Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mad March Mayhem

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today? Can you believe the crazy weather? Can you believe it's the end of March already?

I've had an amazing March. Firstly we had Aunt Liz & Uncle Andy's Ruby wedding anniversary & a lovely family meal. Then I took part in the Meadows 5km. Then we were really really lucky to be able to meet up with Mum & Dad Lockie & Gran Lockie & enjoy a fantastic meal and spend some time with them. I started a fab new job. Little Margaret had her first birthday....& I ran an awesome 151.92km (94.4 miles) this month. Check out my 1000km in 2010 page to see my progress.
I'm also up to £245 on my fundraising which is great and motivates me to keep going.
So a pretty good month all round.

Week 5 Run 2
The training plan run today was just what I needed 10 minutes easy, followed by 4 sets of 10 minutes tempo & 2.5 minutes jog, finishing with 10 minutes easy. I'm loving the new job but there is soooooo much going on that I really need my fitness regime / running programme to channel some of my stresses, the new job is definitely working me out mentally & I'm making sure I continue to keep up the physical.
Today I managed 11.18km in 1 hour 13 minutes.

The fantastic Mr Fudgey brought me home some gorgeous white roses. He is the best.

I've decided as well that this evening I'm going to crack open the Easter egg my colleagues gave me when I left my old job to start my new one. I think I've earned a wee treat and of course I will share with Mr Fudgey.

I'm really looking forward to the long Easter weekend and spending some time with Mr Fudgey & just generally relaxing. Do any of you have anything nice planned?

Well I'm going to toodle off now.

Take Care everyone
Fudgey xxx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What happened to spring?

Good Evening Fudgey Friends,

So we all put our clocks forward, looking forward to the official start of spring, lighter mornings & evenings.....yet here I am sitting listening to the wild weather outside. It's hardly taking time to rain, the wind is vicious & it's flipping baltic & Mum Smith has just told us it's snowing out in West much for spring!
The lights are also periodically flickering so we may even get a power cut.

Yesterday I was hoping to get away from work sharp to fit in a run before Fat club but ended up getting so engrossed in what I was working on that I never left till 5.45pm. It was icy cold last night too so I decided to indulge myself & take a rest day. I had a really good training week last week but some fairly tough sessions & my longest run to date on Sunday, so I actually thought that I would benefit from a day off.
Last night was a really good night after weeks of being so near yet so far my friend Jan finally reached her target weight :-) It was very emotional, and reminded me how I felt 6 months ago when I got there. Jan is a truly lovely person and has been working so hard to get to her target she was a regular at the class before I joined in June 2007, so it has been a long journey she has lost almost 4 stone to get to her target, what I should also mention is that Jan is 80 years old.....yes that's right 80. Don't you think that is awesome & so inspiring - Jan has more get up & go than some people half her age. Well Done Jan - I'm so pleased for you & proud of you I know the last 4 weeks have been a battle but you got there.

This morning I decided to go & run on the treadmill, it was an effort to get up as it was dark, cold, wet & windy outside but I told myself I'd rested yesterday & this half marathon won't run itself so off I went.
I decided to run yesterday's missed 40 minute session which was meant to be 40 minutes easy but I decided to run 5km at race pace if possible. My training runs have been good recently but my pace has been slower than I know I can run, but I've been concentrating on my running form, consistent pacing & running for increased periods of time rather than trying to get faster. I was delighted to knock out 5km in 29 minutes 06 seconds & then continued on till 7.5km in 47 mins 13 seconds. I ran 7km at race pace and then eased it down gently for 5 minutes. This Fudgey has still got it :-)

I'm now getting excited about The Great Ireland Run (10k) which is my next event.

I really hope this wintry weather doesn't last long.

Well I'm going to go & get Mr Fudgey to come & have a cup of tea & watch an old Dr Who with me.

Hope you are all safe, dry & warm.
Take Care
love Fudgey

Oh dear

my blog appears to be sick - working on resolving it

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wind swept end to week 4 training

Hello Fudgey Followers

I'm back! Did everyone remember to put their clocks forward?

Week 4 Run 4
I was keen to get up and out as soon as possible this morning as the planned session was a 90 minute easy run. With the clocks going forward if I didn't get out at a reasonable time there was the potential of eating too much into the day, I'm also finding I enjoy running better early on a Sunday before most people are out and about & there is less traffic. So I was pleased to be out the door by 9.10am.
I had no route planned today as Mr Garmin tracks my distance so I was looking forward to an element of freedom.
It is really windy here in Edinburgh today I checked the BBC weather when I got home and apparently it was 20mph - such a pity it had been going in the opposite direction to me, and at one point was battering me from the right side so hard that I had to really lean in not to been blown into the road. But I loved my run today, it was really challenging and by experiencing all seasons in training I should be well prepared for whatever happens on the half marathon day.
I loved the freedom Mr Garmin allowed me too & I took a detour round Inverleith Park & round the pond where a swan started to chase me but thankfully changed its mind!
Since today was long run day I tried another sports gel, this time Science in Sports Go gel I had the tropical flavour and like the smart gel last week thought that it was less viscose than others I've tried, it wasn't as sweet and also quite a pleasant taste - so I will be checking out their blackcurrant & orange flavours too. Sticking with Science in Sport, a fellow runner recommended their rego recovery, so when we were at asda I picked up a couple of the sachets to try & also their easy mix bottle. I had the rego recovery when I came home and thought it was lovely, mixed really well, no lumps & tasted delicious, so I'll be buying a tub. My only gripe with Science in Sport is that their easy mix bottle has no ml markers on it - this was a little disappointing, but won't stop me trying more of their products as they are the ones that I have liked best so far & found most effective.
Back to today's run, as many of you know I'm a bit of a data geek so I'm going to bore you with some of the breakdowns from Mr Garmin.... please feel free to skip on

1st km 6 mins 52 secs
2nd km 6 mins 37 secs
3rd km 6 mins 42 secs
4th km 6 mins 52 secs steepest km
5th km 6 mins 39 secs also steep
6th km 6 mins 05 secs
7th km 6 mins 22 secs
8th km 6 mins 42 secs another steep one
9th km 6 mins 23 secs
1oth km 6 mins 10 secs
11th km 6 mins 22 secs
12th km 6 mins 48 secs
13th km 6 mins 29 secs
14th km 6 mins 16 secs

In total I ran 14.21 km in 92 mins 37 secs. I was pretty pleased overall given how windy it was and the hard training week I've had. I'm getting more confident that I can run the half marathon now as long as I stay injury free & continue to train.

