Friday, 23 April 2010

15 minutes of fame

Hello Fudgey Friends,

Yippee it's Friday. It's only been a 3 day week for me at work but I am pooped - it's been very full on. There's also been a few other things going on....

Wednesday Week 8 Run 1
Eek can you believe it's week 8 of the 12 week plan! Today was the missed 30 minute easy run. It really was at a much slower pace than usual, no aches or pains, just general fatigue but I got the 30 minutes done & ran 4.75km, another tick on the training plan. So far I have only missed 1 training session. I have had to shuffle a few around to accommodate more important things like Mr Fudgey, work and general home life etc. but I'm really pleased with how it's all been going & how I've fitted it in around my life rather than life fitting the plan.

Thursday - Personal Training Session
Silly Fudgey never wrote down the content of the session as I usually do so here's hoping I remember it all.
Quick 3 & a half minute run to warm up
3 supersets of single arm clean & press, superset with 12 medicine ball lunges
3 supersets of 15 olympic bars sqauts with 7.5lb plates added, superset with 10 burpees.
3 supersets of cable hamstring things superset with cable wood chops
3 supersets of medicine ball crunches & reverse curls
I think that's it but as you can see it's not my usual level of detail with weights & reps - I should have written it down but I was in meetings pretty much all day Thursday and now I can't remember!

I got home on Thursday to find my copy of the Scottish Slimmers magazine, Boost had been delivered & that I was featured. It made me feel really proud.
Here's my before & after shots:

Friday Week 8 Run 2
It was an effort to get up this morning & when I got to the gym for my usual Friday morning treadmill session, taking the stairs up to the changing room was enough to tell me that it was going to be a tough one. The DOMS in my quads were pretty intense. I didn't think I'd be able to run for an hour but determined as ever thought I'll give it my best shot. It was great to see the friendly faces of KMac & her Personal Trainer, Andy & I had a wee bit of fun chat with them before getting down to work. When I was running it was actually OK - the dull aching & 'worked' muscles only kicked in when I stopped. I found myself later trying to take routes round the office that did not involve the stairs!
Pace today again was slow 9.2km in the hour, but again another box ticked.

15 minutes of fame
Following on from the article in Boost magazine, I was also in the Edinburgh Evening news today. I had my photos taken on Wednesday & gave an interview yesterday. You can read the article here
If this article inspires just one person to take positive action about their health, weight and fitness I'll be delighted. I'm also really really pleased they mentioned my just giving site - as the more publicity CCLASP can get the better.

New recipe
I've not posted any recipes for a wee while but concocted something new this evening to share with you. I had leg of pork steaks to grill & wanted something slightly different with them so I made a kind of risotto.
cooked 100g organic brown rice
boiled some broccoli
diced red pepper
diced green pepper,
1/2 small onion chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 tablespoons sweetcorn
spray oil
60g philadelphia light with chives

Spray a pan with spray oil, add peppers, onion, garlic & broccoli & cook for a couple of minutes, put into a casserole dish & add the cooked drained rice & the sweetcorn, stir in the philadelphia & that is it....simple as that & really tasty. I would actually eat that as a meal on it's own.

Well that's it from me for today. Sunday's run is a long one......& then I'll be into the final 4 weeks of training - I can't believe the countdown above but I think I'm almost ready!

Have a fab weekend everyone

Fudgey xx

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