Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Dear Fabulous Fudgey Friends,

Firstly I hope you all have a fantastic day wherever & whatever you are doing.

When you are arguing with the folks over what to watch on TV or because someone drank too much or refereeing between the kids, or just generally feel bleugh because you ate & drank too much - please please please take a minute to think of those less fortunate who never managed to get to where they wanted for Christmas or won't be sitting down to a magnificent spread or won't receive any gifts at all.

Secondly huge apologies for leaving you blogless for a couple of weeks. The last 3 weeks have seen plenty of snow, ice, stressing about work & travel & getting everything done for Christmas - there has been no blogging, not a lot of training or running and certainly very little relaxing. I have a long list of people I should have called and caught up with and I haven't - honestly it is nothing personal and I am very very sorry. Mr Fudgey & I are certainly looking forward to no alarms for the next 4 days and a little bit of chill time.

Hope you all get time to do the things you want to over the festive break, whether that is seeing friends & family, hitting the sales tomorrow, making the most of the snow for winter sports or just relaxing. Enjoy!

Take Care, Stay Safe & Warm

lots of love
Fudgey xxxx


  1. Same to you! I'm sure once things clear up on the weather front, you will be able to get back to your usual running...fingers crossed that it thaws soon!

  2. Thanks Amy. I'm going to be using the treadmill as often as possible it's better than no running at all & actually i think harder than outdoor running