So the Stats for Week 4
Total distance run this week 41.23km
Total running time 4 hours 37 mins 24 secs
8 weeks today till the half Marathon :-)

I've also managed to spend some more time on my blog this week and have added a couple of pages at the top so you can see my half marathon training stats & my progress with 1000km in 2010, both looking pretty fudgey.

Well I think I'm going to brave the elements again as we need milk and I'd like to make a pot of soup but require a little inspiration so will see what veg I can find.

I'll be back soon to fill you in on training week 5, and the latest from the fudgey kitchen.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend
Take Care
love Fudgey xx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sedentary Saturday

Hello Fudgey Followers,

How is everyone? Any plans this weekend?

I am having a lazy Saturday & the amazing hubby is doing the housework. I've had a busy week and am exhausted. I'm enjoying the new role but as with any new job the first week can be very tiring just finding your feet and getting to grips with everything. I am excited though about the challenges ahead and the projects I'll be working on.

Where did I leave you last? Ah yes Thursday lunchtime & I told you about my run in the rain.

Thursday Personal Training Session
My theory that Colin is on a mission to kill me still holds. The sessions just get harder and harder,but I love them still.
Colin's objective for Thursday's session was 'Overload' I think he pretty much succeeded, about 15 minutes in & the sweat was pouring off me and I was questioning the sanity of the morning run into work, I was however incredibly Thankful for Wednesday's rest day & the pasta I'd had for lunch.

First part of the session intense cardio. 3km to be run in 5 minutes 40 each or less with fun stuff in between too!
1st km 5 minutes 40 seconds
3 sets of burpees 20, 18, & 16 with strict 20 second rest between sets
2nd km 5 minutes 36.5 seconds
3 sets of step ups & sidehops, 30 & 20, 25 & 18 & 20 & 16, again only strict 20 seconds rest between sets. Hard Hard Hard! Colin did kindly get me some tissue to dry myself off at one point!
3rd km 5 minutes 31 seconds

by now I was ready to go home, but we weren't finished.
3 sets of 20 reps Olympic bar squats with 5lb each side
3 sets of 15 reps leg extension and again this week by this stage I didn't note the weight!
Then we did something we've not done before a compound exercise, effectively a clean & press, a squat & a shoulder press in one fluid movement. We tried the first set of 10 reps with a 17.5kg barbell. It was tough, especially the shoulder press. I also managed to clip the back of my head with the bar at one point - still it may knock some sense in! I foolishly thought we were only doing one set of these...ha ha I should know better by now. We did another 2 sets with a 15kg barbell.
A little stretch off & the session was over & I was looking like someone had tried to drown me.
I can totally understand why people don't get the fact that I enjoy this kind of workout aka punishment, but most people who know me can testify I've never been in better shape or fitter & that yes I am a bit crazy :-)

I couldn't get out of bed at 6am for my usual Friday morning treadmill session, Thursday afternoon's personal training session took it out of me. So I needed to decide whether to take a complete rest day or try & fit in the run later. I took my kit with me to work & decided that maybe the run would help loosen me off a bit.
Week 4 Run 3
10 minutes easy followed by 3 x(5 minutes steady, 5 minutes tempo & 2 minutes jog) finishing with 10 minutes easy. I pushed on / cooled down for another 4 minutes to make it a round hour & today only managed 8.5km, but for once I was very good & was enforced to run the easy intervals easy as I was tired so I don't see the shorter distance than usual as a bad thing, in fact it's a positive that I could still manage an hours running even though I was fatigued and I was sensible enough to take it easy so as not get injured. Where did this sensible little fudgey come from?
Friday night Mr Fudgey & I planned to watch a movie but we were both wiped out after a busy week and he fell asleep about 8pm & I dozed off on the sofa about 10pm watching Dancing with the Stars.

Sedentary Saturday
I was looking forward to no alarm this morning, but was awake at 7am. I got the washing machine on & jumped back into bed, I never went back to sleep but didn't get up till 8.30am which was a real treat. I think my week has caught up with me and I'm feeling a little tender in the shoulders partly from personal training & partly from carrying around tension. I decided that I'd take it easy today & not do too much. I headed out to the post office and also treated us to a pineapple danish pastry each. When I got back I hung the washing outside. It's what you would describe as a good drying day. I also cleaned the bathroom and hoovered and steamed the floor in the hall, and that is about as much as I could manage. Fanastic Mr Fudgey has been busy in the front room & kitchen & the place looks fantastic. Thanks babe x
I have done another load of washing so will need to get that in the dryer and we are going to do our food shop too I think, but I think overall it is going to be a chilled day & evening.
Will be back tomorrow to tell you how my long run goes.

Finally before I say cheerio, Mr Fudgey & I & the furry gang want to wish our wee niece Margaret a very happy 1st birthday. Can't belive that's a year already. Hope that Margaret, Rose, Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa & Great Granny all have a lovely time at the party - wish we were with you.

Well cheerio for now
Take care everyone
love Fudgey xx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

No Longer a Fair Weather Runner

Hello Fudgey friends,

Just a quick little blog post.

I ran to work the rain. My first run in the rain so I'm no longer a fair weather runner. It wasn't too bad, but I was conscious of where I was putting my feet and making sure I didn't slip. I did also have negotiate people walking to work with a variety of different sized umbrellas but it was all good & I ran 5.25km to work quite happily, pace was slow - it took 35 minutes but there were a couple of inclines en route and I have the last of my 3 for £30 Personal Training sessions this afternoon so I didn't want to over do it.

This was also a non training plan run - just because I could :-)

Well I'm going to go and get myself some lunch. Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday.

