Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Winter Warming Soup....in April

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I've had busy but relaxing few days since I last blogged, so will try & bring you all up to date without boring you to death.

After my long run on Saturday we headed out to Mum & Dad Smith's. We went out for a fabulous Italian meal to celebrate Dad Smith's birthday & then we all watched the new Doctor Who on the replay. Mr Fudgey & I were impressed & are looking forward to the next episodes.

I woke up on Sunday feeling fantastic thought I might be a little sore after my long run but I felt great. We wished Dad Smith a very Happy Birthday & gave him his cards & gifts. Then Mr Fudgey & I headed to Livingston for a wander round the shops. I managed to get Science in Sport gels in Asda & a bottle of rego recovery. I had left them some feedback on their website but am disappointed that they haven't responded.
Mum Smith made an amazing meal for us all, jalapeno poppers for starters, followed by leg of lamb, my fave brussels sprouts, parsnips, potatoes & the yummy plum sauce, then a strawberry meringue dessert & then we had a really light & delicious birthday cake from M & S - can recommend their cakes.

Quiet day at home. Weather pretty awful. I made some winter warming chunky soup , simply carrots, an onion, a red onion, 70g pearl barley, 120g potato, a large leek, some broccoli & a chicken stock cube.
, chop up all the veg & put in a pan with the pearl barley, crumble the stock cube & add enough water to cover, bring to boil & then simmer for 20 minutes, I then added a grated carrot and simmered for another 5 minutes, then I partially crushed the veg with a potato masher. We had this for dinner this evening & it was really good, just what we needed on a cold, wintry day like today.

Week 6 Run 1
Can you believe I'm onto week 6 of the training plan already? This week is a recovery week, so a nice gentle 40 minute run on the schedule. It was really windy, BBC weather said SSW 23mph, but I still headed out and was on really good form, my legs just went without much encouragement. 6.52km (4.05 miles) in 39 minutes 7 seconds, against the wind most of the way. I am loving my running at the moment.

Today Tuesday Personal Training
Great PT session this morning:
3 sets of the following:
run 1km
10 x 2 jack & 2 back
40 step ups 5kg dumbbells
15 sidehops
10 burpees
no rest between exercises, Colin described this as a giant set! I did get a couple of mins rest between sets though, Thank goodness I needed it & my legs are feeling the effects now.

1st set km 5mins 38 secs
2nd set km 5 mins 34 secs
3rd set km 5 mins 29 secs

3 x Superset of 15 x deadlift 20kg bar & 12 x lower back extension,(1st set 4 kg, 2nd set 6kg, 3rd set 5kg medicine ball)

And then off to work....

New Cardigan
My Mum made & sent me a fabby cardigan in the post which I am wearing now & hubby took a picture of me modelling. Huge Thanks Mum & for the Benbecula shortbread & oatcakes - I will certain find good homes for them.

Last but not least did you know I've had no alcohol for 5 weeks? I decided to give it up when I started the 12 week official plan, I don't drink very much at all, so it's not a big sacrifice but I am actually missing a really classy glass of good red wine.
I've also gone cold turkey on chocolate & fizzy juice.....6 days so far. Why I hear you ask....well I'm trying to work on my little paunch & these 2 things aren't helping...so I'm cutting them out to see if it makes a difference. I did wonder today though if sparkling water constitutes a fizzy drink?

Goodness it is nearly 9pm & I have been rambling on & on....
better go get my gear together as I plan to run home from work tomorrow....this takes a little advance planning so I don't have too much to carry.

Bye for now

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