Friday, 16 April 2010

Blogging from the Boat

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How is everyone? Have any of you or your loved ones been affected by the flight suspensions?
My sister is away with work but it looks semi promising she may get home today as Scottish airspace may reopen later - she also has the alternative of a ferry.

Our flight to Dublin this morning was cancelled & the earliest Ryanair could get us on a flight was Saturday evening at 10pm, so we wouldn't arrive at Dublin airport till 11.20pm & then would need to get into the city centre for our hotel. With The Great Ireland Run being Sunday this wasn't a good option & we'd also have lost all day Friday & Saturday in Dublin. So last night we opted for a refund on the flight & booked 2 ferry tickets to Belfast and will get the train or bus to Dublin.

Mr Fudgey & I owe an monumental Thank you to Dad Smith for driving us to Stranraer this morning. For him this would be a 6 hour round trip. He is the best. Thank you Thank you Thank you
& Thank you too to both Mum & Dad Smith for going to ours to take care of the fellas.

So here Mr Fudgey & I are off on a wee adventure & we still get 3 nights in Dublin & I get to run on Sunday. Woo Hoo :-D
I am like a little child with excitement. The drive through the Scottish countryside this morning was beautiful & I got very excited when I saw 3 little black lambs - I did also see hundreds of white ones & some cute little calves. Now we are on the ferry & I am excited that it has 2 mini cinema screens & wifi - hence I am sitting here blogging to you from the boat!

Week 7 Run 3
I got up and ran in the gym yesterday morning - still sticking to the training programme. Run was 10 minutes easy followed by 5 intervals of 5 minutes fast & 2 minutes easy & finishing with 10 minutes easy. Again I took it slightly easy as I'm saving something for Sunday but the running felt good.

Happy Anniversary
We'd like to wish Paul & Kristin aka Mr & Mrs Muppet a very happy wedding anniversary - 5 years. Hope you have a fab day.

Well that's all for now folks, we're going to get something to eat I think.
Will let you know how Sunday goes

love Fudgey xx

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