Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My Avocado is Edible

Hello Fudgey Friends,

As promised a photo of my gift from Fantastic Mr Fudgey. Thank you again babe - you are the best. LOVE YOU XX

New Pages
You may notice I have a couple of new pages at the top of my blog - once for race reports & one for upcoming events. I also want to do a page on my weight loss journey - but as with everything it's down to time.

Quick Gym session
Yet again this morning I just couldn't get up for the gym, normally I would make myself go but with Dublin & Edinburgh 10ks coming up & the half marathon drawing ever closer my resting is equally as important as the training.

I did manage to get a quick gym session in at lunchtime though.
10 minute treadmill run
3 x superset of 15 assisted wide grip pull ups & 12 bent over row with 15kg barbell
3 x superset of 15 swiss ball chest press with 5kg dumbbells & 12 'man' press ups
3 x superset of 15 bosu ball squats with 4kg dumbbells & 12 bicep curls with 5kg dumbbells
3 x triset of 15 ab extensions with 8kg medicine ball, 30 oblique cycles & 15 reverse curls.

I'm feeling really good physically at the moment. I also feel better for cutting out chocolate and fizzy juice.....14 days now & yesterday was the first day I never thought about chocolate. And I've now had no alcohol in 6 and a half weeks. I am however really looking forward to a quality glass of dark red wine & some green & blacks chocolate after the half marathon........not straight after obviously :-)

My Avocado
Classic Mrs Smith! My facebook friends have been hearing about my brick avocado for the last few days - I am desperate to eat does now seems to be edible so I'll be enjoying it at lunchtime tomorrow!

& on that random note I better skip off & get on....loads to do

Fudgey xx

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  1. I'm going through an avocado phase since a couple of weeks ago and tend to keep well stocked for that very reason. Most of the supermarket ones are slightly harder than Vinnie Jones armed with a snooker ball in a sock so the ones I buy today won't be touched for a week. Keeping them in a fruit bowl with some bananas seems to help in the same way it does for tomatoes.