Take Care
Fudgey x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I ran to St Helens

Hello Fudgey friends

Latest update on my distance run since I started tracking my shoes on 16/11/2009 341.88km or 213.67 miles approximately the distance from href=" >
View Larger Map">Edinburgh to St Helens

Week 4 Run 2
A cheeky little gradient interval run this morning. 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes fast then 1 min each @ 5%, 7% 9%, 7%, 5%, 7% 9%, 7%, 5% finishing with 10 minutes easy.

As I'm tired I'm going to leave it at simply that tonight folks.

See you all soon

Fudgey x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday Moan

Good Evening my fudgey friends,

I've actually had a good day. Today was the first day in my new role as business analyst, it was very odd not going to my old desk this morning, but it was exciting to be finally moved it seems like ages since I had the interview & got the the job. Since I've only moved departments & a few hundred yards & have been with the company almost 5 years it wasn't like being totally new, but it was still a little bizarre. Everyone made me feel really welcome though. Today was a mammoth reading session as I have loads to get up to speed on so my brain was fried by the end of the day but I'm looking forward to getting down to the hard work and making my usual fudgey impact!

Week 4 Run 1
I decided to try something different today & run home from work. It normally takes about 30 minutes by bus plus usually at least 10 minutes waiting for it in the first place. I packed my running gear this morning & didn't take my handbag just the essentials, phone, keys & money and of course pass for the office & ipod......& how could I possibly not take the fabby Mr Garmin. The run was challenging, not the actual running but the frustration of getting stopped at busy junctions waiting for the lights. I'm not very good at road crossing in general & am the bumpkin you see waiting for the green man even though there is not a car in sight, however to be fair Edinburgh city centre at 5pm is a bit chaotic.
wait for comes my Monday moan....
WHY WHY WHY do some people have absolutely no spatial awareness whatsoever, do they think I can just run through them? Aaargh some severe people rage this evening.
Though to look at it positively if this is all I have to complain about life must be pretty good.
I managed the 4km home in approx 28 minutes though about 3 minutes were spent waiting at various lights and negotiating immovable persons. I went for a wee loop just round about home to take my time up to 40 minutes as today's run was to be 40 minutes easy. It wasn't the best run ever as I never got into a good rhythm due to the stop / start pattern, it was a little staccato but it felt good to be out running and I would have got home quicker than if I'd taken the bus. I have also discovered that Mr Garmin has some pretty cool functionality that can pause the timer automatically when you stop moving or when your pace drops below a certain value so I think I will be switching that on for next time I run at a busy time of day. Yes I know I am a geek.

Well it's getting late for little fudgey people and tomorrow I'm thinking of torturing myself with some hills so I'll say night night to everyone.

Sweet Dreams

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you have had a lovely weekend. We have had a fairly productive one.

Yesterday we were up early & I wrapped my wee niece's birthday present, Mr Fudgey very kindly took it round to the post office. Mum and Dad Smith dropped in for coffee and to deliver a couple of parcels for us.
I had made another batch of plum chilli sauce for them to take away with them. Mum Smith served it with scallops & mussels & I hear it went down very well. In fact I am making another batch now & Mr Fudgey & I are going to have it with some pork fillet this evening. I also made another batch of my. homemade cereal bars, but this time I used cranberries instead of apricots & almond butter instead of peanut butter - they turned out great.
I then spent the afternoon doing housework, while Mr Fudgey was busy with the pc's & a few technical difficulties. An ENORMOUS Thank you to Paul for getting us up and running - very very much appreciated. Clumsy Fudgey then tripped on the hoover cable & came down hard on my knees - the right one taking most of the force & my right shoulder also hurting from trying to put my hands out to save myself. I really am a numpty sometimes. I spent the evening limping about being fed up with myself, though our lovely dinner of chicken & roasted vegetables did make me feel a bit better. I LOVE roasted I used red & white onion, chestnut mushrooms, courgette, red & green peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, a small tin of new potatoes, some extra virgin olive oil & of course my favourite Oil & Vinegar shop wild garlic mix. Chopped everything up & roasted in the oven for about 40 minutes. After dinner we watched a hilarious film called Zombieland.

Do you ever find yourself making up excuses to yourself for why you can't do something? This is the frame of mind I went to bed in last night. 'I don't think I can do my long run knee, shoulder and head hurt' I told myself. Then I realised 'Oh No I can't do my long run because I've left both pairs of my running shoes in my locker at the gym' But then I got into solution mode...wait & see how the knee etc feel in the morning, I could go up to the gym early & collect my shoes - in fact I could go in my kit put my shoes on & run back, or I could run wearing my non running trainers, it was a right battle between yes you can / no you can't parts of my brain.

Week 3 Run 4
I woke up this morning and just didn't want to run. I then also mistakenly thought it was an hour later than it actually was as we somehow thought the clocks changed this weekend...Doh. I hauled myself out of bed without even the energy to chat to hubby, pulled on my kit, ate one of my lovely cereal bars, put on my gorgeous new Garmin & headed out the door. I opted to try & run in my non running trainers. There is nothing wrong with these trainers - Nike Dart, it's my feet that are the issue - I'm a very severe over pronator so I have a pair of motion control shoes & a support shoe that I alternate for running - these help to balance my over pronation & prevent injury. This is a piece of Fudgey advice for all fellow runners out there - if you can, do get your feet & your gait assessed and get the appropriate shoes for you - it really does help. I'm a real girly girl & I would just buy things because they look nice or have pink bits :-) but when it comes to all my running kit I'm a a very sensible Fudgey.....though loads of it does have pink bits!
The run was awesome, the training plan had 80 minutes easy & I ran just over 81 minutes and managed 13.14km. This is my furthest run to date. I had set the garmin to autolap every km so was able to check my pacing which was pretty good today. When I got back home I uploaded all my garmin data to the garmin training centre....I am such I geek I love seeing my splits, calories burnt & my max speeds etc broken down over each km. I was also flying high from running 80 minutes with no stopping or walking at all - in fact I am positively looking forward to next weekends 90 minutes. I also had no aches, pains or niggles though now I do feel like I've run 13km but it feels good ;-D
Today I also tried a different energy boost gel. This time Science in Sport Smart 1 Now to say I actually like this would be stretching it slightly however this is the best I have tried so far. It was a lot less viscose than the others I've tried and a lot less sickly sweet. I took it after about 40 minutes and I think it did help as I'd only had my cereal bar before heading out. I need to start getting up earlier so I can eat a little more ahead of my long runs especially as they get longer.
There are a couple of minor issues to report - not injuries I don't know what to call them - annoyances really. I have cut my arm from my Doberman alarm rubbing the skin & I had a not very nice blood blister on the toe that has already lost a nail - I don't see these as bad things - I see them as proof that I'm becoming a real runner!

