Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sedentary Saturday

Hello Fudgey Followers,

How is everyone? Any plans this weekend?

I am having a lazy Saturday & the amazing hubby is doing the housework. I've had a busy week and am exhausted. I'm enjoying the new role but as with any new job the first week can be very tiring just finding your feet and getting to grips with everything. I am excited though about the challenges ahead and the projects I'll be working on.

Where did I leave you last? Ah yes Thursday lunchtime & I told you about my run in the rain.

Thursday Personal Training Session
My theory that Colin is on a mission to kill me still holds. The sessions just get harder and harder,but I love them still.
Colin's objective for Thursday's session was 'Overload' I think he pretty much succeeded, about 15 minutes in & the sweat was pouring off me and I was questioning the sanity of the morning run into work, I was however incredibly Thankful for Wednesday's rest day & the pasta I'd had for lunch.

First part of the session intense cardio. 3km to be run in 5 minutes 40 each or less with fun stuff in between too!
1st km 5 minutes 40 seconds
3 sets of burpees 20, 18, & 16 with strict 20 second rest between sets
2nd km 5 minutes 36.5 seconds
3 sets of step ups & sidehops, 30 & 20, 25 & 18 & 20 & 16, again only strict 20 seconds rest between sets. Hard Hard Hard! Colin did kindly get me some tissue to dry myself off at one point!
3rd km 5 minutes 31 seconds

by now I was ready to go home, but we weren't finished.
3 sets of 20 reps Olympic bar squats with 5lb each side
3 sets of 15 reps leg extension and again this week by this stage I didn't note the weight!
Then we did something we've not done before a compound exercise, effectively a clean & press, a squat & a shoulder press in one fluid movement. We tried the first set of 10 reps with a 17.5kg barbell. It was tough, especially the shoulder press. I also managed to clip the back of my head with the bar at one point - still it may knock some sense in! I foolishly thought we were only doing one set of these...ha ha I should know better by now. We did another 2 sets with a 15kg barbell.
A little stretch off & the session was over & I was looking like someone had tried to drown me.
I can totally understand why people don't get the fact that I enjoy this kind of workout aka punishment, but most people who know me can testify I've never been in better shape or fitter & that yes I am a bit crazy :-)

I couldn't get out of bed at 6am for my usual Friday morning treadmill session, Thursday afternoon's personal training session took it out of me. So I needed to decide whether to take a complete rest day or try & fit in the run later. I took my kit with me to work & decided that maybe the run would help loosen me off a bit.
Week 4 Run 3
10 minutes easy followed by 3 x(5 minutes steady, 5 minutes tempo & 2 minutes jog) finishing with 10 minutes easy. I pushed on / cooled down for another 4 minutes to make it a round hour & today only managed 8.5km, but for once I was very good & was enforced to run the easy intervals easy as I was tired so I don't see the shorter distance than usual as a bad thing, in fact it's a positive that I could still manage an hours running even though I was fatigued and I was sensible enough to take it easy so as not get injured. Where did this sensible little fudgey come from?
Friday night Mr Fudgey & I planned to watch a movie but we were both wiped out after a busy week and he fell asleep about 8pm & I dozed off on the sofa about 10pm watching Dancing with the Stars.

Sedentary Saturday
I was looking forward to no alarm this morning, but was awake at 7am. I got the washing machine on & jumped back into bed, I never went back to sleep but didn't get up till 8.30am which was a real treat. I think my week has caught up with me and I'm feeling a little tender in the shoulders partly from personal training & partly from carrying around tension. I decided that I'd take it easy today & not do too much. I headed out to the post office and also treated us to a pineapple danish pastry each. When I got back I hung the washing outside. It's what you would describe as a good drying day. I also cleaned the bathroom and hoovered and steamed the floor in the hall, and that is about as much as I could manage. Fanastic Mr Fudgey has been busy in the front room & kitchen & the place looks fantastic. Thanks babe x
I have done another load of washing so will need to get that in the dryer and we are going to do our food shop too I think, but I think overall it is going to be a chilled day & evening.
Will be back tomorrow to tell you how my long run goes.

Finally before I say cheerio, Mr Fudgey & I & the furry gang want to wish our wee niece Margaret a very happy 1st birthday. Can't belive that's a year already. Hope that Margaret, Rose, Mummy, Daddy, Granny, Grandpa & Great Granny all have a lovely time at the party - wish we were with you.

Well cheerio for now
Take care everyone
love Fudgey xx


  1. Hi Fudgey,
    Thank you for the comments on my blog, I will have to try and update it more often now :-)

    The work out sounds mental, but I know what you mean, one of the trainers at my gym thinks I am just plain crazy as I am always upping the weights of trying to do more. But, if it get results it is worth it. Nothing in the gym can be more painful for me than being being 15stone 10.5lbs!

  2. My starting weight was 15 stone 11 lbs & I'm now 9 stone 10.5lbs. I couldn't have done it by diet alone & I certainly wouldn't have the body shape I do now without all the hours in the gym.

    I'm looking forward to reading more on your blog.