terrible untrue things said about me & Mr Fudgey. One thing I have heard that they've said to at least 2 different people is that we are telling people we are at war with them - this is complete BS we just want a quiet life and have gone out of our way the last year to avoid any nastiness. The last year hasn't been fun, we've felt like prisoners in our own home at times and perhaps I am paranoid but it seems to me that they go out of their way to make as much noise as possible passing our door as they know we will not react. FFS This is a communal block and other people live here too - so the noise doesn't just affect us - yet I suspect no one else says anything either.
I'm not saying that we are 100% innocent in the falling out, nor am I assigning blame to anyone else - we all played a part, as I said a year on I'm no longer angry or even upset - though it does make me sad that things are the way they are.
This isn't something I've mentioned in my blog before and when I write my blog I'm try to be considerate of others and non judgemental - even though sometimes I want to just rant & be 100% honest about my feelings. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I just believe it's just that your's & you shouldn't force it on anyone else and certainly not if in voicing that opinion you hurt someone. There's a fine line between tactfulness and honesty and I'm not perfect but I try my best to be a decent person.
Anyway that was really a taste of the background of things, we would have always put the flat on the market anyway, but the uncomfortable, dare I say occasionally hostile environment certainly made us take proactive action. So at the start of June we put the flat on the market & I'm so excited to tell you we had an offer which we have accepted. We have been to the bank and building society and have arranged our finances so now we are looking for our new home. Exciting times.

Weight Loss & Diet
I was over the moon to get into the Scottish Slimmers Slimmer of the Year 2010 Semi Final. I can't believe that not only did I lose the weight but that I've kept it off for 11 months now and just how much difference it has made to my life. I should hear in a couple of weeks if I got through to the final - that would be a dream come true - but all the semi finalists were amazing.
I have to confess that my diet hasn't been as good as it should be over the last few weeks, but I am more than aware of where I need to be stricter and plan to get back on track as soon as possible - I'll be re initiating the food diary and taking on board some of JAG's wisdom about eating when hungry.

As I've not been feeling well for the last week, I've been taking it fairly easy.I was back to work on Wednesday but didn't go to Circuits class as I had too much work on to be able to afford even a slightly extended lunch, also during my lunch break I was trying to arrange viewings of houses etc. I had a PT session on Thursday and the legs were really feeling it on Friday. Week 9 Run 2 - I did manage to squeeze in a 30 minute run on Friday before Fantastic Mr Fudgey took me for dinner. Unfortunately a cold sneaked up on me out of no where on Friday evening and I've been feeling pants since. Friday night I was very wheezy & couldn't get to sleep so lay propped up on the sofa till I dozed off about 1. I woke up and went to bed at 2 but was awake again at 5 I'd actually been dreaming about a work issue and had a flash of inspiration so at 6 when I was still awake I got up and brain dumped into an email to my I'm not in next week.
In the afternoon I went for a lie down & slept for about 3 & a half hours - while my wonderful hubby tidied up and did some shopping. Then last night I went to bed about half ten but have been awake since 3 this morning. I should be out running at least 2 hours this morning and I must be feeling better as I want to - however this is probably not a bright idea. I think I'll rest up again today and get plenty of fluids in and maybe I can run tomorrow morning. I guess I am mildly panicking a little about the Glasgow half next Sunday but better I have the cold this weekend than the moment I could still make next Sunday though a PB looks this space.

If you're still resding - congratulations on getting to the end of this post. I do actually feel better for splurging just some of the things going round in my head - it's clear to see why I'm a bit all over the place at the moment.

I will be back later with a shorter post with photos of the banana loaf I made yesterday & our anniversary cake.

If anyone has any words of wisdom on how to kill this cold please let me know. I'm on lemsip day & night capsules and throat lozenges but think I need something stronger.