So the Stats for Week 3
Total distance run this week 36.11km
Total running time 3 hours 52 mins 16 secs
9 weeks today till the half Marathon :-$

and all this was by 10am this morning!!

After a well deserved muscle soak bath & some scrambled eggs, Mr Fudgey & I went into town and had a wee wander around the shops and stopped for coffee and cake - again well deserved I think.

We've also been & done a food shop and I have made a lamb chilli for tomorrow and the plum sauce for tonight.

Well time is marching on and I still have plenty to do so I guess I better leave you here and get on.

Take Care everyone

lots of love

Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 3 Run 3 - Tough going

Hello Fudgey Friends

Woo Hoo It's Friday!

I'm sitting being heated by the glorious sunshine through the window - it is however very very windy & not so warm when you venture outside.

Today is a strange day for me as it's my last day in my current team. I start my new role on Monday. I'm sad to be leaving the job I've been doing for nearly 5 years & my lovely team mates but I'm also super excited about my new job and the fresh challenges it will bring, though naturally I'm a little nervous too.

This weekend we have nothing planned so we are both looking forward to hopefully a nice relaxed weekend and I'll be all fresh and raring to go on Monday.

Week 3 Run 3
I wasn't in a running frame of mind this morning, but I got up & set off for the gym for my usual Friday treadmill session. Today's Run 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes steady, 10 minutes tempo, 5 minutes fast & finishing with 10 minutes easy. The first 20 minutes or so were not good, they weren't bad either it was just one of those things that I couldn't put my finger on, the running part of me just wasn't switching on this morning - maybe because I had so many other thoughts in my busy brain.
Around 25 minutes I picked up a bit and the last 15 minutes were better. Not my best session but another one completed and crossed off the training plan. I don't expect every session to be good and actually when I have a bad or simply average one it usually motivates me for the next time rather than demotivates me. Guess it all depends on whether you are a glass half empty or half full kind of person.
I'm already looking forward to Sunday's long run, plus I'll get to use my new garmin :-)

Hope you are all having a fudgey Friday & are looking forward to the weekend.
Have a great one


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Personal Torture

Hello everyone,

How are we all today? I'm good though a little tired.
Today was a Personal Torture ......oops meant Training session....but I loved it.
I'd rather workout really well for an hour than waste 3 hours being ineffective - after all I'm a busy Fudgey you know.
I also don't see the point in going to the same classes, doing the same routine, lifting the same weights and never pushing yourself day after day. What benefit are you going to gain from it - your body will just get used to it and I know if I did that I'd very quickly become bored and give up. But hey ho I guess everyone is different and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another.

I like to constantly challenge myself, try new things and try to be the best I can. Not anyone else's best - just my best. I'm human I don't succeed in everything I do.....but when I fail I always know it wasn't down to lack of effort.

Oh dear Mrs Fudgey is going off on a wee soap box moment there, back to the intended subject of this post!

Today's Session
4 min row
3 sets of Triset medicine ball lunges 6kg 12 reps , incline lunges 10 reps each leg 8kg dumbbells, dynamic lunges 20
Treadmill gradient interval speed 8.5km run for 1 min each @ 6%, 8% 10%, 8%, 6%, 8% 10%, 8%, 6%
3 sets of superset 15 reps cable crunches & 20 oblique cycles
3 sets of wood chops 10 each side

The treadmill gradient intervals just about killed me. When Colin asked me my perceived level of exertion on a scale of 1 - 10 my response was 12, that was at the point I was still capable of speech. This was a really tough challenge and in usual fudgey fashion I never gave up but if I had eaten this morning before the session I may well have been sick, though passing out or crying were also options. The last 3 minutes or so were the worst. Colin - you were so so close to breaking me today! I fear that day will come soon if you keep pushing me so hard - but Thank you - you know I love it really & I know you know I won't quit without a fight first!!!!

After this I forgot to note what weights were for the cable crunches or the wood chops.

Now I know some of you will be reading this horrified & thinking why would you want to put yourself through that? & even more bizarrely how can you actually enjoy it?
As I said before everyone is different. Being challenged works for me, I get a buzz from rising to & trying to beat the challenge. I also know that when I am training with my personal trainer Colin that he'll make sure I do push myself, that I use good technique and that I'll feel like I've worked really hard. I know as well that all the time I am getting fitter and stronger and if I'm going to do my best in the half marathon in May then I need to train hard now.

This post never went where I initially planned today but I guess what was in my head has just plopped out & now I am mentally & physically spent, so time to pootle off and curl up with Mr Fudgey to watch something & chillax.

Good Night all

Fudgey xxxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So Much to Blog about… so little time

Hello all
I’ve had a busy few days since I last blogged on Saturday and so much I wanted to blog about but not enough time to sit down & get typing. So here goes I’ll try not to bore you too much.

We had Mum & Dad Smith over for dinner. I think it’s fair to say it was enjoyed by all.

Starter: Baked Haggis Filo parcels with plum chilli sauce
For the haggis filo parcels I took 4 sheets of filo. I sprayed one sheet with spray oil & then put another sheet on top. I cut this into quarters. I put approx a teaspoon of haggis in the centre & then scrunched up. I did the same with the other 2 sheets of filo. I then put the parcels on a baking tray sprayed with spray oil & baked in the oven at gas 4 for 20 minutes.
This made 8 wee parcels. You could also try this with vegetarian haggis.

The plum sauce was a bit of classic fudgey experimentation of just chucking stuff in but it turned out amazing:
4 plums stone removed & chopped up
60 ml water
30 ml white vinegar
Generous pinch of ground ginger
2 tablespoons of granulated sweetener
1 tablespoon light soy sauce
Wee bit of lazy red chillies

I put everything in a pan, brought to the boil & then simmered for 12 – 15 minutes. I removed from the heat & once cool blended till smooth. I made this in advance & simply reheated later when I wanted to use it.

