Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday Moan

Good Evening my fudgey friends,

I've actually had a good day. Today was the first day in my new role as business analyst, it was very odd not going to my old desk this morning, but it was exciting to be finally moved it seems like ages since I had the interview & got the the job. Since I've only moved departments & a few hundred yards & have been with the company almost 5 years it wasn't like being totally new, but it was still a little bizarre. Everyone made me feel really welcome though. Today was a mammoth reading session as I have loads to get up to speed on so my brain was fried by the end of the day but I'm looking forward to getting down to the hard work and making my usual fudgey impact!

Week 4 Run 1
I decided to try something different today & run home from work. It normally takes about 30 minutes by bus plus usually at least 10 minutes waiting for it in the first place. I packed my running gear this morning & didn't take my handbag just the essentials, phone, keys & money and of course pass for the office & ipod......& how could I possibly not take the fabby Mr Garmin. The run was challenging, not the actual running but the frustration of getting stopped at busy junctions waiting for the lights. I'm not very good at road crossing in general & am the bumpkin you see waiting for the green man even though there is not a car in sight, however to be fair Edinburgh city centre at 5pm is a bit chaotic.
wait for comes my Monday moan....
WHY WHY WHY do some people have absolutely no spatial awareness whatsoever, do they think I can just run through them? Aaargh some severe people rage this evening.
Though to look at it positively if this is all I have to complain about life must be pretty good.
I managed the 4km home in approx 28 minutes though about 3 minutes were spent waiting at various lights and negotiating immovable persons. I went for a wee loop just round about home to take my time up to 40 minutes as today's run was to be 40 minutes easy. It wasn't the best run ever as I never got into a good rhythm due to the stop / start pattern, it was a little staccato but it felt good to be out running and I would have got home quicker than if I'd taken the bus. I have also discovered that Mr Garmin has some pretty cool functionality that can pause the timer automatically when you stop moving or when your pace drops below a certain value so I think I will be switching that on for next time I run at a busy time of day. Yes I know I am a geek.

Well it's getting late for little fudgey people and tomorrow I'm thinking of torturing myself with some hills so I'll say night night to everyone.

Sweet Dreams

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