Have a great Sunday everyone, and especially hello to my new followers :-)

Fudgey xxx

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Not Feeling so Fudgey

Hi Fudgey Friends,

Sorry it's almost a week since my last post - there has been so much going on & I've not been feeling so great so the blog has had to take a back seat, so I'll try & quickly bring you up to date:

Back to work, took most of the day to catch up on emails & even then I never absorbed them all. I loved my time off but really felt like I was back to square 1 in terms of having a clue as to what was going on. I had a sore tummy and thought it was delayed DOMS from PT on Tuesday - no gym for me :-(

Was awake in the early hours feeling really bilious. Went into work and managed to get a few things scored off my to do list. Also had some good news so that made me feel better. I went for a 45 minute run after work but I felt really sick, my stomach really hurt. I then ended up with a migraine later in the evening. Not so good.

Saturday Zumba
On Saturday I headed off to the gym for the Zumba launch class with KMac & Smurfy. I loved Zumba & can't wait to do it again but with everything else going on it might need to wait.

Sunday - No Long Run
I felt really pants on Sunday morning not helped by the fact that little Beau never came home till 6.12am. I waited up for him till 2am before caving in and sleeping. So between a late night and feeling off colour 2 and a half hours running wasn't going to happen.
In the afternoon we had Mum & Dad Smith round for dinner.

Stats for Week 8
Distance run this week 12.21km / 7.59 miles
Time running 1 hours 21 minutes 15 seconds

I'm hoping that this rest will set me up for Glasgow....but the chances of running sub 2 hours are slim....I'm just not in form at the moment :-(

had to take some time off work as I felt so poorly.....I know not like me at all & I feel really guilty as I have so much that needs doing and feel like I've let people down - I don't know what is wrong with me I think it's a combination of loads of little things have just caught up with me.
So no running & no body pump.

Today I had my health assessment at Nuffield. Mr Fudgey's comments about wifey having the body of an athlete have now been confirmed & I recorded a resting heart rate today of 46 :-)
The Doctor thinks I may have had a virus as she said my glands were swollen and I told her I've been feeling off colour since the end of last week, though I did also tell her it's been a bit of a roller coaster recently with new job, selling flat and other issues. She said it's due to my increased fitness and energy levels that I cope so well. I don't think I do but nice to hear someone else say that.

After my assessment I met my fabulous Mr Fudgey for tea & cake.

Week 9 Run 1
I did manage to fit in a 30 minute run & my upper body programme which felt good.

and that fudgey friends is me up to date again. Sorry for the rubbish post - it will get better I promise.

Take Care Everyone

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Scottish Slimmers - Slimmer of the Year 2010 Semi Final

Hello again Fudgey Friends,

No lie in for me again today as I had to be on the 8.30am train for the Scottish Slimmers Slimmer of the Year 2010 Semi final....but it was well worth it I had a great day.

The letter said to arrive with hair & make up done & to bring 2 outfits that I look & feel great in, so I packed my bag last night with an assortment of clothes, shoes and accessories. This morning I got up and put on my make up before I left for the train. Since my hair has been so short I don't really know what to do with it & was pushed for time anyway - so just brushed it as normal.

On arrival at the Semi Final I was met by the Scottish Slimmers team & taken straight into hair & make up - where my make up was touched up beautifully and then it was over to the hair stylists - I told them they could do what ever they liked as I was unsure on how to style my shorter hair....Wow they made it look stunning.

Next it was through to get into an outfit for photos. You all know me well by know so it'll come as no surprise that Mrs Fudgey had packed her running gear LOL. But is is an outfit I feel great in, I love working out and spend a huge portion of my time in my gym gear or running gear - it's who I am now so it seemed appropriate and the Scottish Slimmers team liked it and the fact that I'd brought my medal haul for the year so far - so there should be some good photos from that.
I then wore a dress that I'd bought earlier in the week for some shots and finally I wore a gorgeous Karen Millen Skirt & Top selected for me by the Livingston designer outlet personal shopper. I never thought I'd see the day I wore a size 10 Karen Millen skirt :-)
Both the photographers were fantastic, they really put me at ease and made it a lot of fun. I can't wait to see the pictures.

