Sunday, 23 May 2010

My First Half Marathon

Hello all,

I survived.

Provisional finishing time: 2 hours 5 mins 53 seconds

Mr Fudgey was amazing as always.

Thanks to KMac for coming to cheer me on at mile 1.

Thanks to Mum & Dad Smith for cheering me on at miles 9 & the finishing line.

Thanks to everyone for all their support & sponsorship x

I'll write a full review probably tomorrow but here are some quick photos.


  1. Love the pictures mate and your time is totally inspirational for a first half - well done lovely


  2. Thank you do now realise I want sub 2 hours!

  3. Awesome time! Well done!

  4. Finished just under 5 hours. See my blog for details! ;-)

  5. Congratulations! Love the pictures - especially the ice bath followed by bubbly! Hope you had a great day - well done on the time - super speedy!
    I'd recomend a short brisk walk tomorrow if you feel a bit stiff - did wonders for me. :)

  6. Thanks Rachel, yes a little stiff today especially the hips which I have never had a problem with before - so will need to get moving!