Main Course: Roast Chicken Breast, Stuffed Tomato & pearl potatoes.
Decided to keep it simple & roasted my 4 chicken breasts in the oven.
Cooked 500g of pearl potatoes & drained & added a little bit of butter..

I made my stuffed tomatoes with light Philadelphia with basil, spring onions, red onion, a couple of cherry plum tomatoes, a little chopped red pepper & some wafer thin ham & of course not forgetting my oil & vinegar store wild garlic mix– pretty much per my previous blog on these. The plum sauce also got used with the main course as there was some left & everyone liked it :-)

Dessert: Chocolate Peach Flan
This is an adaptation of a favourite Scottish Slimmers Recipe of mine. So easy to make.
1 small flan base
1 small tin of peaches in juice
200g quark
Drop of vanilla essence
1 tablespoon granulated sweetener
Sachet of options hot chocolate

Remove sponge flan case from pack. Take a tablespoon of juice from the fruit & drizzle over flan. Mix quark with sweetener & vanilla essence. Spread this over flan base. Drain the remaining peaches & arrange on top of flan.
Mix the options hot chocolate with 1 to 2 tbsp of water to make a smooth fairly thick paste & then drizzle over the peaches. Put in the fridge and serve when ready. I served with a spoon of half fat crème fraiche.

You can vary the fruit, you can use any non flavoured soft cheese (eg Philadelphia) & you can experiment with the flavoured hot chocolates.

Week 2 Run 4
This should have been Friday’s swapped Run 3 consisting of 5 minutes easy run, 10 minute steady run, 10 minute temp run, 5 minute faster run, 10 minutes easy run = Total 40 minutes, however I find it quite hard to judge my pace outside so decided to just run. This will change soon though as I bit the bullet and ordered a Garmin :-D which I hope will really assist my training
It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning and for the first time this year I ran outside without long sleeves or a hat. 8.16km and 49 minutes 16 seconds later I returned home a happy energised little Fudge. Mr Fudgey was amused by my co-ordinating pink & white top, pink watch & pink joggers alarm….I probably had a matching pink face too!
We headed out to see Mum & Dad Smith so we could deliver the Mother’s Day gift we forgot to give her on Saturday evening.
Then we headed over to Glasgow to meet some friends for a fabulous meal. It was great to catch up and a lovely evening was had by everyone, we weren’t even too late home and I am still on the half marathon training wagon ….though the wine did smell amazing.

So the Stats for Week 2
Total distance run this week 32.83km
Total running time 3 hours 29 mins 06 secs
10 weeks Sunday till the half Marathon :-$

Week 3 Run 1
Well a new week, a step closer to the half marathon, I was feeling positive that I managed 4 runs last week – yet I was not in the mood to run today! Training plan has a 35 minute easy run. Monday night is my weigh in night so I got home from work and started to get my stuff together and get ready to run, much procrastinating later I finally left 20 minutes later than I should have which meant either a) running or b) catching the bus, since I was in my running gear option a was the winner. I had to add an extra loop onto my route as I can make it to ‘fat club’ in a round 23 mins so I added an extra 2.76km on & managed to run 6.16km in 38 mins 31 seconds. 2 minutes 19 quicker than I ran the same route the previous week – so much for lack of running mojo. So this is my tip – even if you don’t fancy training – give it a try – you might be surprised – but if it’s not working for you don’t beat yourself up over it either. I find that I normally run best when I’m not up for it – I think it’s because there is no expectation and once I start running I unwind and all my frustrations / annoyance / stress get relieved even if just a little.

Week 3 Run 2
Interval Training day. 10 minutes easy run followed by 5 x (4 mins at tempo pace & 2 mins jog) finishing with 10 mins easy run. Another 8.48km clocked up.
I was so invigorated I also went on the cardio wave machine for 10 minutes
Then 3 sets 12 reps bicep curls 6kg dumbbells
3 sets 15 reps bosu squats
And then a lovely triset for my abs 3 sets of (15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 12 Russian twists with 8kg medicine ball & 15 reverse curls)

Well that’s my training right up to date so I’ll say cheerio for just now and will be back soon with more chat

Lots of love
Fudgey xxx

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Unusual Soup

Hello everyone,

How are you?
Well it still seems to be spring like. I actually have washing hanging outside for the first time this year.

Week 2 Run 3
This is actually Week 2 Run 4 but I've had to mix things up a little as I have a busy weekend and was worried about fitting in my long run. From the books I've read & advice I've been given the one run you should try not to miss is your weekly long run so off I set on Friday morning for my 70 minute easy run.
I had a great session ran 11.5km in 74 minutes & felt like I could have carried on going for another wee while at least. All my aches, pains & injuries also felt good and I was high as a kite all day Friday. I thought I'd be shattered in the evening but I stayed up late reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix.
I'm hoping to fit in Run 3 tomorrow morning as it's a shorter 35 minute one.

Unusual Soup
Well I seem to have made a soup that Mr Fudgey is not keen on. I really like it - so I guess this one is an aquired taste.

Carrot, Orange & Mint Soup
1 medium onion - chopped
400g carrots - peeled & sliced
200ml orange juice
chicken or vegetable oxo cube
handful of fresh mint - chopped

Put the onion, carrot & stock in a pot and bring to boil, simmer for approx 15 mins
remove from the heat & stir in the orange juice & mint
once cooled blend.
Reheat & serve.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else tries this and likes or doesn't like it.

Well I'm leaving you for now as I insisted that Mum & Dad Smith come over for dinner today as a wee treat for Mother's Day. I've already prepared my chocolate peach flan for dessert, but still need to make my haggis filo parcels with plum sauce starter & I am making roast chicken with stuffed tomatoes & pearl potatoes for the main.
Will let you know how it all turns out.

