Sunday, 5 December 2010

Another Snow related blog

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Is there anyone out there who hasn't had snow this week?
Snow seems to be a recurring theme across blogland this week & sorry to bore you but my post does also contain snow related stories.

So I last blogged on Sunday & had been out running in the snow - well it continued to fall on Sunday & by Monday morning was about a foot deep.

Mr Fudgey & I attempted to get into work but the main street was deep in snow & there were no buses all day Monday - so we both had to work as best we could from home. I had to phone and cancel my podiatry appointment & it was rearranged to Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday we struck lucky as my ex boss Neil passed us at the bus stop & picked us up - giving us both a lift to work. It was a good job too as again there were no buses though a service did start around lunchtime. It was forecast for more snow on Tuesday evening & I left work a little after 2pm so I could get home in daylight & before the weather closed in again

On Tuesday night it snowed - not just a little - we got another foot of snow overnight and though we had checked the web and knew there were no buses ventured out to see if the main street was passable & there may be a service either later or if we could get a lift with anyone we knew again or Dad Smith had kindly offered that he could drive us.....Snow Chance.
It was worse than Monday! The usual 4 minute walk to the bus stop took 20 minutes. So again podiatry appointment cancelled and working from home. Wednesday was by far the worst day and I had severe cabin fever. I really feel for those who were house bound for longer than us - they must have been going mad.
On Wednesday afternoon I decided I wanted to go & photograph a car just behind our house that showed how bad the snow had been.
Silly fudge put on her pink wellies with 3/4 length trousers with the result the snow went in the boots & when I got in I couldn't get them off. 10 minutes after struggling frantically I asked Mr Fudgey to help me & he really struggled to get them off my feet too - I was howling with laughter as he was pulling the boot & dragging me along the floor with it! Eventually we got them off & first snow lesson of the week learnt!
On Wednesday we also started to run low on a few things like teabags & milk and had run out of bread - we decided that on Thursday even if we couldn't get to work we would need to venture to the local shops.

On Thursday morning it only took us 2 hours to get to work - still we were both glad to get there. We also stocked up on supplies. Another snow casualty was my early morning PT session which I had to call and cancel as I wasn't going to make it on time. I did manage to squeeze in a 20 minute run though on Thursday & rescheduled my PT session. I also went and bought some bird seed and nuts for the little birds in our garden - Fudgey snow related incident number 2 coming up.....
after a 2 and a half hour journey home from work - though an hour of that was waiting for a bus we eventually got home. I decided I'd go out into the back garden to put out the seeds & nuts I'd bought. The garden had been untouched since the snow had fallen - it was so deep we couldn't open the conservatory door. I went round the side of the house and into the garden where the snow was above my knees and hung up the seeds and nuts, then I decided it would be a great idea to make a snow angel.......all was going well & lying on the snow was surprisingly relaxing, until I tried to get up, as I shifted my weight forward my 2 legs sunk into the snow, I put out a hand but there was nothing to push against & my arm sunk into the snow....I ended up hands & knees down in the snow struggling to get out.....all the time laughing, I managed to get myself up & when I came back into the house I looked like I had been whitewashed....second snow lesson of the week!

Friday morning we'd thankfully had no more snow and we both got to work OK albeit another 2 hour journey. My department Christmas lunch scheduled for Friday afternoon was the next casualty of the bad weather - but thankfully it's just been postponed till later in the month.
I've never been so glad to get home as I was on Friday evening.

Rearranged PT - as I mentioned before I managed to fit in a PT session too this week - back to the strength training - it doesn't seem to be getting any easier - but lack of gym action this week probably hasn't helped. I'm hoping to get back on track this week if the weather & my workload permit. Losing a couple of days in the office this week and working from home mean I have plenty to catch up on.
I also need to seriously get my eating under control & get a couple of pounds off - I think I lost my appetite & found an elephants.

This weekend has been fairly relaxed - yesterday we didn't do much other than some housework and go to the local shops for some essentials. I made carrot & butternut squash soup and Mr Fudgey & I cleared a path from the house to the road. We also finally had our street cleared by the snow plough. In the evening I made roasted veg & turkey breast fillet for dinner before we settled down to watch Strictly & then Escape from New York

Today we went off for our big shop. Later I went to the local shop for stamps and posted some cards, on the way back I fed the swans some bread - the poor things seemed ravenous. The plan now is to make Thai green vegetable curry and watch the strictly results.

Well that's been my week - I hope that you are all safe, warm and well.

Take Care out there

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