After the photos I had a little sitting around waiting to speak to the judges - but during that time I got to speak to and spend time with some of the other semi finalists. It was great to hear about other people's weight loss journeys, highs & lows & hints and tips on maintaining target weight I had a great time. To me every single person there today is already a winner.

The chat with the judges was great too - they made me feel so at ease and made me realise I am incredibly proud of my achievements.
After the chat with the judges there was a little bit of videoing - much the same as the chat with the judges.

We were also provided with a lovely lunch, cold meats & salads, fresh fruit & Scottish Slimmers cookies & lots of juice, water, tea & coffee and there was some wine & cider - but since I'm in training I declined the alcohol. There were also yummy looking chocolate muffins....I'm sure they aren't in the PEP (Positive eating Plan)....but everyone deserves treats sometimes. I didn't indulge in a muffin - but not because I was being virtuous - I not a big chocolate muffin fan.

During lunch there was a little elimination quiz and raffle with prizes and again was a good chance to spend time with the other semi finalists, the Scottish Slimmers staff & all the team including photographers, hair & make up stylists and some press.

Before leaving to head home everyone received a goodie bag - it contained:
a voucher for £20 of Scottish Slimmers products, £5 voucher for semi chem, £10 beauty therapy voucher for Glasgow nautical college, bio oil sample, Tan Tastic instant tan and application mitt, Lynx Instinct sample, Rimmel Glam eyes liquid liner and NYC Smooth Mineral foundation powder.

I was going to visit Primark in Glasgow but got soaked to the skin in the rain so headed straight for the train and home to a hot bath & dry clothes, but I had a brilliant day.

We should all hear if we made it to the final or not during the week commencing 6th September. I'd not like to be on the judging panel as any of the people I spoke to today would be a worthy winner - I think the judges have a tough job.
I would love to make it to the final, but what ever happens we are all winners already.

Thank You Before I sign off I'd just like to say Thank you again to everyone for a fantastic day. Thank you to Glasgow Nautical College, Scottish Slimmers and all their team - you all worked tirelessly to make everything run smoothly, the hair, make up and clothing stylists, the photographers and all the other semi finalists. It was the amazing people that made the day what it was and I'm very proud and grateful to have been part of it....given half a chance I'd do it all again!

Take Care everyone
lots of love

Another PT session

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Happy Hump Day :-)
I've had a great day at the Scottish Slimmers - Slimmer of the Year 2010 Semi final today & will post about that later, but as promised a quick update on yesterday's PT session.

Not back to work till Thursday so had a PT session at 9am yesterday, so no lie in for me.
I'm certainly feeling the ab work today!

quick warm up on vario
3 x superset of 12 burpees & weighted bosu lunges
3 x superset of olympic bar squats & 15 squat jumps with 30lb weights
3 x triset of cable hamstring curls, wood chops & hanging legs raises - which I'm getting better at :-)
3 supersets of medicine ball crunches with oblique twists & ab extension but with plate on my legs as well at the medicine ball - certainly make it more challenging.

I am exhausted at the end of the session.

I had planned to go to the gym on the way back from Glasgow, however I didn't want to spoil my hair & make up before hubby sees me looking all glam. The nature struck to totally scupper gym plans anyway - got soaked right through to the skin on the way to the station & it was a rather cold unpleasant trip back on the train so I jumped in a cab & came home to get out of my wet clothes & warmed up.

Will post a little later about my day in Glasgow.....

lots of love

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Benbecula Weekend

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone?
Lack of blogging over the weekend was because Mr Fudgey & I were away to Benbecula for our wee niece Margaret's christening. this is also why I was so uber busy rushing around at the end of last week & it doesn't seem to have halted yet either.

