Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wind swept end to week 4 training

Hello Fudgey Followers

I'm back! Did everyone remember to put their clocks forward?

Week 4 Run 4
I was keen to get up and out as soon as possible this morning as the planned session was a 90 minute easy run. With the clocks going forward if I didn't get out at a reasonable time there was the potential of eating too much into the day, I'm also finding I enjoy running better early on a Sunday before most people are out and about & there is less traffic. So I was pleased to be out the door by 9.10am.
I had no route planned today as Mr Garmin tracks my distance so I was looking forward to an element of freedom.
It is really windy here in Edinburgh today I checked the BBC weather when I got home and apparently it was 20mph - such a pity it had been going in the opposite direction to me, and at one point was battering me from the right side so hard that I had to really lean in not to been blown into the road. But I loved my run today, it was really challenging and by experiencing all seasons in training I should be well prepared for whatever happens on the half marathon day.
I loved the freedom Mr Garmin allowed me too & I took a detour round Inverleith Park & round the pond where a swan started to chase me but thankfully changed its mind!
Since today was long run day I tried another sports gel, this time Science in Sports Go gel I had the tropical flavour and like the smart gel last week thought that it was less viscose than others I've tried, it wasn't as sweet and also quite a pleasant taste - so I will be checking out their blackcurrant & orange flavours too. Sticking with Science in Sport, a fellow runner recommended their rego recovery, so when we were at asda I picked up a couple of the sachets to try & also their easy mix bottle. I had the rego recovery when I came home and thought it was lovely, mixed really well, no lumps & tasted delicious, so I'll be buying a tub. My only gripe with Science in Sport is that their easy mix bottle has no ml markers on it - this was a little disappointing, but won't stop me trying more of their products as they are the ones that I have liked best so far & found most effective.
Back to today's run, as many of you know I'm a bit of a data geek so I'm going to bore you with some of the breakdowns from Mr Garmin.... please feel free to skip on

1st km 6 mins 52 secs
2nd km 6 mins 37 secs
3rd km 6 mins 42 secs
4th km 6 mins 52 secs steepest km
5th km 6 mins 39 secs also steep
6th km 6 mins 05 secs
7th km 6 mins 22 secs
8th km 6 mins 42 secs another steep one
9th km 6 mins 23 secs
1oth km 6 mins 10 secs
11th km 6 mins 22 secs
12th km 6 mins 48 secs
13th km 6 mins 29 secs
14th km 6 mins 16 secs

In total I ran 14.21 km in 92 mins 37 secs. I was pretty pleased overall given how windy it was and the hard training week I've had. I'm getting more confident that I can run the half marathon now as long as I stay injury free & continue to train.

So the Stats for Week 4
Total distance run this week 41.23km
Total running time 4 hours 37 mins 24 secs
8 weeks today till the half Marathon :-)

I've also managed to spend some more time on my blog this week and have added a couple of pages at the top so you can see my half marathon training stats & my progress with 1000km in 2010, both looking pretty fudgey.

Well I think I'm going to brave the elements again as we need milk and I'd like to make a pot of soup but require a little inspiration so will see what veg I can find.

I'll be back soon to fill you in on training week 5, and the latest from the fudgey kitchen.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend
Take Care
love Fudgey xx

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