Monday, 29 July 2013

Hot, Tired & Grumpy

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I think hot, tired & grumpy just about sums up my week - the wee one is coping better with the heat than I am. It's therefore been another 'quiet' week for us. However this week I'm going to get back with the programme.....


I still haven't run since the 5k a fortnight ago. The reason for this has mainly been that I've been wiped out by the heat, but I have to get back with the programme as I have now signed up for not one but two 10k races in September. The Scottish Gas 10k & The Linlithgow 10k - these are a week apart & I couldn't decide which to go for. Both considerably cheaper than The Great Run series so decided just to sign up for both of them. So now I have something to aim for again I need to get the running shoes back on & get back out there.


Both actually going really well now & on Day 29 so due to finish tomorrow. I think I will give myself a week off & then restart my own challenges......

Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson - however Daddy Fudgey had a day off so was able to come see Miss Bug splashing about. Then it Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents. Mr Fudgey & I headed off to the shops after my chiropractor appointment & had a late lunch / early dinner at Pizza Express. It was also my Mum's birthday - Happy Birthday hope you had a lovely day.
Tuesday - In the morning I had a physio appointment at the hospital so Granny watched our little Princess. In the afternoon we got together with our antenatal group Mums & babies - its amazing seeing them all getting so big, all sitting up & starting to get on the move. Thanks Amanda for hosting. Our turn this week.
Wednesday - I had a chiropractor appointment.

Thursday - Lunch in Edinburgh with Anne Duggan. We also bumped into Lyndsey & James Esland outside the office so got to say a quick hello before heading off for coffee with Daddy. As we were back earlier than planned we dropped into the Thursday meeting of West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group - however it was a very quiet week with no one else there, but gave us a chance to catch up with Renee as we hadn't seen her in over 2 weeks.

Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning was lovely to see everyone after missing 2 weeks. Another new addition to the group too as Kat brought her gorgeous baby boy :-) We had to skip lunch to go for some shopping & then just headed home.

Saturday & Sunday - we weren't out of the house. The rain was torrential at times.

and that folks is pretty much it -busy week this week as we have something on every day & I'll be back running for definite.

Take care all

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A slow news week

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Sorry we are a bit behind in last weeks blog post, but to be honest there really isn't a lot to report. It has been so hot that we haven't even made it to our usual baby groups as the wee one just gets too hot in the pram. We've mostly been hiding at home trying to keep cool & she has mostly just been wearing a nappy - saves on the laundry too!


I haven't run since the 5k a week & a half ago. The reason for this has mainly been that I've been wiped out by the heat, but I have also started seeing the chiropractor for my back issues & wanted to give that a few sessions without interfering with his work by running too.


I'm still hanging in there just. Had a fail at day 19 when I didn't hold the plank for 75 seconds only managed 70 seconds so decided that I'd just keep repeating this day till I could achieve it & then move on - however a second attempt later the same day was successful &I'm now at Day 24 & held a plank for 90 seconds yesterday - so everything is getting stronger.

Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents. We also re-enrolled for the next block of lessons. An incredibly busy afternoon for me, making beds, doing laundry, cutting grass & then my first adjustment at the chiropractor. I was really excited that my wee sis & one of my nieces were coming to stay for the night but unfortunately their flight got cancelled due to fog :-( We were all gutted. However it spurred me on to get a visit home to Benbecula organised.
Tuesday - In the morning we headed down to the post office to post my Mum's birthday package. In the afternoon we went for cake & coffee with the antenatal yummy mummies & babies

Wednesday - we went into Edinburgh & Little Miss Bug visited some of my work colleagues & had lots of smiles & giggles for them. We then met Sobia & baby Hannah for coffee - loved the air con in John Lewis.

Thursday - had my second adjustment at the chiropractor - impressed by the difference I feel already.

Friday - Daddy Fudgey had the day off, it was mega hot so we didn't do too much.

Saturday - much the same as Friday - too hot for us so a pretty quiet day

Sunday - again a quiet day. Invited Mum & Dad Smith for dinner.

and that folks is pretty much it - see nothing much to report.

