Friday, 2 April 2010

Good Friday Greetings

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone today?
I am on the first day of my 4 day weekend which I'm hoping is going to be a lovely relaxing one. I had a lie in & did some laundry which is hanging out on the line, it's bright but cold here in Edinburgh.
Mr Fudgey & I headed into town just to get out for a wee bit but we did get a little grumpy - it was so busy & noisy & not very relaxing at all so we didn't hang around too much. I'm now sat up in bed blogging away & did have the company of Bonnie, Clyde & Beau, though only Clyde is still curled up. I did manage to snap a pic, but little Beau doesn't look amused & you can just see Bonnie & Clyde behind him but they are so dark they're not completely clear.
I'm having a well earned rest day today as I was at the gym yesterday & my legs & abs got a beasting, also I'm going to do my long run tomorrow. I missed one running session this week in favour of a rest day and feel better for it, it was a hill session so I'll try & incorporate a hill section in tomorrow's run.

Thursday Morning session - legs & abs
quick 5 min warm up on treadmill
3 sets of 16 burpees
3 supersets of bosu lunges with 15kg barbell 12 each leg superset with 10 swiss ball plank rolls
3 supersets of 15 swiss ball squats with 5kg dumbbells, 30 second ski sit then some crunch & extend thing 20 of them.
3 supersets of power lunges with 6kg dumbbells 10 each leg superset with 30 oblique cycles - no rest between these sets.
3 supersets of 10 reps compound (clean & press, squat, shoulder press) followed by 15 push & catch
3 sets of 16 burpees
cool down on cross trainer for a couple of mins
Then I headed off to work feeling pretty good.

Nutritionally Balanced
Those who know me are very well aware that I'm a fairly healthy eater, I'm not perfect but tend to follow the 80/20 rule, I also burn off a lot of calories with all my running & working out. I now also have a whole new set of like minded clean eating / healthy living friends in the blog world so I just had to share this photo with you, and am interested in what others think.
Now it's not my place to judge and I'm not going to say much on the subject but this is the contents of one of my neighbour's recycling boxes. This is pretty much the staple diet of their 9 year old son. All I'll say is I don't think it's particularly nutritionally balanced. I wonder what Gym Ninja & Jag will make of this? You should read GN's blog post about her 91 year old uncle, good on him - he sounds awesome. I can totally relate to his comments about obesity & supermarkets, I regularly get a row from Mr Fudgey for staring at the contents of shopping trolleys and the people pushing them. I am just fascinated by the number of people out there who don't seem to buy anything unprocessed. Don't get me wrong I buy processed foods too but very rarely, most of our meals are made from fresh ingredients and we eat loads of fresh fruit & veg, but we do have our share of treats too. As I said earlier it's not my place to judge but as someone who used to eat mainly convenience foods & do no exercise at all & weighed almost 16 stone, I would much rather eat the foods I do now & feel the way I do, fit, full of energy & so much healthier. So if anyone out there wants to make some positive changes why not join JAG's Operation butt kick - it doesn't have to be about losing weight & it's not too late to join in.

Oh dear yet again my blog wandered off where my mind wished to go, but sometimes you just have to unload some of those thoughts in your head, even if not everyone is going to agree with you, we're all entitled to our opinions - wouldn't the world be a boring place if we all thought the same?

Well it is time I was getting Mr Fudgey & I some dinner, will be back tomorrow to let you know how the long run goes I have a rough route plan in mind.

Take care everyone

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