Have a great Saturday

Fudgey xx

Thursday, 11 March 2010

It looks like spring

Hello Fudgey followers

The last couple of days have been so lovely, bright sunshine and not too cold. The sun has been shining in my window at work and I have been enjoying the heat and the light. I've not wanted to pull the blinds and have found myself squinting at my screen before finally admitting defeat & filtering out some of the sun. It looks like spring might actually be here. It's even light when I leave the house in the morning and return home at night :-)

Personal Training Session
Wednesday was the first of my 3 for £30 personal training sessions a special offer for Sport Relief.
I love my PT sessions. I love trying new exercises and doing things that I wouldn't normally attempt on my own in the gym like the Olympic bar squats & using heavier weights. It's also perfect opportunity to get technique corrected and words of wisdom, advice & quality chat from wonderful Colin.
My work colleagues and friends always know when I've had a personal training session as I am so up afterwards. I'm normally a bubbly, chatty, positive person anyway but even more so after a good workout.

Wednesday's session consisted of:

4 minute warm up cross trainer
3 x tri-set of 10 burpees, 15 swiss ball squats with 6kg dumbbells, 45 second ski sit with 4kg dumbbells)
3 sets of 20 lateral lunges on bosu ball
3 sets of lunge with raise 10 each leg with 3kg dumbbells
3 sets of single arm clean & press 10 each arm with 7kg dumbbells
3 x super set of 15 jack knifes and 12 hanging leg raises
PNF stretching

I'm really into the whole stretching thing now as I've realised how important it is and how good I actually feel after a proper stretch. I'm going to ask Mr Fudgey very nicely if can can assist me in more stretching.
I can happily report that all my aches and pains are feeling tonnes better. Thanks to Clare, Colin & good stretching.

Wednesday evening Mr Fudgey and I watched 'The Dark Knight'
We've seen this about 4 times and both love the movie but I have to apologise yet again for falling asleep while we watch something. Recently I've been nodding off about an hour into watching films - it's nothing to do with not enjoying them - in fact I think it's when I just totally relax I doze off as it's rare for me to sit still for any length of time. Sorry hubby x

Thursday Rest Day
Thank goodness today was a rest day, between Monday's lunchtime session and yesterday's PT I have the most awesome abs DOMS. Getting out of bed this morning required some effort! Then whilst on a phone call at work I took a coughing fit and my abs didn't like that, nor were they too pleased when I laughed, sneezed or stretched too far! However ab DOMS are my favourite kind so I was kind of secretly enjoying it!!!
Today was a busy day at work - loads going on so I wouldn't have got to the gym anyway but today was a designated rest day.
I managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine at lunchtime though with a little toodle round the shops.

I think we are going to watch the next episode of Eddie Iz Running this evening.

Well I better pop off and make our lunches for tomorrow etc. WOW Friday again already. Where does the week go?
Long run hopefully tomorrow morning.

Take care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Week 2 Run 2

Hello Fudgey peoples

Well the week is off to a good start training wise. After yesterday's Week 2 Run 1, today was Run 2.

Today's session was an Interval session, 10 minutes easy running followed by 5 x 5 minutes (3 mins fast & 2 mins easy) & finished with 10 minutes easy. A nice little 7.11km clocked up this morning.

I also tried adding chocolate whey protein to my porridge for the first time & quite liked it - though I thought it made it much more filling and I couldn't eat my usual full portion.

I also am secretly enjoying my abs DOMS from yesterday's lunchtime session.

Tomorrow is a Personal training session - I got 3 sessions for £30 as a promotion for Sports relief it seemed too good an offer to miss.

Results from Sunday race
The official chip times and some stats came through today.
Official time 29 minutes 46 seconds
1st lap 14:39
second lap 15:05
Total Runners 166 Male: 55 Female: 111
Fudgey's Positioning = Overall: 56/166 & Gender: 24/111

Needless to say I am a little pleased right now and it makes all the aches & pains so worthwhile.
When I completed my personal training questionnaire last May one of the questions was about what sport / exercise you least like.....I said running....who'd have thought that now.

I hadn't decided on a tea total training plan I'd be having a glass of wine right now!

I'm not the best runner in the world but I love it now and it's so rewarding to see myself improving all the time. Those who know me well will probably tell you the reason I'm loving it now is because it is a challenge - I am one very determined and headstrong little fudge!!

Finally I thought I'd share with you another recipe

Tomato Sauce

1 tbsp olive oil
1 medium onion chopped
red, green & yellow pepper chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
4 mushrooms quartered
tin of chopped tomatoes
tsp of splenda
balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper
oil & vinegar shop wild garlic mix

In a pan heat the oil, add onion, garlic,and peppers, cook for a couple of minutes then add the mushrooms, cook another couple of minutes and then add the tinned tomatoes. simmer gently for 5 minutes. Add a teaspoon of low calorie sweetener - I use splenda, stir, add some balsamic vinegar, I add about a tablespoon, simmer for another 5 minutes and season with salt and pepper to taste. I normally very rarely use salt when cooking but I think it is needed with tomatoes. I then add some wild garlic mix but you could add your favourite fresh or dried herbs. simmer another couple of minutes & that is it.

Fudgey Tips:
* This tastes even better if you cool & refrigerate and use the next day
* great on it's own with pasta, rice or if you make it thick in a jacket potato or add mince, diced chicken or quorn pieces
* add some chilli to give it an extra kick
* also tastes great cold with pasta as a salad.

This is never the same twice when I make it though as I just do what I fell like & use whatever I have in the fridge.

and there I have to leave you for today as I'm going to give hubby meatballs & tomato sauce with wholewheat spaghetti for dinner.

lots of love

Monday, 8 March 2010

Week 2 Run 1

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Monday again.
I have to admit I was feeling a bit poopy this morning, absolutely shattered - I haven't slept well the last 2 nights, I was a little sore from yesterday's run & a bit emotional. A tired, grumpy, sore hormonal fudgey is no fun whatsoever.

At lunchtime I decided to nip to the gym for a quick 30 mins to see if I could perk myself up.

10 mins on cardio wave machine
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball chest press with 6kg dumbbells & 12 press ups
3 tri sets of 15 crunches with 6kg medicine ball, 16 Russian twists with 6kg medicine ball & 15 reverse curls
Then a really good stretch off

It did work and I went back to work feeling a lot better.