Take care all

lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Great Edinburgh Run 5k Race Report

Hello again Fudgey Friends

As promised my race report from Sunday's 5k....

Pre Race Preparation

We had planned on taking our little princess with us but when we gave this some thought, especially given how hot & humid it has been, we decided that it was better to let her stay overnight on Saturday with her Grandparents.
After dropping her off, I got my kit ready, this was quite straight forward as I didn't need any gels or foot taping with this being a much shorter distance than I had previously been running. I made sure I had factor 50 on hand as I burn really easily & knew it was going to be hot, made sure Mr Garmin was charged & that my race number, safety pins & timing chip where all ready for Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning I was up at 6.15am, earlier than Bug who apparently slept in till 6.30am at her Grandparents! Normally on a race morning I have porridge but with this being 5k I didn't feel I needed my favourite M&S apple & cinnamon porridge, so it was tea, toast & about half a litre of water.

We left the house about 7.20am to get the bus at 7.34am - thankfully on this occasion First Bus didn't let us down.

We arrived in Edinburgh about 8.15 & walked up to the Royal mile & down Canongate. We had to wait for Starbucks opening at 8.30am. It was very strange as on previous occasions that I have started a race at Holyrood Park it has been really busy but on Sunday morning it was actually very quiet.
Quick coffee at Starbucks & use of their facilities & then down to Holyrood Park. Again very quiet, though did see some of the celebrities who were running the 10k later. Very pleasantly surprised not to have to queue for the portaloos. Then it was over to the start area.....

I have to say I was really unimpressed by the warm up, in my opinion it was too long for a 5k & though the music got me motivated I can't say the same for the warm up leader.

The Race

I can't begin to describe what it felt like to go over that start line after 15 months of pretty much no running - I wish someone could have captured the big smile on my face.

I had looked at the course & the elevation profile & knew it was hilly.

I always aim not to go off too fast at the start but it is inevitable when you get carried along by the runners around you & the crowd. There was very good support in Holyrood Park & the race announcers were very energetic & enthusiastic - in fact they should have done the warm up.

The first km was fantastic & as we got to the top of St Mary Street I knew I had the downhill of Canongate to look forward too, 2nd km was slightly faster & I actually held myself back a little as I knew that there was the climb up Abbey hill & regent road to come but it would have been so easy just to free 'wheel' down that hill. 3rd km was where it hit me hard, combination of the hill & the heat, I tried to tuck in under the trees on Regent Road to try & get some shade from the sun. Apparently at the start in the park at 9.30am it was already 22c.

At about 3.5km there was a 'shower' which was a very welcome relief. I can't believe some runners chose not to run through it. I liked it so much that I was very tempted to cross back over the road through the tape & use it again on the way back to the finish! The only downside of the shower was that between the fine mist of water & sweating my sun cream started to run & made my eyes sting, a small price to pay though.

The last km unsurprisingly was my fastest, it was downhill & I knew the finish was in sight. Was running really well at the 400m to go, held off at 200m to go but when I turned into the finishing straight & saw the line with maybe about 100m to go I let the legs just go......sprint finish :-)
Think I surprised some other runners as I overtook them!

I had the Fudgey gritted determined face on - I was finishing strong & I loved it.

In training I had only 'run' 5k twice, completing this in 38 minutes 40 seconds on my first attempt 3 weeks before the race & 36 minutes 27 seconds 2 weeks later 1 week before the race.

Looking at the conditions & the course I had told myself I'd be OK with a time between 37 & 40 minutes & I'd be happy with a time between 35 minutes & 37 minutes. So I was absolutely delighted to have an official time of 34 minutes 56 seconds. Yes this is about 5 minutes slower than my PB but when I consider everything that has happened since 2012 I am super proud of myself. It would have been so easy to say 'oh I've had a baby - I can't run anymore' & for some people that is the right decision for them but not for me.