Another Early Start
Saturday morning we were up at 5.20am to head through to our Glasgow. First Thank you to Mum & Dad Smith for taking us through. At the airport we met my Gran as she was going on the same flight. We were met at Benbecula by my Mum & Dad, My Sister Amy & our nieces Rose & Margaret. Mr Fudgey & I could not check into our B & B till 4pm so we all went to Mum & Dad's house - were I quickly emptied 2/3rds of my bag which was goodies I'd brought up for everyone. Mr Fudgey & I went to the shops with Amy & the girls and we popped into MacGillivray's shop, were we got some gifts to bring back to Edinburgh. After lunch with Mum & Dad, Mum took Mr Fudgey, Gran & me to Hebridean jewellers. No purchases on this visit for me, but Gran got what she was looking for. On the way back we called in on Amy & family and got to play some more with the girls. So Thank you to Mum & Amy for chauffeuring us about. It was then time for Mr Fudgey & I to check into our B & B, Ceann na Pairc. Mr Fudgey & I would recommend a stay here with no hesitation what so ever. It was fantastically laid out, the owner was very welcoming, the room, bathroom & guest lounge were immaculate and cosy & the breakfast was amazing.
After a short nap, Mr Fudgey & I walked back to Balivanich for dinner at Mum & Dad's. Thank you to Dad for a lovely roast beef dinner. Whilst we were there Aunt Liz & Uncle Kenny also arrived so it was good to get a wee chat with them too. Mum took Mr Fudgey & I back to our B&B about 9pm as we were was along day.

Week 7 Run 4
I was up & out by 7am to fit in my regular Sunday long run. I was really excited to run round Benbecula and Dad had suggested a route for me from Nunton to and through Griminish & back through Aird. Mum had driven it in the car and said it was exactly 8 miles - further than I had planned running this weekend as I was going to rest!
I loved running here. In an hour and 20 minutes I was only passed by 5 cars. there are no traffic lights and no pedestrians. I didn't wear my ipod as I needed to have my wits about me on the single track roads - but i loved every minute of my run - but whoever said Benbecula is flat should try running it - the Aird road in particular was winding & undulating. Here's a couple of pics of the scenery - not taken while I was running though.

The Christening
Mum & Dad picked Mr Fudgey & I up for church. Mr Fudgey and I were the god parents. It was great to see so many familiar faces at the church. Margaret was fantastic and was totally unfazed by the goings on - in fact afterwards she fell asleep. After the church service we all went back to Amy & Jimmy's house & they had done a lovely buffet. Mr Fudgey & I spent most of the time running round with the children - we had a great time. As the sun was starting to come out we headed back to the B&B and got changed out of Sunday best so that I could show Mr Fudgey Culla Bay - one of my favourite places.

Culla Bay

Sunday evening
We were again at Mum & Dad's for dinner and we were treated to a delicious duck stir fry which included some of Dad's home grown veg. Thank you for another lovely meal.

Week 8 Run 1
Out again for 7am for a fast 5k run.

After we checked out of our B&B we went to Mum & Dad's and Mum took us to the shop and to the bakery to buy goodies to bring home with us. We then went to visit Amy, Jimmy & the girls and had tea & christening cake - which Rose particularly enjoyed as did Margaret when Rose wasn't looking!
We had lunch with Mum & Dad and too soon it was time to go to the airport.
We had a lovely trip and are very very grateful to Mum & Dad for the taxi service and the fabulous meals. Thank you x
It was too short a trip but great to see everyone.

Mum & Dad Smith collected us at Glasgow and brought us home. Much as I loved our weekend I did miss my own bed & our furry dudes.
Thanks to Mum & Dad Smith for watching the flat & the fellas. for the soup, the banana bread & everything else you did for us. Thank you x

and that my Fudgey friends was our weekend. I was up again this morning for PT but I'll post about that tomorrow as I need to go and get my stuff ready for my jolly to Glasgow tomorrow.

Last but not least last weeks stats:

Stats for Week 7
Distance run this week 35.01km / 21.75 miles
Time running 3 hours 55 minutes 2 seconds

Take care everyone
lots of love

Friday, 13 August 2010

Running Out of Time

Hello Fudgey Friends,

So sorry I haven't posted all week - time just seems to have run away from me.

I am alive & well....just busy busy. And still a million & one things to do so a quick update.

