Saturday, 8 May 2010

Week 10 - Just plodding along

hHello Fudgey Friends,

It's been another busy old week, I can't believe it's Saturday tea time already... I feel like I'm on a perpetual treadmill!

After my PT session on Tuesday & the running Sunday & Monday my legs and core were definitely feeling it, so on Wednesday I decided I'd go to the gym for a quick session at lunchtime and work mainly upper body.

Wednesday Gym Session

12 minute run including 1km fast (5:15)
3 x superset swissball chest press 6kg dumbbells 15 reps, 12 pressups,
3 sets of bicep curls 12 reps 6kg dumbbells,
3 sets tricep extension 12 reps 8kg dumbbell,
3 sets bosu squats 15 reps 5kg dumbbells,
3 x superset 15 sit ups with 8kg medicine ball & 16 russian twists with 8kg medicine ball

I went back to the office all invigorated and had a really productive afternoon, but by 10pm I could hardly keep my eyes open.

I woke up on Thursday morning after a good night's sleep and knew instantly that it had to be a rest day. Every part of my body from the neck down was telling me that it had been worked. I should have been running today as I'd only run once so far this week, but the way my body felt I knew it would be a really bad idea & the quickest way to pick up an injury....which is the last thing I want in the final 2 weeks before my first half I decided to do the sensible thing & take a complete rest day.
On Thursday night I had a work night out at The Sheeps Heid . The evening consisted of a few games of old fashioned skittles, food & good company. There were 13 of us & I think everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to Ross & Sam for organising. It wasn't a late night - I was home for just after 9.30 and obviously sober as I'm still on the training wagon....but very much looking forward to an Amaretto over ice on 23rd May...and maybe a glass or 2 of champagne if I think I deserve it.

I had planned my usual Friday morning treadmill running session, but woke up to discover I still had more muscle soreness than I've had in a long time, so I snuggled back up to my lovely hubby for another hour instead of heading to the gym.
I did take my kit to work with me & managed a 6km run at lunchtime. The running felt really good. I also tested out my new mueller knee strap - the jury is still out on the knee strap as I have actually trained a couple of times recently with no knee support at all and have felt fine. The real test will be how it feels on Sunday's long run so I'll let you know.
Back to work feeling much better but this was not to last the muscles started to feel a little tender again after a couple of hours, though not as bad as they had and I am really glad I had gone and ran.
On Friday evening Mr Fudgey and I had a really great chillaxed night.

It was great to have no alarm this morning, I love it when you can wake up naturally. Since I got up I've hardly stopped....laundry, tidying, hoovering, washing floors, cleaning bathroom and I've been very busy in the Fudgey kitchen.
I've made 2 batches of cereal bars, cranberry & sunflower seed & apricot with sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seeds. You can get the recipe by following this link I also made a batch of blueberry & banana muffins, I only had 2 bananas so just threw in some fresh blueberries as well & they've come out great.

Other Running related stuff
Self Myofascial Release - I have a tennis ball & am going to give this a try.
The Ice Bath - considering giving this a go after tomorrow's long run but still not 100% sold on the idea
If anyone has any words of wisdom or advice on either of these I'd love to hear about it.

Well I had better go and think about dinner for Mr Fudgey & I.

Will be back tomorrow after my long run.

Take Care

Fudgey xxx

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