Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello Fudgey Friends

How are you all? Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
After the excitement of Ireland last week ours has been lovely & quiet - just what we both needed, I did get up and head out for my usual Sunday long run though the pouring rain for the first 40 minutes!

Week 8 Run 3
I caused a little stress today as Mr Fudgey didn't realise that I would be gone for 2 hours so he was starting to panic as to where I was & had tried phoning me but I never even felt my phone buzz - as I was just turning into our street he was heading out to look for me. Moral of this story - make sure that your nearest & dearest know roughly where you are going and how long you will be gone - I had mentioned to Mr Fudgey earlier in the week that this was a 2 hour run but I should have reminded him before I left. Sorry Hubby xxxx
Well today's run was my furthest to date 20.01km (12.43 miles) I only need to add 0.95 km in 4 weeks time to complete my first ever half marathon :-)
The first 40 minutes of today's run where in pouring rain - after 10 minutes I had to take my glasses off & put them in my pocket as I couldn't see. The rain stopped as I got into Holyrood Park & I decided that I would run part of the half marathon route ...what I deem to be the hardest part - Arthur's seat basically miles 1 & 2 on the route map above. It was hard going today & I had a minor panic that I won't be able to do it on the day but then I had a wee talk to myself & reasoned that on the day I won't have run 7km before getting to the section in question like I had today, & I thought about my sources of inspiration, after completing the ascent, the rest of the run was really good. My ITB did start to niggle a little at km 16 but nothing to worry about & I feel pretty good as I sit here now writing my blog.
I managed to run 20.01km in 2 hours 8 minutes & 35 seconds, which I am delighted with & the last 4km were my fastest. Do I think I could have gone another km?.........Oh yeah......I think I'm ready for the half marathon in 4 weeks - can't wait.
Mr Fudgey helped me take some screen grabs from the upload of Mr Garmin.
The first shows my splits

and the second a graph showing speed & elevation - you can see where that hill came into play!

I was reading the fabulous Gym Ninja's blog, and she has been talking about inspiration files. I have my own inspiration file in my head that I use when I am out running, when I can't be bothered & when I know I could try a little harder, so I thought I'd share some of these inspirations with you.
1) My Charity - CCLASP - thinking of the children & their families and how important my fundraising is to all of these people truly humbles me & gives me the kick up the bum I need.
2) My family & friends - Mr Fudgey, My Mum and Dad, Mr Fudgey's Mum & Dad, My Sis & My brother & sister in law, KMac, Smurfy, Eileen, Colin & the rest of the Bannatyne's crew.... not to mention numerous others - family & friends who have offered words of support, encouragement, guidance, have sponsored me & sometimes just a shoulder to cry on - I'm doing this as much to make these people proud of me as I am for my charity & my personal challenge
3)Ben McBean This young man lost both an arm & a leg after stepping on a landmine in Afghanistan - yet he still ran the London Marathon, raising over £13,000 as well. I saw a tv clip of him and has so much energy & positivity that he made me think if he can run a full marathon with 1 leg, of course I can run a half marathon.
4) Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 51 days with little to no previous running experience & raised a huge amount for Sport Relief. I think of Eddie when I am out running & feel like giving up - he didn't.
5) Michael Watson - does anyone out there remember Micheal - he was the boxer whose career ended prematurely as a result of near-fatal injury sustained in a WBO super-middleweight title fight defeat by Chris Eubank in September 1991 - & someone else to famously run / walk the London took him 6 days
6) Lance Armstrong I think everyone knows the story of Lance Armstrong & his battle against cancer & his inspirational winning of the Tour de France 7 times.
7) Christopher Reeve I think all I need to say here is one word....'Superman'

Now I know these people I mention are celebrities and have access to many more resources than the ordinary man in the street, but they are still inspirational to me, but they too could have just given up or faded into obscurity but they chose not to whether that is for personal gain or not I leave up to you to decide - but they inspire me.

These people deserve a category all of their own, everyday you open a paper, turn on the radio or TV & hear amazing stories of people doing amazing things. In fact you just have to go to any running event & there are 1000's of charity runners, many who have heartwarming & heart breaking stories.

Anyway I'm rambling on a bit now & getting all Mrs Fudgey emotional but my point is that there is inspiration all around you if you need it.

Well I had best go & get on & make Mr Fudgey a nice dinner - honey & mustard pork loin I think.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday


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