Thursday, 30 September 2010

Quick Catch Up

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Can you believe tomorrow is Friday already? It's been such a quick but long week - if that makes sense. I've been at work till 7pm the last 3 nights - but I feel like I'm kind of making progress. I've promised myself I will leave at 5 tomorrow though :-)

First off - I've had another blog award:

The Happy 101 award!

There were a few guidelines;
1. Post who gave you the award:
Laura at Box Run Eat gave me the award. Thank-you! Fab blog. Go check it out :-)

2. Name ten things you like:

Mr Fudgey
Our Cats
Colin - my personal trainer
My fab friends
Circuits class
Strictly come dancing
Wonder Woman

3. Give this award to ten other people and notify them with a comment (in no particular order):
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Now for a very quick update:
I ran on Monday & Tuesday - just short runs on the treadmill at lunchtime as that was all I could fit in.
On Tuesday I was raging as I had stayed home in the morning to wait for Bishopsmove to quote me for a removal & they didn't turn up. I waited till 9.10am - appointment was 8.30am.
Thankfully Colin managed to find a PT slot for me on Wednesday morning - it was weird getting up & leaving in the pitch black & it was pouring with rain - but I had a great session - just what the doctor ordered.
fast 1 min on treadmill (11.5kmph) with 12 weighted squat jumps & 45 second ski sit - repeat 5 times
3 x superset of 20 backward lunges from bench with 10kg dumbbells & maximal bench squat for 1 min with 25lb weight (managed 34, 39 & 41)
3 x tri set of 12 swissball obliques with 10kg weight, 12 russian twists with 6kg medicine ball & 30 second each side star side plank
finishing with 2 sets of 20 supermans on swissball & 12 back extensions with 6kg medicine ball

Then I bounced off to work where I had a great day - wonder if the project can afford to send me for PT everyday before work - they'd get the benefit as I was so up all day :-)

Then fantastic Mr Fudgey took me out for some food after work & bought me a Wonder Woman t-shirt. Thanks Hubbly :-)

Today I've rested up, had hoped to squeeze in a quick run if I'd finished work earlier but got caught up in stuff & was there till 7 again. Going to try for a morning gym (upper body) session tomorrow & then will be resting ahead of Sunday's Kilomathon.

Well folks it's 10.30 so gonna get my little fudgey butt off to bed.

Take Care everyone

Sunday, 26 September 2010

1 week to go

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are we all? Good weekend?
It's just a week till the first ever Scottish Kilomathon and I think I can go the distance, I did it in training last weekend & I'm getting back to being in good physical health after a few minor illnesses in recent weeks.

Doing my Own thing
My training plan has been largely abandoned for the last few weeks, due to illness, time, and general stress - there is just so much going on right now. Training hasn't been abandoned though - I've just been doing my own thing as & when I can.
On Wednesday & Thursday I never worked out at all - this is most unusual for me to go two days in a row with no workout at all, but I've had loads on at work so lunchtime has been out and working on later so no time in the evening either - still sometimes rest is good and I know that come the kilomathon I'll get the benefit of the enforced rest.
Friday however I realised I'd need to get some mileage in the legs this week so popped to the gym at lunchtime for a very quick run 4.28km & then back after work for another 4.73km. I figured if I didn't have the time to commit to a full hour I could break it in 2 and still get the benefits and therefore not be stressing about another missed training session.

Many Years Married
After work on Friday Mr Fudgey & I headed out to see Mum & Dad Smith as it was their wedding anniversary. We had a fabulous lamb dinner and a really nice evening - perfect end to a busy working week. Happy Anniversary again x

Weekend Running
Yesterday I packed up another bag & did some more clearing out ahead of our move. I have another bag for the charity shop too. Other than that I generally pottered about and did a little shopping. In the afternoon I decided I could fit in a short run - so got kitted up and headed out. It's been a lovely dry but bright and cold weekend here and it was good to be out and running - though I think the winter kit needs to start making an appearance and it is definitely getting cooler. I ran a nice steady 6k - pace is missing at the moment however legs are very strong. On the way back I popped into the shop to buy some isotonic drinks and managed to also get some boxes for packing....however somebody had other ideas!

