Thursday, 30 December 2010

Aches, Pains & Stress Relief Sessions

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Did you have a good Christmas? I hope Santa brought you what you wanted.

I was incredibly spoilt by my lovely Hubby, family & friends.

My best gift by far was the Zorbing voucher from Mr Fudgey....for those of you who don't know what zorbing is:

I can't wait to go & we're hoping to make a wee weekend break of it, but I think we'll wait till the weather is a wee bit better!

On top of the Anton & Erin Puttin' on The Ritz Tickets for my Birthday - I think he may just be the bestest husband ever :-)

We had a lovely day & I got to speak to my folks & my sister before going to Mum & Dad Smith's for a fabulous afternoon, evening & meal.

Like most of us I've eaten far too much & drank more than I usually do - so this week it was back into the gym to try & undo some of the excesses.

I also think it's fair to say that for more one reason or another my stress levels have been particularly high over the last few weeks, but one of my ways of coping is by working out - so after the short Christmas break I was back with the regime.

Yesterday was circuits & though there were only 4 of us it was really really good & really tough. First circuit 1 min & second circuit 30 seconds. Stations I can remember were: bicep curl, tricep extension, underarm bent over row, boxing, i surrender, tricep dips, burpees, chest press,weighted sprints, lunges, squats, skipping, walking press ups, walking plank & plank. Everyone of us lifted heavier & worked harder than usual - guess we were all feeling the Christmas indulgence guilt!

Today I squeezed in a 5.5km run and a torturous PT session!
PT started with a teeny weeny cross trainer warm up then straight over to the squat rack, a little warm up set & then 3 supersets of 15 very heavy squats superset with 20 Komodos, then onto the strength training 4 supersets of 8 assisted pull ups & 10 shoulder press with 6kg dumbbells, 4 supersets of 10 underarm pull down & maximal press ups I think I managed 25, 25, 20 & 20 press ups in each set. Then medicine ball lunges x 20 superset with weighted step ups 20kg bar, 10 each leg. We started with the 8kg ball but had to go down to 5kg as my arms were really hurting by this stage - I think lifting just my arms would have been effort enough. I think we did 3 sets of that but I just wanted it to be over. Toughest session in ages, but great :-)

By the time I got home my arms felt like 2 dead weights, mind you at least this takes my mind off my dodgy shin which is playing up again & my sore knee which I hurt by running after a girl to give her money that fell out of her pocket - would have been fine if I hadn't been wearing wellies at the time. I'm going back to the doctor next week to see if we can get to the bottom of this shin thing - it's so annoying. It's never been right since I dropped that big metal wheelbarrow on it back in the summer!

I'm hoping tomorrow I might get an outdoor run in as most of the snow has melted away & the pavements are pretty well gritted - but we'll see how the aches & pains are doing.

Now I'm off to spend some time with Mr Fudgey & our 4 little furry purries.

Take Care all

lots of love

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