Saturday, 9 January 2010

Post Race Update

Well we both made it & with no mishaps or injuries at all.

When Mr Fudgey & I left the house this morning it was snowing really heavily & I was quite uptight as I was sure there would be a fall at some point over the course of the run, however by the time we got to Holyrood park it was starting to warm up & there was a good atmosphere & loads of people milling about, waiting for the Great Winter Run or watching the International & Junior athletic events.

I was layered to the max. long sleeved running top, hooded russell athletic sweater, waterproof jacket & high viz vest & my new running tights.Hat, gloves & leg warmers to top it off.

KMac being the crazy hard core chick she is ran in a pink vest!

The course had been altered due to safety concerns over the wintry conditions so was 4km rather than 5km.

The temperature was -3.

My main aim was to get to the end uninjured.

My Race

1st km 6 mins 48 secs. In spite of the warm up I was conscious of my legs being cold & not wanting to set off to fast. There was also a bit of a bottle neck out of the starting line. I ran the first km quite steadily & was happy enough with the time.

2nd km 7 mins 46 secs. the 2nd km just about killed me. So hard running uphill on snow covered grass was quite slippy at bits & I had to stop to walk, coupled with the fact that a lot of people ahead of me had to do the same another bottle neck formed up the hill & it was so cold it was hard to get your breath. I was so pleased to get to the top & see the downhill & road sections of the course coming up & was delighted I'd made it half way.

3rd km 5 mins 57 secs. In the zone now. Nice & warm & running technique looking pretty good. Running on the road was also less hairy than the snow.

4th km 5 mins 37 secs This was the home straight & I was determined to put in a good strong final km & hopefully make up for the hill blip. Last km was pretty much flat & the crowd were cheering everyone on. I came across the finish line in 26 mins 08 secs according to my watch. But I wasn't so fussed about the time.... the endorphins were pumping & I was in one piece, a little breathless due to the cold but so so happy....& then I saw Mr Fudgey & broke into a big big grin :-D

Met KMac at the meeting point & she said she thought she had done about 26 Mins too.

Mr Fudgey had made a huge thermos of coffee for which we were incredibly grateful, though I also drank the water from my goodie bag.

It was great goodie bag with a foil blanket, medal, powerade, fruit flakes, eat natural bar, vaseline lotion sample & a really lovely long sleeved top.


Firstly want to say an enormous Thank you to Mr Fudgey. He was fantastic. He took photos, kept us calm, brought us coffee & was so supportive. Love you x

I also want to Thank KMac for just being her.

& I have to Thank everyone who made today go ahead. Especially the marshalls who stood round the route in the cold & cheered us all on.

Official Time
This was an official chip timed run so was delighted when I checked the website to find my official time was 26 Mins 1sec
Now I know in better conditions I could have done a faster time & now can't wait for my next run.

Final photo of me modelling long sleeve top & medal.

Will update my blog towards end of week with update on training etc.

Hope you all have a fabby weekend.

Stay Warm & Safe
Fudgey x

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