Today I never got up till 10.30 and could have slept longer - I'm not sleeping well at the moment with everything that's going round in my busy little brain - so when I can sleep I am as it's so important. I decided I'd just go out for an hour today and that was what was on the largely abandoned running plan anyway - not too much & not too little ahead of next weeks big run. At first my hands were freezing, gloves will soon need to make a comeback - it is fast approaching winter here. Today I tried to shorten my headphone cable by using the cable tidy Mr Fudgey bought me., unfortunately I got home to find out it had fallen off whilst running. Mr Fudgey said not to worry it was £2 from Marks & Spencer - however when we went to get the bus into town later there it was lying in the gutter just round the corner :-) so I have it back. The first 3km of the run were tough going I just couldn't settle into it - again brain way too busy. Just as I was running up Dean Bridge I saw Neil Martin from work walking home with his papers - I waved and speeded up a little - I'm always motivated when I see people I know :-) Then something happened at the 5k mark, the running brain took over & the running just became so easy - I felt like I was flying. I ran a cracking negative split first 5k 35 mins 6 secs second 5k 31 mins 15 secs & legs felt strong strong strong. I also passed someone else I know - Stefania Abate at Inverleith row & waved to her too - by this time I was totally in the zone - otherwise would have stopped to say hi properly.
I got home and had a quick 10 minute ice bath - I didn't feel I needed it today but since I'd made the ice anyway I thought I may as well.
Later when Mr Fudgey & I went into town I got a new ipod strap - so now can't wait to try it out. Quick run tomorrow I hope.

So Stats for this week - week 13:
Distance: 26.11 km (16.22 miles)
Time: 2 hours 50 minutes 35 seconds

Special Mention To Karen - who put in a great performance at today's R2TB half marathon - Well Done.

Also hello to all my new running buddies at DailyMile I loving following everyone's training and being able to give & receive hints, tips & motivation.

That's all from me for now - I've been multi tasking while writing this post & am making pork loin, roasted veg & parmentier potatoes for dinner. I am so excited to see that Brussels sprouts are coming back into season :-)

Have a great week everyone.

Take Care
Fudgey xxxx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Feeling Strong

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Hump day already & getting dark here now by 8pm. In fact it was dark when our first alarm went off at 5.50am today - it's definitely autumn.

I also realised I forgot to post my stats for last week

Week 12
Distance: 35.2km / 21.87 miles
Time: 4 hours 07 minutes 21 seconds

After my long run on Sunday I felt surprisingly good on Monday - quads a little sore but in a good way. Monday was a late one at work but it was worth it to get stuff done. It did mean I never made it to the gym at lunch or to body pump after work, nor to Slimming class, though I checked in on the wii fit & had lost a pound. I'm still a little above my target but determined to regain control this week by going back to basics.When I got home we had the minted pea soup I'd made on Sunday - it was fab.

Tuesday was an up & down kind of day, by the end of it I was mentally, physically and emotionally drained. There's just a million and one things going on just now.

Tuesday's highlight was a tough PT session:
Amazing - but sweaty!
run 1 min, 12 burpees, run 1 min, 12 burpees, run 1 min 10 burpees, run 1 min, 10 burpees, run 1 min, 10 burpees. The running was @ 12kpm & I even managed to get up to 12.5kph for the last 30 seconds:-)
3 supersets 10 squats with bottom halfs & 16 overhead lunges - didn't want to know the weight!
3 supersets 12 compound crunches with 6kg medicine ball & 12 ab rolls
3 supersets 24 weighted plyometric lunges (12 each leg) - 5kg weights & 16 weighted side plank (8 each side) - 1kg

Unfortunately when I came home our upstairs neighbour decided he would play his music really loud and stomp about. The last time we tried to talk to him about this and ask him to turn it down he got very agitated and made out we were victimising him. So last night we just put on loud music too. Childish I know but we feel we can't go and speak to him. He's also woke us up the last 2 mornings around 5am crashing about.

Today I had to work from home for a bit in the morning as I had someone coming round first thing. I then had a rather quick and hectic afternoon at the office - though left feeling positive.

Yet again came home to the cacophony from above. Part of the problem is the guy wants to be a DJ and has big bass speakers on the floor to accompany his decks. The other problem is how he reacts when we try and go to civilly ask him to turn it down.
So here's today's dilemma people what do we do? We have long enough left here before we move that we can't just ignore it, plus it wouldn't be fair on the new owners.
He is a council tenant so we could complain to the council, but I think I should put a polite note through his door telling him that the volume has slowly been increasing over the last few days and could he bear in mind there are people underneath, but who knows what reaction that would provoke it could just get worse. Any suggestions people?

Oops this post has kind of gone a bit downbeat sorry everyone - I just needed to get that out, but hey the title of this post was Feeling Strong and I am Strong.
Today I've realised that I'm stronger than I think, I may cry at the drop of the hat but that's just me an emotional little fudgey. It's only because I care so deeply about things that I get so emotionally involved. I just wish I could express anger in a better way than crying and I wish I could deal with confrontation better - then I'd just go upstairs and face it out.

