Sunday, 17 October 2010

Ups and Downs

Hello Fudgey Friends,

How are you all? Good week? I hope so.
It's been another full on week for us in Fudgey land - there is never a dull moment - that's for sure.

Wednesday - Circuits, a night out & another police visit
Wednesday seems so long ago now. I managed to complete my second cross training session of the week - circuits class. Smurfy & I both thought it was incredibly tough this week - I don't know why more so than usual. Still loved it though.
Then in the evening I was out with some people from work - we spent the evening at hawk & hunter, firstly upstairs in the cocktail bar & later in the secret garden. A great time was had by all, but way too many cocktails, shooters & drinks in general. Thanks to Steph for finally throwing me in a taxi & sending me home.
Unfortunately I came home to a war zone & very quickly the happy fudgey was a very upset one. Our neighbour upstairs was very very distraught and had been disruptive from around 9pm, he was threatening to harm himself too. I told Mr Fudgey to phone the police but that I was going up to see if I could calm him down - yes silly I know but I just wanted to help. Needless to say it didn't end well on Wednesday night. Mr Fudgey fearing for my safety had to physically drag me downstairs to stop me from going into the flat above. I was drunk and emotional and just wanted to help someone who seemingly no one else has the same concern for. Mr Fudgey was shocked at how physically strong I am and how much effort it took him to get me downstairs - on the plus side he does now fear for the safety of anyone who tries to attack me if I'm completely sober as he thinks they will most likely come off worse - see all that time working out has an added benefit! I don't want to say too much as it's not fair to those involved but the evening ended with the police coming out and things eventually went quiet - but it didn't make for a great night's sleep.

Thursday - Hangover, rest day & baking
Lack of sleep, overload of emotions and far too much to drink didn't make for a great start to Thursday, though I was at my desk for 8am. I opted to leave my gym kit at home and take a rest day. Thankfully by 10am I had perked up & managed to have a very productive day at the office & even stayed on till 6pm. Working with a hangover though is not something I'd like to do on a regular basis - I suddenly realise how old I feel. When I was in my 20's I thought nothing of staying out till 3am & making it to work the next day - I simply couldn't do that now.
When I came home and after we'd had dinner I started to make white chocolate chunk & double chocolate chip cookies for the Let's do it for Judi bake sale at the office. For those who are newer to my blog, Judi is a friend & colleague who has pancreatic cancer. A group of us ran the Race for Life this summer and raised over £10,000. The latest fundraiser is to raise money for the makeover of a cancer research shop & so a bake sale was arranged for Friday. I was limited to what I could do as the majority of my baking stuff is now packed, and as I've been so busy at work I couldn't commit to helping man the tables - but I wanted to contribute something. The cookies turned out great though I was so tired I forgot to take a photo for my blog. As you can guess it was then off to bed for me. It was all quiet from above all night.

Friday - another brush with the law, Running & a quiet night
On Friday morning after a great nights sleep we had another brush with the law but this was a more pleasant one, we met with our solicitor regarding the sale of the flat and our impending move.
Then into work & dropped off my cookies to the bake sale. I never bought any cakes but did buy 2 strips of raffle tickets though I didn't win. I believe the bake sale raised around £1000.
After work was run number 2 of the week on the run less run faster programme
This was hard!
Plan 1.5km warm up, 3.5km @ 10.6kmph & 1.5km cool down
Actual 1.5km warm up, 1.5km @ 10.6kmph 0.5km recovery, 1.5km @ 10.6kmph & 1.5km cool down - but pretty happy with though as I never normally run anywhere near that pace so to maintain for 1.5km twice is a little victory
Home and again all quiet here. We actually curled up and watched a movie and a pretty good one at that - Shutter Island I'm not a Leonardo DiCaprio fan but he was very good in this film and I really really liked it.

Saturday - packing and shopping
Nothing too exciting, we were up early as the church behind our flat is being demolished and they started work at 8.30am. The building is now completely down and it is so weird seeing right through to the main road. As we were up we headed off to Asda early and did our weekly shop - probably our last proper one whilst in the flat.
The rest of the day was spent packing boxes and clearing out, then the usual Saturday ritual of Strictly come Dancing. After Strictly we watched a classic Star Trek & then I had to go to bed as I was shattered - couldn't sleep though - way too much in my head.

Today - Sunday - running, shopping & visiting
I never slept well last night and was up at 4, 5 & 6. I made myself get up at 9 and get ready for my Sunday run, though I was really in the mood - though I have found the ones I don't feel up for are most often the best. This was the 3rd run of the week & completing this would mean successful completion of week 1 on the run less run faster programme - 3 key runs & 2 cross training sessions.
Target pace 5.57 average pace 5.57 :-)
felt blah, injured, great & alright! shin hurting a little again need to ice it up. Pleased that I managed to run as described in the programme though - first couple of k warming up & then middle ones slightly faster than target, then last couple to cool down to achieve an average of 5.57 woo hoo I did it
splits - 6:19, 6:04, 6:00, 5:56, 5:47, 5:46, 5:47:5:53 & 6:20
I'm also now only 1.45km away from completing my 1000km in 2010 challenge. Once I've done that I'm going to go and get my poor shin sorted.
Mr Fudgey & I headed into town later where I purchased a gorgeous new aviator style jacket in Debenhams. There is no shame to my little eskimo jacket that I love so much but it's about 7 years old and about 4 sizes too big for me.
Next we headed out to visit Aunt Liz and Mum and Dad Smith. We both really felt that Aunt Liz could do with a visit from some friendly faces and that she'd like to hear all the news from us - so we hope our visit brightened her day. We then all had dinner together which was really lovely and Dad Smith brought us home - Thank you :-)
I must Thank Mum Smith for the fab soup, fairey cakes & dinner - the apple & pear crumble was awesome x

and that my dear friends is the edited highlights of another week in Fudgey land.
I should add that Mr Fudgey and I have seen our neighbour today and he says he is feeling a lot better - he certainly appeared much calmer & lucid. Hopefully he is now getting the support & help he needs.

Right better get some sleep :-zzz
Take Care all


  1. You've had such a productive week! I know I can't go drinking and be functional the next day! :(

    I'm glad your neighbour is feeling better! :)

    It's a bit weird for me seeing paces calculated in kms (we do it in miles here, Canada) but I went to a British school and your blog brings back memories of my teachers! :D

  2. Whereabouts in Canada are you? I was in Montreal earleir this year with work & would love to visit again. I don't know why I opted for km - I think it's because my first goals were 5 & 10k