By home time I was flagging again but Monday is my Scottish Slimmers class - I still go every other week now I am at target weight but my class buddy Jan is only a pound away from her target weight and I don't want to miss her reaching it. Jan is a really kind hearted and lovely 80 year old lady who has been going to the class the whole time I have and we get the same bus home (though tonight my plan was to run home)
Jan didn't come to tonight's class so I just got weighed and headed out to run home.

Today's run on the training schedule was to be a 40 minute easy run.

The plan was a loose one to run home which is about 3.4km and if I was feeling sore either walk or if it was really bad I'd have to get the bus.
The first 5 or 6 minutes felt awkward but I stuck with it and all of a sudden everything just clicked into place and the running just took over. By the time I was approaching home I felt really good and thought to myself I need to keep running so I also added on the 2.76km loop I did on Saturday.
So by the time I arrived home I'd been running for 40 minutes & 50 seconds and it worked out as 6.16km.
This is slow pace for me - but it was meant to be an easy run and it was easy - I felt I could have run another 6km.
I felt fantastic other than having cut my heel open yet again - I took a picture for anyone who wants to see it ;-)
Into the flat and another really good stretch off and a lovely hot shower.

Hubby & I then had the soup from yesterday's blog entry & it was delicious.

Well I promised myself an early night so I'm going to do just that.

Hope you all had a good Monday.

Back soon

lots of love
Fudgey xx

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Meadows 5km Today

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are we all?

Well today was my 5k Run.

I'm a nightmare the morning of a run. I like everything to be all organised and I know I get a bit narky - it's partly nerves about getting there on time and performing well and a lot to do with me being a control freak. I'd like to think this morning I wasn't too bad. Mr Fudgey & his Mum & Dad will be the judges of that though.
I taped my feet well and ate my Marks & Spencer porridge with my seeds, berries & cacoa nibs. I also drank plenty of water as well as having a cup of tea.

The conditions today were good. About 6 degrees much better than the conditions of The Great Winter Run.
I collected my timing chip and before I knew it we were lining up for the start.
The first part over the cobbles I found particularly tough - it really didn't make my groin feel too good, but once we were off the cobbles & I found my rhythm it was OK. The next challenge was the water stop. I have always drank from a bottle when running never from a cup....I think I was wearing most of the water rather than drank it. I decided on the second lap to decline the water!
It was a great course and a really well organised event. I had a great run and finished in 29 mins 42 seconds according to my watch - I don't have the chip time yet.
Today's run saw me doing more overtaking than being overtaken and it was a good feeling. I even managed a sprint finish.
I didn't expect a goodie bag at this event only the finishing certificate so I was surprised but pleased to receive one.
I was also deliriously happy not to be beaten by the egg!
Whilst waiting to be picked up I stood and cheered on some of the other finishers at the point just before they would turn to see the finish line. Well Done to everyone who took part and Thank you to the event organisers, volunteers, first aid crew etc. It couldn't have happened without so many people.

After the run I rewarded myself..... a jar of pickled onions & a tube of freeze gel....I know how to party!!!

Well with tonight being the Oscars I too have to give a Thank you speech!

I want to say a very special Thank you to my wonderful Dad in Law - he is definitely Fudgey. He drove us to the race, cheered me off at the start, cheered me over the finish line, had my fleece ready for me and my bag with my recovery drink and banana and then he drove us home. It took so much stress out of the day as I knew my belongings were safe in the car and Mr Fudgey was not waiting on his own for me to finish. Thank you so much Bertie - you are a star xx

I also want to mention Mum in Law. I know you will be disappointed you missed me running but there will be other chances. Resting at home with your feet up was probably best. I hope the knee is feeling loads better. Thanks for supplying the banana too!

I also want to Thank my husband for taking the fabulous photographs as always, for putting up with my control freakery and for being so supportive and understanding xxxx

I also want to Thank KMac as she provided the gingerbread latte bubble bath that I relaxed in when I got home. Thanks honey x

and finally Thank you to everyone who sent me Good Luck wishes and Well Dones afterwards, especially Mum, Amy & Colin.

So the stats this week:
Total distance run this week 23.07km
Total running time 2 hours 21 mins 38 secs
11 weeks today till the half Marathon :-$

The Latest From the Fudgey Kitchen
Spinach, Watercress, rocket & Sweet Potato Soup
1 red onion, peeled & chopped
1 sweet potato, peeled & chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
bag of watercress, spinach & rocket
1 vegetable oxo cube
black pepper

Heat oil, add onion & potato
sweat over medium heat with lid on for approx 10 mins
make stock by dissolving stock cube in 1 pint of boiling water
add stock, seasoning, spinach, watercress and rocket to the pan, bring to the boil and then simmer till sweet potato is soft.
when cooled blend soup until smooth
reheat to serve Please please please do not be put off by the colour it's really tasty.
Official Taster Mr Fudgey said 'It might look like it came out the waste pipe but it tastes fabby' as he tested another 2 spoonfuls. Thanks Babe :-)

I also made Maple Pecan Oaties - Thanks to Heather & JAG. You can get the recipe that I used from JAG's blog, but the recipe originates from Heather. Thanks Ladies x

Well guys I'm shattered & still have loads to do this evening so I'll say toodle pip for now but I'll be back soon

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx

Feel The Fear.....& do it anyway

Good Morning Fudgey followers

As promised a wee update on this week.

Monday: First Run of Official 12 week plan. 30 minutes easy run. Groin was still feeling really tight but I felt I couldn't miss day 1 run 1. Once I got into the run it was good. Ran slower than my normal pace - it was supposed to be easy after all. Ran 4.83km in 31 mins 41 seconds. The running felt OK but afterwards I think if the muscles in my right inner thigh & groin area could have disowned me they would have.
On a positive note though the ITB is perfect :-)

Tuesday: In the Gym. My Happy Place. So many tensions / stresses / anxieties get resolved when I go for a workout. I confess I am a gym junkie these days but it helps keep me sane and makes me feel so good. This was a non running day on my schedule and was planned a cross training day - there was a little treadmill running though.
10 minutes Run 1.73km
Superset of 15 reps swiss ball plank roll & 12 reps lower back extensions x 3 sets
Superset of 15 reps Olympic bar squats with 5lb on each side & 10 lunges each leg with 20kg bar x 3 sets
3 sets of 15 reps bosu ball squats with 7kg dumbbells
and finished off with another 10 min run 1.75km

Wednesday: Rest Day. I was limping :-( The right side wasn't feeling happy at all. Thankfully I had the opportunity to get a sports massage. For anyone who hasn't experienced a sports massage it's not like going to a beauty salon & being all relaxed - it can actually be quite painful. My massage therapist was delighted with the ITB on the left leg & pleased with my legs in general but when she came to work the right inner thigh & groin I thought I was going to be sick with the pain.
The muscles felt a lot looser afterwards but the heat from my leg was intense and it felt like a deep bruise might develop, but one of the best ways to avoid serious & permanent injuries is to deal with niggles as soon as they start.