Back to the positives - I've stuck to my calorie allowance since Monday and haven't snacked the way I had been. I feel better already for tidying up my eating. I've also gone without fizzy juice for the last few days and I see a difference already - I don't drink a lot compared to some people maybe a can a day but I feel less bloated already. Only thing I need to do now is get the water intake back up.

I also approached my chosen charity for the Edinburgh Marathon next year and they were delighted to have me on board and have sent me a lovely running vest. I'm going to do a special post about the marathon challenge soon - so watch this space.

Well guys this post has rambled on long enough. I'm going to go make tomorrow's lunches & pack my gym bag :-)

Take Care Everyone

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Back on Form

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Special mention to all those who took part in The Great North Run, I did think about the runners whilst I was out for my run today.

I'm pleased to report that for the first time since 15th August my long weekend training run actually happened, only exception to this was The Glasgow half marathon on 3rd September, other than that I haven't ran on Sunday since 15th August due to illness and fatigue.

I woke up this morning and the thought of going out to run for 3 hours didn't really fill me with joy I have to be honest. Then I realised I had no foot tape as I'd left what I have left at work on Friday - time to order more I think. I did find some narrower stuff in the drawer that I'd bought from Tesco so had to make do with that and it was OK, though not as good as the usual wide tape I buy from First Aid 4 Sport. It was also raining which doesn't really inspire you to get out there - though I would rather run in the rain than in the heat.

After a couple of low calorie cereal bars and some tea, I got all kitted up & headed out the door.

The plan was to run for 3 hours but I was going to try & keep the pace down so I could achieve as close to the 3 hours of running as possible. The pace was a good bit slower than I am used to but it really did help warm me up and I was soon enjoying being out. I did get hungry when I ran past some houses where someone was obviously frying bacon as I got a waft of it. Later on I kept getting a faint smell of lavender which was really lovely as I adore Lavender oil.

Between around 14 & 16 km I struggled a little but this was partly due to stopping at lights and having to negotiate pedestrians who just stop right in front of you!

I also continue to have issues with my headphones and now only have sound in one ear - most likely due to my constant tugging at them to stop the cable from strangling me. If anyone has anyone recommendations for running headphones please let me know. I have little ears so the in ear ones don't stay in well. The ones I currently have are Sony Sports ones and they've been good up till my last 2 runs.

After running for 23km I was very much out of my comfort zone - furthest I'd ever ran was 21.43km. I really wanted to quit, my legs hurt & I knew I had some blistering, but the kilomathon is in 2 weeks & I'll need to run 26.2km and it's highly unlikely on the day I'd just give up at 23k - I am quite determined if nothing else so I decided even if I had to walk I would make it to 3 hours and hopefully at least 25km today. So at around 23.3km I stopped and walked for about 2 minutes and then starting running again - it was slow and it was painful physically but mentally I was totally focused. I ended up running 26.25km in 3 hours 7 minutes 32 seconds and was very pleased with myself.

Garmin Stats

I'm pretty pleased with these. I'm hoping the kilomathon will be a little faster, race days usually are and I will be well rested and fuelled and have the knowledge that I can do the distance. There were also no breathing issues after today's run so I'm hoping that's the last of my cold gone.


As soon as I got home I made up my recovery drink & got straight into an ice bath. My legs really hurt and I could feel them stiffening. Ice Bath, cup of tea, 5 minute lie on the bed & then a warm shower and the legs felt a million times better. I actually think that I'll have no ill effects tomorrow - what a difference compared to Glasgow when I didn't have a recovery drink or ice bath. I don't care if it's psychosomatic - I won't be skipping either the ice bath or the recovery drinks again.

I'm also wearing my new compression socks and have to admit I quite like them, even if it's just keeping my legs warm they feel comforting.

Well I'm heading off now to make some minted pea soup, smokey barbecue chicken with broccoli & crispy potatoes, an individual fruit crumble for me & a wee surprise for Mr Fudgey.

Take Care everyone

love Fudgey xxxx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

I'm Still Here

Hello Fudgey Friends,

A special hello to my new followers :-)
How is everyone?
I'm sorry my posting the last few weeks has been a bit sparse, I seem to be in perpetual motion in one way or another all the time. Work continues to be a huge challenge and is keeping my brain busier than ever. I'm actually now even dreaming about work, at least when I do get to sleep. My sleep pattern has been about as good as my recent blog posts. On top of this I'm trying to make sure I keep the training up, dealing with the house move and of course trying to spend time with my amazing hubby. He is so patient & supportive.
I've realised as well that my eating has not been good either, not enough fruit or drinking enough water - so I'm really going to make a conscious effort to regain control in the next 2 weeks leading up to the Kilomathon.

So a quick update on my week:

Managed to fit in a quick 20 minute lunchtime run and then Body Pump after work. Then off to Fat Club - I hadn't been in 3 weeks, partly due to being away, the half marathon and still being a little down at not making the Slimmer of the Year final. Wasn't too pleased to find I'd gained 2.5 pounds, but I know my food has not been so good recently and there was probably a bit of fluid retention. I'm going to go back to writing down everything I eat this week and after the kilomathon is out of the way I'm going to drop the long distance running down a touch till the end of the year & really focus again on fat burning and toning.

I had an all day course at work - Advanced Thinking and Learning. It was very good and I got a lot out of it, once I stopped stressing about what a day away from my desk meant for the rest of the week & how much I'd have to catch up on. I was less pleased to find my lunch hour sabotaged by a barrage of questions as I returned to my desk so it was very much a working lunch - lesson learnt here! Still nice to be needed and wanted. When the course finished I headed straight for the gym as I knew if I went back to my desk it would end up being a late one. In the gym I decided I'd do some of my gym programme & some of my own thing.
Quick warm up on cross trainer
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball chest press with 15kg bar & 12 swiss ball press ups
3 supersets of 15 lat pull downs 30kg & 12 upright rows with 12.5kg bar
I then ran a km in 5 mins 46
Then 3 sets of 15 squats with 20kg bar - heaviest I've ever done on my own :-)
finishing up with 3 tri sets of 15 ab extensions with 10kg medicine ball, 15 reverse curls & 10 medicine ball crunches.
Best solo gym session I've had in ages and I was hyper. I love it when you have those kind of workouts.

My abs were feeling the effects of Tuesday's session but that didn't stop me heading off to circuits with Smurfie. Circuits is by far my favourite class ever. I love it.
The class was taken by the lovely Gary this week though he is now known as lovely but evil Gary! It worked out quite nicely this week as there were 12 of us at the class and 12 stations. First round 1 minute per station, second round 45 seconds per station & the stations were: squats, ski sit, swiss ball chest press, tricep dips, supermarket sweep, v sit twists, bent over row, bicep curls, v sit shakes, weighted sprints, bag drag & plyometric jump. I really pushed it hard and had jelly legs down the stairs afterwards though.
It really set me up for a productive afternoon at the office and I stayed on till 7pm but I really enjoyed it and finally felt I'd achieved something.
I got home to find that fantastic Mr Fudgey had brought me flowers & a pink earphone cable tidy. Thank you hubbly x

Personal training day Woo Hoo. I knew it would be interesting as my abs were protesting at the torture I put them through so far this week. With every session my theory that Colin is trying to kill me grows stronger.....he hasn't succeeded yet....but he could be close.
After a warm up on the cross trainer it was up to the studio for a lovely giant set - well 4 lovely giant sets with limited rest in between. The giant set was ski sit, 15 squats with 30kg bar, 20 jump kicks & 12 squat jumps with weights. Then we went back down into the gym for an abs tri set well 3 trisets of 16 oblique circles with 5kg medicine ball, 20 oblique circles, & side plank. Then 3 sets of 20 power lunges with 15kg bar and then to finish off run for 1 minute fast with burpees 5 times so run, 12 burpees, run, 12 burpees, run, 10 burpees, run, 10 burpees, run, 8 burpees. I don't know how I managed - I don't think I could have done anymore though if I tried. It certainly made sure I got a good sleep though.

I decided that I'd run home from work - it's only about 5k & the running was not so bad, but my headphones kept getting tangled in my running pouch & then round my neck nearly strangling me. This is because the cable is quite long & normally I thread it through the sleeve of my top, but I had a long sleeved top as the weather is turning cooler now. Still I got home in one piece & only a few minutes behind Mr Fudgey who had got the bus.

I was so looking forward to a lie in and no alarm this morning so wasn't too chuffed when I woke up at 2 & was awake till around 6ish. I did however mange to get off to sleep and never woke till 10ish - how very decadent. Mr Fudgey and I had an appointment in town at lunchtime so headed in for that & then we went off to Run for It as I had been nominated for a personal achievement award at work a few months ago due to my running & fund raising & had chosen run for it vouchers as my reward. There really wasn't anything I particularly needed I'm quite well kitted out at the moment, but I'd been reading about compression clothing and had seen a pair of 2XU Recovery Compression socks, I probably wouldn't spend £25 on a pair of socks but have heard good things about compression clothing & 2XU in particular so with my £20 of vouchers I thought why not - so I now own a pair - will let you know my opinion once I try them out. I also got some gels, some sports beans to try & some energy drink tablets to try too. I was very happy with my purchases :-)
Mr Fudgey suggested going for a coffee and I suggested the place we got married as we haven't been there for ages and had planned to go back round about our first anniversary, so we headed off to Dunstane House hotel , and had a fantastic lunch. For the rest of today we've just pottered about but it's been really relaxing.

