Friday, 31 December 2010

A Lazy Blog for a Busy Year

Happy Hogmanay Fudgey Friends,

I thought today I'd do a very lazy thing & use some of my old posts - a kind of review of the year.

2010 has been a very busy year in Fudgey Land,there have been ups and downs, tears & laughter, and some incredible achievements that made me smile alot.

The Great Winter Run - 3 temp, reduced from 5k to 4.2k due to the snow but an absolute blast & also the lovely KMac's first road race.

unfortunately saw me suffering with injury so running wasn't so high on the agenda

The Meadows Marathon - it was actually the 5k that I entered. I was delighted not to be beaten by the guy dressed as an egg!
March also saw me take on a new role as a business analyst - out of my comfort zone into the unknown and it's been a huge challenge this year.

Mr Fudgey & I had an adventure to Dublin for The Great Ireland Run - not even volcanic ash could keep me from running. Delighted to record my first official sub 60minute 10k.

First up The Great Edinburgh Run. I was not in the mood to run yet managed to take 1 minute 30 seconds of my Dublin time so a new PB.

Next was the big event - what I'd been training for since the start of the year The Edinburgh half marathon. One of the best things I've ever done. I never thought I could run a whole 13.1 miles but I did it :-)

As part of a team of 23 lovely ladies I took part in the Race for Life & in the process we raised over £10,000 in support of our friend & colleague Judi who has pancreatic cancer.

June also saw us put the flat on the market & I jetted off to Montreal for a week leaving Mr Fudgey for the first time since we'd been married.

I looked back through my posts & there was a lot of running & training in July as well as some pretty good food

A lovely trip home to Benbecula & Mr Fudgey & I were the proud god parents at our niece Margaret Mary's christening, I was a Semi Finalist in The Scottish Slimmers Slimmer of the year competition, We sold the flat :-D & we celebrated our first wedding anniversary with a weekend to Windermere

My second half marathon - The Glasgow half marathon
I enjoyed much more than Edinburgh I think because I had no pressure on myself. I would love to break 2 hours but with illness in the last few training weeks it wasn't to be .....maybe next year.

The first ever Scottish kilomathon This one hurt alot!

We waved goodbye to the flat and shut the door on what had been an emotional chapter in Fudgey history & moved into our new house - which we adore. We honestly can't express what a difference it has made to both of us & the furry fellas.


Loads of snowy adventures & The Great Scottish Santa Run What a fun way to finish a great year of running.

2010 Challenges

1000km in 2010 - Done

so the final distance.......1077.17km (669.32 miles)

£1000 for charity - Done

My other challenge was to raise £1000 for charity - my chosen charity was CCLASP & I managed to raise £1094 excluding the gift aid, as well as taking part in raising £10,000 with Judi's Ray's of Sunshine & I also donated to KMac's Kilimajaro climb & Movember to name a few things.

Run a Half Marathon - Done

Just writing this post has blown me away as to how much I've packed into the last 12 months & how many good times I've had, of course I couldn't have done it on my own.....

Thank you

The biggest Thank you has to go to my amazing husband Mr Fudgey, he's been then for me at every race, put up with my mood swings - the runner's highs & lows, for all the amazing photos & the you tube videos - they wouldn't exist without him & for his patience with my blogging.

Thank you to all my family & friends for their never ending patience & support.

Thank you to my 2 bestest friend Smurfy & KMac - they made all the really tough times bearable & knew just how to cheer me up.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me.

Thank you to Colin Fraser - my personal trainer who has made me hurt quite a lot this year - in fact I do right now, but gave me quads of steel & helped keep me at my target weight

Thank you to Clare Fulton for the awesome sports massages & getting me back out & running after the ITB & groin injuries.

Thank you to all my blog followers.

I could go on the list is endless but Thank you all so much for helping to make 2010 such a wonderful year.

In true Fudgey style there are tears! but they are happy ones.

All that's left is for me to wish you a very very Happy New Year when it comes.

I'll be back soon to tell you what's in store for 2011.

lots & lots of love

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  1. Great year! I hope 2011 is just as good if not better :-)