Week 7 Run 1
Legs were a little heavy after Sunday's long run, but I managed a 25 minute recovery run & felt loads better after it. I also went to Body Pump in the evening & managed to increase my weights a little so was pleased with that.

Rest Day
On Tuesday I took a well earned rest day and managed to get some little chores done at lunchtime.

Week 7 Run 2
Wednesday saw me at circuits class at lunchtime - it was great fun & the class was mobbed - 16 folk....usually only about 6.
After work I ran for an hour. there is no great finesse or pace to it just now just plodding along but it feel pretty good.

Personal training
Thursday I was off work & had lots to do. I was out & about most of the day. I also had a PT session
quick warm up on cross trainer
3 x superset of slow lunges (20) & leg extensions (15)
3 x superset of squats (15) & burpees (12)
3 x superset of overhead lunges (12) & ski sit (1 min)
medicine ball obliques - 3 sets of 15
swiss ball obliques - 3 sets of 20

I was exhausted in the evening

Week 7 Run 3
For some strange reason I was up at 4.30am today, even though I had a day off again. I got the bus into town with hubby & managed to fit in an hours running before my appointment at 10am. I then did some shopping, went & picked up something I'd ordered & came home, nipped to the post office and the shop and then it was time to head back into town for my beauty treatments. I can highly recommend the Lime & Ginger salt scrub - amazing :-)
Then I dashed off to Argos to pick up a new cat scratching post before getting home at 5. Just waiting for hubby to arrive home now.

Sorry folks, very rushed, I'll be back soon with a better post I hope

Fudgey xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010

4 & 8 weeks to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Good week?
I can't believe it's 4 weeks till the Glasgow half marathon & 8 weeks till the first ever Scottish Kilomathon and with quite a few things going on over the next couple of weeks that time will just race in...but I actually think I might be ready for the GHM at least.

My 2nd ever half marathon. Week 6 Run 3
The furthest I have ever run was the Edinburgh half marathon on 23rd May this year, my longest run since has been 19.50km (12.12 miles), so I was a little shocked to accidentally run a half marathon today. I never got up till 9 today & wasn't fancying running, but I knew I had to get up & out & sooner rather than later so as to not eat into too much of the day. Today's run set a new long distance for me 21.43km (13.32 miles), it wasn't particularly fast 2 hours 22 minutes, but it just proves to me that I shouldn't fear the distance... just need to build on this for the kilomathon (26.2km)

Week 6 Run 1
As I mentioned in Tuesday's post I was having a wee break from running so the first run this week didn't happen until Thursday. It was just a short 26 minute run consisting of 10 minutes easy, followed by 4 intervals of 30 seconds fast & 60 seconds slow & finishing with 10 minutes easy.

Week 6 Run 2 & gym programme
Squeezed in the 30 minute steady run at lunchtime and I have to admit that I think the 3 non running days at the start of the week really helped & when I got up Friday morning I felt so rested. I decided I'd head back to the gym after work to do my programme again - yes twice in one week - that's not happened in a long time but it's because I usually have 4 runs, PT & at least 1 class as well as my programme - so since I'd had no PT this week I thought why not do my programme again:

I jumped on the vario for a quick warm up then
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball 15kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball press ups
Next was cable pulldowns & upright row but the cables were in use but I improvised again
3 x superset 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 12.5kg barbell
added in 3 sets of 15 squats with 17.5kg bar - I normally only use 15kg on my own as though I can manage heavy it's the getting the bar up & onto the back of my shoulders - but I managed the 17.5kg & I reckon I could maybe go 20kg.
3 x superset 12 french press with 10kg barbell & 12 seated bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x 15 compound crunches
3 x 20 crunch lift & extend
3 x 10 swissball oblique twists with 8kg dumbbell