1000km in 2010
Only 120.94 km to go. Yes 879.06km done and still plenty of time till the end of 2010. Tomorrows run should be around 25km or more so it's all looking good.

Next Challenges
My friend Patricia has been pondering the Men's Health Survival of the Fittest event in Edinburgh mid October and having been and visited the site I am very tempted to sign up. I've just watched the video clip from 2009 and it looks a big outdoor circuit class. What better way to finish off this years Fudgey events? What do you think Fudgey followers? I'm trying to bear in mind it's only 2 weeks after the kilomathon & 2 weeks before we move home....but I am thinking about it very any words of wisdom and advice graciously accepted.

And that my fudgey friends is us all up to date again.
I'll let you know how tomorrow's long run goes.

Take Care everyone

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Glasgow Half Marathon Video

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Enormous Thanks to the very patient & determined Mr Fudgey the video is finally uploaded - issues with the soundtrack & you tube - but all good now. You'll need to double click on it to see in full screen via you tube.

Back tomorrow with a post of the week so far - I need to get refuel now as I've just been personal tortured.....oops meant trained.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Where did my week go?

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all?
So sorry I haven't posted for a week I honestly don't know where this week went. I have got a lot done at work, but running / training has been lacking and I've not seen any of my TV programmes....though must confess to having a BBathon on Friday night. Also majorly excited that Strictly come Dancing is back, though 3 weeks till we see them dancing.

So just where did my week go?

My quads were pretty sore from GHM so it was quiet day at home for me, doing not a lot of anything really, but after 3 fairly hectic weeks I really needed that.

Back to work after just over a week off and it took me most of the day to catch up. In fact I'm probably still not 100% caught up with everything but have had a pretty productive though occasionally stressful week.
I did manage to get to the gym with Smurfy at lunchtime for a quick 30 minute recovery run. Given I was getting up & down and moving a little gingerly due to achy quads, running was going to be interesting, but it was actually great & I really got into & was running faster than I intended. It certainly loosened off the legs and followed by some quality stretches was just what I needed.

Was too busy at work to get to Circuits class at lunchtime, really must try & get back this week as it's my favourite class and I haven't been for a few weeks due to other commitments. I suspect though that with things being as busy as they are at work and all the house moving stuff etc. to sort out that I'm going to be out of my usual routine for a fair few weeks. Fantastic Mr Fudgey though is as supportive as ever and realises that my training and fitness are crucial to my sanity and resolving tensions and makes for a happier Mrs Fudgey at home, so I will fit in some working out here and there, somehow. I did manage to squeeze in a 40 minute run after work, which was OK, legs feeling strong and recovered after weekends half.

Was a manic day at work, but I had a real sense of achievement by the time I left. There was a social event after work though that I missed out on as I'd had enough of the place by that point! so decided not to come back for later.
I had a PT session as well which left me with broken (though not literally) legs and abs.
Quick treadmill warm up
3 sets x 45 reps leg press 45kg (15 reps, 15 sec hold, 15 reps, 15 sec hold, 15 reps)Jelly legs after this
3 supersets of weighted steps up with barbell 10 each leg followed with 20 plyometric lunges
3 sets x 36 reps leg press 20kg, 15kg, 17.5kg(12 reps, 15 sec hold, 12 reps, 15 sec hold, 12 reps)OMG this burned. Had to lower the weight for the second set but increased again slightly for 3rd.
Then onto abs. 3 supersets of 15 ab extensions with crunch and a 25lb plate followed by 20 oblique cycles.
Oh boy was I feeling it on Friday.

Slept in :-(
Got off to bad start at work, got called away to a meeting & left my Starbucks at my desk, which by the time I returned was cold & as I had not yet eaten anything I was ravenous. I'm a fairly regular eater & most days eat breakfast between 8.30 & 9.30 so to get to 10.45 and have eaten nothing made me a bit crotchety!
Plan had been to run in the morning but sleeping over put paid to that plan. Took my kit with me and thought i might run home from work. That plan also got torpedoed as I ended up at the office till about 6.10pm so just went for the bus.

