Saturday, 23 October 2010

A Runners MOT

Hello Fudgey Friends,

There has been no more running or work outs since I last posted on Thursday as I am undergoing a little maintenance at the moment.
Now seemed the right time to sort of some of my running ailments as I have no more events planned this year.
I've been having problems with my right shin since I dropped a large metal wheelbarrow on it several weeks ago. It feels really bruised though there has never been a mark. My feet are also pretty ugly with hard skin & calluses & months ago I had lost a toe nail so my doctor had referred me to the podiatrist - appointment wasn't till 22nd October though!

Sports Massage
I would highly recommend regular sports massage if you can afford it. I've had problems with my ITB, my groin & my hip - all sorted out by the magic hands of my massage therapist. You can learn a few massage techniques yourself too - as I know massage can be an expensive luxury.
I have been asked many does does sports massage hurt? Honest answer is yes it can sometimes, but I always find that the discomfort is more than worth it for the released / relaxed muscles afterwards & like anything the more you do it the more you get used to it. A good therapist won't overwork an area if it is getting tender & will work within your tolerances.
I had a sports massage on Wednesday night which ruled out shin splints or anything muscular with the shin. It did show that my whole right leg was knotted up - the calf, hamstring & right into the hip. I felt so much better after it though at points during it was not so pleasant.

We all know we should stretch but how many of us do & do it properly. This is something I know I need to work on more.
Check out the stretching handbook

Foam Rolling
I haven't yet invested in a foam roller - but it follows on from the self massage & stretching theme. Foam Rolling
I am going to get a foam roller once we are moved & settled & need to make it part of my training routine. I have heard from loads of positive feedback from other runners on using a foam roller so will give it a try.

Professional Opinion
Always get a professional opinion if you have an injury - it helps if you can find someone who is sympathetic to your sense of urgency to be back up & running as soon as possible.
I went to see the doctor about my dodgy shin on Thursday - probably about 6 weeks after I should have! & she referred me for an xray on Friday. I went for my xray on Friday but have to wait up to a week for the results. No one has yet told me not to run so I've not stopped completely!

I had my podiatry appointment on Friday afternoon - she told me not to run for 2 days (fri & sat) so I am doing as told! This is because she removed a lot of hard skin from my feet and she said that running when the skin had just been worked on and was so soft would cause more blistering. She said the hard skin that I get on my big toes is a result of my overpronation and I'm going back in a couple of weeks for a biomechanical assessment & to be fitted for some orthotics - which should help to keep my feet in tip top condition & if I'm really lucky might actually improve my running efficiency :-)

I never thought that I'd become so addicted / obsessed / in love with running - so it's vital to do everything I can to make sure that I can keep on doing it......& for the sake of poor long suffering Mr Fudgey as I get really irritable when I don't get to work out.

I'm off now to prepare dinner before my Saturday fix of Strictly come Dancing. Hope to get in a run or workout of some sort tomorrow.

Take Care all
Fudgey x


  1. I'm going for my first sports massage next Saturday!! I'm really excited and hope it helps because I'm working my long run in the day before it...

    I think it's really great that you're taking the time to prevent problems before they occur - I'm sure it's going to keep you running well for a long time:)

  2. Good idea to get a full body service!

    I'm a Strictly fan too...

  3. Sports massages are wonderful. And for times when you can't work one into your schedule, this is the next best thing: