Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Taper Torture - Installment I

Hi Fudgey people

Hope everyone had a good day?

Well this is week 12 of the official training plan & it's officially taper time.
Tapering for those who don't know is a gradual reduction in an athlete's workout demands in order to allow his or her body to recover from the stress.
So this week is taper week, so I have 'fresh' legs for Sunday's half.

Week 12 Run 1
16 minutes - hardly worth it. Felt good after last night's sports massage & gorgeous day here - could have just gone on running but was disciplined & stuck to 10 minutes easy, 3 minutes race pace & 3 minutes easy with a couple of minutes walk at the end too. I'll be climbing the walls by Sunday - still if it helps me put in a good performance I'll try anything once!

Mrs Fudgey is a Numpty
I also discovered today that I have been torturing myself training that B of a hill Arthur's Seat as I thought it was part of the course. Oops giving women a bad name yet again re map reading. It was pointed out to me today that in fact the route does NOT go right up & round the hill but rather along the base....DOH
Oh well all that training won't have been for nothing & it'll make Sunday seem a little easier than I was expecting.
Trust Mrs Smith to be a Muppet yet again LOL.

Well that's all from me for today. I'm away to prepare tomorrows lunch.

Take Care everyone


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