Monday, 6 September 2010

Glasgow Half Marathon Race Report

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised report from the weekend's running

Mr Fudgey very sensibly suggested that we book a hotel in Glasgow for Saturday night to save the stress of getting through on Sunday morning, so on Saturday lunchtime we got the train through to Glasgow & checked into our room at The Millennium Hotel, we then went for a wander round the shops. Mr Fudgey went off to HMV whilst I was let loose in Primark.....and you won't believe this I never bought a single thing. To be honest there's nothing I really need at the moment and I'd rather wait and buy nice things for our new home than clothes and shoes I don't really need or want.
We went to visit my Great Aunt Rose in hospital in the evening, she broke her femur a few weeks ago, but she was looking fantastic when we visited and is hopefully getting home later this week. After visiting we went for a meal at La Vita, its a fab Italian restaurant at George Square, we've eaten there a couple of times so I knew it would be good & they didn't fail to disappoint. I enjoyed the Pate and the Fusili Mia Casa: Chunks of chicken, broccoli, mushroom garlic, cream and a hint
of chilli. It was a huge bowl but I ate all of it. We then headed back to the hotel and were in bed before 10.30.

Race Day
We woke up early and headed down for breakfast around 8am, the half marathon didn't start till 10.30. I had eaten way too much on Saturday night and along with pre race nerves really struggled to eat a couple of slices of brown toast & some fresh fruit. I managed to drink a litre & a half of water and stopped drinking about 9.30 - so knew I was well hydrated. The forecast had been for bright sunshine but it was quite cloudy first thing. I still applied plenty of sun cream though and was glad I did as it turned into a scorcher. I taped my feet, got my kit on, attached my race number and my chip timer. Then I realised I'd been a dumbass - I'd created a playlist for the race....but never synched my ipod...Doh! It was fine though just meant I had to use my training playlist. Whilst waiting to head out to the start line at George square I think I must have gone to the loo about 10 times - must have been all the water. I also went along the corridor to watch some of the 10k runners starting as we could see them from the window. This really got me in the mood the atmosphere was electric.
At 10am we went and checked out and the hotel stored our bag for us. There were thousands of people milling around. Mr Fudgey headed off to find a good spot to try and catch me heading off on the run and I went to my starting area, but not before another toilet visit!
The half marathon started at 10.30am but there were 2 waves while & blue ahead of my green wave so I think it was around 10.45 when I crossed the start line. I saw Mr Fudgey a couple of blocks up and waved cheerio to him. Though the course was pretty congested it moved really well. The pace was nothing like Edinburgh, but I never had any expectations that it would be as I'd missed the last 2 weeks long runs due to illness. I had made the very sensible decision that I would just complete the course, I wanted to run the whole way if I could but if I had to walk I would.
The crowd never really thinned out much till around 7k and by 10k it was scorching hot, people were starting to stop and walk, but the Fudgey machine kept going, I was pacing nicely and felt great. I loved the pipers at each mile marker, and the drummers and the music at various points round the course. I loved running through Bellahouston Park and then Pollock Park where the spectators were awesome. A special mention as well for the guy somewhere around Haggs road part of the course who sprayed us with his garden hose and the family who had set up a water station. At 10 miles I still felt strong, much better than I had in Edinburgh and at that point I was confident I was going to get to the end having run all the way. I saw Mr Fudgey when i ran into Glasgow Green & I swear the runners around me thought I was mad as I was wooping & cheering - honestly I was just enjoying my run so much. Mr Fudgey told me after he nearly shouted at me to conserve my energy!
Turning into the home straight I managed a cracking sprint finish which drew comment from the announcer & big cheers from the supporters. I crossed the line in 2 hours 12 minutes and 21 seconds. 7 minutes slower than Edinburgh but feeling absolutely amazing.
I collected my medal, my goody bag, my banana & a bottle of water and headed off to find Mr Fudgey.
Fantastic Mr Fudgey had bought me a bottle of lucozade. We sat on the grass for a wee while and enjoyed the sunshine and I stretched off a bit and ate half my banana, Mr Fudgey suggested maybe going for lunch but even though I'd just run 13.1 miles I couldn't face the thought of food. Though my breathing had been fine during the race I started wheezing and then coughing again whilst we were relaxing, but Thankfully later in the evening I felt much better again - I think it was just the remnants of the cold, but I'll be keeping an eye on it, during my training the next few weeks.

Goody Bag
GSR sent the race t-shirts out with the race packs which I think is a great idea. Ireland did the same. It was great to see alot of people wearing their t shirts on the day but I prefer a technical running top for running but will be wearing my tshirt with pride now I feel I've earned it. The goody bag contained some Vicks Breathing sensations - which I was so grateful for - one of these really helped ease my breathing, there was also the now seemingly mandatory ricola herb drop - does anyone like these? mine always end up in the bin. a nature valley bar, a medley bar & a heat wrap. Fabby Goody bag.

Post Race
We headed back on the train to Edinburgh and just got a taxi from the station. As it had been nearly 3 hours since I'd finished running I thought I was too late to benefit from an ice bath so had a radox muscle soak. However today I am really regretting the missed ice bath and not taking my recovery drink or eating after the run as my quads and hamstrings are agony. Back to work tomorrow and back on the training plan for the Kilomathon in 4 weeks time.

For anyone thinking of signing up for Glasgow next year - either the 10k or the half I'd highly recommend it.

As always HUGE Thanks to the organisers and all the race support crew and volunteers etc. These events just couldn't work without you.

Final words of congratulations to all who took part yesterday. Special mentions to Zoe Sheffield - new PB for 10k, Julie Johnson - who has been struggling with illness the last 4 weeks & still took part in the 10k & Sarah Burgon for her first half marathon....see you at the marathon next year honey!

Take Care Everyone
lots of love


  1. AWESOME race recap! I really enjoyed it mate, a massive well done to you! And hurrah to the dude that sprayed you with his hose - how kind :D

  2. Great race report! Really could imagine being there - sounds like an awesome race, in spite of the heat.

  3. Congrats on the race, for my first half I didn't eat anything for hours after the race.. wierd cause usually I eat almost straightaway after running. Maybe it's something to do with the adrenaline of race day that zaps appetite..