Anniversary gift & yummy food
Our 1st wedding anniversary is still a few weeks away but amazing Mr Fudgey bought me an ipod nano with sports band for my running & working out so I can make play lists etc & do so much more than I can with my wee shuffle..which going off on a tangent he also bought me a few years ago for valentines day when I started going to the gym regularly. Anyway the new nano had arrived & Mum & Dad Smith kindly brought it down (Thank you) & Mr Fudgey spent ages getting it all set up with all my tunes & album artwork etc. so that I could use it on my long run today. He is the best hubby ever & I love him to bits. Thanks Babe.
Mr Fudgey won't be getting his gift till nearer our anniversary though!
As a treat and since Mum & Dad Smith were popping in I made mini banoffee muffins. Just a mix from Asda - all you needed to do was add water & only 46 calories per wee muffin. They were very sweet but tasty & didn't last beyond bedtime.
For dinner Mr Fudgey was having barbecue ribs - which I'm not a massive fan off & I had a notion for veggies - I love every vegetable I think. I made a vegetable shepherds pie - it contained onion, garlic, mushrooms, leeks, cherry tomatoes, some vegetable stock and a couple of tablespoons of half fat creme fraiche & was then topped with mashed swede....or as Sweden as I had called it earlier in the day LOL yes I am a muppet. It was lush & Mr Fudgey tried some & really liked it too - so I'll be making that again.

Sunny Sunday
It's been a gorgeous sunny day here & dare I say quiet - hope it remains that way.
After my long run, I had my ice bath & the only issue today was the getting in & out - I was a little stiff - but the ice never bothered me. Mr Fudgey supportive as ever, made me a cup of tea & chatted to me which was really good. Once I was cleaned up I called my folks and had a lovely chat to them - can't wait to see them soon though. Then I thought I had earned a bacon roll so Mr Fudgey & I had tea & bacon rolls before heading off to do our shopping. We didn't need a lot so it was just a quick trip. It nearly killed me to run for the bus though - so I'll be interested to see how the legs are feeling tomorrow - but I suspect after a good night's sleep I'll be fine. Touch wood I am feeling really strong & I've not been wearing knee supports at all so far in my training this time round - so I just need to stay fit & injury free.

And that my fudgey friends I think is all from me - except for this weeks stats:

Stats for Week 6
Distance run this week 29.24km / 18.17 miles
Time running 3 hours 20 minutes 0 seconds

Have a lovely Sunday evening

lots of love

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting with the programme

Hey Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?
Don't faint but I was actually up and at the gym for 7am this morning! After weeks of not making any morning sessions I finally made it.....however there was incentive / motivation / enthusiasm.....I had booked an early morning PT session.
Unfortunately it didn't work out as planned as Colin had to cancel our session at the last minute but with the instruction that since I'd most likely be en route to gym I should do my programme.

Since I was in my gym kit & just round the corner I headed down to the gym & did my programme as instructed. Yes actually do as I'm told for once.

I jumped on the cross trainer for a quick warm up then
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball 15kg barbell chest press & 12 swiss ball press ups
Next was cable pulldowns & upright row but the cables were in use & the 12.5kg barbell nowhere in site - but undeterred I improvised
3 x superset 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 10kg barbell
3 x superset 12 french press with 10kg barbell & 12 seated bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x 15 compound crunches
3 x 20 crunch lift & extend

lots of stretching & job done. Good workout but not as much fun / torture (delete as applicable) as a PT session.

I'm actually taking a 3 day break from running this week, this is because I'm still a bit sore from the wheelbarrow falling on my shin & also because apparently every 5th / 6th week - you should cut back & have a recovery week. So no running Mon, Tues or Wed & just short runs Thurs & Friday, but Sunday will be a long one - but no long run the following week.

Yesterday I joined Smurfy & KMac for Spin class at lunchtime & then I went to body pump after work, before heading to my Scottish Slimmers Class. Still maintaining my target weight:-)

Yesterday was also my Gran's birthday. Happy Birthday Gran - hope you had a lovely day xx

Also wonderful news for my friend Eileen as her Son & his wife in Oz had a little baby boy. Congratulations again x

Well that's all for now folks as my training plan only goes up to the end of next week so I want to get it filled out right up to the Kilomathon if possible.

lots of love

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Digging Deep

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Good weekend?
We've had a lovely but pretty non stop weekend, after a pretty busy week, I think this is why I had to really dig deep to find 10 miles in my wee legs today.