Post Race

One of the things I love about Great Run events & the main reason I keep coming back is the organisation. They are so well organised throughout & as usual the volunteers in the finish area were great.

The race bag this year was probably not one of the best I've had in terms of volume of items & I think the medal wasn't as good quality as previous years but it was still a really lovely treat at the end. I would actually rather pay less for my race entry & just get a medal, a bottle of water & banana, yes I am cheap date than a bag full of things.

One criticism I do have is that the medal was in the bag, one of the things I love at the finish area is having my medal hung round my neck - again this is a personal preference.

Some observations about the event in general & some feedback to Great Run.....

Why was the date changed from October to July? I think a poor choice was made of the date clashing with T in the Park weekend & the start of the school holidays. I know several running friends who chose T in the Park over the run as TITP is once a year, there are loads of running events & I also know a number of people who took the first 2 weeks of July as holidays.

In general there was the usual great atmosphere & organisation that Great Run have always provided but it seemed numbers were down on previous years? Maybe due to the change in date?

I think runners are cherry picking the races they take part in now due to the cost & in general people watching what they spend. I don't think many people can afford to take part in several races anymore.

So post race we watched the start of the 10k & said hello to some of my running friends & wished them Good Luck & then headed home & to pick up our little Bug.

Coach Bug quickly claimed all the credit for my performance & the medal!

I have to say Thank you very very much to Granny & Grandpa for watching her for us.

BUT last & most certainly not least I have to say the biggest Thank you ever to my ever patient, super supportive, amazing, lovely Mr Fudgey. I couldn't have to got to where I am 6 months after having our girl without his love & support. It hasn't been an easy 6 months with me being seriously ill & us adapting to our new responsibilities as parents, & I haven't always been the easiest to live with. Those who know me well are probably reading this & smiling - yes I'm stubborn, determined, sheer bloody minded & a control freak who would also cry at the opening of an envelope - add into that all my post pregnancy hormones whizzing round - poor Mr Fudgey. Thank you for everything babe - love you lots xxxxx

Take Care all
Fudgey x x x x

Monday, 15 July 2013

Another week for firsts

Hello Fudgey followers

How are you all?

We are all good & despite it being quite a quiet week for us in general, due to the heat & I actually just need a bit of time out of our hectic social scene, it's had a couple of momentous moments........

Buggy's first tooth is emerging. There isn't a great deal to see as she isn't that cooperative in showing us, but you can feel it & I have been able to get a little glimpse.

The big news of the week & something I've been keeping secret for about 6 weeks is that I returned to my first running event post baby on Sunday. Taking part in The Great Edinburgh 5k. Separate race report will follow soon.

Only a handful of people knew I was running. I chose to keep this very low key so as not to put any undue pressure on myself & in case I had to withdraw.

As some of you may know it was only 11 weeks ago that I was admitted to hospital seriously ill, at that point I had been signed up for The Edinburgh Marathon festival 10k, but with it being only 3 weeks away I had to withdraw as I was nowhere near fit or capable enough of running. Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend came & I was quite gutted not to be part of it so started to look for something else. With only 5 weeks to go I took the decision to sign up for The Great Edinburgh Run 5k. I did consider the 10k but knew with a baby & being ill that this was a big demand on me so decided to be cautious & try & ease myself back in with the 5k. I loved being back & did better than I hoped but more on this in my race report.

Last weeks sessions: Planned to run Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

TUESDAY: Session 1: Run 30 minutes. It was a roasting day & I really feared going for this run even though I didn't go till 9pm. I was pleasantly surprised I had a lovely chilled out wee run with a gorgeous breeze keeping me cool. In fact I think was cooler outside than I was at home.

