Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's Not you.... It's me!

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? I'm so sorry I didn't mean to abandon you all for the last 10 days - life just got in the way a bit. I've been sitting here for the last 30 minutes thinking where to begin & how to fit everything in without boring you to sleep - so I'm going to try & keep it as short & as snappy as possible & hopefully then normal fudgey service can resume.

Friday 11th June
The bake sale & raffle were a huge success and we raised £1,607.

Sunday 13th June - Race for Life
I'm not going to do a separate race report on this as it isn't really a running event as such. It was a cold gray & drizzly morning in Edinburgh & unfortunately this matched my general mood for the day - quite a bit of stress & tension going on.
I met up with the rest of Judi's Rays of Sunshine at Holyrood, I wanted to run the course & Julie J said she'd run too....I'm so glad she did as if it hadn't been for JJ I'd have quit on that bloody hill! I'm a very solitary runner but it was great having someone else there & though there were a few points on the uphill that I was tempted to stop & walk a bit the fact that JJ was running slightly ahead of me made me keep going. The issue was not only my blue mood, but also the congestion on the course. Though we started in the running section - most people were walking. I remind myself that this event isn't about running - it's a very emotional experience and is definitely more about the taking part, the fundraising & the atmosphere. Once up that B of a hill the pacing was better & JJ and I had an amazing sprint finish - but crossed the line hand in hand as this was all about doing it for Judi.
At the finish area we both felt sick - sign of pushing it to the max. After getting our goodie bags & medals I met hubby & was heading home & JJ met her husband & daughter and went off to meet the rest of the team. Sorry guys that I couldn't join you for the social bit - hope you all had a great time. Amazing news is that fundraising is up to £9,005.

Sunday 13th June - Packing
When I got home I actually slept a little in the afternoon & then I had to pack for my work trip. Part of the tension was that this would be the first time since last August that Mr Fudgey & I would be apart & I was going to really miss him.

Monday 14th June - Friday 18th June - Montreal, Canada
Monday saw me flying off to Montreal for work & it was a pretty full on week, but fruitful as got lots out of it - in fact more than I'd actually thought we'd get - so pretty pleased. Being so busy in the day the time flew by. I was staying in a fantastic hotel - whirlpool bath & flat screen tv in the bathroom and even better still practically my own personal gym! There was a 24 hour fitness suite in the hotel which I managed to get to on Tues, Wed & Thurs & did both cardio & weights so felt good. The reason I say personal is that on Tuesday I had the whole fitness suite to myself, Wednesday there was another woman in when I arrived but she only stayed another 20 minutes & then I was on my own & on Thursday morning (very early) I had the place to myself for 30 minutes before 2 people arrived. After work on Thursday it was back to the airport to head home. It was a long journey & by the time I got home around 11.45am on Friday I was knackered. It was so good to be back though & to see my fabulous husband. My only regret is that I never had any time to see much of Montreal so I can't really tell you too much about it as a place - maybe another time, after all what's the saying about all work & no play?

Friday 18th June - Jet Lag
I was wiped out on Friday but managed to get an hour or so sleep while the wonderful husband headed off to do the shopping. It was great to see and cuddle all the little furry dudes again too.

Friday 18th June - Hotel Leishman
Friday night was the dinner party at Smurfy's. Smurfy won a dinner party for 8 cooked by an executive chef from a local restaurant. We'd all been looking forward to this for ages & weren't disappointed. Great food, Great company & Great champagne!
Thanks all for a great evening x
Mr Fudgey & I had originally planned to stay over on Friday night but I was so so desperate to sleep in & wake up in my own bed that we decided we would head home. A HUGE Thank you to Mum & Dad Smith who acted as taxi & came & picked us up - we really appreciated it. Thank you so much.

Saturday 19th June
very very lazy day.

Sunday 20th June - HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Well Guys I'm going to leave this here for tonight. I will be back again very soon, as there's a little more in my head.....not to mention the small matter of just 11 weeks today till the Glasgow half marathon & i haven't even drawn up my training plan yet!

Night all.

Lots of love
Fudgey xxxxx


  1. The hill on that RFL is terrible _ when I did it, everyone was walking and I was trying to run, but they were overtaking me!

    That hotel sounds great - lucky you!

  2. Thanks for the update! I have been to Montreal once, thought it was a really nice city. So great that you made good use of the hotel gym!