Thursday: Was meant to be a running day and an interval session was planned, but I did nothing. The right leg although feeling much more relaxed was very tender. Since I have a 5km Race on Sunday I thought it better to take another rest day and see how I felt on Friday

Friday: Feel the Fear.....and do it anyway. Today was also a running day on the schedule a 40 minute steady run, but I opted for Thursday's missed interval session instead & chose to head to the gym to do it so that if anything didn't feel good I could work round it by cross training i.e cycling, rowing, cross trainer or even heading down to the pool. About an hour before I headed to the gym I ate a banana and 30 minutes before I had a Viper Extreme bar
Session consisted of 10 minutes easy running followed by 6 x 4 minute cycles (2 mins fast, 2 mins easy) and then finished off with 10 minutes easy running.
I was so apprehensive when I stepped on the treadmill - what if I couldn't run? what if it really hurt? would I be able to run on Sunday? I could have h=just decided not to even try and headed to the swimming pool but sometime you have to Feel the fear and face it head on. The first 5 minutes felt awkward and a little uncomfortable but as I settled into a stride and relaxed it got better. It took a full 20 minutes to find my running form and overall it wasn't my best session but I did it. If it had been really painful I would have stopped. It is important to listen to your body , but sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
Some major stretching and cooling down after the session and I actually think that the increased blood flow through my muscles helped the inner thigh / groin.

Friday Night Inspiration / Motivation

Eddie Izzard - Eddie Iz Running If you haven't seen this you have to try and catch some of it. You can get it on the BBC iplayer or follow this link
The crazy guy took up the challenge to run 43 marathons in 51 days for Sports Relief
An incredible challenge for an experienced runner but when the programme starts it turns out Eddie has done 2 weeks training and the challenge was to start in another 4 weeks.
We watched the first episode and it made me laugh, cry, sit open mouthed in sheer disbelief. By the end of the episode not to give too much away he had run approx 10 marathons. It made me think if he can do that of course I can run the half marathon in May. In fact I'll go out and run it now - it wouldn't be easy and yes it would hurt but I COULD do it.
Go on give it a quick peep.

Saturday: and we arrive at today. Since I have my 5km race tomorrow rather than a usual Sunday long run I decided I'd head out for a quick 2.76km run. This was really to test out how the whole body is feeling especially running outside as it is completely different to running on a treadmill. I was still apprehensive about the right side though it is feeling pretty good.
Fast Fudge or Little Running Wife as hubby has started to call me annihilated the 2.76km this morning. 15 mins 4 seconds - that is incredible pace for me. Everything felt good so I'm now super excited for tomorrow.
Will let you know how I get on.

Well I had better get on with some housework now.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend

Oh & special mention to another crazy running chick - Rachel is running the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow. Go get em Rachel. GOOD LUCK :-)

Friday, 5 March 2010

I ran to Rochdale

Hey Fudgey Friends,

I was just updating map my run with my recent running sessions and was amazed at how the distances on my shoes are starting to mount up.
Between my 2 amazing pairs of Saucony shoes I have run 269.54 km (167 miles) since November 2009.

That's the equivalent of me running from href=">
View Larger Map">Edinburgh to Rochdale or just 8km short of Edinburgh to Derry!

For once Mrs Fudgey is speechless. LOL

OMG how on earth did that happen.
Even I'm impressed & I'm my own toughest critic!

Will blog again soon

love to everyone
Fudge xxx

Multiple Missing Mojos

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Have you missed me? I know someone has as I've had an email looking for more recipes since the butternut squash soup.

Sorry I've not posted for a few days like a few other folk in blogland I've lost my mojo. KMac & JAG both also reported missing mojos - maybe they are all off together having some kind of Mojo get together????
Please please please if anyone comes across any marauding mojos return to their listless owners!

I will try & post tonight or tomorrow morning with an update but specially for Katie - younger sister of KMac - here's some recipes so she doesn't have to keep living off my soup.

Katie - also check out JAG's blog & Tara's they both also make awesome food!

Stuffed Tomatoes

2 beefsteak tomatoes
1/2 small tub of light philadelphia with chives
couple of slices wafer thin ham - chopped
couple of plum cherry tomatoes - chopped
couple of small mushrooms - chopped
couple of spring onions - chopped
oil & vinegar shop wild garlic mix (or you could just crush a garlic clove)

Scoop out tomatoes
mix all the other ingredients in a bowl, put mixture into tomato shells. Bake in oven for 15 - 20 mins approx Gas 5.

Stuffed Mushrooms

2 Portobello mushrooms
1/2 small tub of light philadelphia with chives
couple of plum cherry tomatoes - chopped
couple of small mushrooms - chopped
couple of spring onions - chopped
oil & vinegar shop wild garlic mix (or you could just crush a garlic clove)

Take stalk out of mushroom. Spray or brush lightly both sides of mushroom with oil. Bake in oven 5 to 10 mins depends how large & firm the mushrooms are
mix all the other ingredients in a bowl, also chop the mushroom stalks & mix them in. put mixture into mushrooms. Back in oven for 15 - 20 mins approx Gas 5.

Butterbean & Feta Cheese Salad
small tin of butterbeans, drained
50g apetina light feta cheese - chopped into cubes
6 cherry tomatoes - halved or quartered
1/2 small red onion sliced

put all the ingredients in a bowl, squeeze over a little lemon juice & some fresh ground black pepper & it's as simple as that.