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 20 minutes. This run was truly awful, I was insufficiently hydrated, it was far too hot & humid & my legs felt so heavy, it was like trying to run through treacle with someone holding the back of my top to stop me moving forward, but I got it done.
SUNDAY: Session 3: Run 5K. Well you already know I ran 5k on Sunday. Managed it in 34.56 slow compared to pre baby but my fastest 5k post baby & better than I had hoped.
This weeks planned sessions: ..........
At the moment there is no plan. I want to take 2 or 3 days off running before starting back & I need to decide whether to focus on speed or distance. I think I'll probably run a couple of times later in the week with no agenda other than just enjoying it & embark on the next phase of my return to fudgey fitness next week.
Now at Day 15 in both of these. Squats going well but abs very challenging but still hanging in there just - managed a 60 second plank today.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents. I had a hectic afternoon as usual. One of these weeks I will actually manage to spend my Monday afternoon relaxing.
Tuesday - We had planned to go to Bookbug but us girls went to back to bed at 8.15am & never woke till 10.15. We took a brief trip down to the shops but it was far far too hot for the both of us so we spent the rest of the day inside trying to stay cool.
Wednesday - we made it to Bookbug in the morning but again stayed home in the afternoon as it was just too hot.
Thursday - I had my initial consultation with the chiropractor. My back has been bothering me since after having the wee one, it's not a problem yet but I wanted to take action to make sure it didn't become a problem. The GP's answer was 'what do you expect you've just had a baby - take paracetamol' Errr no that is not the answer. I also had a couple of massages and although they helped I felt they were treating the symptoms not the root cause. So off I trotted to the chiro - have to say I was very impressed & he was totally on the same wavelength as me with regards to mobility, health & treatment / proaction not reaction. I have been today for my first adjustment & have to say I feel looser & less tangled already.
Friday - looked like being another scorcher so we got up early & headed to Livingston for some shopping & then home by 10am & hid from the sun again! I inflated the paddling pool & when it was much cooler in the evening a lovely Fudgey Daddy filled it & a certain little girl had an absolute ball.
Saturday - again too hot for us so we didn't get up to much. Bug went to stay with her Grandparents again as we had hoped to take her with us to the race on Sunday but we were quite worried given how hot it has been & it turned out we mad absolutely the right decision. Thank you Granny & Grandpa.
The below goals were set on 16th 4 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......So I have now done 5k 3 times, started at 38 minutes 40 seconds, then 36 minutes 27 seconds & my official race time from Sunday 34 minutes 56 seconds. I don't know if I'd say that I can comfortably run 5k as I keep pushing myself hard to do better but the fact that in 4 weeks I've knocked almost 4 minutes off my time I think it's probably fair to say I can tick off my 5k goal.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run I have 6 weeks to be able to run 10k.....looking for races......Scottish Gas 5 & 10k are 22/09 (10 weeks) & Linlithgow 10k 29/09 (11 weeks) need to think about this......
Well I think that is us all up to date again. Busy wee week planned this week if it is cooler.....
Take Care everyone
Fudgey x x x

Monday, 8 July 2013

6 months already

Hello all

How are you all? Basking in this glorious sunshine? Been enjoying Wimbledon & The Tour de France?

As usual it's been a busy wee week here.

Someone was 6 months old this week......where on earth has the time gone?

Love her so so much :-)
RUNNING UPDATELast weeks sessions: Planned to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
MONDAY: Session 1: Run 28 minutes - Ran 30 minutes at lunchtime after dropping Madam off & really enjoyed it.

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 30 minutes. Done on Thursday morning on the treadmill with my new coach - Coach Bug watching. Had been too tired on Wednesday night so postponed to Thursday - she was due a sleep so took her with me. Had to do it in 3 x 10 minute sessions just to check on her but she fell asleep after 25 minutes & then slept for over an hour.

I know people have different opinions on whether taking this approach was the right thing to do or not. I certainly wouldn't take her in my garage gym in the winter or for longer than 30 minutes or if she was distressed I would stop immediately, but I think it is really important that she sees Mummy exercising & trying to be fit & healthy & that she grows up with that positive image.

