Saturday, 15 May 2010

Warning: Uncontrolled Blog

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
I warn you & apologise in advance that I don't have any direction for this blog post. I've not blogged since Tuesday & even then it was very brief so I will try not to ramble on or go off on tangents.
Maybe best if I fill you in on the week to date.

Week 11 Training
Tuesday Week 11 Run 2
50 minutes in total & 7.17km
10 mins easy
3 x (3 mins fast & 2 mins easy)
5 min brisk walk
2 x (3 mins hard & 2 mins easy)
10 mins easy

Wednesday - In the Gym
4 supersets 2 mins on vario at level 10 superset with 10 burpees clean & press combo
3 supersets 2 mins hill run 8%, 8km/h superset with 15 jack knifes
3 supersets bosu side to side lunges x 40 with 4kg medicine ball & 10 swiss ball ab extension crunch combo.

Thursday - Rest Day
I had planned to go to the gym in he morning but I just couldn't get up. I've been so tired recently, but am being sensible & making sure that when I am tired that I do rest rather than just ploughing on regardless.

Friday Week 11 Run 3
Just a short 35 minute 5.7km run.
10 minutes easy
20 minutes @ race pace
5 minutes easy

Feeling good :-)

Another busy busy week at the office,just so much going on at the moment. I am enjoying the new role and it is certainly challenging me. I can't see things calming down much anytime soon - but it keeps me out of trouble and the week just flys by when you have lots to do.

Things at home are pretty fudgey. Mr Fudgey brought me 2 lily flame candles on Wednesday Blush & Daisy Dip - they smell gorgeous. I love Lily flame candles & often buy the scented tins as gifts, unlike other candles they retain their scent for the whole life of the candle not just for the first time you burn them and they do last for ages.
Then on Thursday Mr Fudgey brought me flowers - gorgeous.
Mr Fudgey is the best x

The fellas are all fine & being as cute as ever - though Dora does keep insisting on bringing us a sock in the small hours of the morning & making sure she squeeks enough to wake us up so we can see it.

We've been having a good clean and tidy up today. Mr Fudgey did an awesome job on the cooker it looks like new. He also managed to make me feel incredibly stupid, unintentionally of course.... I walked into the kitchen to see him cleaning a glass panel from the back of the cooker door. The door consists of an outer & inner panel with a gap between & was pretty grotty in between.....silly fudgey has been doing all manners of contortions & random things to try & clean between the 2 panels....little realising there are clips & you can detach the panel.....Doh. Fudgey strikes again :-)
Once all the housework was done we toodled off to Asda for some shopping and most essentially Science in Sport energy gels but my Asda does not stock them so will have to find somewhere else to get them from.

And that my fudgey friends is it from me, the inspiration isn't flowing today I'm afraid.
Tomorrow is my last proper run before next weeks taper torture and then the half marathon.

I'll be back tomorrow to update you on the running.

lots of love
x x


  1. You've had a fab week of training mate, well done! I bet you're getting nervous about your run now, have you dreamed about it yet?

    I only have a 10k next week and I'm scared so heaven knows how I will feel come half marathon time - eek!

  2. I was dreaming about it last night LOL.

    Don't you think you need the nerves though? I actually panic if I'm not nervous - does that sound silly? I just don't like being complacent. I think a little nerves are positive.