Sunday, 12 December 2010

Santa Fudgey

Hello again Fudgey Friends,

No lie in for the Fudgey's this morning - up and on the bus for 8.30am. It was bitterly cold in Edinburgh first thing.

First stop was to collect my Santa Suit & then next stop Costa for a coffee and to warm up a bit.

Whilst in Costa I got into my Santa Gear. Then down to Prince Street Gardens. There weren't nearly as many Santas as in previous years - but still a pretty good turn out. Lots of little elves too taking part. There was some entertainment at the band stand - highland dancers & a young guy who apparently came second in Edinburgh's got talent who sang a couple of songs. They must have been frozen - it was pretty cold.

As it approached 11am, all the Santa started to line up ready for their 2 laps round the gardens. I had hoped for a place near the front so that I wouldn't get caught up in the Santa shuffle as mostly people walk & they actually didn't want people to run today due to the snow and ice. Mostly though the foot paths were clear & had been gritted. I found myself right on the start line and beside Mark C who ran 50 marathon in 56 days - I had read about Mark in one of my running magazines and he has inspired me so much - so I felt really honoured to be stood beside him. I'm not sure what quite happened I think we all set off before we were meant to and I was prepared to walk as instructed but a group of 6 guys broke off at breakneck speed - followed by me and another guy - it seemed we weren't meant to go & everyone apart from that front group slowed to a walk - I then decided sod this - if they're running I'm running & took off! I perfected an innovative style of running while holding up my Santa suit trousers!! I was out on my own and it felt fabby there were loads of people cheering and lots of little kids watching who all waved & I made sure I waved back....with one hand still holding up the trousers. As I came back round to the Ross Bandstand a lady told me I was the first female Santa :-) On the second lap just after the exit from the bandstand I was slowed up by the back of the Santa pack - but I managed to weave in and out by running up the grass & round the backs of benches - coming a long the top stretch of path a lady exclaimed - 'Oh you've been round already' There was no official finish line just a row of people handing out the medals & they told me I was one of the top 10 - only about 7 or 8 people had finished ahead of me & I was the first female Santa - how they figured that with all the beards I don't know but I was so elated. Today wasn't a race by any means It was fun and I really had fun and enjoyed it - I have no idea how long it took me to run the 1.5k course - no garmin - no watch - just me & the one size fits all Santa suit!

I have to say a massive massive Thank you to long suffering Mr Fudgey who trailed out early on a cold & frosty Sunday and as always provided fabby photos.

Thanks also to everyone who donated to When you Wish Upon a Star Thank you so so much. I raised £40 with your help.

Looking forward to relaxing the rest of today now.


  1. Congratulations on being the first Lady Santa to cross the finish line! I think it must be great fun to do a Santa race - even with the trouser holding issues and all!

  2. Good job! I'd love to do a christmassy race :-)

  3. It's been so cold here the last few days, I think I could do with a Santa suit before going out at all! I have tagged you with some questions on my blog. Merry Christmas!