Sunday, 11 April 2010

Half way there

Hello Fudgey friends,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. It's been glorious here in Edinburgh the last couple of days.

Well I am now half way through my official 12 week training plan....6 weeks today to the half's going to fly by before I know it.

So a wee update on the end of week 6

Week 6 Run 3
Friday morning I got up and headed to the gym, as this was a recovery week, I only had 20 minutes running scheduled and had planned to run on the treadmill and then do some resistance work. I never got up as early as I planned though I was still in the gym for 7.15am. I hopped on a treadmill, couldn't get one with a working TV but I usually listen to my ipod anyway. I decided I'd run a fast previous best being 28 minutes 50 I was very pleased to run it in 28 minutes 27 seconds. I just stayed on the treadmill till 40 minutes and then stretched off before getting ready & heading to work.
In the afternoon my fabulous new maxitone gym bag arrived....only I could get so excited by a gym's gorgeous...I especially like the 'enjoy your workout' message inside the top!
The bag also came in very useful to carry home 3 packs of used coffee grounds for Mum Smith's garden.
In the evening Mum & Dad Smith dropped by for a wee visit & had brought me 2 new pairs of running socks....I wore a pair today & they are superb.

Saturday Slump
I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday I just never got going all day. I just couldn't really be bothered with anything. I did get 2 loads of washing done & out on the line to dry though. Mr Fudgey and I also headed to the shops.... the highlight of the day being 2 new jugs for the kitchen!

Week 6 Run 4
I enjoyed a wee bit of a lie in this morning and didn't properly get up till almost 10am. I decided that I'd wait till later to go for my run. Yet another load of washing (the dressing gowns) done & hung out on the line. I had a lovely chat with my mum & dad, and I pottered about cleaning up, washing the floors & popped out for a food shop. I headed out for my run about 4.15pm....plan for today was 10k at race pace or fast 5 miles...I opted for 10k at race pace and was really really pleased with pacing and time. I'm not going to tell you what time I ran 10k in today as I hope to equal or better it next week in Dublin @ The Great Ireland Run, but don't want to put any undue pressure or expectations on myself....with 8000 runners registered so far I'll need to work on my aggression a little to push through the crowds!

Mr Fudgey & I are planning to sit & watch a movie now and little Dora is nudging my arm as I type....think she wants better sign off.

Take Care everyone

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