Monday, 4 October 2010

The Scottish Kilomathon - Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised race report from yesterday's first ever Scottish Kilomathon

It was an early start on Sunday morning, alarm was set for 5.30am but I was awake from just after 4am. At 5.45am I was having a cup of tea, some water and my instant porridge with a teaspoon of strawberry jam, I also had a slice of bread and butter. I taped my feet and pinned my race number to my top. I put my gels into my race belt and drank plenty more water.

We left the house at 7am, we'd stayed with Mum & Dad Smith so the start was only about 10 minutes away. Dad Smith took us the Ingliston and we were quickly parked by the stewards and headed to the start area. This event was no where near as crowded as others I've been at and I actually preferred that. At 7.45am it was time to head into our coloured pens. I was actually right at the front of mine. Unlike other races I've been at there wasn't much hanging around, the horn sounded and wave after wave we were off.

The Race
After a short lap round the showground, it was out and along the side of the airport perimeter fence. I set off pretty fast and realised I had better slow down a little to pace myself. It seemed like lots of other runners were passing me, but I told myself just to run my own race and that as I'd been right at the front of my wave it was only natural that faster runners would pass me. Past the airport onto the road & out through Kirkliston. I was running well and felt good. It was grey and overcast but perfect running conditions. It wasn't long before we were heading over the forth road bridge - I'd never ran across the bridge before but can't wait to do it again - even though it was overcast the views were great, soon I saw the leaders starting to come back up the other side of the bridge and that really inspired me. It got greyer and there was a little rain shower but I was loving the run and going faster than I thought I would have. Soon I was passing some of the runners who had passed me in the first couple of km, now at around 8 & 9 km some people were slowing a little but I was feeling really strong. I went through the half way point in an hour 21 minutes. I felt really strong for the first 17 km and then we turned into South Queensferry, the cobbles made my hip hurt and I realised I had a blister I could feel it. I pushed on only to discover a killer hill around 18k - a hill at that stage was just plain cruel and I'm sure it was the undoing of many, so many people just stopped and walked it. I managed to run all the way up, but it really took the wind out of my sails. Soon though I managed to see fellow blogger Liz aka Runner Mum. Liz should have been running to but has had an injury so had to withdraw but as the race went right past her house she came out to support - when I saw Liz I was really running well and seeing Liz really spurred me on & I was able to pick up the pace again. Unfortunately I started to struggle in the last 5k. My calves were starting to cramp - something I've never experienced before and my hips were really starting to hurt. Around 25k Sarah Burgon passed me & I was slowing to a walk seeing Sarah & her words of encouragement made me want to run and I tried to keep up with her but it wasn't happening, we were back on the track alongside the airport and the little stones and uneven surface were torture. I was so glad to get back on the smooth surface and looking at my garmin suggested I only had 400m to go. Running into the Royal Highland centre there were finished runners heading out with their goody bags but everyone cheered on us runners coming in and shouted encouragement. I saw the 26km marker and knew that now I had to keep running no matter how much it hurt. I saw the 100m to go sign and started to kick for home. I could see the finish line and being a smaller than I am used to event a clear path ahead of me I put everything I had into it and sprinted for home. Then I heard Dad Smith and saw him and Mr Fudgey and pushed it even harder. I crossed the line and raised my arms punching the air. This was the hardest thing I've ever done and I finished it. I was quite emotional. I almost forgot to hit stop on my garmin too. I was delighted to make it under 3 hours. Official time came through as 2 hour 56 mins 16 seconds. A whole 12 minutes faster than I'd ran this distance in training:-)

Post Race
Through the finish line and into the finishers area. Thanks to the marshall who removed my chip from my shoe as I couldn't bend. Bottle of water, Banana, Medal & Goody bag - which has been the best I've ever had.
The goody bag contained: long sleeved top, blister plaster, medley bar, 9 bar original, nature valley granola bar, school bar, low salt. seabrook crisps, linwoods samples, cracked heel repair cream, trial size radox deodorant, vicks breathing sensations, dove visible effects body lotion, scholl deep moisturising cream and olay total effects touch of foundation.
The medal was also amazing, when the guy put it over my head I wasn't prepared for the weight of it.

I was a little worried about this event as I didn't have good experience in the run up to it. I didn't receive merchandise I ordered and had to chase it up twice, then I wanted to find out the start time but it wasn't on the website so I had to contact them again. However on the day the organisation was first class. The race crew, volunteers, marshalls, first aid and police were the best I have ever seen at an event. The support all the way round the course was amazing. The course was tough - very hilly but as it was semi rural and crossing the bridge was one of my most memorable. They've moved this event to April next year and I would definitely recommend it. I'd ask the organisers to keep it small, though I suspect it will grow and become very popular. I am definitely thinking of signing up as part of my marathon training.

I felt very sore at the end, but the ice bath helped. I never slept well last night as my legs were very restless but today I feel alot better than I expected. No major issues just a few tired muscles - but I will be back running maybe even as soon as a short recovery run tomorrow.

Thank you
As always a HUGE thank you to my hubby - you are amazing babe. Thank you for everything. Thanks as well to Dad Smith for the taxi service. Thank you to everyone for the good luck wishes and for all the kind words afterwards - it makes it all so worth while.
Thanks to Hubby & Mum & Dad Smith for celebrating with me last night - we had a superb meal at Buffalo Grill in Stockbridge & then some champagne afterwards. I was in bed by 9.30pm!

That's my running events finished for this year but I still have about 34k to run to complete my 1000km in 2010 and I will still be running regularly. Plan is to drop some body fat and get even fitter before marathon training officially starts.

I think that's me for now folks.
Take Care everyone
Fudgey xx


  1. Well done! I hate hills near the end of runs/races they just zap you physically and mentally don't they? That goody bag does look great :-)

  2. Congratulations! Well done - I enjoyed reading your race report, could sympathise with you on that big hill at 18 km and how that takes so much out of you...
    So cool you saw Liz! Awesome goody bag, too!