After 3 busy weekends, this was a weekend to relax and catch up on some household chores. I went a little crazy and pulled out furniture, scrubbed skirting boards and floors and it took the entire day to do the lounge, bathroom & hall. Still great job done. I managed to rest for an hour whist watching Strictly and then made chicken stirfry for dinner.
I also managed to get some stuff packed, a couple of bags of rubbish thrown out and a charity bag started - so a very productive day, but I was shattered.

Today - Sunday
3 hour run planned this morning, but I wanted to be up & out by 9am at the latest. A very poor night's sleep scuppered that & I didn't get up till 9.30am. I thought I would just head out about 10.30 for a quick hours running but my throat was sore again, I was sniffly and I just felt pants. Decided to take a rain check & see how I felt later.
Me being me couldn't be at peace though & went out and started breaking up branches & putting them in the garden recycling.
I then sat & chatted to Mr Fudgey as he tackled the mammoth mountain of ironing, about 2 & a 1/2 weeks worth.
We decided to go and pick up some groceries at Asda & had a pleasant surprise when KMac and Rob pulled up at the bus stop and offered us a lift. Thank so much guys x
This time next week Kmac will be trekking up Kilimanjaro - it seems like so long ago it was just an idea and now it's nearly time. GOOD LUCK X
If anyone would like to sponsor the team you can find their justgiving page here.

Today is also our lovely sister in law's Birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs Muppet. Have a fudgey day xxx

and that my friends has been my week, I wish I could say that I think this week will be less hectic, but somehow I don't think it will, loads to do re move, a lot on a work including a full day course and will need to try and get at least a couple of decent runs in.

I've just realised I've posted no stats from the last couple of weeks either - so here you go:

Stats for Week 10
Distance run this week 26.57km / 16.51 miles
Time running 2 hours 48 minutes 06 seconds

Stats for Week 11
Distance run this week 9.67km / 6.01 miles
Time running 1 hours 11 minutes

Please bear with me for the next few weeks guys, I'll try & post more often, but there's just so much going on....can't wait to move though :-)

love to all

Monday, 6 September 2010

Glasgow Half Marathon Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised report from the weekend's running

Mr Fudgey very sensibly suggested that we book a hotel in Glasgow for Saturday night to save the stress of getting through on Sunday morning, so on Saturday lunchtime we got the train through to Glasgow & checked into our room at The Millennium Hotel, we then went for a wander round the shops. Mr Fudgey went off to HMV whilst I was let loose in Primark.....and you won't believe this I never bought a single thing. To be honest there's nothing I really need at the moment and I'd rather wait and buy nice things for our new home than clothes and shoes I don't really need or want.
We went to visit my Great Aunt Rose in hospital in the evening, she broke her femur a few weeks ago, but she was looking fantastic when we visited and is hopefully getting home later this week. After visiting we went for a meal at La Vita, its a fab Italian restaurant at George Square, we've eaten there a couple of times so I knew it would be good & they didn't fail to disappoint. I enjoyed the Pate and the Fusili Mia Casa: Chunks of chicken, broccoli, mushroom garlic, cream and a hint
of chilli. It was a huge bowl but I ate all of it. We then headed back to the hotel and were in bed before 10.30.

