Saturday, 3 April 2010

Short Post about a Long run

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I decided to do my long run today & am resting tomorrow.
It was my longest run to date & I finally conquered Arthur's Seat. The access road forms part of the course of many Edinburgh running events. The last time I ran it I had to stop and walk a little, jog a little, run a little and walk a little. So I was ecstatic today to run the whole of it. I wish I'd had a camera though as some of the view of Edinburgh were stunning, it was a glorious sunny morning but at the top of the ascent I could see the snow covered Pentland Hills in the distance.
I had a lucozade energy gel today & it affirmed to me that I prefer the Science in Sports products so will need to pick some supplies up.
Today's run on the plan was 1 hour 40 minutes, but I ran 1 hour 58 minutes and 16 seconds covering 18.12 km (11.26 miles). I ran the whole way with only a few brief stops for traffic lights on the way back.
When I got home I had a Science in Sport rego recovery drink and a lovely bath. Me being me I also cried! But these were very happy tears - 7 weeks till the half marathon & I'm beginning to realise that I can actually do this.
Mr Fudgey keeps telling me how proud he is of me & my wonderful family and friends do too but finally I've realised I am proud of myself.

So the Stats for Week 5
Total distance run this week 36.8km
Total running time 3 hours 58 mins 29 secs

Next week is a recovery week - there will still be 4 runs but they will be shorter than the last few weeks have been, before picking it back up again the following week. On my next long long run I am going to go round Arthur's seat again & I'll take my camera this time to share with you all the beauty of Edinburgh.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter

Take Care

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