Thursday, 8 April 2010

Fabulous Fundraising

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I just want so say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to everyone who has visited my just giving page & sponsored me so far. I've raised £435 so far.
Thank you so much everyone & for your kind words & encouragement too.

A quick update on the last couple of days. Work has been busy but good - lots going on & the brain is certainly getting a good workout.

Uninspiring Run Home
I ran home from work yesterday.... it wasn't great.....but it wasn't awful. I just think that it's not the right time of day for me to run & the first little bit till I get out of town is a bit stop / start with traffic lights & rush hour traffic. I just felt I never got into a proper rhythm, but it's another run ticked off on the training plan, a few more km in the bank & my first experience of being caught in a hail shower! I don't expect every run to be great and as I said it wasn't awful.... just kind of disappointing I suppose. I did however arrive home at the same time as hubby who took the bus.

The plan was to get up & head to the gym this morning, but I had a little bit of tension last night (noisy kids)and I got a little stressed out, even though I slept pretty well I woke up with a horrible headache & just knew that gym was a no go.
I did take my kit with me though so I could squeeze in a lunchtime session if I felt better, which Thankfully I did once I'd had some water, coffee, food & quality chat with KMac & Mandy.

Cheeky Little Gym Session
3 minute warm up
ran 1km 5 mins 26 secs
1 mins 34secs easy pace
ran 1km 5 minutes 18 fastest ever :-)

3 supersets of 15 swissball chest press with 6kg dumbbells & 12 'man' pressups
3 sets of 12 bicep curls with 6kg dumbbells
3 sets of 15 bosu squats with with 4kg dumbbells
3 tri sets with 8kg medicine ball of 15 ab extensions, 15 sit ups, 16 russian twists
1 min 10 second plank

Felt so good when I went back to work - really set me up for my afternoon 2 hour meeting.

I also managed to drink loads of water today & am still fizzy juice & chocolate free.

My fabulous Mr Fudgey took me out for dinner too, we just had one course as it wasn't a special event or anything but so nice not to have to come home & cook.

I'm planning a little gym session in the morning as I have an all day meeting at work, so I'm just going to go & get my stuff organised.

Take Care everyone
Thank you again

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