Race Day
We woke up early and headed down for breakfast around 8am, the half marathon didn't start till 10.30. I had eaten way too much on Saturday night and along with pre race nerves really struggled to eat a couple of slices of brown toast & some fresh fruit. I managed to drink a litre & a half of water and stopped drinking about 9.30 - so knew I was well hydrated. The forecast had been for bright sunshine but it was quite cloudy first thing. I still applied plenty of sun cream though and was glad I did as it turned into a scorcher. I taped my feet, got my kit on, attached my race number and my chip timer. Then I realised I'd been a dumbass - I'd created a playlist for the race....but never synched my ipod...Doh! It was fine though just meant I had to use my training playlist. Whilst waiting to head out to the start line at George square I think I must have gone to the loo about 10 times - must have been all the water. I also went along the corridor to watch some of the 10k runners starting as we could see them from the window. This really got me in the mood the atmosphere was electric.
At 10am we went and checked out and the hotel stored our bag for us. There were thousands of people milling around. Mr Fudgey headed off to find a good spot to try and catch me heading off on the run and I went to my starting area, but not before another toilet visit!
The half marathon started at 10.30am but there were 2 waves while & blue ahead of my green wave so I think it was around 10.45 when I crossed the start line. I saw Mr Fudgey a couple of blocks up and waved cheerio to him. Though the course was pretty congested it moved really well. The pace was nothing like Edinburgh, but I never had any expectations that it would be as I'd missed the last 2 weeks long runs due to illness. I had made the very sensible decision that I would just complete the course, I wanted to run the whole way if I could but if I had to walk I would.
The crowd never really thinned out much till around 7k and by 10k it was scorching hot, people were starting to stop and walk, but the Fudgey machine kept going, I was pacing nicely and felt great. I loved the pipers at each mile marker, and the drummers and the music at various points round the course. I loved running through Bellahouston Park and then Pollock Park where the spectators were awesome. A special mention as well for the guy somewhere around Haggs road part of the course who sprayed us with his garden hose and the family who had set up a water station. At 10 miles I still felt strong, much better than I had in Edinburgh and at that point I was confident I was going to get to the end having run all the way. I saw Mr Fudgey when i ran into Glasgow Green & I swear the runners around me thought I was mad as I was wooping & cheering - honestly I was just enjoying my run so much. Mr Fudgey told me after he nearly shouted at me to conserve my energy!
Turning into the home straight I managed a cracking sprint finish which drew comment from the announcer & big cheers from the supporters. I crossed the line in 2 hours 12 minutes and 21 seconds. 7 minutes slower than Edinburgh but feeling absolutely amazing.
I collected my medal, my goody bag, my banana & a bottle of water and headed off to find Mr Fudgey.
Fantastic Mr Fudgey had bought me a bottle of lucozade. We sat on the grass for a wee while and enjoyed the sunshine and I stretched off a bit and ate half my banana, Mr Fudgey suggested maybe going for lunch but even though I'd just run 13.1 miles I couldn't face the thought of food. Though my breathing had been fine during the race I started wheezing and then coughing again whilst we were relaxing, but Thankfully later in the evening I felt much better again - I think it was just the remnants of the cold, but I'll be keeping an eye on it, during my training the next few weeks.

Goody Bag
GSR sent the race t-shirts out with the race packs which I think is a great idea. Ireland did the same. It was great to see alot of people wearing their t shirts on the day but I prefer a technical running top for running but will be wearing my tshirt with pride now I feel I've earned it. The goody bag contained some Vicks Breathing sensations - which I was so grateful for - one of these really helped ease my breathing, there was also the now seemingly mandatory ricola herb drop - does anyone like these? mine always end up in the bin. a nature valley bar, a medley bar & a heat wrap. Fabby Goody bag.

Post Race
We headed back on the train to Edinburgh and just got a taxi from the station. As it had been nearly 3 hours since I'd finished running I thought I was too late to benefit from an ice bath so had a radox muscle soak. However today I am really regretting the missed ice bath and not taking my recovery drink or eating after the run as my quads and hamstrings are agony. Back to work tomorrow and back on the training plan for the Kilomathon in 4 weeks time.

For anyone thinking of signing up for Glasgow next year - either the 10k or the half I'd highly recommend it.

As always HUGE Thanks to the organisers and all the race support crew and volunteers etc. These events just couldn't work without you.

Final words of congratulations to all who took part yesterday. Special mentions to Zoe Sheffield - new PB for 10k, Julie Johnson - who has been struggling with illness the last 4 weeks & still took part in the 10k & Sarah Burgon for her first half marathon....see you at the marathon next year honey!

Take Care Everyone
lots of love

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Race Report to follow

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Hope you've all had a great weekend.

I'm just back from the Glasgow Half Marathon. Quite a bit slower than Edinburgh, ran 2 hours 12 mins 21 seconds (chip time)but I loved every second of it. Unfortunately my wheezing & cough are back :-(

HUMUNGOUS THANKS as ever to Mr Fudgey for being the best support crew a girl could have. Love you babe xxx

I'll be back probably tomorrow with a full race report, right now I need to relax a little....I think I might deserve it!!

lots of love

Friday, 3 September 2010

Whirlwind Week

Hello again Fudgey friends,

Wow where has this week gone? Well since my post on Sunday morning so much has happened & not happened!

