Thursday, 11 March 2010

It looks like spring

Hello Fudgey followers

The last couple of days have been so lovely, bright sunshine and not too cold. The sun has been shining in my window at work and I have been enjoying the heat and the light. I've not wanted to pull the blinds and have found myself squinting at my screen before finally admitting defeat & filtering out some of the sun. It looks like spring might actually be here. It's even light when I leave the house in the morning and return home at night :-)

Personal Training Session
Wednesday was the first of my 3 for £30 personal training sessions a special offer for Sport Relief.
I love my PT sessions. I love trying new exercises and doing things that I wouldn't normally attempt on my own in the gym like the Olympic bar squats & using heavier weights. It's also perfect opportunity to get technique corrected and words of wisdom, advice & quality chat from wonderful Colin.
My work colleagues and friends always know when I've had a personal training session as I am so up afterwards. I'm normally a bubbly, chatty, positive person anyway but even more so after a good workout.

Wednesday's session consisted of:

4 minute warm up cross trainer
3 x tri-set of 10 burpees, 15 swiss ball squats with 6kg dumbbells, 45 second ski sit with 4kg dumbbells)
3 sets of 20 lateral lunges on bosu ball
3 sets of lunge with raise 10 each leg with 3kg dumbbells
3 sets of single arm clean & press 10 each arm with 7kg dumbbells
3 x super set of 15 jack knifes and 12 hanging leg raises
PNF stretching

I'm really into the whole stretching thing now as I've realised how important it is and how good I actually feel after a proper stretch. I'm going to ask Mr Fudgey very nicely if can can assist me in more stretching.
I can happily report that all my aches and pains are feeling tonnes better. Thanks to Clare, Colin & good stretching.

Wednesday evening Mr Fudgey and I watched 'The Dark Knight'
We've seen this about 4 times and both love the movie but I have to apologise yet again for falling asleep while we watch something. Recently I've been nodding off about an hour into watching films - it's nothing to do with not enjoying them - in fact I think it's when I just totally relax I doze off as it's rare for me to sit still for any length of time. Sorry hubby x

Thursday Rest Day
Thank goodness today was a rest day, between Monday's lunchtime session and yesterday's PT I have the most awesome abs DOMS. Getting out of bed this morning required some effort! Then whilst on a phone call at work I took a coughing fit and my abs didn't like that, nor were they too pleased when I laughed, sneezed or stretched too far! However ab DOMS are my favourite kind so I was kind of secretly enjoying it!!!
Today was a busy day at work - loads going on so I wouldn't have got to the gym anyway but today was a designated rest day.
I managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine at lunchtime though with a little toodle round the shops.

I think we are going to watch the next episode of Eddie Iz Running this evening.

Well I better pop off and make our lunches for tomorrow etc. WOW Friday again already. Where does the week go?
Long run hopefully tomorrow morning.

Take care everyone
lots of love
Fudgey x

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