FRIDAY: Session 3: Run 20 minutes - Did this one on the treadmill too - I know I managed the 20 minutes but can't remember much more than that.
SUNDAY: Session 4: Run 5K..... Plan was to get up early & do this but it ended up being 9.05pm by the time I headed out. Was determined I was running 5k non stop - first 3k were really good, really steady, but got to 3.5k & wanted to stop - was very hot & was struggling with taking on the water from my bottle & running - a skill I will need to master again, but I was determined I wasn't stopping. Got to 4k & then got a second wind & the last km was actually my fastest. My time for 5k was 36 minutes 27 seconds -  a lot slower than I have done in the past but then I was at my fittest & hadn't carried a baby for 9 months & given birth - so I am very pleased. This is the first time I have run 5k non stop outside. I did it 2 weeks ago when I ran 40 minutes non stop on the treadmill & that took 38 minutes 40 seconds - so I am making will just take time & hard work.
This weeks planned sessions: Plan to run Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday
Session 1: Run 30 minutes
Session 2: Run 20 minutes 
Session 3: Run 5K
However this is all dependent on the weather. I'm really finding the sun hard going - but hopefully if I do these when the wee one goes to bed it'll be much long as I'm not too tired.
Other running related news - I need to lubricate my dear treadmill Trev. Have looked out the instructions - but if any of my treadmill owning running chums have any hints or tips from experience they'll be gratefully received.
Now at Day 8 in both of these. Squats going well but abs very challenging & I don't know how much further I'll get with those but I shall persevere.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson & Miss Bug's usual afternoon with her grandparents.
Tuesday - trip into Edinburgh & met Sobia & baby Hannah for coffee - it was lovely to catch up with them again
Wednesday - I had a keeping in touch day at work. So up & out for 6.30am to drop a certain young lady off. I was in work for 8am - I actually really enjoyed my day, it was good to hear what has been happening, scary to see the things that have changed, but reassuring to see that some things never change & lovely to catch up with some of my colleagues. Picked the wee one up at 5pm - exhausted!
Thursday - after my morning run, we went to West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the afternoon & caught up with some of the other Mums & babes
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth support group in the morning, lunch & then a trip to the local shops.
Saturday - Bug had her first ever sleepover - an evening with her Grandparents. I have to confess to a few tears after I got home & some more later when she would have been going to bed, but I think a great time was had by all. Just a relaxing evening here, Chinese takeaway, bubble bath, couple glasses of wine & a movie.
Sunday - picked up Bug & I don't think much else for the day.
Well I think that is everything from last week....I must actually start writing myself wee bullet notes as by the time I come to write this every Sunday or Monday I struggle to remember what we've been up to.
Fingers crossed for no technical issues this evening. I have saved this several times as I have written & will save again before publishing.....
Have a great week
lot of love
Fudgey x x x

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Lost Blog Post


Well it is a total mystery, I have no idea what happened to my blog post last night. I really struggled to get writing & spent about 20 minutes just getting started. An hour later I had a decent post, pressed publish.....& it vanished. Looking at the blogger dashboard the save button is beside publish so even if I clicked the wrong button it would be in drafts - but no not there. Now blogger used to auto save as you worked, I'm guessing the new version no longer does?  Anyway here I am back again with my update from last week. My wee assistant is lying beside me to keep me right......

Last weeks sessions
: Planned to run Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.....

TUESDAY: No run - my own fault really, had planned to run when the little one went to bed, but hubby also wanted to workout, I could have gone for my run as soon as he came in from work but I hadn't eaten enough to allow me to do that & then by the time I prepared food & we ate it was almost 8pm, meaning I wouldn't be able to run until closer to 10pm - far too late for me. Already running at 9pm is a new challenge as I am so energised it's hard to sleep. Hey ho it's all a learning curve balancing being a wife, mum & home maker & just when I think I have things sussed it all changes again - keeps us all on our toes!

