Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Forgetful Fudgey

Hello Fudgey Friends,

I've had a wee bit of a dopey day! I couldn't get up this morning so didn't go the gym as planned, so it was a quick change around to put gym kit in bag & work clothes on.....Doh I forgot to pack my knee support. Then when I got to the gym after work I discovered I didn't have a towel in my locker either.....oops. I could have hired one, but decided just to head home in my kit & get a shower here & then into my pjs....bliss.

I also had some fabby news - I won a prize. The lovely JAG had a fundraising raffle - she's running her first half marathon this summer. I won the Reebok Running Pack, containing:
Talking pedometer with headphones
Reebok sweat bands and head band
Reebok water bottle
Reebok towel
Reebok nylon carry bag

This is quite spooky as I was actually talking to someone today about getting sweat bands as Mr Garmin has been hurting my wrist & it's a little swollen & bruised on the ulna. Some cosmic ordering must have been going on :-)

Week 7
I've ran twice this week, yesterday for 37 minutes & today for an hour & 3 minutes. Neither run particularly spectacular. I'm holding back a little coz I'm hoping to maybe pull out something special on race day in Dublin!
Though with 8000 registered runners & what is looking like a beautiful sunny / hot day on the current forecast......we'll just need to wait & see.

And that is all for today fabulous fudgey people. Short & sweet.

Take Care everyone

Fudgey xx

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