Running or lack of it
I missed my long run on Sunday due to being unwell. In fact the first I ran was yesterday (Friday). We did plenty of walking in Windermere though and I had a great personal training session on Thursday.
On Friday I went out to run to assess my fitness for the Glasgow half marathon on Sunday. My legs have certainly benefited from the enforced rest and felt fresh and were twitching to go. I struggled in the first couple of km with my breathing, but I think partly it was in my head & I was starting to panic - I slowed my pace a little and soon settled nicely & my breathing was fine. I only ran 5k, but it was enough to reassure me that I am fit for Sunday. I may have to ease the pace back a bit, but even if I have to walk I'll finish the course. I'm starting to get a little excited about it as Glasgow is very special to me as that's where my family are from and it's a beautiful city. I'm looking forward to running through Bellahouston & Pollock Park and finishing at Glasgow Green. Will report back on Sunday how I get on.
Stats for Week 9
Distance run this week 9.87km / 6.13 miles
Time running 1 hours 09 minutes

Windermere break
On Monday Mr Fudgey & I took the train to Windermere. We were having 2 nights away for our first wedding anniversary. We had a fantastic couple of days. we arrived at lunchtime on Monday & after dropping our bags at the hotel we wandered back to the village and had a look around and some lunch at Lazy Daisy's. Then we went back to the hotel before climbing up to Orrest Head "Orrest Head, above the town of Windermere is considered by many to be the best viewpoint over Lake Windermere. At 784 feet, some excellent views over the surrounding area can be had from its summit." It was well worth the climb. We spent ages at the top admiring the view, enjoying the tranquility - we could hear the sound of the birds wings as they flew overhead and taking photos before heading back down to the village. We went for a chinese meal - a real treat for us and then back to our hotel, where we cozied up on the sofa & watched Hot Fuzz.
On Tuesday morning after breakfast we walked to Bowness and took a boat trip to Ambleside. At Ambleside walked the mile into the town, where we looked at the shops including a running shop, had some lunch, got exciting news number 1 (coming to that later!) and then climbed up to the waterfalls, before heading back to the pier and enjoying an ice cream before the boat trip back to Bowness. We decided that we would go back to Lazy Daisy's Lakeland Kitchen for our wedding anniversary meal - the meal was first class and we'd both highly recommend the desserts :-) We loved our 1st wedding anniversary it was so chilled out & the weather was glorious & of course there was the exciting news...soon I promise!
On Wednesday morning we headed back home - we had a great time and would love to go back again and explore other parts of the lake district.

Exciting news #1
I'll end the suspense. Mr Fudgey & I have a new home. We accepted an offer on our flat just over a week ago and started looking for somewhere to buy. We saw our dream home and even though we were going away got in touch with our solicitor and asked him to put in an offer for us. We got the news on our Wedding anniversary that our offer had been accepted - it is the best present we could have received (an expensive one though LOL)so now we are counting the days till we move onto the next chapter. So so so excited :-)

Exciting news #2
I've signed up for a marathon next year! Yes I am off my head. Entries for The Edinburgh Marathon 2011 opened on Wednesday and I have entered.

Slimmer of the Year
I got the news this morning that I am not a finalist. I'd be lying if I told you I'm not gutted.
However finding our new dream home this week is by far the best thing that has happened and removes the sting. I also have the Kilomathon to focus on now in 4 weeks & the Marathon in 37 weeks. Both of those will keep me motivated and in shape and at my optimum weight.

And that my fudgey friends is my whirlwind week so far. I'm just getting organised for tomorrow's half marathon. It looks like it'll be a hot one, so have my sun cream & will be getting plenty of water on board today to make sure I am well hydrated.

Good luck to everyone else with events this weekend

Take Care

Regrets? Life is too short

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Thanks to Liz for nominating me for an award this week!

My task is to answer the following question: if you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

I have a strong belief that you shouldn't go back, only forwards and like Liz & Stephen Fry think that you should regret the things you haven't done rather than the things you did.

I've taken many a wrong turn, wrong decisions and made my fair share of mistakes but I don't dwell on them. I try to learn from them. In the words of Neitzche 'What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.'

If you were to press me though for an answer I think I'd have to say that knowing what I know now and feeling how I feel, I wish I had lost weight and got fitter sooner, but hindsight is a wonderful thing. It's only now looking back that I realise I was very unhappy and extremely unhealthy.

Life is too short for regrets. However I guess sometimes it's not that simple and if you find yourself really regretting something then you should take action to achieve some kind of closure and find a way to move forward.

I guess I've come to realise that I'm a glass half full kind of girl and try to seek out the positives but we aren't all the same - life would be so dull if we were.

I could ramble on and get all deep - but I'll spare you that!

I should nominate some other blogs for the award, so here it is:
Gym Ninja - the first blog I started following (well Ninja's previous blog) Witty and honest.
Just a Girl - the second blog I started following - totally on my wavelength, so open and honest. I feel like I've known JAG for years.
lovely deane lovely has done amazingly well so far & still continues her journey. someone else I can relate to on so many levels.

I'll be back soon to blog about my wee trip to Windermere, my 1st wedding anniversary, my exciting news x 2 and prepartion for Sunday's half marathon.

lots of love