Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What happened to spring?

Good Evening Fudgey Friends,

So we all put our clocks forward, looking forward to the official start of spring, lighter mornings & evenings.....yet here I am sitting listening to the wild weather outside. It's hardly taking time to rain, the wind is vicious & it's flipping baltic & Mum Smith has just told us it's snowing out in West Lothian....so much for spring!
The lights are also periodically flickering so we may even get a power cut.

Yesterday I was hoping to get away from work sharp to fit in a run before Fat club but ended up getting so engrossed in what I was working on that I never left till 5.45pm. It was icy cold last night too so I decided to indulge myself & take a rest day. I had a really good training week last week but some fairly tough sessions & my longest run to date on Sunday, so I actually thought that I would benefit from a day off.
Last night was a really good night after weeks of being so near yet so far my friend Jan finally reached her target weight :-) It was very emotional, and reminded me how I felt 6 months ago when I got there. Jan is a truly lovely person and has been working so hard to get to her target she was a regular at the class before I joined in June 2007, so it has been a long journey she has lost almost 4 stone to get to her target, what I should also mention is that Jan is 80 years old.....yes that's right 80. Don't you think that is awesome & so inspiring - Jan has more get up & go than some people half her age. Well Done Jan - I'm so pleased for you & proud of you I know the last 4 weeks have been a battle but you got there.

This morning I decided to go & run on the treadmill, it was an effort to get up as it was dark, cold, wet & windy outside but I told myself I'd rested yesterday & this half marathon won't run itself so off I went.
I decided to run yesterday's missed 40 minute session which was meant to be 40 minutes easy but I decided to run 5km at race pace if possible. My training runs have been good recently but my pace has been slower than I know I can run, but I've been concentrating on my running form, consistent pacing & running for increased periods of time rather than trying to get faster. I was delighted to knock out 5km in 29 minutes 06 seconds & then continued on till 7.5km in 47 mins 13 seconds. I ran 7km at race pace and then eased it down gently for 5 minutes. This Fudgey has still got it :-)

I'm now getting excited about The Great Ireland Run (10k) which is my next event.

I really hope this wintry weather doesn't last long.

Well I'm going to go & get Mr Fudgey to come & have a cup of tea & watch an old Dr Who with me.

Hope you are all safe, dry & warm.
Take Care
love Fudgey

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