WEDNESDAY:  Session 1: 20 minutes, walk 1 min, run 6 min. Managed this quite easily on the treadmill even though I wasn't really in the mood

THURSDAY: Session 2: Run 24 minutes. My first proper run with Bug & the Viper (model name of our travel system) Picked the travel system for it's size, ease of use, weight & being an all terrain sports model. Well running coach Bug wasn't very motivational - she slept the whole way! What a totally different experience running with the pram - hard workout......alters your stride if you run with it directly in front of you, makes you hold your body much more upright & you can't swing your arms if your hands are on the handle, also for that reason couldn't carry a water bottle but put one in the basket underneath & got a drink at the traffic lights when we waited to cross. Managed to run for 28 minutes.

SATURDAY: Far far to tired to run, actually went to bed right after the little one did.

SUNDAY: Run 26 minutes. Even though quite humid it was also pretty windy out. Managed a 30 minute run. It also occurred to me that regardless of where I head off to (unless its the treadmill) my homeward run is always going to be uphill!

So the 3 planned sessions done, not when planned but done & that is what is important :-)
This weeks planned sessions: Plan to run Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Session 1: Run 28 minutes
Session 2: Run 30 minutes
Session 3: Run 20 minutes
Session 4: Run 5K
Very excited to have signed up with 6 other lovely but crazy ladies to take part in The Zombie Evacuation Race in October. Mind you I will probably pee myself when the first realistic zombie jumps out on me from behind a tree. If anyone else is interested in joining our team it's not too late so please get in touch with me, or get your own team together, & they are also looking for zombies.
I completed this last Tuesday :-)
Restarted it on 1st July adding in weights & bicep curls to make it harder.
Also started this on 1st July but fear it may have killed me by the end of the first week. Leg raises are agony on my sacro iliac, ok if I lift one leg at a time but not both together so I shall find an alternative to the leg raises. I really need to get something done about this problem with my back but massage hasn't helped & my GP was useless telling me it was because I'd had a baby & to take paracetamol. This doesn't bother me on a day to day basis or stop me doing anything other than being able to lie flat on the floor & raise both legs at the same time.
Monday morning - our usual swimming lesson
Tuesday - a very busy day, trip into Edinburgh, lots of people to see, deliveries to make & things to do.
Wednesday - Bookbug session at the library then lunch with Gran, Grandpa & Father Tabone
Thursday - Bug had a total pyjama day, I only got dressed for us to go for our run, think we both needed a day like this.
Friday - West Lothian Birth & After Birth group in the morning, followed by lunch with some of the ladies & babes. Great to see Elaine & Max back after their holiday & really nice for Renee to join us for lunch too. in the afternoon I went & had my hair chopped.

Saturday & Sunday - nothing much to report - nice quiet weekend but we did manage to Skype my sister & the 3 pink princesses :-)
The below goals were set on 16th 2 weeks in
Short Term Goals
  • In 4 weeks I want to be able to comfortably run 5k......managing 4k near to comfortable at the moment & if I can stick to my training this should be achievable.
  • In 10 weeks I want to be able to run 10k.......lets get the 5k nailed first.....
I need to get my diet back on track, I was doing really well, but increased activity = increased appetite & I haven't made the right choices in the last week. I'm reassured though as I know exactly where mistakes have been made & how to address them. The aim is to lose a stone over the next 14 weeks -  a pound a week should be easily achievable if I keep focused. I'm like a yo yo at the moment 3 pounds on, 2 pounds off, 2 pounds on.....aaaarrgh....I know what I need to do though & I need to get more prepared, when I was doing well I was taking my snacks, lunch etc out & about with me. I also need to ditch my bread head - just seem addicted to bread just now. However it is very deceiving to be ruled by the scales as I have actually lost 2 inches off my hips & 1 off my waist. I am therefore taking a slightly different approach & have weighed & measured on 1st July & won't again till 1st August so will update you then.
Well I think that is everything from last week....time for a quick cuppa before I feed a wee Bug - she actually fell asleep while I wrote this, I knew she would as she hasn't slept much today....
Take Care everyone
Fudgey x x x x

Monday, 1 July 2013


I have just spent an hour writing a post.......
hit publish........
and it's disappeared :-(

Have several things still to do tonight before getting to bed so will need to start again tomorrow

love Fudgey xxxx