Friday, 19 March 2010

Week 3 Run 3 - Tough going

Hello Fudgey Friends

Woo Hoo It's Friday!

I'm sitting being heated by the glorious sunshine through the window - it is however very very windy & not so warm when you venture outside.

Today is a strange day for me as it's my last day in my current team. I start my new role on Monday. I'm sad to be leaving the job I've been doing for nearly 5 years & my lovely team mates but I'm also super excited about my new job and the fresh challenges it will bring, though naturally I'm a little nervous too.

This weekend we have nothing planned so we are both looking forward to hopefully a nice relaxed weekend and I'll be all fresh and raring to go on Monday.

Week 3 Run 3
I wasn't in a running frame of mind this morning, but I got up & set off for the gym for my usual Friday treadmill session. Today's Run 5 minutes easy, 10 minutes steady, 10 minutes tempo, 5 minutes fast & finishing with 10 minutes easy. The first 20 minutes or so were not good, they weren't bad either it was just one of those things that I couldn't put my finger on, the running part of me just wasn't switching on this morning - maybe because I had so many other thoughts in my busy brain.
Around 25 minutes I picked up a bit and the last 15 minutes were better. Not my best session but another one completed and crossed off the training plan. I don't expect every session to be good and actually when I have a bad or simply average one it usually motivates me for the next time rather than demotivates me. Guess it all depends on whether you are a glass half empty or half full kind of person.
I'm already looking forward to Sunday's long run, plus I'll get to use my new garmin :-)

Hope you are all having a fudgey Friday & are looking forward to the weekend.
Have a great one


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