Friday Socialising & Week 5 Run 3
On Friday lunchtime I was out for lunch with the project team from work to celebrate our official approval & contract signing. We went to Cafe Andaluz in George street, I'd never been before but knew plenty of people who love it and I wasn't disappointed it was fab. They do 3 tapas dishes for £9.95 at lunchtime and the food was fantastic.
After work I dived into the gym for a quick 30 minute run - it should have been 55 but I ended up a little later at work than planned and had to meet people for another social engagement....yes 2 in one day. The run was nothing particularly special just a case of getting some running in & ticked off the plan. I then headed along to Ghillie Dhu, to help Patricia celebrate her birthday. I loved the atmosphere of the place & it was great company & good food - so I'll definitely be heading back at some point. If you're wondering I am still on the training wagon so no alcohol for me. I headed home pretty early and had a lovely visit from Mum & Dad Smith - who were delivering some goodies, including shoes for Mr Fudgey & a top for me.

Busy Saturday
We were up & out early to pop into town to pick up a few things, then I was dashing to the post office before we headed off to help KMac move the last of her belongings into her new abode. It really didn't take long as there was KMac & Rob, Smurfy & Lorna & Mr & Mrs Fudgey. Lorna had also made some yummy cakes so after we'd moved everything in we were able to have tea & cake :-)
Mr Fudgey & I then headed off to the shops & it was around 4pm by the time we got home. I was catching up on Hollyoaks but dozed off for about an hour on the sofa - guess I needed it. Later on I made fajitas for tea and they were pretty tasty, then Mr Fudgey & I watched Clash of the Titans, it was OK, a pretty decent Saturday night don't need to think too much kind of movie & of course the lovely Sam Worthington....KMac you can keep your calendar I'll have Sam!

Another Day Out & Week 5 Run 4
To say I leapt out of bed would be an out & out lie, I dragged myself up & got myself ready for a run. I really wasn't in the mood, not helped by the fact I realised that my ipod was still in my locker at the gym as I'd left my kit there on Friday. Plan was to end my run at the gym and collect my kit. I had a quick cup of tea & a cereal bar & headed out. The first 4km (about 2.5 miles) were awful - slowest pace ever and I just wanted to quit, but I kept going but ran a circular loop near home so that if I really needed to stop I wouldn't be too far from home. 3rd & 4th lap I found a little more pace & the legs felt stronger & then I headed up towards town & the gym, tackling Dundas Street after 13km & an MIA mojo was maybe not one of my brighter ideas. I hung on in to make it up to 16.01km (approx 10 miles) and nipped into the gym to get my kit before getting the bus home. I really had to dig deep to find those 10 miles today, but if I can do that on my own I know in 5 weeks the Glasgow half will be a breeze....I don't see it as bad run, just not a good one.
I missed out on an ice bath today too as I never made up ice so I had a quick shower instead, really feeling the lack of ice now as my knees, shin & hip are not entirely pleased with me - so tomorrow I'm going to lay of the running & will spin & body pump instead.
Mum & Dad Smith then came & picked us up & took us off to Mellerstain House, we had a lovely time wandering around there & then had coffee in the cafe. Unfortunately the rain then started so we didn't manage to walk round the grounds which is a shame as the gardens from the house looked exquisite. We headed back to Edinburgh and had dinner at Buffalo Grill, we've been here many times and they never fail to please. The food is fantastic & reasonably priced too. Thanks Mum & Dad for a lovely day away from the flat & for dinner - we really enjoyed being out and about. Thank you x

and that my Fudgey friends I think is it for this week....apart from the stats for this week:

Stats for Week 5
Distance run this week 33.4km / 20.75 miles
Time running 3 hours 43 minutes 11 seconds

Take Care everyone